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THE NATURAL HISTORY OP BRITISH INSECTS; EXPLAINING THEM IN THEIR SEVERAL STATES, WITH THE PERIODS OF THEIR TRANSFORMATIONS, THEIR FOOD, (ECONOMY,, &c TOGETHER WITH THE HISTORY OF SUCH MINUTE INSECTS AS REQUIRE INVESTIGATION BY THE MICROSCOPE, THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATED ET COLOURED FIGURES, DESIGNED AND EXECUTED FROM LIVING SPECIMENS, BY E DONOVAN, F.L.S AUTHOR OP THE NATURAL HISTORIES OF BRITISH BIRDS, SHELLS, VOLUME !LonHon &C &C II, % PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR, AND FOR F C AND J- RIVINGTON, N° By Bye and haw, St 62, ST PAUL'S CHURCH-YARD, John's Square, Ckrkcuwdl, ^.45^5 — — — 79 t PLATE CCCCXXIL PTINUS FUR COLEOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae filiform, the exterior joint largeft: thorax fubrotund, without margin, and receiving the head SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Ferruginous brown: thorax four-toothed: wing-cafes with two white bands Ptinus Fur: fufco-ferrugineus, duabus fafciis thorace quadridentato, elytris Marjh Ent Brit T I albis p 89 n 27 Ptinus Fur: teftaceus fubapterus, thorace quadridentato, elytris fafciis duabus n Mant Inf I p 40 n Ent Sj/fi Gmel Linn Si$ p 1607 n Fabr Spec Inf p 73 albis 39 — Linn Fn Suec 651 Cerambyx Fur Preys Boh Inf 56 57 Strocm Acl Nidrof 111 393 12 Bruchus Testaceus : Parif La Bruche & bandes I p 164 n t Geoffr Inf / 6, Ptinus PLATE 80 Ptinus Rapax Buprestis Fur Degeer Inf p 231 n : This deftru&ive CCCCXXII t 9- /• o 7^ Scop 210 : little infe& is produced from a foft and hairy fix- footed larva of a ferruginous colour, which preys on furniture, books, and other fimilar articles It refides principally in fmall tubular cavities, which reducing, as it proceeds in within the dimenfions of Ptinus Fur hiftory is its it its devious or pupa courfe, the hardeft timber receptacle to a light duft or powder alfo very detrimental to The nymph wood, occupying perforates in a variety of directions, is preferved articles of natural contained in a glutinous follicle PLATE 83 C ] PLATE CCCXC FIG I SCARABiEUS AGRICOLA AGRICOLA BEETLE COLEOPTEEA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae clavated, the club rally Affile : of the anterior legs gene- flianks dentated * SeBion Melolontha, mandible arched, and fomewhat dentated: wing-cafes Jhorter than the body : naked extremity of the abdomen obliquely truncated SPECIFIC CHARACTER SYNONYMS Braffy black : thorax villofe : wing-cafes livid, with a black border, and arched band ScARAiMJUS Agricola : nigro-aeneuS; thorace villofo, elytrislividis: limbo fafciaque arcuata nigris Marjh Ent Brit T I p 43 fp 76 ScARABiEUs agricola Linn M Syft Nat .553 £8 Melo- — PLATE 84 Melolontha agricola fafciaque Si/ft I tituate the latter end of the to as I 23 IVales A.D we were fo for' South Scop Cyathiger About 44.-— Mant byjl 173 74 Scarabxus agricola Donov Tour of 1801— JS04 Vol p 239 Le limbo : tabr clypeo apice reflexo $p Inf I 43 Ent 37- 29 lividis villofo, elytris thorace : nigris, 57.— Ent CCCXC month of July, 1801, capture a living fpecimen of Scarabaeus Agricola, on the fea coaft of the county of Caermarthen, South Wales, thereby afcertaining, our own beyond a doubt, ifland the exiftence of this lovely infect in As an European fore the time of Linn&us, and fpecies, was well known it ous continental authors, but no writer has hitherto fpoken of a native of this country, with the exception of on our The difcovery of fome moment to the tomologia Britannica fider, it therefore, of as Mr Marfham, who, authority, inferred this fpecies in his recent publication, luable acceffion to the Britiih be- has been fmce mentioned by vari- this infect En- we may Entomoloinft, if con- not a va- Fauna The beauty of this infect, when alive, was eminently finking the thorax did not appear of that obfcure dufky hue obfervable in dead fpeciniens both that part of the thorax, and the head, were of a rich braffy-green colour, and {lightly villous and the dark margin, with the band acrofs the wing-cafes, though black, : : ; were elegantly gloffed with purple FIG PLATE FIG CCCXC 83 II SCARABiEUS FRISCH1I FRISCH'S BEETLE * Sedion Melolontha SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Eraffy blacky gloffy Melolontha Frischii Syfl 21 : : wing-cafes teftaceous nigro aenea nitida elytris teftaceis Fabr Ent 37 25.