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CONCHOI.OGICAL MANUAL G B SOWERBY, Jun ILLUSTRATED BY UPWARDS OF SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIGURES SECOND EDITION CONSIDERABLY ENLARGED AND IMPROVED LONDON: HENRY G BOHN, YORK STREET, COVENT GARDEN MDCCCXLII O'A'L,, ; PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION, It may be necessary in introducing this for the use not only of those who little and that state, that it is strictly conchological, volume, to it is compiled wish to acquire an elementary acquaintance with the subject, but also of authors and others, who, desirous of extending their knowledge and pursuing their book of reference, containing a general researches, require a outline of what has been done by those who have trodden the same path before them general It has been thought advisable, for convenience, to arrange the principal part of the information in alphabetical order; adding tables of the sys- De tems of Lamarck and Blainville, to facilitate the systematic pursuit of the science Persons of the class first alluded to, will find great assistance in the explanation of technical words, their application further illustrated, in most cases, by a reference and, although they might have been multiplied, that enough are given The De Blainville, sented for the use of those pare it trusted who and Genera, and a tabular view, are preprefer it, or who wish to com- with that of Lamarck, In the explanation of the figures, arrangement of names it is for every useful purpose definition of the Classes, Orders, Families, in the system of being to the figures shells, will be found a systematic according to Lamarck, including the of genera established or proposed since the publication of his system The descriptions of established genera have been rendered and as concise It is hoped and that those living clear as possible that no essential characters are omitted, authors, whose proposed generic distinctions have been passed over in a few words, will not have to complain of want of justice in the attempt to interpret their In most cases the generic by its the derivation memory by name will meaning be found accompanied This has been done, in the hope of assisting meaning of a term with some associating the peculiarity in the thing described scription of a genus, At the end out the principal character which distinguishes to which nearly allied it is or geological distribution The above descriptions series of plates, many proposed order, so as to ; and it from others, also stating the geographical and habits of the animal and definitions are illustrated by a containing above 500 etchings of nearly as or established genera, arranged in show at a glance And, although from family of each de- some general observations occur, pointing very highly finished, it is Lamarckian all the generic forms of each their number, they could not be hoped that they be found cha- will racteristic The compiler cannot replace his pen without acknowledging, gratitude, the kind assistance of one with filial ficed much of his time in bringing his rience to bear attempt to mencement upon the correctness and remove some of the who has sacri- knowledge and expeutility of this difficulties to humble which the com- of this, as well as of every other study, is exposed ^ PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION The favourable reception and rapid sale of the of the Conchological Author takes the sary, Manual having rendered first opportunity of explaining the this nature of the alterations which have been made this, edition a second neces- In doing he has to thank his friends for their suggestions, which, together with his own increased knowledge and experience, enable him to present a more complete and satisfactory work to the scientific public For the further convenience of those who are studying the rudiments of the science, an entirely new given, in which, commencing with developement of the Introduction is the structure and gradual the author has endeavoured to shell, explain the general principles of Conchology in systematical This order which will The Introduction definitions illustrated is be found greatly to assist the by 100 wood-cuts, Student have been rendered more full and complete than before, and the Author has profited by some manuscript notes communicated by a scientific friend, to to present his humble acknowledgments whom he desires Upwards of four hundred explanations have been given of words which did not appear in the former edition, three-fourths of which are of generic and subgeneric names A large number of notes, referring to the distribution of the genera, have Mr G B Sowerbv, Senior geographical been added from the pen of VI PRE F ACL The plates have been carefully improved ; and three, containing upwards of eighty figures, have been added On the whole, it will be found that the amount of matter has been nearly doubled ; all the defects, as far as they have been discovered, have been removed, and every means used of