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rnitholo gical Monograph -:•'• X No.52 Ornithologyof Sabah: History,Gazetteer, AnnotatedChecklist, and Bibliography FrederickH Sheldon,RobertG Moyle, andJodyKennard ORNITHOLOGY OF SABAH: HISTORY, GAZETTEER, ANNOTATED CHECKI•IST, AND BIBLIOGRAPHY ORNITHOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS Edited by DAVID A WIEDENFELD Sutton Avian Research Center P.O Box 2007 Bartlesville, OK 74005 Ornithological Monographs, publishedby the American Ornithologists' Union, has been establishedfor major paperstoo long for inclusion in the Union's journal, The Auk Publication has been made possible through the generosity of the late Mrs Carll Tucker and the Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation, Inc Copies of OrnithologicalMonographsmay be orderedfrom Buteo Books, 3130 Laurel Road, Shipman, VA 22971 Price of Ornithological Monographs 52: $25.00 ($22.50 for AOU members).Add $4.00 for handlingand shippingcharge in U.S., and $5.00 for all other countries.Make checkspayableto Buteo Books Authors of this issue, Frederick H Sheldon, Robert G Moyle, and Jody Kennard Library of CongressControl Number 2001 130335 Printed by Allen Press, Inc., Lawrence, Kansas 66044 Issued June 29, 2001 Ornithological Monographs, No 52 vi + 285 pp Copyright ¸ by the American Ornithologists' Union, 2001 ISBN: 1-891276-24-7 Cover: Whitehead's Broadbill (Calyptomena whiteheadi) and Mt Kinabalu Drawing by Dan Lane ORNITHOLOGY OF SABAH: HISTORY, GAZETTEER, ANNOTATED CHECKLIST, AND BIBLIOGRAPHY BY: FREDERICK H SHELDON, AND JODY Museum ROBERT G MOYLE, KENNARD of Natural Science Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803-3216 USA E-mail: ORNITHOLOGICAL fsheld@lsu.edu MONOGRAPHS PUBLISHED NO BY THE AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION WASHINGTON, 2001 D.C 52 TABLE ABSTRACT OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL NATURE OF SABAH PhysiographicRegions Geology 6 Climate Habitats 10 Parks and Preserves DIVERSITY 13 OF SABAH'S BraDS: THE STATE OF OUR KNOWLEDGE Evolution 13 16 Ecology and Behavior 18 Conservation 20 HISTORY 22 OVERVIEW OF THE ORNITHOLOGICAL HISTORY OF SABAH 22 CHRONOLOGICALREVIEW OF INDIVIDUALS, EXPEDmONS, AND INSTITUTIONS THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED SUBSTANTIALLY TO THE ORNITHOLOGY OF SABAH GAZETTEER: SITES ANNOTATED LIST OF ORNITHOLOGICAL 25 STUDY 35 ABBREVIATIONS 37 LOCALITIES 38 ANNOTATED CHECKLIST OF THE BIRDS OF SABAH PODICIPEDIFORMES Podicipedidae (Grebes) PROCELLARI1FORMES Hydrobatidae (Storm-Petrels) Procellariidae (Shearwaters) PELECANIFORMES 88 89 89 89 89 90 90 Pelecanidae (Pelicans) Sulidae (Gannets and Boobies) 90 90 Fregatidae (Frigatebirds) Phalacrocoracidae (Cormorants) Anhingidae (Darters) 91 92 92 CICONIIFORMES Ardeidae (Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns) Ciconiidae (Storks) Threskiomithidae(Ibises and Spoonbills) ANSEmFO•MES Anatidae (Ducks and Geese) FALCON•FOP•MES Accipitridae (Hawks and Eagles) Pandionidae (Osprey) Falconidae (Falcons) GALLIFO•MF_S Megapodiidae (Megapodes) Phasianidae(Quail, Partridges, and Pheasants) iv 93 93 99 100 101 101 102 102 107 108 109 109 110 RALLIFORMES Rallidae (Rails, Moorhens, Gallinules, and Coots) Jacanidae (Jacanas) CI•ARADRIn•ORMES Rostratulidae (Painted-snipe) Charadriidae (Plovers) Scolopacidae(Sandpipersand Snipe) Recurvirostridae (Stilts and Avocets) Phalaropodidae(Phalaropes) Burhinidae (Thick-knees) Glareolidae (Prafincoles) Stercorariidae(Skuas and Jaegers) Laridae (Gulls) Sternidae (Terns) COLUMBn•ORMEs Columbidae (Pigeons and Doves) PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae (Parrots) CUCULIEORMES Cuculidae (Cuckoos, Malkohas, and Coucals) STRIGIFORMES Tytonidae (Barn Owls) Strigidae (Owls) CAPRtMULGn•ORMES Batrachostomidae(Frogmouths) Caprimulgidae (Nightjars) APODIFORMES Apodidae (Swifts) Hemiprocnidae (Treeswifts) TROGONIFORMEs Trogonidae (Trogons) CORACIn•ORMES Alcedinidae (Kingfishers) Meropidae (Bee-eaters) Coraciidae (Rollers) Upupidae (Hoopoe) Bucerotidae (Hornbills) PICIFORMES Megalaimidae (Barbets) Picidae (Woodpeckers) Indicatoridae (Honeyguides) P^SS•Rn•OV.M•S Eurylaimidae (Broadbills) Pittidae (Pittas) Alaudidae (Larks) Hirundinidae (Swallows) Motacillidae (Wagtails and Pipits) Campephagidae (Cuckooshrikes, Trillers, and Minivets) 113 113 115 116 116 116 118 124 125 125 125 126 126 127 129 129 134 134 136 136 142 142 142 144 144 145 146 146 150 151 151 153 153 157 158 158 158 161 161 164 169 169 169 173 176 177 178 182 Laniidae (Shrikes) Art•maidae (Woodswallows) Aegithinidae (Ioras, Leafbirds, and Fairy Bluebird) Pycnonotidae(Bulbuls) Turdidae (Robins, Forktails, Chats, and Thrushes) Timaliidae (Babblers) Pardalotidae (Gerygones) 186 187 187 190 200 207 220 Sylviidae (Warblers) Muscicapidae(Flycatchers) Pachycephalidae(Whistlers) 221 227 240 Paridae (Tits) Sittidae (Nuthatches) 241 242 Dicaeidae (Flowerpeckers) Nectariniidae (Sunbirds and Spiderhunters) Zosteropidae(White-eyes) Fringillidae (Finches) Stumidae (Starlings and Mynas) Cracticidae(Butcherbirds,Bell-magpies, and Relatives) Passeridae(Old World Sparrows) Estrildidae (Munias) Dicmridae (Drongos) Oriolidae (Orioles) Corvidae (Jays, Magpies, Treepies,and Crows) 242 246 255 257 257 259 260 260 263 265 267 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS BIBLIOGRAPHY vi 269 270 Ornithological Monographs Volume (2001), pp 1-285 ORNITHOLOGY HISTORY, GAZETTEER, AND OF SABAH: ANNOTATED CHECKLIST, BIBLIOGRAPHY FREDERICKH SHELDON,ROBERTG MOYLE, AND JODY KENNARD Museum of Natural Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803-3216, USA ABSTRACT. Sabahis the Malaysian state representingformer British North Borneo It is well known for its rich forests,impressivemountains(includingMr Kinabalu), and diverse avifauna Ornithologistshave explored and publishedon the birds of Sabah since the 1850s This monographreviews the work of these ornithologistsby providing an historicaloverview of their explorationsand studies; a gazetteer describing the sites at which they worked; an annotatedchecklist summarizingwhat they learned about birds, particularly in regard to distribution, habitatpreferences,and breeding;and a bibliographyof ornithologicaland related publications.The purposeof this report is to set the stagefor future researchon the birds of Sabah This goal is accomplishedin two ways First, by reviewing what has been done, the history and gazetteerserve as a guide for expedition planners, wildlife managers,conservationists,and other scientistsas they seek information on study sites Certain parts of Sabah have been well studied (e.g., the East and West coasts), but other areas are poorly explored (e.g., the northcentral mountainsand the south-centraluplands) Second,by summarizingwhat is known aboutthe birds of Sabah,the annotatedchecklistand bibliographyprovide a guide to researchneeds.Although a great deal is known about the distribution of birds in Sabah, remarkably little work has been done on bird ecology and evolution Only a handful of modern, quantitative studies have been conductedon the populationgenetics,phylogeny,biogeography,migration, community ecology, or autecologyof Sabah'sbirds This dearth of ornithologicalinformation is a burden for conservationists,as they struggleto preservethe last bits of forest in Sabah,but it presentsa great opportunityfor bird researchers INTRODUCTION Sabah is a Malaysian state consistingof the northernmostpart of the island of Borneo It is the site of Mt Kinabalu (4,095 m), the highestmountain in southeast Asia, and it features some of the most diverse and spectacularforestsin the world (Whitmore 1984a) As a result, Sabah has an unusuallyrich avifauna, which has been attracting ornithologistsand bird watchers since the state's first natural history was published in 1855 by Motley and Dillwyn Much of Sabah's ornithological history, and many facts about its birds, were captured in Smythies' The Birds of Borneo (1960, 1968, 1981), but in the last 25 years ornithologicalexploration and bird watching in Sabah have exploded, and