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Migration and international conservation of waders Research and conservation on north Asian, Africanand Europeanflyways Edited by H HStker, E Lebedeva, RS Tomkovich,J Gromadzka, N.C Davidson, J Evans, D.A Stroud & R.B West InternationalWaderStudies10 September1998 Migrationandinternational conservation ofwaders Research andconservation onnorthAsian,AfricanandEuropean flywaysis basedon an internationalconferenceon 'Migration and internationalconservationof waders'held in Odessaduring 13-17 April 1992 Additionalcopiesof thevolumecanbe obtainedfrom:InternationalWader StudyGroup,c/o NationalCentre for Ornithology,Nunnery Place,Thefiord,Norfolk IP24 2PU, United Kingdom Priceœ35.00 plus postageand packing This volume should be cited as: HtStker,H., Lebedeva, E., Tomkovich, P.S., Gromadzka, J., Davidson, N.C., Evans,J.,Stroud,D.A., & West R.B (eds)1998.Migrationandinternationalconservation of waders.Research and conservation onnorthAsian,AfricanandEuropean fiyways.InternationalWaderStudies10 Copyright¸1998 the InternationalWader StudyGroup (WSG) Frontcoverphotograph:HansGerbuis Backcoverphotographs: David Stroud Designand layout:RodneyWestAssociates, Flint Cottage,StoneCommon,Blaxhall,Woodbridge,Suffolk IP13 2DP, United Kingdom Printedby: InceCape,MasonHouse,7 Ravenscraig Road,Woodstock7925,PO Box1749,CapeTown 8000, South Africa ISSN 1354-9944 Migration and international conservationof waders Research and conservation on north Asian, African and Europeanflyways INTERNATIONAL WADER STUDY GROUP Contents PAGE 0.1 Foreword YaroslavMovchan,DeputyMinisterfor the Environment,Ukraine 1-3 0.2 Introduction 4-8 0.3 Waderstudiesin the SovietUnion:an historicalperspective 9-12 P.S Tomkovich 0.4 Acknowledgements 13-14 1.1 The OdessaProtocolon internationalco-operation on migratoryflyway research and conservation 17-19 1.2 The flyway concept 2.1 Wadersasindicatorsof biologicaldiversity (Abstractonly) 23 V.E Flint 2.2 Towardsa flyway conservation strategyfor waders 24-44 N.C Davidson,D.A Stroud,P.I Rothwell & M.W Pienkowski 2.3 TheAfrican-Eurasian WaterbirdAgreement:a technicalagreementunderthe 45-50 Bonn Convention G.C Boere & B Lenten 2.4 A modelfor internationalwaterfowlmanagementagreements: the Greenland White-frontedGooseAnseralbifronsfiavirostris (Abstractonly) 51-52 D.A Stroud 2.5, Flyway management:needsand uses 53-58 P.M Rose 2.6 2.7, The systemof waterfowlcountingin theUnitedKingdom:collectingkey informationfor the conservationof waterfowl (Abstractonly) J.Kirby& D.A Stroud 59-60 Croftingandbird conservation on Coll and Tiree 61-68 D.A Stroud 2.8, Informationfor managingthe coastalzonein the 1990s:the exampleof UnitedKingdomcoastaland estuarinedirectoriesand inventories(Abstractonly) 69-72 N.C Davidson 2.9, Land-claimand recreational pressureon Britishestuaries(Abstractonly) N.C Davidson, D d'A Laffoley & L.S.Way 2.10 Ecosystem researchprojecton disturbances by humanactivitiesin the WaddenSea (Abstractonly) V Knoke 2.11 The GreatArcticReserve- large-scale natureprotectionin northernSiberia (Abstractonly) P Prokosch & H Hi•tker 2.