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THE FAUNA OF BRITISH INDIA, CEYLON AND BURMA PUBLISHED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA IN COUNCIL EDITED BY LT.-COL C T BINGHAM COLEOPTEEA,-Vol L (CERAMBYCIDjE) BY C J GAHAN LONDON: TAYLOR AND FRANCIS, RED LION COURT, FLEET STREET CALCUTTA AND SIMLA THACKER, 8PINK, & BUEMA BOMBAY : CO THACKER & CO., R BERLIN : MYLES STANDI8H & CO., : FRIEDLANDER & 8OHN, 11 1906 : LIMITED CARLSTRA8SE PRINTED BY TAYLOR AND TRANCIS, RED LION COURT, FLEET STREET 301 FA PA not, PREFACE THIS short volume is the first issued of a series that is intended to give a systematic account of the Coleopterous Fauna of British India The present work on the Longicorn Beetles of India was undertaken some years ago by Mr C J Gahan, whose unique From a variety of knowledge of the group is well known but chiefly want of leisure, the Author has been causes, unable until now to complete a sufficient portion of the to allow of the publication of even an instalment MS This only Part I of the contemplated volume, with the forms arranged under the family solely Cerambycidae, which according to the latest classification issue, therefore, is and deals includes the Prionidze which will give manuscript ; it A considerable portion of Part II., an account of the Lamiidse, is is already in therefore confidently expected that the completion of the whole work will not be unduly delayed Other volumes on the Coleoptera of India are in active it is intended to include a General Intro- preparation, arid duction to the Order with one of these volumes 529918 In the PREFACE IV meantime, to allow the reader to follow the technical terms used in the descriptions of these insects, diagrammatic illustrations of the parts of beetles belonging to the dealt with, I group here and explanations thereof, are subjoined below may add which is that Vol II of the Butterflies, the MS nearly completed, will follow this present volume C T October 1906 BINGHAM of THE PRINCIPAL WORKS QUOTED IN THE SYNONYMY LIST OF A M N H Annals and Magazine of Natural History London, 1838- 1906 Ann Mus Civ Genov di Geneva, Annali del Museo Oivico di Storia Naturale Genoa 1870-1906 Ann Soc d'Agric Lyon Aunales de naturelles et Arts utiles de Lyon la Societe d'Agriculture, Histoire Lyon & Paris, 1838-1906 Ann Soc Ent Belg Annales de la Society Entomologique de Belgique (0 E Comptes rendus bound with the Annales, paged in Roman numerals) Bruxelles, 1857-1906 Ann Soc Ent Fr Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France Paris, 1832-1906 Berl ent Zeit Berliner entotnologische Zeitschrift 1857-74, Berlin, 1881-1906 Boisd Voy 1' Astrolabe le Eutomologique, par Voyage de decouvertes de 1' Astrolabe Docteur Boisduval Paris, 1835 Bull Soc Imp Nat de Moscou Bulletin de Naturalistes de Moscou Moscow, 1829-1906 la Societe Faune Imperiale des Casteln Hist Nat Col Histoire Naturelle des Insectes Coleopteres par M le Comte de Castelnau vols Paris, 1840 Cist Ent vol Cistula Entomologica vols three parts only published.) iii Du Val London, 1869-1884 (Of et Fairm Gen Coleopt d'Europe Genera des Coleopteres vols Paris, 1857-1868 (Vols d'Europe, par M Jacquelin du Val iii & iv by L Fairmaire.) Encycl Meth Olivier 1825 ; Insectes Vol V par A G Peletier et Audinet-Serville Paris, 1790- Encyclopedic Methodique Vol X par Ent Mo Mag Comte Le The Entomologists' Monthly Magazine London, 1864- 1906 Ent Nachr Entouiologische Nachrichten Putbus, Stettia und Berlin, 1875-1906 Entomologist The Entomologist London, 1840-1906 Ent Tidskr Entomologisk Tidskrift utgiven af Entomologiska Foreningen i Stockholm Fabr Ent Syst Stockholm, 1880-1906 Entomologia Systematica emendata et aucta, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, adjectis synonymis, locis, observationibus, vols Johann Christian Fabricius Halniag, 1792 descriptionibus 1794 Index 1796 ; Supplement 1798 WORKS QUOTED yi sistens eorum species nuper ; detectas, adjectis characteribus genericis, differentiis specificis, euiendati- Fabr