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World’s First, Exclusive, Astrological eMagazine on   KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI  Volume 6                                                        Issue 9                                                        Oct 2012  ; In this issue Will the Court of Arbitration for Sports reduce   Antonio Conte’s 10 month ban?  Vediko predicts that 10 month ban will be reduced  US Presidential Election ‐   Double Role of 8th House in   Judgment of Longevity—Tin Win    When shall I get a job of my choice—V K Sharma    Marriage ‐  a mystic question ‐ Part 2  Gunti Nagaraju    Sports Prediction by the New Rule—Milan Panchal    New Born Gender Determination— G H W Silva    Education ‐ Aeronautical Engineering   MK Viswanath    Getting a Job ‐ Kanak Bosmia    Question & Answer—Tin Win    Book Review—Tin Win    Readers Views      Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama  Kanak Bosmia predicts that Mitt Romney will win this 2012 US Presidential Election for sure  World’s First, Exclusive, Astrological eMagazine on KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI Volume 6                                      Issue 9                                               Oct 2012  Sl.No               Contents          Title                            03                   04 ‐ 06            Page #  1  Publisher Info  2  When shall I get a job of my choice?  V.K. Sharma   3    Double Role of the 8th House in Judgment of Longevity  Tin Win             07 ‐ 08  4    Sports Prediction by the New Rule    Milan Panchal             09 ‐  12  5  Will the Court of Arbitration for Sports [TNAS] reduce Antonio Conte’s 10 month ban?  13 ‐  15  Basilioli Sandro [Vediko]  6  US Presidential Election ‐ Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama    Kanak Bosmia                16 ‐ 23   7    Marriage ‐ a mystic question ‐ Part 2    Gunti Nagaraju                  24 ‐ 26  8  New Born ‐ Gender Determination    G.H.W. Silva                     27  ‐ 30  9      10      11        12      13  Education ‐ Aeronautical Engineering  MK Viswanath                  31 ‐ 32   Getting a Job  Kanak Bosmia                          33 ‐ 34  Question & Answer  Tin Win                        35 ‐ 37   Book Review  Tin Win                          38 ‐ 39  Readers Views                           40 ‐ 41  Oct 2012                                                                        KP‐Ezine                                                                                    2  World’s First, Exclusive, Astrological eMagazine on KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI Issue Oct 2012 KP-Ezine Team Volume Tin Win Kanak Bosmia K.S Narayanan Advisor Editor & Publisher Creative Digital Designer Terms & Conditions Publisher has the absolute right to accept or reject articles Authors have to use only KP Ayanamsha (such as KPNA, old, straightline etc.) No remuneration will be paid if article is published, but complimentary copy of eMagazine will be sent to the author Once an article is published in KP-Ezine, it will be the property of the Publisher and will be governed by the Copyright Act Decision of Publisher is final and not challengeable All articles be sent to Publisher by e-mail with full birth / horary details to: One can feel free to write on any method of KP like KP, Kar’s theory, Cuspal Interlinks (K.B.System) etc Publisher has the absolute right to edit the articles While sending the articles, authors are requested to send their photo, with full address, contact landline, mobile phone number and e-mail ID NOTICE Published by Kanakkumar B Bosmia Sahakar-2, Flat # 28, Jagabhai Park Ram Baug, Maninagar, AHMEDABAD 380 008 Gujarat State, India Phone: +91 79 2543 1165 Mobile: 098251 31165 Inquiry All rights are reserved No part of this eMagazine may be produced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical , including photocopy, duplicate copy or recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the Publisher Requests and inquiries may please be mailed to: The publisher assumes no responsibility for products or services advertised by others No free insertion of any advertisement alleging typographical or other mistakes will be given TO UNSUBSCRIBE Send blank email to with subject “unsubscribe” KP-Ezine registered subscribers database crossed 2700+ members and downloaded in more than 63 countries, all over the world Oct 2012 KP-Ezine When shall I get a job of my choice? Er V.K Sharma, B.E (Elect.), Supdt Engineer (Retd.), Punjab State Electricity Board #104, City Enclave, Zirakpur, Mohali (Chandigarh) Cell – 09417117370, A querent from Ludhiana who was anxiously looking for some good jobs contacted me to know astrologically when she will get a job of her choice I asked her to intimate any horary number between and 249, accordingly the querent told me the number as I made calculations on dated 6-7-2012 at 5:28 PM at Chandigarh Moon the reflector of mind Moon is posited in 11 and its star lord Mars in 6, lord of & its sub lord Jupiter in 2, lord of 10 & As Moon signifies [service], [monetary gain], 10 [occupation], 11 [gain, fulfillment of desire] and [tension]; so Moon reveals the nature of enquiry and tension in getting a proper job Confirmation through ascendant sub lord In the horary map ascendant indicates efforts of querent In this case ascendant sub lord Mars is posited in 6th house; its star lord Sun is lord of 6and its sub lord Ketu is posited in Moreover Ketu having no planet in its star is the cuspal sub lord of 11th bhava; so Ketu becomes a strong significator of 11 In this way ascendant sub lord is the significator of 2, & 11 Hence querent effort will be fruitful for getting a job Gulberga theory If sub lord of horary number furnished