the written record has lagged far behind our growth in knowledge Moreover, during this recent period, E-mail: fsheld @lsu.edu ORNITHOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS NO 52 developmentand extensivelogging have dramatically changedthe face of Sabah The forest is now a mere shadowof what it was 25 years ago This transformation has strongly influenced Sabah's avifauna and, thus, the needs and direction of future ornithological research In this monograph,we review the 140-year history of ornithologicalexploration and discovery in Sabah and summarizemuch of what is known about its birds Our original intention was to report on a single expedition, that of the Western Foundationof VertebrateZoology, 1981-1983 That expeditioncollectedthe most extensiveset of specimensand data on the birds of Sabahto date However, while preparing the report, we reviewed specimensin many collectionsand the notes and publicationsof the principal ornithologistswho have studiedSabah'sbirds In the process,we realized that a great deal of informationis not readily available to the public Even Smythies' monumentalThe Birds of Borneo,having depended mainly on collectionsand recordsfrom Sarawak and Mt Kinabalu, was not complete in its information on Sabah'sbirds Therefore, we expandedthe manuscript to include as much information as we could about the ornithology of Sabah The monograph is divided into five sections.The Introduction summarizesthe physical and environmentalnature of Sabah,including its physiographicfeatures, geology, climate, habitats, and parks and preserves,as well as the state of our knowledge about Sabah'sbirds, including their evolution, ecology, behavior, and conservation.The next sectionis History It consistsof an overview of Sabah's ornithologicalhistory and a chronologicalreview of the people, expeditions,and institutionsthat have contributedsubstantiallyto our knowledgeof Sabah'sbirds The history section is modeled after similar reviews in Flora Malesiana (van Steenis-Kruseman1950), The Birds of Borneo (Smythies 1960), and Mammals of Borneo (Medway 1977) Following the historical review is the Gazetteer, an annotated list of ornithologicalstudy sites It describesthe location, habitat, elevation, and other features of collecting, research, and major bird-watching sites in Sabah Many of these sites are familiar to the ornithological community (Mt Kinabalu, Sepilok, and Danum Valley), but others are relatively unknown (e.g., Brumas) and sometimeseven mysterious (Lumbidan) or misunderstood(Mt Ensuan) Next comes the Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Sabah It describes mostly new or uncompiled information about each bird species,including its distribution,habitat, food, nesting,and other featuresof natural history The final section is an extensive Bibliography It includes most of the literature on Sabah's birds, as well as other pertinent references The purposeof the monographis to help set the stage for future researchon the birds of Sabah This goal is approachedin two ways By reviewing research that has been conductedin the state,the history and gazetteerprovide a guide for expeditionplanners,wildlife managers,conservationists,and other researchersas they seek information on study sitesin the state.By summarizingwhat is known about the birds of Sabah, the annotatedchecklist and bibliography provide a guide to researchneeds In general, a great deal is known about the distributionof birds in Sabah, but remarkably little is known about bird evolution and ecology Practically no studieshave been conductedon the phylogeny, population genetics, autecology,and community ecology of Sabah'sland birds, other than investigations into the effects of logging and plantation development Knowledge in all ORNITHOLOGY OF SABAH these areasis critical to understandingthe forces that built and maintain the diverse avifauna of Sabah PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL NATURE OF SABAH Sabah has a land area of 73,371 km 2, roughly the size of Ireland, and represents