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THE NATURAL HISTORY O F BRITISH INSECTS} IN EXPLAINING THEM THEIR SEVERAL STATES, WITH THE PERIODS oPtHEIR TRANSFORMATIONS, THEIR FOOD, OECONOMY, &c TOGETHER WITH THE HISTORY OF SUCH MINUTE INSECTSAS REQUIRE INVESTIGATION BY THE MICROSCOPE THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATED BY COLOURED FIGURES, DESIGNED AND EXECUTED FROM LIVING SPECIMENS By E DONOVAN VOL IX LONDON: trinted by bye and law, st john's sqj7are, clerkxnwell, For the Author, And for St Paul's F and C Rivingtow, N°62, M DCCC Church-Yard, r ~Vbf o»t3 C ] PLATE DXLIII PHALJENA MARGARITARIA LIGHT EMERALD MOTH LEP1DOPTEKA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae taper from the bafe reft wings in general deflected when at : Fly by night SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Wings angular, whitilh green with a deeper band terminating in a white ftreak PhaljEna Margaritaria Phaljena Margaritaria: Linn alis Inhabits England and Its larva is defcribed the laft Both fegments: : tail bifid, fexes of this Moth with the antennae larger or in and Syji 131 10 woods, and feeds principally on The Moth the form 865 231 Hiibn Schmett Geom 13 Germany the Carpinus and Betula Nat Fab Ent alba terminata Geometra Margaritaria Syji angulatis albidis: faturatiore ftriga is appears in July and Anguft elongated, with feet twelve in two white dots on number are reprefented in the annexed plate more deeply pe&iuated is ; that the male PLATE PLATE FIG CCCCXCIII 67 II PHAUENA RUMIGERATA SCALLOPED-WING FQUR-DOT MOTH SPECIFIC CHARACTER, PliALiENA RUMIGERATA Wings deeply hind, and fcalloped tranfverfe dark lines one on the poiterior angulated, produced be- pale teftaceous, with : two on the anterior wings, and : a fufcous dot in the middle of each Ming The elongated form of the wings, and depth of the remarkably pro- duced pofterior extremity of the lower pair, from the following fpecies figure is taken, appertains to fufficiently diftinguim this The example, from which the above the collection of the late Mr Drury ic£ FIG, C8 PLATE CCCCXCIIL FIG Ill, PHAL^NA QUADRIPUNCTATA, QUADHIPUNCTATE MQTJI SPECIFIC CHARACTER, Phaljena ouapripunctata, Wings fubangulated in the middle, From : common line near the and common line behind teftaceous, with a fomewhat bafe, dot the fame cabinet as the preceding PLATE • [ ^ PLATE j CCCCXCIX, FIG I I PHAL^NA TRINOTATA TRINOTATED MOTH LEPIDOPTERA* GENERIC CHARACTER Antennas gradually tapering from the bafe to the wings generally defle&ed when at tip : tongue fpiral :• Fly by night reft * GEOMETRA SPECIFIC CHARACTER Phal&NA TRINOTATA Very pale teftaceous two whitiih lobate : anterior wings with fpots in the middle, inclofed between two bands of fcalloped margin with a feries lines : exterior of triangular pale fpots, each containing three black dots, An extremely rare and probably unique family of Phalasna though not The in It is a fpecies infecl; of the Geometrar of elegant and very pleafing afpecl, any degree remarkable for the gaiety of its colours chain or feries of pale triangular fpots, which extends along the outer margin of the anterior wings, is altogether characleriftic of this PLATE 80 this fpecies, which Our CCCCXCIX each of thofe fpaces containing three diftina black alfo are difpofed in the prefent fpecies fraaller figure : is form of a of moderate dots,, triangle iize, an enlarged view of the fame by as is expreffed is fhewn th(* in the upper part of the plate FIG II PHAL^NA LITERATA LETTERED MOTH SPECIFIC CHARACTER Phal/ena literata lines, Anterior wings dark fufcous, with waved and a black lineole : band in the milky, with a black character refembling Larger than the preceding, and perhaps no are preferved in the cabinet of A moth lefs middle T uncommon ' Both Mr Drury very nearly allied to the prefent occurs in the fecond part of the work of Sepp, (plate 5.) : the general colour differs in being- tinged with greenifh, notwithfianding which it may be a Variety of this fpecies PLATE : *9 C J PLATE CXCII PHAL^NA HEXAPTERATA Seraphim Moth Lepidoptera GENERIC CHARACTER Antennas taper from the bafe reft : wings in general deflected when at Fly by night SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Anterior wings varied with brown and grey an appendage refembiing a fmall wing Phal^ena Hexaptera : at : pofterior white with the bafe of each feticornis alis pofticis albis bafi duplicatis fufco grifeoque variis Fab Ent Syji Tom p 193 233 Phalaena Hexapterata IVien Verz 109 10 Fabricius has given an accurate defcription* of this extraordinary In feci: but ; nineteenth does not refer to any work for plate of Kleman's Continuation of its figure The Roefel's InfeEten- Belujligung, entitled Infe8.en-G
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