Pacific Coast Avifauna 08

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COOPER ORNITHOLOGICAL PACIFIC COAST CLUB AVIFAUNA NUMBER A SYSTEMATIC LIST OF THE BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA BY JOSEPH CONTRIBUTION GRINNELL FROM THE MUSEUM OF VERTEBRATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA HOLLY WOOD, PUBLISHED August CALIFORNIA BY THE CLUB 30, 1912 ZOOLOGY Edited JOSEPH by GRINNEIL ant1 HARRY S Sn’ARTH at the Museum oj- Vertebmte University Zoo logy of Gzl+mzia NOTE I’ACII’IC C&ST Avrl;.~vn-~\ No issued by the Cooper whose length prohibits The publications their CONDOR, which CO.\ST L~\.IF.\us.\ and to active For information Business Chambers, Managers, Eagle is the Eoth sets of members J Eugene California in a series of publications for the accommodation of papers in Trrls Co;2noe Ornithological bi-monthly as to either Rock, Club appearance of the Cooper -‘IH ’E members, is the eighth Ornithological Club consist of two series official publications are organ, sent ant1 the free to P,\cI~~Ic honorary in good standing of the above series, address one of the Club Law, l~ollywootl, California, or 12’ Lee I N’I’RODL-C’l’TOS It is believed of the birds views that students of California on classification observed to depart books The tion adopted thologists The on North far as I have faithfully American Gadow’s of of avian made inquiry in certain Pycraft, other birds :! views greatest minor ments knowledge present It deserlfe inclusion that of the affinities “ interpreta- from my belief, that inso- lie expresses whose by “the most accomplish- to differ later Riclgway, from researches and I,ucas, else believes has been reached to ignore of animals, inconvenience to have at hand the present merely resultin, ~1’from an indication of the names satisfactory upm of the that Hut I attain- because such the introduction to the earnest of modern views, even list X of all from which a synonymic species believet That gyountls termed by specific are given or as comparetl am the writer to is, no birtls of question- hypothetical, C Check-List and distribu- I now have on file in manu- wholly consider- subspecific with the names latest responsible MY pp vii+304, in Scchster i!antl, und Ortlnungen dcs Thi?r-Reich Vicrte (Leip- Gadow, k1ans Il Syslcmatischer I)r H G Bronn’s zig, C F Wintcr’schc (3) is almost Knowlton T
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