Mant Ins Mantissa Insectorum onibus, observationibus 1787 vols Johann Christian Fabricius Hainia, Syst Eleuth Systema Eleutheratorum, secundum ordines, et descriptigenera, species, adjectis synonymis, locis, observationibus onibus vols Jobann Christian Fabricius Kilise, 1801 Fabr Fabr Syst Ent Systema Entomologist, sistens Insectorum classes, ordines, genera, species, adjectis synonymi?, locis, descriptionibus et observationibus Johann Christian Fabricius Flensburgi et Lipsise, 1775 Gemm &< Har Cat Col Ca'alogus Coleopterorum hucusque descriptoruiu synonymicus et systematicus, auctoribus Dr Gemminger et B de Harold 12 vols Munich, 1868-1876 Geoffrey, Hist Ins de Paris trouvent aux environs de Paris Germ Mag Ent Histoire abregee des Insectes qui se vols Paris, 1762 Gerinar, Magazin der Entomologie vols Halle, 1813-1818 F Guielin's edition of Linne's " Systeina Natura ," Gmelin, Syst Nat Ed 13 Lipsia?, 1788-1793 J Gray's Zool Misc The Zoological Miscellany, ed by J E Gray London, 1831-1844 Guer Icon Regn Anim Ins du Regne Animal de G Cuvier F E Guerin-Meneville, Iconographie Paris, 1829-1844 Insectes Hor Soc Ent Ross Hone Societatis Entomologies; Rossicse Trudui Russkago entomologicheskago St Petersburg, 1861-1906 obsbchestva Hiigel's Kaschmir Kaschmir und das Reich der von Hiigel vols Stuttgart, 1840-1848 v Siek ; ( St Called also) Petersburg Baron C A A Mus Notes Indian Museum Notes, issued by the Trustees Published by authority of the Government of India Calcutta, 1889-1906 Ind Journ Ent >ols The Journal of Entomology, descriptive and geographical London, 1862-1866 Fauna Boreali-Americana Fauna Boreali-Americana, or the Zoology of the Northern parts of British America, by John Richardson, M.D *Pt IV Coleoptera by the Rev W Kirby London, 1837 Kirby, Lacord Gen Coleopt Histoire Naturelle des Insectes Genera des Coleopteres, ou Expose" methodique et critique de tons les genres pro12 vols poses jusqu'ici dans cet ordre d'insectes, par M Th Lacordaire Paris, 1854-1876 Lap et Gory, Hist Nat et Iconogr des Ins Coleopt Histoire Naturelle et Iconographie des Insectes Coteopteres, publiee par MonoF L de et H Gory Texte graphies separees par Liporte (Comte Castelnau) vols Planches vols Paris, 1837-1841 Leconte &/ Horn, Classif Col N Amer Classification of the Coleoptera of North America, prepared for the Smithsonian Institution by John L Leconte and George H Horn Washington, 1883 Verzeichniss und Beschreibung der Tyroler Johann Nepoiuuk Elden von Leicharting vols Zurich Leicharting.Verz Tyrol Ins Insecten, by 1781-1784 WORKS QUOTED Vll Linn Syst Nat Systema Naturae, per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cutn characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis v Linne Ed decitna reformata, Hake Magdeburgicie, 1758 Ed Carl duodecima reformata, Holmise, 1766-1768 Mem Soc Ent Belg Memoires de la Societe Entomologique de Belgique Bruxelles, 1892-1906 Mem Soc R Sci de Liege de Liege Motsch Etudes Entom ingfors et Memoires de la Societe Eoyale des Sciences Liege, 1843-1906 Motschoulsky, Etudes Entomologtques Hels- Dresden 1853-1862 Mulsant, Coleopt de France France par C Mulsant, Histoire Naturelle des Coleopteres de Paris, 1862-1863 Notes Leyd Mus Notes from the Eoyal Zoological Netherlands at Ley den Ley den, 1879-1906 Nouv Archives du Mus Paris Nouvelles Museum Archives of the du Museum Paris, 1865-1906 Histoire Naturelle Oliv Ent Entomologie, on Histoire Naturelle des Insectes, avec leurs caracteres generiques et specifiques, leur description, leur synonymic, et leur figure enluminee, par M Olivier Texte vols Planches vols Paris, 1759-1808 P Z S Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the Zoological Society of London, 1830-1906 Londou Redtenb Fauna Austriaca Methode analytischen Rev Zool direction de bearbeitet, Fauna Austriaca Die Kafer, nach der von Ludwig Eedtenbacher Wien, 1858 Revue Zoologique par M Guerin-Meneville Rev et Mag Zool Revue et la Soci6te Cuvierienne, publie sous la Paris, 1838-1848 Magasin de Zoologie pure