happens to be either Moon star lord or lagna star lord among ruling planets, then the query is to be answered affirmative otherwise not In this case Ascendant sub lord of horary number is Mars, also Moon star lord of R.P is Mars Hence I told the querent that she will surely get the desired job of her choice Fortuna Fortuna is posited in Leo sign of Sun and Sun is a significator of 6th house as Sun is owner of 6th house, so querent will be fortunate in getting a job as desired Rule for getting a job If the cuspal sub lord of 6th or 10th be significator of 2, 6, or 10, service or job is promised during the joint period of significators of 2, and 10 Ruling planets on dated 6-7-2012 at 5:28 PM at Chandigarh [u.t] SIGN LORD ASC MARS MOON SAT DAY LORD VENUS STAR LORD MER MARS SUB LORD MARS JUP 6th Cusp sub lord 6th cusp sub lord Sat is in 6, lord of 11 & 12 Star lord Mars is in lord of and and its sub lord Sat is in and lord of 11 & 12 So 6th cusp sub lord signifies and 11 which is conducive for getting a job 10TH Cusp sub lord 10th cuspal sub lord Mer is in lord of & Mer is not having any planet in its star; so Mer is a strong significator of and 10 by being sub lord of 2nd and 10th cusp Star lord of Mer is Sat in 6, lord of 11 & 12 Sub lord of Mer is Jup in 2, lord of 10 So 10th cusp sub lord is the significator of 2, 6, 10 and 11 So it is favourable for getting job 2nd and 11th Cusp sub lord 2nd cusp sub lord is also Mer as discussed above So in view of above analysis a job is promised Dasha, bhukti and antra analysis On dated 6-7-2012 Mars dasha and bhukti of Jupiter was running from 07-3-2012 to 11-2-2013 Mars dasha Mars is in 6, lord of & Its star lord Sun is in 3, lord its sub is Ketu in and Ketu having no planet in its star is the sub lord of 11th cusp, so it becomes a strong significator of 11th house Hence dasha lord Mars is the significator of 2, and 11 which is conducive for getting a job Mars is also a ruling planet Oct 2012 KP-Ezine Horary No 5/249 Sun Rise: 05:25:59 AM Nithya Yoga: Priti Sun Set: Hora: 07:29:01 PM Mars Dasa Days: 365.25 D Karana: Badreva Horary No.: Question : WHEN SHALL I GET A JOB OF MY CHOICE! Ruling Planets - 06/Jul/2012 05:28:00 PM CHANDIGARH, UNION TERRITORY, India Planet Sgl Lagna Ma Moon Sa Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Me Ma Me Ra Ma Ju Me Mo Day Lord: Venus Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 01:06:42:59 Ke 01:09:06:32 Ju 01:11:28:28 Ve 01:14:58:24 III 02:01:28:27 Su 02:20:52:17 XII 10:23:01:31 I 00:04:46:40 Mo 09:26:44:45 XI 09:20:15:16 11 10 Me 03:15:46:41 IV 02:24:34:28 X 08:24:34:28 VII 06:04:46:40 V 03:20:15:16 IX 08:01:28:27 Ma 05:07:38:08 VI 04:23:01:31 Sa 05:28:55:32 I 04:46:40 Ra 07:09:06:32 VIII 07:06:42:59 II 06:42:59 Ke 09:06:32 Ju 11:28:28 Ve 14:58:24 III 01:28:27 Su 20:52:17 IV 24:34:28 Name: A JOB OF MY CHOICE Gender: Male Date: Friday, 06/Jul/2012 Time: 05:28:00 PM SID: 12:04:41 Lat: 30:42:00 N Lon: 76:48:00 E Place: CHANDIGARH, UNION TERRITORY, India Me 15:46:41 V 20:15:16 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 29" [KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Star: Dhanishta, Pada Star Lord: Mars Rasi: Capricorn Rasi Lord: Saturn Lagna: Aries Lagna Lord: Mars Tithi: Krishna Paksha, Tritiya Bal Dasa: Mars Y, M, 15 D VI 23:01:31 XII 23:01:31 Mo 26:44:45 XI 20:15:16 Ma 07:38:08 Sa 28:55:32 X 24:34:28 IX 01:28:27 Ra 09:06:32 VIII 06:42:59 VII 04:46:40 + These planets not have any planets in their stars Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: Sgl Ma Ve Me Me Mo Su Ve Ma Ju Ju Sa Sa Stl Ke Su Ma Ju Me Ve Ma Sa Ke Ve Mo Ju Sbl Ma Me Me Me Ve Sa Ve Me Ve Me Ke Sa Ssl Ma Sa Ju Ve Ra Su Ke Ra Ma Ve Sa Mo Sssl Ma Sa Ve Ke Sa Ra Ve Ve Ju Ju Ke Ra Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Punarvasu(1) Mo Dhanishta(2) Ma U.Phalguni(4) Me Pushyami(4) Ju Rohini(1) Ve Rohini(2) Sa Chitra(2) Ra Anuradha(2) Ke Krittika(4) Sgl Me Sa Me Mo Ve Ve Me Ma Ve Stl Ju Ma Su Sa Mo Mo Ma Sa Su Sbl Ju Ju Ke Ju Ma Ju Sa Ve Ve Ssl Ke Me Sa Ve Sa Ve Ve Ra Ju Sssl Me Mo Ra Ve Ra Sa Sa Ke Su Significators - Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 9, 10 Mo 11 1, Ma 6 1, Me+ 11, 12 3, Ju 11 9, 10 Ve+ 11 2, Sa 6 1, 11, 12 Ra+ 11, 12 Ke+ (A) - Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Ma, Ju, Ve, Sa Ketu acts as agent for: Ju, Ve (B) - Occupant of house (C) - Planets in Owner's stars (D) - House Owner Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) Aswini(2) Krittika(4) Mrigasira(3) Punarvasu(2) Ashlesha(2) P.Phalguni(3) Chitra(4) Anuradha(2) Moola(1) 10 P.Ashada(4) 11 Sravana(4) 12 P.Bhadra(1) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Mars Dasa 22-Sep-2010 - 22-Sep-2017 Mars 22-Sep-2010 Rahu 18-Feb-2011 Jupiter 07-Mar-2012 Saturn 11-Feb-2013 Mercury 23-Mar-2014 Ketu 20-Mar-2015 Venus 16-Aug-2015 Sun 16-Oct-2016 Moon 21-Feb-2017 Rahu Dasa 22-Sep-2017 - 22-Sep-2035 Rahu 22-Sep-2017 Jupiter 04-Jun-2020 Saturn 28-Oct-2022 Mercury 03-Sep-2025 Ketu 22-Mar-2028 Venus 09-Apr-2029 Sun 09-Apr-2032 Moon 04-Mar-2033 Mars 03-Sep-2034 Jupiter Dasa 22-Sep-2035 - 22-Sep-2051 Jupiter 22-Sep-2035 Saturn 10-Nov-2037 Mercury 23-May-2040 Ketu 28-Aug-2042 Venus 04-Aug-2043 Sun 04-Apr-2046 Moon 22-Jan-2047 Mars 22-May-2048 Rahu 28-Apr-2049 Saturn Dasa 22-Sep-2051 - 22-Sep-2070 Saturn 22-Sep-2051 Mercury 25-Sep-2054 Ketu 05-Jun-2057 Venus 14-Jul-2058 Sun 13-Sep-2061 Moon 26-Aug-2062 Mars 26-Mar-2064 Rahu 05-May-2065 Jupiter 10-Mar-2068 Mercury Dasa 22-Sep-2070 - 22-Sep-2087 Mercury 22-Sep-2070 Ketu 18-Feb-2073 Venus 15-Feb-2074 Sun 16-Dec-2076 Moon 22-Oct-2077 Mars 23-Mar-2079 Rahu 20-Mar-2080 Jupiter 07-Oct-2082 Saturn 12-Jan-2085 Ketu Dasa 22-Sep-2087 - 22-Sep-2094 Ketu 22-Sep-2087 Venus 18-Feb-2088 Sun 20-Apr-2089 Moon 26-Aug-2089 Mars 27-Mar-2090 Rahu 23-Aug-2090 Jupiter 10-Sep-2091 Saturn 