-—Sp Inf 40.— Ent Scaraejeus Frischii: I 41 3S.—Mant aeneus, elytris Marjh Ent Brit T teftaceis: futura virefcenti I p 40 fp, 71 Donov Tour of South Wales, Scarab/eus Frischii I Syft I p 167 53 Vol I p 377 The only fpecimen of Scarabaeus Frifcliii that we have yet fren alive, was obferved crawling upon a meagre blade of the common mat-weed Arundo arenaria, that had fecured itfelf a local habitation upon a fand-hill on the fea-coaft, Bay, Glamorganfhire about a mile to the weftward of Newton The whole body, except the wing-cafes (which are teftaceous) the lateral edges of the thorax, legs, eyes, and antenna?, were of a fcutel, and fine braffy purple tail, la fome fpecimens, the head, thorax, are of a coppery green inftead of purple Mifs PLATE SO ?rlifs CCCXC Hill found Scnrabzeus Frifchii among marine near Braunton Burroughs,, Devonshire, on the nearly o'ppofite the county in vhat fimilar fituation more of which we difcovered it, rejeclamenta, the Severn fea, and in a fome- Vide Marlh Ent Brit PLATE 53 [ PLATE CCCLXXVIII SCARABiEUS RURICOLA RUFOUS DARK-BORDERED SCARAB.EUS COLEOPTERA GENERIC CHARACTER Antennae clavated, the club fiffile fhanks of the anterior lega gene- : rally dentated * Seclion Melolontha, mandible arched, and fomewhat dentated: wing-cafes Jhorter than the body : naked extremity of the abdomen obliquely truncated SPECIFIC jCHARACTER AND SYNONYMS Deep black, filky : wing-cafes rufous, marginal border, and future black ScARABffiTTS Ruricola raque : ater fericeus, elytris runs: MarJJi nigris margine futu- Ent Brit T I p 39 fp.6 Melolontha Ruricola: gro Fabr Sp, p 23 n Inf I p 73 n 58.— Ent Scarabjeus Ruricola: gro ater fericeus elytris rufis margine ni- Inf I Syjl I 173 Sp 75 ater fericeus, Gmel Linn : 45.—Mant Syji elytris runs; margine ni- Nat 1558 fp 235 Scarabasus 54 PLATE ScarabiEus niger, elytris dure Scarabagus marginatum Melolontha Floricola CCCLXXVIU croceis margine nigro — Le Scarabe a bor- Geoffr T I p 8Q.Jp 15 Fourc I 15 Lakh I 41 Scarabaaus Ruricola does not appear in either of the Entomological works of Linnaeus Fourcroy defcribes it as a Parifian infect # ; Fabricius as a native of England f; Rollins as an Italian fpeciesj; and we have a fpecimen of Panzer gives it it from Germany as an inhabitant in his of which ; country, laft Entomologia Germanica We are thus explicit, in order to fliew that it is a general European infea, and not exclufively a native of this country, as might be inferred from the concluding obfervation of the Fabrician defcription of this fpecies We « Habitat mult acknowledge have never taken this in Angliae graminofis that, in the courfe infeft, or feen it Dom Lee/' own colleen- we Our figures ai£ Co- of our alive pied from an Englifh fpecimen, in the cabinet of that indefatigable collector the late Mr Green, of Weftminfter, whole cabinet has recently fallen into our poffeffion, and where he met with it we cannot alcertain Mr Marmam informs us (Ent Brit.) that this was taken in great abundance in the month of July, ; 707 on market Heath, near the Fofs, vulgarly called the Devil's Dyke There are two, if infecl New not more varieties of this kifeft, one of which has the diik of the wing-cafes teftaceous inftead of rufous; Geo* Tntolngemia Parifienfa, t X Ent Syji Fauna Etrw/c* froy PLATE froji even fays yellow " fes CCCLXXVIII etuis font $$ j amies, bordes de Fabricius fpeaks of another kind, in which the cafes is obfcure, with the unrounding the under parts of this infect is black border Fig- diik of the still I darker {hews noir." wingAll the natu- ral iizfi- PLATE ... from the other Infe£ts Ptinus genus in having feathered antennas it in before Linnaeus, called the Ptinus pectinicornis it Ptilinus ; who it named it fexes of this Infect, by the form of the antennae... antennae pectinated, that Geoffroy, Linnaeus placed genus, and to diftinguifh The two Linn may be in his it of the defcribed Syftem fpecifically diftinguilhed thofe of the female are but {lightly... proves injurious t 3.f faid to referable the among The head is fur, leather, Dermeftes clothes, &x exferted, the thorax angu- antennae filiform, and thickeft in the middle, T0L XVI, N PLATE — 43 [
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