•2 New waysin managingnatureprotection: a smallerarmybringsmoreyoung peopleto environmentalwork (Abstractonly) H.-U R6sner 111 76-77 PAGE 3.1 The Mediterraneanflyway:a networkof wetlandsfor waterbirds 81-84 T van der Have 3.2 Numbersof juvenileDunlinsCalidrisalpinaringedat the VistulaMouth (southernBaltic,Poland)in relationto arcticbreedingconditions 85-87 J Gromadzka 3.3 SiberianDunlinsCalidrisalpinamigrateto Europe:firstevidence from ringing J Gromadzka & V.K.Ryabitsev 88-90 3.4 Age differences of wing shapein waders A.N Tsvelikh & E.A Dyadicheva 91-93 3.5 Followingbirdnumberswhentheykeepchanging: is monitoring of migratorywaderspossible?(Abstractonly) H.-U 4.1 94 Ri•sner Breedingconditionsfor wadersin the tundrasof the USSRin 1988 97-100 P.S Tomkovich 4.2 4.3 Breedingconditionsfor wadersin thetundrasof theUSSRin 1989 A.Y Kondratyev 101-104 Breedingconditionsfor wadersin thetundrasof theUSSRin 1990 105-110 A.K Yurlov 4,4, Breedingconditionsfor wadersin Russiantundrasin 1991 V.K.Ryabitsev 111-116 4.5, Breedingconditionsfor wadersin Russiantundrasin 1992 117-123 P.S Tomkovich 4.6 Breedingconditionsfor wadersin Russiantundrasin 1993 124-131 P.S Tomkovich 4.7 Breedingconditionsfor wadersin Russiantundrasin 1994 132-144 P.S Tomkovich 4.8 Mappingbreedingrangestructureof tundrawadersin Russia 145-151 E.G Lappo 4.9 Breedingdistributionof DunlinCalidrisalpinain Russia E.G.Lappo& P.S.Tomkovich 152-169 4.10 Long-termchanges in waderpopulationsat theLaplandNature Reserveand its surroundings: 1887-1991 A.S Gilyazov 170-174 4.11 Post-breeding movementsof Oystercatcher Haernatopus ostralegus broodsin thenorthof Kandalaksha Bay(theWhite Sea)and some aspectsof theirbehaviour(Abstractonly) 175 E.A Lebedeva & V.V Biancki 4.12 Variationin numbersof migratingwaderson Bol'shoyAinov Island, WesternMurman during 1963-1991 176-179 I.P Tatarinkova 4.13 Seasonalchangesin distribution,abundanceand numbersof wadersin relationto lemmingpopulationcyclesin thewestSiberiantundra V.S Zhukov 180-185 PAGE 4.14 Distributionof breedingwadersin thenorth-eastEuropeanRussiantundras 186-194 V V Morozov 4.15 Nestingdensitydynamicsand sitefidelityof waderson themiddle and northern 195-200 Yamal V.K.Ryabitsev & N.S.Alekseeva 4.16 Thephenomenon of broodaggregations andtheirstructurein wadersin northernTaimyr 201-206 M.Y Soloviev & P.S Tomkovich 4.17 Lemmingdensityin theTaimyrtundraandits influenceon the reproductionof birds A Rybkin 207-213 4.18 Spatialand temporaldynamicsof wadernumbersin the delta complexesof northernsubarctic 214-220 Yu Yu Blokhin 4.19 Breedingwaderpopulationson themarinecoastsof north-eastern Sakhalin 221-224 A Y Blokhin 4.20 Distributionof wadersduringmigrationat SakhalinIsland 225-232 V.A Nechaev 4.21 Main concentrations of migratingwaderson theKamchatkapeninsula 233-236 E.G Lobkov 4.22 The internationalsignificanceof wetlandhabitatsin the lower Moroshechnaya River (WestKamchatka,Russia)for waders 237-242 N.N Gerasimov & Yu.N Gerasimov 5a Breeding 5a.1 Importantareasfor breedingwadersin Italy 245-250 R Tinarelli 5a.2 Age oometryof theRedshankTringatotanus in thesouthof the Ukraine (Abstractonly) 251 M.E Zmud 5a.3 On thebeedingof KentishCharadrius alexandrinus and LittleRinged