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THE NATURAL HISTORY O F ITISH INSECTS; EXPLAINING THEM IN THEIR SEVERAL STATES, WITH THE PERIODS OF THEIR TRANSFORMATIONS, THEIR FOOD, CECONOMY, &c TOGETHER WITH THE HISTORY OF SUCH MINUTE INSECTS AS REQUIRE INVESTIGATION BY THE MICROSCOPE THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATED EY COLOURED FIGURES, DESIGNED AND EXECUTED FROM LIVING SPECIMENS y E D O N O VOL V A N V LONDON: Printed for the Author, And for F St Paul's and C Rivinoton, N° 62, MDCCXCVI Church-Yard, iv ,.-' - - : &^- — 75 [ PLATE CCXI PAPILIO MACHAON Swallow-Tail Butterfly Lepidoptera GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae clavated : wings erect when Fly by day at reft SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Wings tailed, yellow above and beneath, with fufcous border, and yellow lunar fpots: anal angle fulvous Papilio MACHAON : aliscaudatis concoloribusflavis: limbo fur o; lunulis flavis, angulo ani fulvo 750 33.— En Roef Inf Sv 1031.— Fab pap, tab Will Pap tab, 47 tab Linn Syji Nat Ent Syji p 87 I a Merian Europ Inf 94 Frifch Inf tab 10 Schaff Icon tab 45 Jig, Seba Muf, tab 32 10 fig, Geoff Inf,2 54 23 Efp.Pap I tab I fig Q 1, Papilb PLATE ?6 Papilio Machaon and CCXL Papilio Podalirius are the only two fpecies Both, of Swallow-tail Butterflies that have been found in England Papilio Podaare very fcarce, but Papilio Machaon lefs fo than Jirius, this work of which a figure has been given in another part of Entomologifts mention feveral parts of the country in which Harris fays has it in the larva and winged ftate on wild fennel and carrots ; that one he found remained in the chryfalis Hate from the 2Sd of September to May the 15th following been taken, both and another, that 10th of Auguft it feeds changed July the 15th, produced a butterfly He adds, that the fpecies was found in the the meadows of Briftol and Weflram Prom the the Butterfly, tinent number of foreign authors we may imagine Thofe preferved that it is who have given common on very figures of the Con- in cabinets of Engliih Infects are generally brought from Germany, from whence alfo we fometimes receive preferved fpecimens of the Caterpillars* ?LATB 1^5 17 I ] PLATE CCXCV PAPILIO COMMA Pearl Skipper Butterfly GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae clubbed at the ends Wings erect when at reft Fly- by day Plebeii Urbicola, SPECIFIC CHARACTER Wings entire, divaricated, middle of the anterior pair Papilio Comma : brown, having a black Beneath, fpotted with white alis integerrimis divaricatis fulvis: lineolaque nigra Comma Comma Hesperia JPafilfo : ftreak along the Linn Fab Ent : Syji Syji p t pun&is albis Nat p 793 256 i.p 325 233 Wien Ferz 159 In the beginning of Auguft, 1772, a brood of thefe Infe&s were taken near Lewes in Suffex, by the late no other fpecimens have been taken It is Mr Green; and we believe fince that period not very unlike the Papilio Sylvanus of Fabricius, but -nay be readily diftinguifhed from it by the fquare fpots on the under-fide faeing perfectly white PLATE 71 [ ] PLATE DLXVII PAPILIO MALViE MALLOW, OR GRIZZLED SKIPPER BUTTERFLY, LEPIDOPTEEA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae clavated wings erect when at at the tip: reft Fly by 4ay SPECIFIC CHARACTER AVD SYNONYMS Wings indented divaricate, brown waved with cinereous : anterior pair with hyaline dots: pofterior with white dots beneath Papiho Malv^e : dentatis divaricatis fufcis cinereo undatis; alis anticis punctis feneftratis, pofticis fubtus pun&is Linn Syfi Nat 795
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