about 10% of the island of Borneo It lies close to the equator, between about 4ø10'N and 7ø30'N (Fig 1), and thus possesses a classictropical climate Much of the forest is dominated by trees in a single family, the Dipterocarpaceae(Whitmore 1984a), but the habitat structure of Sabah is rich and varied because of the state'scomplex topography and geology Sabah has several mountain ranges,plateaus, plains, and large deltas, as well as many isolated peaks and valleys De- pendingupon alluvial sources,areaswith similar topographycan possessdifferent soils, altering forest compositionand structure(Thomas et al 1976) As a result, not only are numeroustypes of dipterocarpforestpresent(Wood and Meijer 1964; Fox 1972), but many other forest habitats as well, including mangrove, nipah, heath (kerangas),peatswamp,foreston limestone,forest on ultrabasicsoils,forest on serpentinesoils, and forest varying accordingto elevation and relief Most of the forest of Sabah was relatively undisturbeduntil 40 years ago At that time, the population of Sabah was about 0.5 million, and human settlement and influence were concentratedin just a few areas the West Coast, the east side of the Crocker Range from Tenom to Ranau, along major rivers such as the Kinabatangan,and near the large towns of the East Coast Only 1.5% of the land was permanently cultivated (Chatfield 1972) Twenty-five years ago, when the population was about 0.75 million, one could fly over the interior of Sabah and seenot a single road betweenTambunanand the outskirtsof Tawau At that time, Thomas et al (1976 [Vol 1]:5) stated: "The forest resourcesof the State are very extensive, almost 60% of the land containing undisturbed commercial forest." -However, since then, the population has grown to about 2.5 million, and the amountof potentially forestedland has shrunkfrom about 85% to lessthan 60%, and the amount of undisturbed forest (commercial and noncommercial) has shrunk from about 70% to less than 15%, of State land (Table 1) About 4.5% of Sabah's land is preservedin parks and specialconservationareas.Nowadays, when flying over Sabah, one seeslogging roads everywhere, and closedcanopy forest occurs only sparselyon mountains and in parks and reservations.With the exception of these specially protected areas, virtually all accessibleforest has been logged Most of the flat land of the East Coast is covered with plantations,and substantial portionsof potentially forestedland have been burned in E1 Nifio fires and converted permanentlyto grassland(Beaman et al 1985; Woods 1989) We emphasize the changes that have overcome Sabah's forests during the last 25 years becausethey affect what is said in the gazetteer about bird habitats and in the checklistabout bird distributions.Most of the information presentedin the gazetteer and checklist was collected before 1990 Whether this information still applies depends,in part, upon changesto the forest Becausewe not know the current habitat condition of many localities listed in the gazetteer,we have simply described a site's habitat as it was at the time of study It can be assumedthat forest habitats that are described as "primary" in the gazetteer are no longer primary if the site is not in a park, reservation, or the mountains 272 ORNITHOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS NO 52 BURBIDGE, E W 1880.Gardensof the Sun.London.[Reprintedin 1989 by OxfordUniversityPress, Singapore.] BURVER,J R N 1961 The birds' nest cavesat Gomantong,North Borneo.Pp 172-177 in Nature Conservationin WesternMalaysia, 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mountains,Brunei ORNITHOLOGY IIIII OF SABAH ORNITHOLOGICAL co c• MONOGRAPHS NO 52 ORNITHOLOGY OF SABAH 10 ORNITHOLOGICAL TAm.E MONOGRAPHS NO 52 Major elevational subdivisions.* Name Lowland... Tucker Foundation, Inc Copies of OrnithologicalMonographsmay be orderedfrom Buteo Books, 3130 Laurel Road, Shipman, VA 22971 Price of Ornithological Monographs 52: $25.00 ($22.50 for AOU members).Add
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