16-Aug-2092 Mercury 25-Sep-2093 Venus Dasa 22-Sep-2094 - 22-Sep-2114 Venus 22-Sep-2094 Sun 22-Jan-2098 Moon 22-Jan-2099 Mars 22-Sep-2100 Rahu 22-Nov-2101 Jupiter 22-Nov-2104 Saturn 24-Jul-2107 Mercury 23-Sep-2110 Ketu 24-Jul-2113 Sun Dasa 22-Sep-2114 - 22-Sep-2120 Sun 22-Sep-2114 Moon 10-Jan-2115 Mars 11-Jul-2115 Rahu 16-Nov-2115 Jupiter 10-Oct-2116 Saturn 29-Jul-2117 Mercury 11-Jul-2118 Ketu 17-May-2119 Venus 22-Sep-2119 Moon Dasa 22-Sep-2120 - 22-Sep-2130 Moon 22-Sep-2120 Mars 23-Jul-2121 Rahu 21-Feb-2122 Jupiter 23-Aug-2123 Saturn 23-Dec-2124 Mercury 24-Jul-2126 Ketu 23-Dec-2127 Venus 23-Jul-2128 Sun 24-Mar-2130 When shall I get a job of my choice? Er V.K Sharma Jupiter bhukti Jup is in 2, lord of & 10 Star lord Moon is in 11; its sub is Mars in So bhukti lord Jupiter signifies 2, 6, 10 and 11 which is conducive for getting a job Jupiter is also in the RP Mercury antra up to 15-8-2012 Mer is in lord of Mer having no planet in its star becomes the strong significator of 2, and 10 by sub lordship Star lord of Mer is Sat in lord of 11 Its sub is Jup in 2, lord of 10 So antra lord Mercury signifies 2, 6, 10 and 11 which is conducive for getting a job Moreover Mercury is also in the ruling planets Accordingly I told the querent that she will get a job before the end of Mercury Antra that is before: 02 August 2012 Actual facts of the case It was intimated by the querent that she got the job offer and joined duties on Tuesday Dated 24-7-2012 Mars came thrice in the ruling planets on the date of enquiry 6-7-2012 So Mars had played the important role when she got a job on dated 24-7-2012 My pranam to guruji Shri K.S Krishnamurthy for this wonderful padhdhati ***** Oct 2012 KP-Ezine Double Role of the 8th House in Judgment of Longevity TinWin The 8th house plays the confusing double role as the ‘house of longevity’ in judgment of longevity or life span and as the ‘house of death’ by its signification The houses 1, 3, are examined as the houses of longevity in judging one’s longevity However the significators of the 8th and 3rd houses by the 1st and 8th cusp sub lords or the running DBAS lords or transit are undesirable malefics for one’s health and longevity due to chronic diseases, serious accidents, suicide, murders, assassinations etc., as presented below: 1) In the judgment of longevity, the Ascendant sub lord is mainly examined as the Ascendant sub lord shows one’s health, vitality, immunity and longevity Among the significators of the Ascendant sub lord, the houses 1,5,9,10 support the longer longevity and the houses 6,8,12 cut the longevity short (KP Reader III, pages 159, 165/ 1971 edition Practical part, pp 12,18; KP Reader VI, pp 155-159); C.R Bhatt’s Nakshatra Chintamani, p 30; Further Lights on Nakshatra Chintamani pp, 24-25; P.V.K Punneswara Rao’s Theory and Practice of Stellar Astrology, p 45) 2) To the longevity of father, the houses and counted from the 9th house is evil (KP Reader VI, p 85) The marakasthanas and bhadakasthanas and the planets signifying them according to the method taught in “Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers” are the strongest death influences, followed by houses 12 (mokshasthana or libration), and (K Ganapathi: Your Doubt Resolved, Astrology & Athrishta, July 1976 issue, p 43) 3) The 8th house denotes longevity or span of life, ‘house of death’, suicide, danger, incidents (KP Reader VI, pp 118, 155, 258, 308; KP Reader III, p 165/ 1971 edition, Practical part, p 12, KP Reader II, p 20; KP Reader IV, p 249) 4) The 8th house is known as the house of death in the Western astrology (Rulership Book by Rex Bills, p 33; Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, by H L Cornell, p 142; A Student’s Text-Book of Astrology by Vivian E Robson, 2010, p 16 ) 5) The 8th house is called the house of "longevity" Therefore planets in the constellation of evil planets in the 8th house, except Saturn, occupants of the 8th house, planets in the constellation or in the sub of lord of 8, lord of the 8th cusp and planets in any manner connected with them indicate "(a) danger to one's life", (b) the cause of death and (c) the place of death (KP Reader III, pp 160-161) 6) The 4,8,12 houses are called trigonal houses causing fatal incidents (Astrosecrets & KP Part II, pp 94-97 /48-12 and Accidents by Kundanthai Nathan/, and K.M Subramanian’s Sublord Speaks- by p 66) In the Western astrology the 4,8,12 triangle houses are called terminal houses which concern the end of life and death of physical body (Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, by H L Cornell, p 857; Explore the Power Of Astrology by A P Parashar, V.K Parashar, p 52) 7) Danger to life is indicated during the conjoined period of the lord of the sign, the lord of the star, the lord of the sub and the lord of constellation where the 8th house was deposited (KP Reader III, p 169/ 1971 edition Practical part, p 16) 8) Out of the twins born in the same Lagna and in the same constellation, the child with the Lagna sub governed by lord of or suffers and dies early (KP Reader III, p 175/ 1971 edition Practical part, p 22) 9) The influence of 8th house could be seen in the majority of unnatural death cases (Dr B.V Raman’s How to Judge a Horoscope Vol Two, pp 71, 153) 10) The 8th house represents longevity of the native, but "whether it denotes death as well?" is a mute question (Lt Col Raj Kumar’s Longevity, Prologue) 11) The 8th house of longevity is also called the house of death because the end of longevity is the death after having lived the allotted span of life (KP Reader II, p 205) 12) The 2nd house being 8th from 7th house signifying the ‘death’ of first spouse (7th house) or the ‘end’ of 7th house matters (eg partnership) is referred for the 2nd spouse; 9th house being 8th from 2nd is referred for 3rd spouse and