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THE NATURAL HISTORY O F BRITISH INSECTS; EXPLAINING THEM IN THEIR SEVERAL STATES, WITH THE PERIODS OF THEIR TRANSFORMATION^ THEIR FOOD, (ECONOMY, &c TOGETHER WITH TUB HISTORY OF SUCH MINUTE INSECTS AS REQUIRE INVESTIGATION BY THE MICROSCOPE THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATED BY COLOURED FIGURES, DESIGNED AND EXECUTED FROM LIVING SPECIMENS y E DONOVAN i i VOL E55B5jBpB XII LONDON: Printed for the Author, And for F and C Rivington, N° 62, St Paul's IHUCCC VII Church-Yard Priated b\ Law and Gilbert, St John's Square, Glerkenwell — C PLATE ] CCCXCVIIL TENTHREDO FASCIATA BANDED SAW-FLY HYMENOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER, Mouth ftraight with a horny mandible., curved, and toothed within and obtufe four unequal tv/o ferrated and at the tips filiform : lip cylindrical wings : fiat and three and tumid : fting cleft : ; javf feelers compofed of laminae and fcarcely difclofed SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Deep black : antennae black Tenthredo Fasciata fufca Syji Tenthredo antennis : : upper wings with a fufcous band atra, antennis nigris, alis Fabr Sp, Inf Nat 2655 clavatis nigrisj This is abdomine glabro 7-—Fn a rare infe6l in England •f Sweden, Panzer as a German p 407 N Grnel 7- oribus fafcia fufca p 921, n primoribus fafcia linn atro, alis fuperi- Syji Nat 12 Succ 1538 Linnaeus defcribes fpecies, it as a native and by other writers it is mentioned as a general inhabitant of Europe Fabricius PLATE CCCXCVIIL Fabricius {peaks of a fmall white band at the bafe of the firft abdo minal fegment of this fpecies in our Britifh fpecimen, the whole of : this it fegment is of a pale or whitifh colour inftead of the bafe only, and appears from the figure given by Panzer, Fn circumftance The larva, is Germ, that the fame obfervable in the individual he has delineated and metamorphofes of hitherto been afcertained by any this fpecies of Tenthredo has not writer PLATE ,25 — : 69 [ PLATE ] CCCLXXXV FIG I I APIS LA PI D ARIA RED-TAILED BEE IlYMENOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER Mouth horny jaw and lip : flected : feelers four, unequal, filiform those of the female ters membranaceous fomewhat clavated : : tongue in- antenna? fhort, and filiform of the females and neu- fting : at the tip pungent, and concealed within the abdomen SPECIFIC CHARACTER iND SYNONYMS Body of the female black, hirfute, with red above black, at the bafe hirfute, with red tail ; tail : that of the male face before the antennae, and thorax and apex yellow Apis Lapid aria : hirfuta atra, Gmel Linn Apis Lapidakia Apis Arbustorum ano Syji Fabr Ent fulvo Nat p 44 Syfl Fabr Ent Apis LAPi-OARiA corpore femmeo Linn Fn Suec 1712 T p 320 n 25 mas Syfi T p atro, hirfuto, 320 n 24 fern ano rubro mafculo fupra atro, hirfuto, ano rubro racifque ball et apice, iiavis ; : corpore fafcie, tho- Kirby Apium Angl L T p 363 n 106 L'abeille PLATE 70 L'abeille noire avec les L'abeille noire a is to In % du ventre 22 fome recent obfervations of the Rev Mr, in plate 108 of this work, and a variety fize and appearance it laft fact that Mr Kirby would not afcertains to eafily have been fufpe&ed, had not opportunities been afforded of attending to and manners bees, with one or fame in two nelts with its native haunts Reaumur citron coloured bands ha- thofe on the body, being found Mr Kirby lapidaria its {peaks of has alfo feen the nidus of that fpecies, but what, as he obferves, appears to all in bears the neareft refemblance imaginable Apis arbuftorum, which be the male of Apis lapidaria, a in the fe/3 at fig to the Fabrician bits Et, be confidered as the neuter of Apis lapidaria, the male of which was figured 8S et extremite eouronne du corcelet citron, Tliis bee, according to Kirby,, du ventre fauves derniers anneanx Geoffr Hijl Inf p 417- n 21 fauve plate CCCLXXXV it enter remove doubts of their being the fame fpecies, he faw the fuppofed male infeft in the randum collection affixed to it of the late Peter Collinfon, with a fpecifying that he had feen it memo- connected with Apis lapidaria F APIS I G II MUSCORUM YELLOW-BODIED MOSS BEE SPECIFIC CHARACTER Hirfute, fulvous, Apis Mus.corum: Suec hirfute abdomen fulva, yellow abdomine 1714.