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THE NATURAL HISTORY O F BRITISH INSECTS; EX- PLAINING IN THEM THEIR SEVERAL STATES, WITH THE PERIODS OF THEIPv TRANSFORMATIONS, THEIR FOOD, (ECONOMY, &c TOGETHER WITH THE HISTORY OF SUCH MINUTE INSECTS AS REQUIRE INVESTIGATION BY THE MICROSCOPE THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATED 2Y COLOURED FIGURES, DESIGNED AND EXECUTED FROM LIVING SPECIMENS By DONOVAN E VOL ' ill WHiiMiHtl ^^^ LONDON: Printed for the Author, And for F and C Rivington, N° Sz, St MDCCXCIV Paul's Church-Yard A;4S(»3TS" 538 s PLATE DXXXVIIL BOLETARIA MULTIPUNCTATA, COLEOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae perforated, and thicker towards the end : thorax mar- gined, with three hollows behind, the middle one obfolete cafes margined : wing- ; body ovate SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND , SYNONYMS Black : wing-cafes finely filiated, varied with black and ferruginous Boletaria multipunctata : gineo nigroque nigra, elytris minute ftriatis, ferruvariis Marjh Ent Brit T I p 139-3 Mycetophagus multipunctatus Dermestes multipunctatus Found on Fabr Ent Syft.i.b 498 Panz Ent Germ 337 Thunb fungi, of the Boletus genus l Inf Suec 79- 6, Length two lines FIG PLATE 7(5 DXXXVIII FIG II II BOLETAPJA ATOMARIA SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Black, with dots and band behind fulvous Boletaria atomaria: fulvis nigra, elytris Mycetophagus atomarius., Fabr Ent This is I p 141 n Fair Mant I 46 9* Ips atomaria about the gloffed with blue fafciaque poftica punciis Marjh Ent Brit T : fize 498 Sj/Ji i b of the former : the general colour black the head and thorax immaculate with dots, and an irregular waved pofterior line : : wing-cafes varied antennae and leg9 dufky It is found like the laft, and fucceeding fpecies on fungi of the Boletus kind FIG * *?' * — I : ] PLATE CCCLXII FIG I I COCCINELLA OBLONGO-GUTTATA OBLONG-SPOTTED LADY COW, COLEOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER Antenna; clavated, club folid thorax, and wingveafes margined anterior : feelers femicordated body hemifphserical ; abdomen : beneath blaek SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Shells red ; with lines and dots of white CocciNELLA obiongo-guttata tifque albis Suec : coleoptris rubris Linn Si/ji 49Q.—Gmel 1660 Marjh Fnt Brit T Degeer, lineis punc- Faun 38 Fabr Spec Coccjnella"oblongo~guttata Mart, I 60 79-— Ent : Nat 584 38 Inf I 103 Syjl I p l 57.— 296 91 j p 162 Jp, 34, 384 19- Panz Fnt Germ 146 50* Schaef Icon t 9-f- 10 This PLATE CCCLXII- This appears on the credit of moil writers to be a rare Our fpecimen was infecl Pine, Fi- It is faid to inhabit the taken in Kent nns fylvestrh We mould in particular obferve that the prevailing or f the wing-cafes and thorax in our fpecimen lour fpecies at the is is ground co- not red as the ufually defcribed, but rather of a light or teftaceous fame time that its vai legations brown, of white marks and fpots agree with the Linnasan defcription of the infect The fmaller infect at Figure I F G I of the natural is II fize II COCCIXELLA TREPECIM-PUNCTATA LADY COW 13-DOT SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYKONl'MS Shells yellow, or red, with thirteen black dots Coccinella 13-Punctata tredecim, 582, Nat : coleoptris 20.— En [653 Suec Syfi Ent Syfi Linn S3 nigris Nat Syfi 25.— 38.— Mant I 58 54.— Ent (il —Marjh Ent Brit T I p 156 fp iq.— Para Ent Degeer V 375 9- La punctis Linn 481.— Gmel oo.—Fahr I.p.l 279- body oblong4 luteis: corpore oblongo Spec Inf I 99Syfi ; Germ 139 27.— coccinelle route a treize points noir, et corcelet rouge a bande Geoffr Inf I p 324 fp Linnaeus, PLATE Linnaeus, and after him CCCLXII Fabricius, and feveral other writers, defcribe this infect as having the fuperior furface yellow with black fpots This is commonly colour, but the occurs pretty fre- alfo it quently of a reddilh as well as yellow colour, and even fometimes assumes a vermillion as tint brilliant as the Coccinella fepteni-punclata Geoffroy defcribes lour This kind is found among plants F G I ; is common Lady Cow it as being of a red co- faid to inhabit Armoracia, III COCCINELLA SEPTEM-NOTATA SEVEN-DOT RED LADY COW SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Oblong wing : cafes red with feven black fpots on each : margin ®f the thorax and two dots white Coccinella 7-not at a: tem oblonga coleoptris rubra: punctis fepthoracis margine punetifque duobus nigris, albis Fabr Ent Syjl Lp 275 43 Pant Faun Germ 187.20 Marjh Ent Brit T Lp 153 fp 11 mutabilis Payk Faun Suec 39- 40 Coccinella Coccinella constellata An elegant This infea is Lakh 121.6 and not very common Its habitat unknown Linnaean Coccinella -puncevidently different from the to winch it bears a remote but work*, in this fpecies, tata, already figured jefemblance , * Brit Inf ; PI 39 f FIG — PLATE F I CCCLXIL V V IV IV G COCCINELLA 24-PUNCTATA 24-DOT RED LADY COW CHARACTER SPECIFIC AND SYNONYMS Wing-cafes red, with twenty-four black fpots Coccinella 24-ptjnctata : coleoptris rubris: punctis nigris vi- Linn ginti quatuor Suec Coccinella 24-punctata Inf I 101 I p Syjl 487.— Gmel Linn Fabr Syjl 47.— Mant Nat 583 28 Syjl Ent I Fn Nat 1655 28 84 33 — Spec 59- 66.—E?it Syjl 1.281.72 Marjh Ent Brit T p \59.fp 26 Panz Ent Germ 142 37- La I Coccinelle rayee, Geojfr Inf I 326 n 1 Degeer Two diftincl varieties plate, fig fize, and 5, Inf V 381 14 of this variable fpecies are figured in our one of which has the black dorfal dots of a fmall the other large This fpecies is commonly found on flowers PLATE m
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