so on (Kalidasa’s Utara Kalamrita, translated by Dr D.S Sastri, 2001, p 107; KP Reader II, p 189; KP Reader IV, pp 83, 181, 184; O.S Agarwal’s Practical Vedic Astrology, 2002, p 89; Sanjay Rath’s Crux of Vedic Astrology, p 291 and Vimsottari & Udu Dasas, p 138-144) Oct 2012 P-Ezine Double Role of the 8th House in Judgment of Longevity TinWin 13) The 8th house, 12th to 9th (fortune), could also deprive the fortune, becoming misfortune, calamity 14) The 8th house significator by the Ascendant sub lord, dasa period lords and transit can be found undesirable for health and longevity in the following solved examples: • • • • Example chart (KP Reader III, pp 159-161/ 1971 edtion Practical part, pp 7-8) Example chart (KP Reader III, pp 164-166/ 1971 edition Practical part, pp 12-14) Air Accident - Example chart (KP Reader III, pp 170 172/ 1971 edition Practical part, pp 17-19) Escape from an Accident - Example chart (KP Reader III, pp 173-174/ 1971 edit Practical part, pp 20- • • • • • Longevity Example (KP Reader VI, pp 156-157) Longevity Example (C.R Bhatt’s Nakshatra Chintamani, pp 107-108) Disease Example (C.R Bhatt’s Nakshatra Chintamani, pp 109-111) Disease Example chart (P.V.K Punneswara Rao’s Theory and Practice of Stellar Astrology, pp 92-93) Longevity Example (K Hariharan’s How to Judge Longevity?, pp 91-95) 21) 15) The 8th house significator by the Ascendant sub lord and the lords of DBAS at death can be found cutting the native’s life short, along with the death ausing Badhaka, Maraka, Moksha etc in the charts below: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kurt Cobain (Club 27) Jimi Hendrix (Club 27) Adolf Hitler Whitney Houston (KP-Ezine March 2012 issue) Steve Jobs (KP-Ezine November 2011 issue, John F Kennedy Robert Kennedy Martin Luther King Marilyn Monroe Elvis Presley Anastasia, Marie & Olga, daughters of the Romanov Czar Family (KP-Ezine March 2010 issue) Lady Diana Spencer, Amy Winehouse (KP-Ezine August 2011 issue) Source: Charts from the AstroDatabank 4.0, now, calculated by the KPAstro 4.0 using the KPNA – 2003) ***** Oct 2012 KP-Ezine Sports Prediction by the New Rule Milan Panchal 12, Subhash Society, B/H Iswarbhuvan hall Navrnagpura-Ahmedabad: 380009 Mobile: 09428405256 e-mail: In the KP-Ezine previous issues, Sri Basilioli Sandro (Vediko) presents the new rule for sports prediction I have keen interest in sports, especially in cricket; hence I have tried this new rule and found a good result in the case below in support of his new rule India v New Zealand T-20 match in Chennai on 11/9/2012 New Rule for Sports Competition: To win in competition the 1st, 6th and 11th cusp sub lord must signify house 1,6,11 Analysis: For India Question: Will India beat New Zealand? KP No: (of 249), Date: 11/9/2012, Time: 10:17:00 AM Place: Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, (Guj) India, Latitude: 23:02 (N) Longitude: 72:34 (E) Time Zone: (+ 5:30) KP Ayanamsa: 23:56:39 1st Cusp Sub Lord = Mars Mar is occupant in and lord of 1,8, and it’s in star of Rah in 8, representing Mar in lord of 1,8 and sub of Moon in and lord of So, Mar is connected to only 6th Cusp Sub Lord = Ket Ket+ is occupant in and no planets in its star, so strongly signifying 3, 4, 6, 10, 12 houses by being their CSL Ket is conjoined with Jup in and lord of 9, 10 Ket is in star of Sun in and lord of 6, and sub of Mer+ in and lord of 3, and no planets in the star of Mer, so strongly signifying 2, by being the CSL So Ket is connected with only 11th Cusp Sub Lord = Sun Sun is occupant in and lord of 6, and it’s in star of Ven in and lord of 2, and sub of Mer+, occupant in and lord of 3, and no planets in the star of Mer+ so strongly signifying 2, by being the CSL of these houses So Sun is connected to only Dasa : Jup ( 2, 9-10 ), in the star of Mon ( 4, ), in the sub of Ven ( 4, 2-7 ) So Dasa lord Jup is not connected with any of relevant houses Bhukti : Mer+ ( 6, 3-4) being CSL ( 2,8 ), in the star of Ven ( 4, 2-7 ), in the sub of Mer+ ( 6, 3-4 ) being CSL ( 2,8 ) So Bhukti lord Mer is connected with only Antara : Ven ( 4, 2-7 ), in the star of Sat ( 7, 11-12 ), in the sub of Moon ( 4, ) So Antara lord Ven is connected with 11 only Sookshma : Rah ( ) conj Mar ( 7, 1-8), in the star of Sat ( 7, 11-12 ), in the sub of Mer+ ( 6, 3-4 ) being CSL (2, 8) So Sookshma lord Rah is connected with all 1,6,11 houses Oct 2012 KP-Ezine Horary No 5/249 Sun Rise: 06:25:16 AM Nithya Yoga: Variyan Sun Set: Hora: 06:46:56 PM Mercury Dasa Days: 365.25 D Karana: Badreva Horary No.: Question : Will India beat New Zealand Ruling Planets - 11/Sep/2012 10:17:00 AM NAVRANGPURA, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India Planet Sgl Lagna Ve Moon Me Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ra Ve Sa Su Ju Me Ve Ra Day Lord: Mars Nirayana Bhava Chalit XII 10:26:04:03 II 01:06:10:00 Ju 01:21:33:01 I 00:04:46:40 Ke 01:05:34:27 III 02:01:54:04 Mo 02:24:23:00 XI 09:23:16:05 11 10 Ve 03:11:02:43 IV 02:26:20:35 X 08:26:20:35 Ma 06:18:11:40 Ra 07:05:34:27 VII 06:04:46:40 V 03:23:16:05 Su 04:24:54:51 Me 04:25:31:14 IX 08:01:54:04 Sa 06:03:18:40 VI 04:26:04:03 I 04:46:40 VIII 07:06:10:00 Ke 05:34:27 II 06:10:00 Ju 21:33:01 III 01:54:04 Mo 24:23:00 IV 26:20:35 Name: India_New Zealand Gender: Male Date: Tuesday, 11/Sep/2012 Time: 10:17:00 AM SID: 08:59:44 Lat: 23:02:00 N Lon: 72:34:00 E Place: AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India Ve 11:02:43 V 23:16:05 Su 24:54:51 Me 25:31:14 VI 26:04:03 XI 23:16:05 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 39" [KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Star: Punarvasu, Pada Star Lord: Jupiter Rasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Aries Lagna Lord: Mars Tithi: Krishna Paksha, Dasami Bal Dasa: Jupiter 10 Y, M, 26 D X 26:20:35 IX 01:54:04 