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THE NATURAL HISTORY OF BRITISH INSECTS; EXPLAINING THEM IN THEIR SEVERAL STATES, WITH THE PERIODS OF THEIR TRANSFORMATIONS,, THEIR FOOD, ECONOMY, &c TOGETHER WITH THE HISTORY OF SUCH MINUTE INSECTS AS REQUIRE INVESTIGATION BY THE MICROSCOPE THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATED BY COLOURED FIGURES, DESIGNED AND EXECUTED FROM LIVING SPECIMENS By E DONOVAN VOL VIII LONDON: Printed by Law and Gilbert, St John's Square, CtERKENWEix, For the Author, And for F and C, Rivingt on, N 62, St MDCCXCIX Paul's Church-Yard, : « [ ] PLATE CCXXIV PHAL^ENA NUPTA Red Underwing Moth Lepidoptera GENERIC CHARACTER Antennas taper from the bafe wings : in general deflected when at Fly by night reft SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Thorax lofterior crefled pair red, : wings cinereous, varied with brown anterior with two broad black bands : abdomen hoary, ieneath white 'HAL.ENA Nupta criftata rubris albo The larva of the ; alis planis cinerafcentibus iafciis nigris, : pofticis abdomine cano fubtus Linn Syji Nat 841 119 Wilh pap S3, tab Rtef Inf I a phal, tab 15 Red Underwing Moth feeds on the willow it is June and July The Fly appears in Auguft, : >und in that flate in ter having remained in the pupa E ftate about twenty-one days Colleaors — PLATE 22 CCXXIV twenty fpecies of Colleaors of EngUfh InfeQs enumerate near underwing, copper Phaiaena under the trivial diflinaions of yellow Amoneo thefe j.j l „ fr r &.c underwing, orange unde riving, pink underwing, o~c o-^-• j i are the red confpicuous both for beauty and magnitude, the moil The undenving, and crimfon underwing mon in the fpecies winged it is : The ftate latter is firft is very by no means uncomor rare, a local at leaft higheft oaks found in the larva ftate on the tops of the fituations in Park, and was formerly found in fimilar been taken has it are not informed that Burnt Wood, Effex in Richmond We in any other part of this kingdom Thefe two und in fpecies have been fome this the Syftema Natura, confidered the by Roefel, tab 15, as the nyms it but Ater the This country iaena Nupta editions of figured in his Syno- it Aurelian, and other works, called Phaiaena Pacta, and the Crimfon Underwing Pha- And Dr Berkenhout, following Harris, or inattentive in his he translated, has may be Matthew Martin, of the Red Underwing doubted, whether any later Englifh ; for, examining a the work t on tract of Mr we find 1785, called therein Phalcena Pacla place our remarks in a clear point of view, fubundatis after i < : 9> $i we need only Noctua Pacta pofticis And Abdomine Jupra rubral * Corrc&ed little the Bath Society, publifhed in the defcriptions of Linnaeus: grifefcentibus made Synopfis of the Natural Hiftory of Great Britain Infects has detected the error To firft Red Underwing Moth, to the exprefs language of the author it reafon the Noclua PaEla of Phaiaena Pacta, and adds that time, Harris, in his Indeed, we have every is appears corrected in the later editions * Red Undenving fame error is a third fort that Linnaeus himfelf, in the Linnaeus and Fabricius ; oes not, Europe, but parts of o conclude, inhabit confounded with rubris again in ; fafciis duabus the general + Not corretted in the fcft quote Criftata alii nigris defcript ion edition 93 f J i PLATE FIG PHAL1NA CCCLX, I ERIC^ Transverse.Streak Heath Moth, GENERIC CHARACTER Antennas taper from the bale reft : wings in general defle&ed when at Fly by night SPECIFIC CHARACTER Anterior wings brown, lines of white : wiLli undulated ftreaks, fpots, and little pofterior wings pale PHAL.ffiNA Eric^e: alisanticis fufcis: ftrigis duabus undatis maculis' ordinariis lineolifque albis, pofticis pallidis A non-defcript fpecies of the no6tua family, and very rare Found on