PloversC dubiusin the LowerTiligul Liman,south-western Ukraine V.P.Stoylovski & D.A Kivganov 252-255 5a.4 Numbersand statusof waderson Dolgiy and KrugyyIslandsin the 256-260 Black Sea Nature Reserve T.B.Ardamatskaya 5a.5 The Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus in theBlackSeaNatureReserve 261-263 A G Rudenko 5a.6 Distribution,numbersand someaspectsof thebiologyof the 264-267 Kentish Plover Charadrius alexandrinus in southern Ukraine A.I Korzyukov & O.A.Potapov 5a.7 Productivityof the CollaredPratincoleGlareola pratincola on the northerncoastof theAzov Sea (Abstractonly) S Pozhidaeva & G.N Molodan 268 PAGE 5a.8 Fluctuations in thenumbersof breedingwadersduringdifferent stagesof reservoirformation (Abstractonly) V.L.Bulakhov, L.A Leonova & O.M Myasoyedova 269 5a.9 The influenceof waterlevelsof salinelakesalongtheSamarariver valley,Ukraine,onfluctuations in numbersof Black-winged Stilts Himantopus himantopus andAvocetsRecurvirostra avosetta (Abstractonly) 270 L Bulakhov,AI.A Gubkin& An.A Gubkin 5a.10 Populationchanges in wadersbreedingat theSlavyansk saltlakes, easternUkraine:observations from 1985-1991(Abstractonly) S Pisarev, I Sykorsky & A Timoshenko 271 5a.ll Reviewof the Ukrainianwader fauna (Abstractonly) V Serebryakov 272 5a.12 Currentpopulationstatusof rareandprotectedwadersin southRussia 273-281 V.P Belik 5a.13 Currentdistributionand populationtrendsof somerarewadersin Belarus M V Nikiforov 282-284 5a.14 Wadersof theNovgorodregion:peculiaritiesof theirdistribution and importantbreedingareas 285-290 A.L Mischenko & O.V Sukhanova 5a.15 Theimportanceof thepeatlandsof theUpperVolgaareaashabitats for breedingwaders 291-298 V.I Nikolaev 5a.16 CurlewNumenius arquata in theVologdaregionof north-European Russia 299-302 V.T Butiev & E.A Lebedeva 5a.17 Rarebreedingwadersof the Moscowregion:distributionand numbers 303-308 V.A Zubakin, T.V Sviridova,V.V Kontorschikov,O.S Grinchenko, E.V Smirnova,S.V Volkov,E.D Krasnova& M.L Kreindlin 5a.18 Numbers,reproductivesuccess and geneticstructureof Lapwings Vaneflus vanellus in areasof varyingpastoralregimes 309-314 S.M Klirnov 5a.19 Wadersin agriculturalhabitatsof EuropeanRussia 315-324 E.A Lebedeva 5a.20 Migration,breedingandpopulationsizeof CurlewNumenius arquata in OrenburgRegion,Russia G.M Samigullin 325-328 5a.21 Daily activityof StoneCurlew Burhinus oedicnemus duringthe breedingperiod 329-332 A.A Karavaev 5a.22 Thenumbersof breedingwaderson somelakesin thelower Amu-Daryariver region,Uzbekistan E Shernazarov & M.M 5a.23 333-336 Turaev Habitatdistributionand diet of LapwingsVanellus vanellus in the Kurgal'dzhinskiyNature Reserve,CentralKazakhstan 337-341 V V Khrokov 5a.24 BreedingDotterelsCharadrius morinellus in theAltai mountains of Kazakhstan B V Tsherbakov vi 342-344 PAGE 5a.25 Statusof snipeGallinago spp.andWoodcock Scolopax rusticola in the 345-350 south-east of Western Siberia N.M Golovina 5a.26 Populationandrangefluctuations of AsianDowitcherLimnodromus semipalmatus in the centralAsianarid zone 351-357 Y.I Mel'nikov 5a.27 Wadersof the KhubsugulLake,Mongolia (Abstractonly) N.G Skryabin & I.I Toopitsyn 358 5b Migration and wintering 5b.1 