VIII 06:10:00 Ra 05:34:27 XII 26:04:03 Ma 18:11:40 VII 04:46:40 Sa 03:18:40 + These planets not have any planets in their stars Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: Sgl Ma Ve Me Me Mo Su Ve Ma Ju Ju Sa Sa Stl Ke Su Ma Ju Me Ve Ma Sa Ke Ve Mo Ju Sbl Ma Me Ke Ke Mo Ke Ve Me Ve Ke Su Ke Ssl Ma Ra Ke Sa Ve Su Ke Su Ra Ju Ve Ma Sssl Ma Ra Su Me Ke Mo Ve Ra Ma Ju Ra Ju Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su P.Phalguni(4) Mo Punarvasu(2) Ma Swati(4) Me P.Phalguni(4) Ju Rohini(4) Ve Pushyami(3) Sa Chitra(3) Ra Anuradha(1) Ke Krittika(3) Sgl Su Me Ve Su Ve Mo Ve Ma Ve Stl Ve Ju Ra Ve Mo Sa Ma Sa Su Sbl Me Me Mo Me Ve Mo Ve Me Me Ssl Mo Ve Mo Ju Ra Mo Mo Me Ve Sssl Ve Ra Ve Mo Mo Sa Ve Mo Mo Significators - Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 2, Mo 9, 10 Ma 1, Me+ 2, 3, Ju 9, 10 Ve 11, 12 2, Sa 7 1, 11, 12 Ra 11, 12 Ke+ 6 Rahu acts as agent for: Ma, Ju (A) - Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Ma, Ju, Ve (B) - Occupant of house (C) - Planets in Owner's stars (D) - House Owner Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) Aswini(2) Krittika(3) Mrigasira(3) Punarvasu(2) Ashlesha(2) P.Phalguni(4) Chitra(4) Anuradha(1) Moola(1) 10 P.Ashada(4) 11 Sravana(4) 12 P.Bhadra(2) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Jupiter Dasa 08-Jun-2007 - 08-Jun-2023 Jupiter 08-Jun-2007 Saturn 27-Jul-2009 Mercury 07-Feb-2012 Ketu 15-May-2014 Venus 21-Apr-2015 Sun 21-Dec-2017 Moon 09-Oct-2018 Mars 08-Feb-2020 Rahu 14-Jan-2021 Saturn Dasa 08-Jun-2023 - 08-Jun-2042 Saturn 08-Jun-2023 Mercury 12-Jun-2026 Ketu 19-Feb-2029 Venus 31-Mar-2030 Sun 31-May-2033 Moon 13-May-2034 Mars 12-Dec-2035 Rahu 20-Jan-2037 Jupiter 27-Nov-2039 Mercury Dasa 08-Jun-2042 - 08-Jun-2059 Mercury 08-Jun-2042 Ketu 05-Nov-2044 Venus 02-Nov-2045 Sun 01-Sep-2048 Moon 09-Jul-2049 Mars 08-Dec-2050 Rahu 05-Dec-2051 Jupiter 24-Jun-2054 Saturn 29-Sep-2056 Ketu Dasa 08-Jun-2059 - 08-Jun-2066 Ketu 08-Jun-2059 Venus 05-Nov-2059 Sun 04-Jan-2061 Moon 12-May-2061 Mars 11-Dec-2061 Rahu 10-May-2062 Jupiter 28-May-2063 Saturn 03-May-2064 Mercury 11-Jun-2065 Venus Dasa 08-Jun-2066 - 08-Jun-2086 Venus 08-Jun-2066 Sun 08-Oct-2069 Moon 08-Oct-2070 Mars 08-Jun-2072 Rahu 08-Aug-2073 Jupiter 08-Aug-2076 Saturn 08-Apr-2079 Mercury 08-Jun-2082 Ketu 08-Apr-2085 Sun Dasa 08-Jun-2086 - 08-Jun-2092 Sun 08-Jun-2086 Moon 26-Sep-2086 Mars 28-Mar-2087 Rahu 03-Aug-2087 Jupiter 26-Jun-2088 Saturn 14-Apr-2089 Mercury 27-Mar-2090 Ketu 01-Feb-2091 Venus 09-Jun-2091 Moon Dasa 08-Jun-2092 - 08-Jun-2102 Moon 08-Jun-2092 Mars 09-Apr-2093 Rahu 08-Nov-2093 Jupiter 10-May-2095 Saturn 08-Sep-2096 Mercury 09-Apr-2098 Ketu 09-Sep-2099 Venus 10-Apr-2100 Sun 09-Dec-2101 Mars Dasa 08-Jun-2102 - 08-Jun-2109 Mars 08-Jun-2102 Rahu 05-Nov-2102 Jupiter 23-Nov-2103 Saturn 29-Oct-2104 Mercury 07-Dec-2105 Ketu 05-Dec-2106 Venus 03-May-2107 Sun 03-Jul-2108 Moon 07-Nov-2108 Rahu Dasa 08-Jun-2109 - 08-Jun-2127 Rahu 08-Jun-2109 Jupiter 19-Feb-2112 Saturn 15-Jul-2114 Mercury 22-May-2117 Ketu 09-Dec-2119 Venus 27-Dec-2120 Sun 27-Dec-2123 Moon 20-Nov-2124 Mars 21-May-2126 New Born - Gender Determination G.H.W Silva, SREEPALEE Astrological Services, Ketawala-Leula., Sri Lanka E-mail: In the traditional astrology, the gender of a new born baby could be determined according to the masculinity or femininity of the Navamsa of the Ascendant If the Ascendant is in an masculine or odd Navamsa sign, Aries, Gemini, Leo etc., the child is male; if it is in an feminine or even Navamsa sign, Taurus Cancer and Virgo etc., the child is female However it is not the Navamsa, which decides the gender of a child It goes beyond Navamsa to other finer divisions of the Ascendant and aspects to confirm the gender The latest quintuplet’s birth occurred in Dallas, United States on the 9th August 2012 at 10.00 am The birth of these five babies occurred within five minutes according to the news published This was possible to make these births happened due to the involvement of five groups of medical specialists each of which was monitoring each child, since the time of announcement of the conception of these five foetuses The five babies, three boys and two girls, were delivered at 27 weeks pregnancy and weighed between pound and 12 ounces and pounds and 11 ounces Generally most of the multiple births are delivered prematurely “The infants are doing as expected for quintuplets born at 27 weeks,” said Dr Gary Burgess, Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, who is overseeing care for the five children The babies’ names are: Will Edward, David Stephen, Marcie Jane, Seth Jared, and Grace Elise They are in stable condition and will be in the care of the neonatal intensive care unit at St Paul University Hospital As these five babies were born within five minutes time, the Navamsa should be one or two only, not more than two Navamsas, as one Navamsa rises for about twelve minutes only The KP birth chart of the first born baby is attached herewith It is seen that the ascendant is Virgo and the navamsa is Capricorn for Virgo 03.15.10, a female Navamsa But according to the reports, the first child is a boy As these babies were delivered in five minutes, we have taken the times and the other details as follows: Baby Time of Birth First Second Third Fourth Fifth 10.00 10.01 10.02 10.03 10.05 am am am am am Ascendant Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo 03.15.10 03.27.59 03.40.48 03.53.37 04.19.14 Navamsa Capricorn Aquarirus Aquarirus Aquarirus Aquarirus Gender by Navamsa Female Male Male Male Male Actual Gender Male Male Female Male Female In this birth chart of first baby, the ascendant falls in Virgo 03.15.10 It is in a sign of Mercury and a star of Sun, a sub of Saturn and a sub sub of Saturn The following table shows the details of the ascendants of the babies according