et appliquee, par 2nd Series Paris, 1849-1879 Guerin-Meneville et Ad Focillon Schonh Syn aller bisher geordnet, Scientific Ins Synonymialnsectorum, oder: Versucheiner Synonymic bekannten Insecten, nach Fabricii Systema Eleutheratorum vols Stockholm, 1806-1817 Results Second Yarkarid Mission, Coleopt Scientific Results of the Second Yarkand Mission, published by order of the Government of India Coleoptera by H W Bates London, 1890 Silberm Rev Ent Strasbourg & Revue Entomologique, par Gustavo Silbermann Paris, 1833-1837 Stephens, Illustr Brit Ent., Mand Illustrations of British Entomology, or a Synopsis of Indigenous Insects, by J F Stephens Mandibulata vols London, 1828-1835 Stett ent Zeit Entomologische Zeitung, herausgegeben von Stettin, 1840-1906 logische Verein zu Stettin Thorns Archiv Ent vols dem entorao- Archives Entomologiques, par Mons J Thomson Paris, 1857-1858 Essai Class Ceramb Essai d'une Classification de la famille des Cerambycides et inateriaux pour servir a une monographic de cette famille, par Mons J Thomson Paris, 1860 , Systema Cerambycidarum, ou expos6 de tous les , Syst Ceramb genres coinpris dans la famille des Ce>ambycides et families Limitrophes, par Mons J Thomson Liege, 1864-1865 WORKS QUOTED Vlll Trans Ent Soc Transactions of the Entomological Society of London London, 1836-1906 Trans Linn Soc of London Transactions of the Zoological Society of London Transactions of the Liniiean Society London, 1791-1906 Trans Zool Soc London, 1835-1906 Verh z.-b Ges Gesellschaft in Westw Cab Westwood, Wien Wien Verhandlungen der Vienna, 1852-1906 Or Ent Esq., F.L.S k.-k zoologische-botanischen The Cabinet of Oriental Entomology, by White, Cat Coleopt B M., Longic in the Collection of the British Catalogue of Coleopterous Insects Part viii, Longicornia, i & ii Museum London, 1853-1855 Zool Jour J London, 1848 Zoological Journal London, 1825-1835 EXPLANATION OF THE TERMS USED FOR THE PARTS OF A LONGICORN BEETLE Head of Nyphasia pascoei, Lac Fig Underside of head of Oxymirus cursor, Linn Fig Upper surface Fig of head surface of head gul, gula gen, gena sm, submentum gen, gena cl, Lower Fig fr, front fr.s, frontal suture m, clypeus I, acl, ante-clypeus labium mx, maxilla md, mandible labrum md, mandible Ib, ^ m/ -, -trnJ e/?s .- -tr e/Dw,? -:s.W-.*ma eps? - epm? epm Fig Oxymirus cursor, Linn Fig Nyphasia pascoei, Lac Sternum, showing the front and middle coxal cavities open, st st 3 st epm epm epm epimera of pro-, pro-, meso- and metasternum meso- and metathorax eps eps episterna of meso- and metathorax Fig , , ; , trochanter tr, ; , , , , , ; ; trn, trochantin Sternum, showing the front and middle coxal cavities closed, st st st epm'-, epm pro-, meso- and metasternum; epm epimera of pro-, of meso- and metathorax mesoand metathorax eps eps episterna Fig , , , , ; p, pore , , , ; EXPLANATION OP TEEMS CU Wing Fig r S.C < Fig Wing Fig C of Dorysthencs restrains, Fab Wing Fig CI of Oxymirus cursor, Linn Wing of Neocerambyx pari of Aphrodisium rubripennis Figs 5, 6, 7, and Wing-venation (according txj Ganglbauer) c, costal l l sc, subcostal r, radial m*, 1st and 2nd medial ; cu cu?, 1st and 2nd ; ; cubital; a , ; a , a3 a , , m 1st, , 2nd, 3rd, and 4th anal , DERE 315 Head densely punctate Prothorax one-third longer than its width at the middle, broadly rounded at the sides, with a deep constriction and transverse groove a little behind the apex, another constriction and a sinuate groove near the base ; very strongly but not densely punctured above and on the sides, less strongly but more densely punctured beneath, the anterior groove and the part in front of it nearly Scutellum covered with impunctate silvery grey pubescence Elytra dis- and somewhat thickly punctured, except at the shoulders and apex each narrowed to an obtuse point at the apex Breast, abdomen and legs glossy, almost impunctate, furnished with a few sparse tinctly ; Artimpaza biFig 103 x \ color, Pasc., d Hind united elytra in the
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