heaths, and hence named by us Ericas FIG, PLATE 94 CCCLX FIG II PHAL^ENA LINEOLA Short-Line Moth SPECIFIC CHARACTER Antennae wings ferruginous grey, with undulated ftreaks oblique line in the middle, and a row of brown : a fmall points along the ex- terior margin PhaLjENA Lineola : alis anticis lineola obliqua grifeo-ferrugineis in medio : ftrigisundatis punclifque poftice fufcis More in the frequent than the preceding fpecies, and feems to be figured works of Ernft and Efper, but certainly is not defcribed by any fyflematic author The colour varies in different fpecimens from ferruginous to greyilh or livid colour FIG PLATE CCCLX FIG 95 III PHAL^NA MAPPA Map-Wing Swift Moth SPECIFIC CHARACTER Wings brown, diftincl: with large irregular waved livid marks, and four whitilh dots near the apex PHALiENA Mappa: alis fufcis : lituris magnis irregularibus pundlifque quatuor poftice A Moth of the HepiaJus tribe, a new genus lividis albidis in the Fabrician Syftem, including only ten fpecies, neither of which agrees with our Infe£l; there is alfo every reafon to apprehend it is not defcribed by any other Author In the Linnaean Syftem, of the Phalaena tribe this Infect The can only be regarded as a family Englifh collectors have denominated this Humuli and may be conand the mazy family Swifts, as noticed already in the defcriptions of Hedta, (plate 274 fig , 2, 3.) —The prefent Infecl fidered as one of the rareft Englifh undefcribed fpecies, windings of the numerous fpots and undulations on the anterior wings, immediately fugged the appropriate fpecific name of Mappa d57 — 85 [ PLATE CCCLVII FIG I PHALi£NA BENTLEIANA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae taper from the bafe at reft, : wings in general deflected when fly by Night SPECIFIC CHARACTER Reddifh brown, with numerous P-hal.-ena Bentleian a : alis ftreaks and dots of fufco ferrugineis : filvery yellow ftrigis pun&ifque numerofis argenteo-fiavis As no Infe£l has yet appeared to record the fatigable collector to affign his It is name memory of that indewe are induced of Englifh Infefts, Mr Bentley, to this beautiful and hitherto namelefs Species extemely fcarce F I G PHALANA II ILICANA SPECIFIC CHARACTER, greyim brown, with brown Anterior wings in the middle foot fpots, a folitary black PhALjENA PLATE 86 PhaLjENA IliCANA : CCCLVII fufco-cinereis alis anticis I : Fab Ent centrali folitario atro punfHs fufcis S\Jl b ; 2G6* (XL Fabricius defcribes this as an Englifli Infe£L It is rare, and not hitherto figured FIG III PHA'Li'NA BIFASCIANA SPECIFIC CHARACTER Anterior wings teftaceous, with two whirifli bands, and fbiw dillin& undulated flreaks and fpots of black, PhaljENA Bifasciana : alis albidis, ftrigis A very anticis teftaceis, fafciis duabus quatuor undatis raaculifque nigris uncommon InfeH, and not noticed by any author, FI G PLATE F I CCCLVII, G $7 IV PHALvENA LEEANA SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Wings pale, y'ellowifti, with a 'HAL.£NA Lee ana : brown alis pallidis: Gmel Linn Syji Fab Spec InfeB ^aken in June and July fpot in the middle macula centrali fufca a Nat p 2497 p 2?6 n Not uncommon, PLAT E ... proves that the Linnaean fpecies of PaEla cannot be the fame with that of the authors before quoted, becaufe fpecies the upper part of the Nupta in plate : their precife the ; fpecies of which Linnaeus... works of others of any fubjecl, however rare We have in our pofTeflion a preferved fpeciraen of the caterpillar of Phalasna Fraxini, fent from Germany ; but as it is of that kind in which the colours... figure of the caterpillar, when the accurate Roefel did not publifh a figure of the his fourth volume, and was not then in Some of our moth till poffeffion of the caterpillar readers will be
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