to KP Baby First Second Third Fourth Fifth Ascendant Virgo 03.15.10 Virgo 03.27.59 Virgo 03.40.48 Virgo 03.53.37 Virgo 04.19.14 Sign Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury Star Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sub Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn Sub sub Saturn Mercury Kethu Venus Moon In the determination of gender according to KP, we need to see the masculinity or femininity of the lords of the ascendant A table showing these details for each baby is given below: Baby First Second Third Fourth Fifth Ascendant Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo 03.15.10 03.27.59 03.40.48 03.53.37 04.19.14 Sign Star Sub Sub sub Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Female Female Actual Gender Male Male Female Male Female Oct 2012                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      27  Gender Determination Sun Rise: 06:47:03 AM Nithya Yoga: Vridhi Sun Set: Hora: 08:17:39 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365.25 D Karana: Balav Ruling Planets - 24/Aug/2012 06:50:22 PM KANKARIYA, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India Planet Sgl Lagna Sa Moon Ma Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ma Ve Me Ju Sa Ke Su Sa Day Lord: Venus Nirayana Bhava Chalit XII 04:05:43:17 II 06:00:27:45 III 07:00:51:29 Ra 07:07:18:02 Sa 06:00:27:18 I 05:03:15:10 Ma 05:27:17:02 IV 08:03:02:12 Su 03:23:28:23 Me 03:07:35:32 XI 03:05:13:13 Ve 02:07:54:27 X 02:03:02:12 12 VII 11:03:15:10 V 09:05:13:13 10 VI 10:05:43:17 VIII 00:27:45 Mo 21:42:02 Ju 01:17:43:59 Ke 01:07:18:02 IX 01:00:51:29 11 Mo 00:21:42:02 VIII 00:00:27:45 IX 00:51:29 Ke 07:18:02 Ju 17:43:59 X 03:02:12 Ve 07:54:27 VII 03:15:10 Name: Gender Determination Gender: Male Date: Thursday, 09/Aug/2012 Time: 10:00:00 AM SID: 05:46:50 Lat: 32:47:00 N Lon: 96:48:00 W Place: Dallas, Texas, USA XI 05:13:13 Me 07:35:32 Su 23:28:23 Ayanamsa: 23° 56' 34" [KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Star: Bharani, Pada Star Lord: Venus Rasi: Aries Rasi Lord: Mars Lagna: Virgo Lagna Lord: Mercury Tithi: Krishna Paksha, Ashtami Bal Dasa: Venus Y, M, 11 D XII 05:43:17 VI 05:43:17 V 05:13:13 I 03:15:10 Ma 27:17:02 IV 03:02:12 Ra 07:18:02 III 00:51:29 II 00:27:45 Sa 00:27:18 + These planets not have any planets in their stars Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: Sgl Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Stl Su Ma Ju Ke Su Ma Ju Ke Su Ma Sa Ke Sbl Sa Me Ma Su Me Mo Ra Ke Ra Ve Sa Ra Ssl Sa Ve Sa Mo Me Ra Ma Ju Su Ve Ju Ra Sssl Ra Mo Me Mo Su Ra Ju Sa Ma Ke Sa Me Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Ashlesha(3) Mo Bharani(3) Ma Chitra(2) Me Pushyami(2) Ju Rohini(3) Ve Aridra(1) Sa Chitra(3) Ra Anuradha(2) Ke Krittika(4) Sgl Mo Ma Me Mo Ve Me Ve Ma Ve Stl Me Ve Ma Sa Mo Ra Ma Sa Su Sbl Ma Ju Ju Ke Sa Ra Me Me Ke Ssl Ra Ra Su Mo Ju Ke Ve Sa Ma Sssl Su Sa Su Me Ma Ju Mo Ju Sa Significators - Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 11 11 1, 10 12 Mo 10 2, 11 Ma 1 3, 3, Me 11 5, 1, 10 Ju+ 11 4, Ve 10 2, Sa 1 3, 5, Ra 5, Ke+ 11 12 Rahu acts as agent for: Ma, Ju (A) - Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Ju, Ve (B) - Occupant of house (C) - Planets in Owner's stars (D) - House Owner Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) U.Phalguni(2) Chitra(3) Visakha(4) Moola(1) U.Ashada(3) Dhanishta(4) P.Bhadra(4) Aswini(1) Krittika(2) 10 Mrigasira(3) 11 Pushyami(1) 12 Magha(2) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Venus Dasa 21-Jan-2000 - 21-Jan-2020 Venus 21-Jan-2000 Sun 22-May-2003 Moon 22-May-2004 Mars 21-Jan-2006 Rahu 23-Mar-2007 Jupiter 23-Mar-2010 Saturn 21-Nov-2012 Mercury 21-Jan-2016 Ketu 22-Nov-2018 Sun Dasa 21-Jan-2020 - 21-Jan-2026 Sun 21-Jan-2020 Moon 09-May-2020 Mars 08-Nov-2020 Rahu 16-Mar-2021 Jupiter 07-Feb-2022 Saturn 27-Nov-2022 Mercury 09-Nov-2023 Ketu 14-Sep-2024 Venus 20-Jan-2025 Moon Dasa 21-Jan-2026 - 21-Jan-2036 Moon 21-Jan-2026 Mars 21-Nov-2026 Rahu 22-Jun-2027 Jupiter 22-Dec-2028 Saturn 23-Apr-2030 Mercury 22-Nov-2031 Ketu 23-Apr-2033 Venus 22-Nov-2033 Sun 23-Jul-2035 Mars Dasa 21-Jan-2036 - 21-Jan-2043 Mars 21-Jan-2036 Rahu 18-Jun-2036 Jupiter 06-Jul-2037 Saturn 12-Jun-2038 Mercury 22-Jul-2039 Ketu 18-Jul-2040 Venus 14-Dec-2040 Sun 13-Feb-2042 Moon 21-Jun-2042 Rahu Dasa 21-Jan-2043 - 21-Jan-2061 Rahu 21-Jan-2043 Jupiter 03-Oct-2045 Saturn 27-Feb-2048 Mercury 03-Jan-2051 Ketu 23-Jul-2053 Venus 10-Aug-2054 Sun 10-Aug-2057 Moon 05-Jul-2058 Mars 04-Jan-2060 Jupiter Dasa 21-Jan-2061 - 21-Jan-2077 Jupiter 21-Jan-2061 Saturn 10-Mar-2063 Mercury 21-Sep-2065 Ketu 28-Dec-2067 Venus 03-Dec-2068 Sun 03-Aug-2071 Moon 21-May-2072 Mars 20-Sep-2073 Rahu 27-Aug-2074 Saturn Dasa 21-Jan-2077 - 21-Jan-2096 Saturn 21-Jan-2077 Mercury 24-Jan-2080 Ketu 03-Oct-2082 Venus 12-Nov-2083 Sun 12-Jan-2087 Moon 25-Dec-2087 Mars 26-Jul-2089 Rahu 04-Sep-2090 Jupiter 11-Jul-2093 Mercury Dasa 21-Jan-2096 - 21-Jan-2113 Mercury 21-Jan-2096 Ketu 19-Jun-2098 Venus 16-Jun-2099 Sun 16-Apr-2102 Moon 21-Feb-2103 Mars 22-Jul-2104 Rahu 19-Jul-2105 Jupiter 05-Feb-2108 Saturn 14-May-2110 Ketu Dasa 21-Jan-2113 - 21-Jan-2120 Ketu 21-Jan-2113 Venus 19-Jun-2113 Sun 19-Aug-2114 Moon 25-Dec-2114 Mars 26-Jul-2115 Rahu 22-Dec-2115 Jupiter 09-Jan-2117 Saturn 16-Dec-2117 Mercury 25-Jan-2119 Gender Determination_2 Sun Rise: 07:04:03 AM Nithya Yoga: Shula Sun Set: Hora: 06:39:09 PM Sun Dasa Days: 365.25 D Karana: Vanij Ruling Planets - 30/Aug/2012 10:38:11 AM KANKARIYA, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India Planet Sgl Lagna Ve Moon Sa Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ra Sa Me Sa Ma Ju Ju Ma Day Lord: Jupiter Nirayana Bhava Chalit Ra 10:03:37:30 Su 10:10:26:55 II 09:22:03:13 III 10:27:49:50 10 XII 07:23:32:00 Ve 09:13:24:26 Me 09:15:29:41 I 08:18:07:09 Ju 08:20:33:21 