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INDEX TESTACEOLOGIGUS, AN ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OP BRITISH AND FOREIdN SHELLS, COKTAINING ABOUT 2800 FIGURES ACCURATELY COLOURED AFTER NATURE, BT W WOOD, F.R.S., F.L.S A NEW AND ENTIEELT BEYISED EDITION, WITH ANCIENT AND MODEKN APPELLATIONS, SYNONYMS, LOCALITIES, ETC ETC BY SYLVANUS HANLEY, B.A., F.L.S AUTHOR OF RECENT SHELLS, MONOGRAPH OF TELLINA, IPSA LINN^I CONCHTLIA, THE CONCHOLOGICAL MISCELLANY, THE SHELL PORTION OF THE BRITISH MOLLUSCA, THE TEXT OF THE EXOTIC CONCHOLOGT, ETC LONDON: WILLIS AND SOTHEEAN, MDCCCLVI 136, STRAND rniJ^ON — MOLL INTRODUCTION The large number circumstance that of figures in so small a space, and the many of the shells there indicated have not been delineated, or even mentioned in more recent iconographies, have rendered Wood's Index Testaceologicus, a work Its value to of acknowledged utility and general popularity the natm'alist, has, however, been now obsolete method of the much diminished by the classification adopted, (that of by the uncertainty or incorrectness of its recorded localities, and by the too frequently erroneous appellations (erroneous according to the present more restricted notions of Linnaeus) permitted variation) bestowed upon the objects engraved These defects it has been the object of the present edition to amend It is hoped that the Synopsis will remedy the inconvenience of seeking the species of a Lamarckian genus in plates adapted to the gist arrangement of Linneeus, for by its aid, the concholo- can readily discover with what figures his specimens should Any be compared change, indeed, in the relative position of the drawings to accord with the progressive advances of Lamarck, Sowerby, and Deshayes, would probably be futile, since the genera, throughout zoology, in the present transitional stage of natural science, are continually divided and renamed ; being sub- hence their systems likewise may prove as ill-adapted to the more stringent requirements of the coming generation, as that of their great predecessor to the enlarged ideas of the present era The localities have been revised and augmented through the increased experience which the researches of Quoy and Gaimard, Cuming, Hinds, D'Orbigny, and other exploring a INTRODUCTION 11 naturalists have bestowed upon Nevertheless, us much caution has been found requisite in altering any of the re- corded habitats since our ; geographical distribution To remedy the is knowledge of the precise limits of somewhat hypothetical last objection alluded to, the Editor carefully traced out the original figure tm'e one was taken (for almost all has from which the minia- the engravings, excepting those of the Supplement, were copied from published draw- and elaborated his synonymy (an original one) from the species there represented upon a larger scale His references consequently apply to the figures, not to the Linings), nean names The labour expended may estimated by the long independently of viations, its in some degree be of books referred to list ; a list which, necessity as explanatory of the abbre- cannot be devoid of utility to the less advanced students of Conchological Bibliography As the whole of the letterpress, except the (Wood's Linnean names) is first column, entirely original, the writer should, perchance, have styled himself the Author, rather than the Editor ; yet, as the text, in the present work, is avowedly subsidiary to the engravings, he has contented himself with the less honoured appellation to, Although the portion alluded has been preserved to facilitate the finding of previous references to the ' retention, that the first, or most Index,' it must not be conceived, from names there desirable : its specified are invariably the the preferential specific epithets should be deduced rather from the last column, (in which they usually occur in the order of their publication) and from the dates mentioned in the list of 'Abbreviations.' The Appendix, which contains about 960 figures of species and genera not inserted in the original publication, is issued as a separate volume, the drawings being accompanied by a descriptive letter-press, expressly written to elucidate bivalves delineated in the Index Testaceologicus the SYNOPSIS OF THE MODIFIED LAMARCKIAN ARRANGEMENT.* TTwsii The genera in Italics, are not to he fomid in Lamarck's classification tn U, nttached hy brackets to one of his genera, may be held by purists as included The numerals mentioned are inclusive Siliquaria Ser 25, 26, Den rDentalium -i Den Ccecum ? to 10 15?: 12, 13, 14, Ser 3, Ser 17, 18?, 19 ?, 31, 32, 36, Serpula 33 Ser 9, Vermilia Lep Tubicinella ? ? Lep Sup Ser Sup : 38 : Ser Sup 1 Lep 2, Coronula 3, : Lep to 15, 17 to 29, 32: Lep Sup 5, Balanus Lep 16 Acasta Pyrgoma Lep Sup Creusia Lep 30, 31 Anatifa Lep 36 to 41 Pollicipes : Lep Sup Lep 33, 34, 35, 42 : Lep Sup 3, Lep 43, 44 Lep 45 Ser Aspergillum Clavagella.— Apx Fistulana.— Apx Septaria Hel 85 Ser to 8, 10 to 16 Spirorbis Otion : Den 11 Ll>ifrup
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