Preliminarydataon thediet of migratingRuffsPhilomachus pugnax in northernItaly 361-364 N Baccetti,L Chelazzi,I Colombini,D Piacentini & L Serra 5b.2 Stop-overstrategyof Ruff Philomachus pugnaxduringthe 365-369 springmigration N Baccetti, R Gambogi & A Magnani 5b.3 WoodSandpiperTringaglareola andGreenSandpiperTringaochropus in Bulgaria 370-374 D.N Nankinov 5b.4 Winteringwadersof the Ukranianpart of the DanubeDelta 375-377 M.Y Zhmud 5b.5 Wadermigrationin thenorth-western part of the BlackSea region (Abstractonly) 378 A.N Kabakov 5b.6 The northernand westernBlackSearegion- the 'WaddenSea' of theMediterraneanFlywayfor waderpopulations J.Kube,A.L Korzyukov, D.N Nankinov,OAGMiinster& P Weber 5b.7 Routesand timing of CommonSnipeGallinago gallinago migrationin the Ukraine V.V.Serebryakov & V.N Grishchenko 5b.8 Summermovementsof wadersin the Samurriver delta:preliminary dataand reviewof theproblemfor the CaspianSearegion 379-393 394 395-402 E.A Lebedeva & V.T Butiev 5b.9 The importanceof thewesternCaspiancoastfor migratingand winteringwaders 403-412 A.O Shubin 5b.10 Wadersof thesewagewaterreservoirin theAksaytown 413 (UralskyRegion) (Abstractonly) V.V.Khrokov, N.N Beryozovikov, F.F.Karpov& A.V.Kovalenko 5b.ll Between-year recaptureratesof wadersringedon migrationin south-eastern Kazakhstan: constancy in timingandlocationof 414-416 flyway routes E.I Gavrilov, S.N Erokhov& A.E Gavrilov 5b.12 Numbersof migratingwadersin south-east Kazakhstanassessed by standardisedmonitoring 417-424 A.E Gavrilov, V.I Pridatko, E.I Gavrilov & S.N Erochov 5b.13 Migrationof wadersin theKhabarovsk regionof theFarEast V V Pronkevich vii 425-430 PAGE 5b.14 Migrationof wadersin theLunskiGulf,north-eastern Sakhalin (Abstractonly) V.B.Zykov& Z.V Revyakina 6.1 Massof RuffsPhilomachus pu•ax w•ter•g • WestAfrica 431 435-440 OAG Mgnster 6.2 Observations on Palearctic waderswinteringin the innerNiger 441-443 Delta of Mali R Tinarelli 6.3 Waderson the southernMozambiqueCoast 444-447 P Nilsson & A Shubin Appendix1 Listof Conference participants 451-454 Appendix2 Translationsof the OdessaProtocol 457-491 Speciesindex 493-500 viii SECTION WADER RESEARCH SUBARCTIC FOUR IN ARCTIC REGIONS AND v SECTION WADER TEMPERATE FIVE RESEARCH AND P A R T-(A) IN BOREAL, STEPPE BREEDING REGIONS •-.• • '? SECTION WADER TEMPERATE P A R T-(B) FIVE RESEARCH AND MIGRATION IN STEPPE BOREAL, REGIONS & WINTERING International Wader Studies 10 APPENDIX LIST OF CONFERENCE ONE PARTICIPANTS APPENDIX TRANSLATIONS ODESSA TWO OF PROTOCOL THE ... (eds)1998.Migrationandinternationalconservation of waders.Research and conservation onnorthAsian,AfricanandEuropean fiyways.InternationalWaderStudies10 Copyright¸1998 the InternationalWader StudyGroup...Migrationandinternational conservation ofwaders Research andconservation onnorthAsian,AfricanandEuropean flywaysis basedon an internationalconferenceon 'Migration and internationalconservationof waders'held... Africa ISSN 1354-9944 Migration and international conservationof waders Research and conservation on north Asian, African and Europeanflyways INTERNATIONAL WADER STUDY GROUP Contents PAGE 0.1
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