XI 06:28:46:56 11 IV 00:00:45:55 X 06:00:45:55 VII 02:18:07:09 V 00:28:46:56 IX 04:27:49:50 Mo 05:09:23:09 Ma 02:03:20:16 VI 01:23:32:00 IV 00:45:55 V 28:46:56 III 27:49:50 Su 10:26:55 Ra 03:37:30 II 22:03:13 Me 15:29:41 Ve 13:24:26 VIII 03:22:03:13 Sa[R] 04:11:20:48 Ke 04:03:37:30 VI 23:32:00 Ma 03:20:16 VII 18:07:09 Name: Gender Determination_2 Gender: Female Date: Saturday, 23/Feb/2008 Time: 03:58:00 AM SID: 13:31:19 Lat: 21:55:00 N Lon: 159:31:00 W Place: Kalaheo, Hawaii, USA VIII 22:03:13 Ayanamsa: 23° 52' 50" [KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Star: U.Phalguni, Pada Star Lord: Sun Rasi: Virgo Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Sagittarius Lagna Lord: Jupiter Tithi: Krishna Paksha, Tritiya Bal Dasa: Sun Y, M, D Ke 03:37:30 Sa[R] 11:20:48 IX 27:49:50 Mo 09:23:09 Ju 20:33:21 I 18:07:09 XII 23:32:00 XI 28:46:56 X 00:45:55 + These planets not have any planets in their stars Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: Sgl Ju Sa Sa Ma Ma Ve Me Mo Su Ve Ve Ma Stl Ve Mo Ju Ke Su Ma Ra Me Su Ma Ju Me Sbl Ra Ve Ve Ke Ma Ma Mo Su Mo Me Su Ma Ssl Ra Sa Ju Me Sa Ju Mo Me Sa Su Su Ju Sssl Ra Ve Ke Sa Mo Me Ma Ju Sa Me Ma Me Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Satabhisha(2) Mo U.Phalguni(4) Ma Mrigasira(4) Me Sravana(2) Ju P.Ashada(3) Ve Sravana(2) Sa[R] Magha(4) Ra Dhanishta(4) Ke Magha(2) Sgl Sa Me Me Sa Ju Sa Su Sa Su Stl Ra Su Ma Mo Ve Mo Ke Ma Ke Sbl Sa Ve Ve Ju Ju Ra Sa Ve Su Ssl Sa Sa Ma Ra Sa Ve Ju Ra Ve Sssl Sa Ve Ma Sa Ra Sa Ve Me Ju Significators - Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 2 Mo 9 Ma 6 4, 5, 12 4, 5, 12 Me+ Ju+ 1 6, 10, 11 Ve 6, 10, 11 Sa+ 8 2, Ra 4, 5, 12 Ke 8 Rahu acts as agent for: Su, Sa (A) - Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Su, Ju, Sa (B) - Occupant of house (C) - Planets in Owner's stars (D) - House Owner Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) P.Ashada(2) Sravana(4) P.Bhadra(3) Aswini(1) Krittika(1) Mrigasira(1) Aridra(4) Ashlesha(2) U.Phalguni(1) 10 Chitra(3) 11 Visakha(3) 12 Jyeshta(3) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Sun Dasa 02-Jun-2002 - 02-Jun-2008 Sun 02-Jun-2002 Moon 20-Sep-2002 Mars 22-Mar-2003 Rahu 27-Jul-2003 Jupiter 20-Jun-2004 Saturn 08-Apr-2005 Mercury 21-Mar-2006 Ketu 26-Jan-2007 Venus 03-Jun-2007 Moon Dasa 02-Jun-2008 - 02-Jun-2018 Moon 02-Jun-2008 Mars 03-Apr-2009 Rahu 02-Nov-2009 Jupiter 03-May-2011 Saturn 02-Sep-2012 Mercury 03-Apr-2014 Ketu 02-Sep-2015 Venus 03-Apr-2016 Sun 02-Dec-2017 Mars Dasa 02-Jun-2018 - 02-Jun-2025 Mars 02-Jun-2018 Rahu 30-Oct-2018 Jupiter 17-Nov-2019 Saturn 23-Oct-2020 Mercury 01-Dec-2021 Ketu 28-Nov-2022 Venus 27-Apr-2023 Sun 27-Jun-2024 Moon 01-Nov-2024 Rahu Dasa 02-Jun-2025 - 02-Jun-2043 Rahu 02-Jun-2025 Jupiter 13-Feb-2028 Saturn 09-Jul-2030 Mercury 16-May-2033 Ketu 03-Dec-2035 Venus 21-Dec-2036 Sun 21-Dec-2039 Moon 14-Nov-2040 Mars 15-May-2042 Jupiter Dasa 02-Jun-2043 - 02-Jun-2059 Jupiter 02-Jun-2043 Saturn 21-Jul-2045 Mercury 01-Feb-2048 Ketu 09-May-2050 Venus 15-Apr-2051 Sun 15-Dec-2053 Moon 03-Oct-2054 Mars 02-Feb-2056 Rahu 08-Jan-2057 Saturn Dasa 02-Jun-2059 - 02-Jun-2078 Saturn 02-Jun-2059 Mercury 05-Jun-2062 Ketu 13-Feb-2065 Venus 25-Mar-2066 Sun 25-May-2069 Moon 07-May-2070 Mars 06-Dec-2071 Rahu 14-Jan-2073 Jupiter 21-Nov-2075 Mercury Dasa 02-Jun-2078 - 02-Jun-2095 Mercury 02-Jun-2078 Ketu 30-Oct-2080 Venus 27-Oct-2081 Sun 26-Aug-2084 Moon 03-Jul-2085 Mars 02-Dec-2086 Rahu 29-Nov-2087 Jupiter 18-Jun-2090 Saturn 23-Sep-2092 Ketu Dasa 02-Jun-2095 - 02-Jun-2102 Ketu 02-Jun-2095 Venus 30-Oct-2095 Sun 29-Dec-2096 Moon 06-May-2097 Mars 05-Dec-2097 Rahu 03-May-2098 Jupiter 22-May-2099 Saturn 28-Apr-2100 Mercury 06-Jun-2101 Venus Dasa 02-Jun-2102 - 02-Jun-2122 Venus 02-Jun-2102 Sun 02-Oct-2105 Moon 02-Oct-2106 Mars 02-Jun-2108 Rahu 02-Aug-2109 Jupiter 02-Aug-2112 Saturn 02-Apr-2115 Mercury 02-Jun-2118 Ketu 02-Apr-2121 New Born - Gender Determination G.H.W Silva From the above details, it is seen that the gender could be determined by the consideration of the sub positions of the ascendant Therefore matching only with the Navamsa is unacceptable, as it is not giving the correct results But for the safety of the astrologer, who made the birth chart, it should be mentioned that Navamsa has not been considered for gender determination, if it is not in agreement with the sign/Navamsa system If not, the astrologer who made the birth chart may get criticized or condemned by the next astrologer who strictly follows the Navamsa system for gender determination According to another traditional method, if Saturn is in 3, 5, 7, and 11, it is a male Accordingly 1, & are females and & are males This is also not in agreement with some traditional methods Also we wish to mention that, this example is a complicated case of a multiple birth Therefore we consider the birth details of another set of quintuplets, who were born normally with full time pregnancy These babies were born on 23rd February 2008 Kalaheo, Hawaii, USA The times of birth and ascendants are as follows: Baby Time of Birth Ascendant Sign Star Sub Sub sub First Second Third Fourth Fifth 3.58 am 4.08 am 4.27 am 4.57 am 5.06 am Sagittarius 18.07.09 Sagittarius 20.32.54 Sagittarius 25.14.47 Capricorn 02.54.00 Capricorn 05.16.35 Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Saturn Saturn Venus Venus Venus Sun Sun Rahu Jupiter Mercury Jupiter Mercury Rahu Saturn Rahu Rahu Mercury The child gender by KP is as given under: Baby Ascendant Sign Star Sub First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sagittarius 18.07.09 Sagittarius 20.32 54 Sagittarius 25.14.47 Capricorn 02.54.00 Capricorn 05.16.35 Male Male Male Male Male Female Female Female Male Male Male Male Female Male Female Sub sub Male Male Male Male Female Actual Gender Male Female Male Male Female The