— GweZ Linn flavo Syft Linn Faun Nat p 2782 w.46 Apis PLATE Apis Muscorum Apis senilis Apis Fair Ent Fabr Ent Muscorum Apis Mufcorum neft Europe in Syft T 2 317- 74 n, 44 Mufcorum var Kirby Ap thorace fulvo , common fpecies of wild bee and meadows, where It frequents fields compofed of mofs, 324 ; one of the more is 71 T p 321 n 31 Sijjl hirfuto-flavefcens : Angl T found CCCLXXXV in cavities or holes juft it forms a below the furface of the earth FIG III APIS BAPcBUTELLA BARBUT'S BEE SPECIFIC CHARACTER Black, hirfute abdomen anterior part of the thorax, with the fcutel fulvous : fubglobular, Apis Barbutella tice, tail : atra, hirfuta, fcutelloque, ano albo; kind of bee Panzer to p Fabrician and Apis monacha, of an- fubglobofo 343 n 93 be more than one or two The vertice, thorace, abdomine fulvis; Kirby Ap Angl T There appear : white diftinct varieties Apis autumnalis, of this Aj^is faltuum, of Chriiiius, according to Mr Kirby, are PLATE 72 are intended for the variety all /3 CCCLXXXV of his male Apis Barbutella, which he diftinguifhes as having the thoracic band,, fcutel, men it hirfute, fo we cannot heiitate in admitting the opinion of be correct Apis autumn alis hirta,, thorace cineraf- to fafcia : Fabr* mine —Apis antice nigra abdomine ; saltuum anoque at the bafe in the funimer time among is feen moil * Defcribed as a " Nimis German Pedes cinerafcente, Inf Apis Barbutella flowers : ano albo Another va- is not very and the ab- uncommon the variety called by Fabricius late in the year, Abdomen hirtum and on Au- thiftles chiefly Apis ruderata from the cabinet of ruderatas at duplo minor nigri tarfis piceis." Germ tip obfcure yellowifh, infeQ; nearty allied to A cinerafcens fafcia inter alas atra lato albo and commonly affinis certe bafi Panz Faun albis domen immaculate tumnalisj atro hirfuta atra, thorace albo fafcia nigra abdo- riety has the bafe of the thorax Smidt and bafe of the abdo- defcriptions certainly accord with exactly, that Mr Kirby cente The with greyifh hairs Caput atrum bail cTrterafcens, in Fabr Ent Syft T p 324 Thorax medio hirtus, atruro aao 4'3 PLATE — 63 [ PLATE ] CCCCXCII APIS MELLIFICA COMMON BEE HYMENOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER Mouth horny jaw and : flected : feelers unequal, the males : lip and membranaceous filiform : in the female fubclavated : and neuters pungent, and concealed at the tip antennas wings in the flat : : tongue in- and filiform in ftiort fting of the females abdomen SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Pubefcent ciliated and : thorax greyifh : abdomen brown pofterior lhanks : traufverfely ftriate within Apis mellifica : pubefcens, thorace fubgrifeo, tibiis pofterioribus Linn Fn Suec 31.—Mant 480 n Apis domeftica five vulgaris Apis gregaria ciliatis Geoff Inf Reaum Ray Par Inf : 1697 abdomine fufco, intus tranfverfe flriatis Fabr Sp Inf p, Inf p 302 n 42 Infecl p p 407 240 n Tab 21, 22, 23 The PLATE 64 The Common Honey Bee is CCCCXCII rarely found in a wild ftate in Britain: fuch as occur in this ftate of nature build neits in the hollows of de- cayed trees, ferve the as which they inhabit fame order and policy when domefticated in large focieties, and are in the regulation of their in the hive The figures in the faid to ob- community annexed plate are from examples difcovered wild The two upper figures reprefent the lower part of the plate is diftinguifhed is behind, and alfo by the The abdomen being robuft, and fomewhat obtufe J queen bee, the eyes are fmall and remote, the wings and the abdomen remarkably neuters are the working bees, and large, elongated, it is to feed and conic the office of thofe induf- ^trious creatures to collecl: the ne6tareous juices honey and wax, in the The male or drone by having the eyes remarkably large, and approximate in the female, or fmaller, male and female, that the figure of the neuter of flowers for making and protect the young, and defend their fociety againft every affailant PLATE ... uncommon the Willow, in this country but unlefs taken impoflible to rear it to the CCXXXIV The larva has when ready winged ftate with the peculiar habits of thefe Infefts, them in a to We are Moft of. .. and cannot therefore the feed Tenthredines enfhroud themfelves in a net-work till the Fly burft forth ; others web againfl: the branches of trees, or on the trunk near The habits of Tenthredo... thighs, the five ftripe laft joints of the abdomen marked The of dark, or velvetty black and brown which are black, and in the center with a broad female has the colours through- out more obfcure, the
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