making the present edition as useful as possible NAMES OF AUTHORS ABBREVIATED Author of " Voyages du Senegal." Author of " Manuel de Malacologle et de Ccnchyliologie," &c Adauson Adans Bl Blainville W JBrod Author of various descriptions of Shells J Broderip, Esq in the Zoological Journal, &c Brongn Brongniart Author of " Memoirs sur les terrains du Vicentin, d'ltalie, de France, et d'Allemagne," &c Brug Author of Brugiere '' Dictionaire des Vers testac^s, dans I'Encyclo- p^die," &c The Cuv late Contributor to the " Annales des Sciences Naturelles," &c Defrance Besh Deshayes B'Orb Author of " Coquillcs fossiles des environs de Paris," &c D'Alcide D'Orbigny Drap Author of " Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques terrestres Draparnaud et fluviatiles De Fer Author of " Regne Animal," &c Baron Cuvier Befr de la France," &c Author of " Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques Ferussae terrestres et fluviatiles," &c Flem Fleming Gmel Gmelin Author of an edition of Linnajus's " Systema Naturae," &c Guild Rev Lansdown Guilding Hubn Hiibner Humph Lam The George Humphrey Author of " Animaux sans Vertebres," &c Author of " Systema Naturae," &c late Lamarck Linnaeus Lin Mont Montague Montf Montfort Mull Mliller Author of " Testacea Britannica," &c Author of " Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques," &c Author of "Vermium terrestrium et fluviatilum," " Zoologiae Danicse," &c Ranz Schum Ranzani Author of '* Considerations sur les Balanes," &c Schumacher Author of "Mineral Conchology," &c Sowerby The late James George Brettingham, Senr., "Genera of Shells," " Species Conchyliorum," Sow &c G B.Jun." Conchological Manual," " Conchological " Thesaurus Conchyliorum," Descriptions of Neve Shells Illustrations," in the Zoological Proceedings, &c Siv Swainson Author of "Zoological Illustrations," " Exotic Conchology," ** " Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia," &c Turt Turton Author of " British Shells." WOEKS ON NATUEAL HISTOEY, SOLD AT REDUCED PRICES BY HENRY G BOHN, YORK STREET, COVENT GARDEN WOEKS ON NATUEAL HISTOEY, SOLD AT REDUCED PRICES BY HENRY BOHN, G YORK STREET, COVENT GARDEN ARTIS'S ANTEDILUVIAN PHYTOLOGY, (E T.) iUustrated by a Collection of the Fossil Remains of Plants, peculiar to the Coal FormaBritain, Great selected for tions of their Novelty and Interest, from upwards of a Thousand Specimens now in the possession of the Author, and systematically described, with the view of facilitating the Study of this important Branch of Geology : including Remarks on the Systems Baron Schloiheim, Professor Martins, and Mans, of Count Sternberg, Brongniart ; also Communications from Professor Buckland, and other eminent Geologists, 4to with 25 -plates, (published at 2l \0s) cloth hoards, 15* 1838 BAUER'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE GENERA OF FERNS, in which the charactex's of each Genus are displayed in the most elaborate manner, in a series of magnified dissections and figures, highly finished IN COLOURS, after the beautiful Drawings of Francis Bauer, Esq Botanical Draughtsman to Her Majesty with descriptive letter-press by Sir William Jackson Hooker, parts to 11, imperial 8vo 1838-42 ; To be completed in 12 parts, price 12s each BEECHEY.— BOTANY OF CAPTAIN BEECHEY'S VOYAGE, com- prising an Account of the Plants collected by Messrs Lay and Collie, and other Officers of the Expedition, during the Voyage to the Pacific and Behring's Strait, performed in her Majesty's ship Blossom, under the command of Captain F W Beechey, hy Sir William Jackson Hooker and G A W Arnott, Esq illustrated by \00 plates, beautifully engraved, complete in \Q parts, ^io price \5s each 1831-41 ZOOLOGY OF CAPTAIN BEECHEY'S VOYAGE, compiled from of Captain Beechey and the Scientific GentleExpedition, by Dr Richardson, N A Vigors, T Bennett, Esq., Richard Owen, Esq., John Sowerby, Esq and the Rev Dr Buckland, 4to illustrated by 47 finely coloured plates by Sowerby, extra cloth the Collections and Notes men who accompanied the Esq., G T Lay, Esq., E Edward Gray, Esq., W hds bibs " 1839 — — BOASE'S (Dr H S Sec — TREATISE ON Roy Geol Soc of Cornwall) PRIMARY GEOLOGY, being an Examination, both Practical and Theoretical, of the older Formations, 8vo cuts, (published at 125) cloth 1834 • " An admirable work, involving some of the most refined Geology is susceptible." discussions of which Literary Gazette BURMEISTER'S MANUAL OF ENTOMOLOGY, translated from the E Shuckard, Member of the Entomological Society, &c with considerable and important additions by the Author, (communicated expressly for this edition,) and many original Notes by last German edition by W Illustrated by thirty-three engravings on the translator STEEL, in which are represented above five hundred subjects, chiefly generic distinctions, anatomical sections, organs, eggs, larvce, 8fc of Insects ; together with a beautifully coloured frontispiece, thick vol 8vo comprising above 6bQ closely printed jo«
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