child gender by Navamsa is as shown below: Baby Ascendant Navamsa First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sagittarius 18.07.09 Sagittarius 20.32 54 Sagittarius 25.14.47 Capricorn 02.54.00 Capricorn 05.16.35 Virgo Libra Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Gender by Navamsa Female Male Female Female Male Actual Gender Male Female Male Male Female As Krishnamurti Padhdhati is giving more accurate terms for determining the child gender, we wish for long live the infallible Krishnamurti Paddhati profound by late Guruji, Sothida Mannan, Jyotish Marthand K.S Krishnamurti GOOD LUCK ***** Oct 2012                                                                                         KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       30  Education - Aeronautical Engineering MK Viswanath Recently i.e., on Aug 02, 2012, I had a casual visit to the home of an old friend, who was slightly perplexed and anxious, did enquire with me if his granddaughter could get admission into Aeronautical Engineering, and the natal chart was placed before me Personally I am always keen to read and decipher the horoscopes of female children, especially the subject of education When women become educated, well qualified, employed and economically independent, the society automatically grows vertically and horizontally Among many advantages, it also controls the excessive growth of population of these biped humans which helps the State to build a strong economy The native was born on 22 Oct 1994 at 2-10 a.m., Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, and the natal horoscope is attached herewith After careful consideration of various aspects of the natal chart, as presented below, I told him that his granddaughter could get admission to an engineering college in the desired branch of Aeronautical Engineering The sub lords of 04, 09 and 11th cups for education are Mercury, Rahu and Rahu respectively Out of the combinations of Mercury, Mars and Saturn for Engineering, only Mercury, lord of 11, is appearing in the list of the relevant cuspal sublords But on further scrutiny of the chart, one could see that Mars is aspecting Rahu by its 04th aspect, while Mars is lord of 04 and 09 for higher education Moreover Rahu is conjoined with Mercury, Sun Jupiter and Venus in the 3rd house of one’s ability and inclination to learn Thus Rahu, being a catalyst, looks strong to take the native forward in education Rahu is posited in an airy sign viz Libra and is conjoined with Mercury and Venus Rahu offers result of 04 and 09 through Mars It is further offering the results of Venus, Mercury and an airy sign The counseling for Engineering by the Government was set for last week of August / 01st week of September this year During this period, the native shall run the joint Vimshottari das period of of Mars-Saturn-Rahu Dasa lord Mars and Antra lord Rahu, as discussed above, are favorable for higher education by signifying 04, 09 or 11 Bhukti lord Saturn is posited in the star of Satabhisha ruled by Rahu in Aquarius and it is under 8th aspect of Mars, lord of 04 and 09 During the 3rd week of September, when I spoke to the father of the girl, he told me that the girl has indeed got admission into a College, and the branch allocated was Aeronautical Engineering Indeed if one looks at the chart, Sun and Mars could be seen debilitated, and Mars is posited in 12th house But these points are not always reliable in astrology An astrological student is required to evaluate a chart scientifically and logically, rather than giving in to beliefs connected to superstitions and astrological myths, by learning more ***** Oct 2012                                                                                         KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       31  EDUCATION - AERONAUTICAL Sun Rise: 06:11:07 AM Nithya Yoga: Vyatipata Sun Set: Hora: 05:50:02 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365.25 D Karana: Vanij Ruling Planets - 22/Sep/2012 11:01:21 AM KANKARIYA, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India Planet Sgl Lagna Ma Moon Ma Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Sa Me Su Sa Me Sa Sa Me Day Lord: Saturn Nirayana Bhava Chalit Me[R] 06:03:05:44 Su 06:04:31:32 II 05:04:50:01 Ma 03:15:38:14 XII 03:06:59:00 I 04:06:22:39 III 06:05:42:18 Ra 06:21:50:25 Ve[R] 06:22:49:28 Ju 06:25:38:57 XI 02:07:20:14 IV 07:06:59:08 X 01:06:59:08 11 Sa[R] 10:12:16:46 VII 10:06:22:39 V 08:07:20:14 VI 09:06:59:00 IX 05:42:18 Ke 21:50:25 Ke 00:21:50:25 IX 00:05:42:18 Mo 01:00:01:36 12 10 VIII 11:04:50:01 Mo 00:01:36 X 06:59:08 XI 07:20:14 Sa[R] 12:16:46 VII 06:22:39 VI 06:59:00 Name: EDUCATION - AERONAUTICAL Gender: Male Date: Saturday, 22/Oct/1994 Time: 02:10:00 AM SID: 03:54:07 Lat: 17:22:00 N Lon: 78:28:00 E Place: HYDERABAD, ANDHRA PRADESH, India XII 06:59:00 Ma 15:38:14 Ayanamsa: 23° 41' 40" [KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Star: Krittika, Pada Star Lord: Sun Rasi: Taurus Rasi Lord: Venus Lagna: Leo Lagna Lord: Sun Tithi: Krishna Paksha, Tritiya Bal Dasa: Sun Y, M, 26 D I 06:22:39 II 04:50:01 V 07:20:14 IV 06:59:08 Ju 25:38:57 Ve[R] 22:49:28 Ra 21:50:25 III 05:42:18 Su 04:31:32 Me[R] 03:05:44 + These planets not have any planets in their stars Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: Stl Ke Su Ma Sa Ke Su Ma Sa Ke Su Ra Sa Sbl Ra Sa Mo Me Ra Me Mo Sa Ra Me Ra Me Ssl Sa Ju Ma Ju Mo Sa Ke Ma Ra Sa Sa Ju Sssl Ra Ju Su Ma Ju Ju Su Su Me Ju Ke Ma Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Chitra(4) Mo Krittika(2) Ma Pushyami(4) Me[R] Chitra(3) Ju Visakha(2) Ve[R] Visakha(1) Sa[R] Satabhisha(2) Ra Visakha(1) Ke Bharani(3) Sgl Ve Ve Mo Ve Ve Ve Sa Ve Ma Stl Ma Su Sa Ma Ju Ju Ra Ju Ve Sbl Ve Ra Ju Ve Me Sa Sa Sa Ju Ssl Me Sa Me Su Sa Ve Ju Sa Ra Sssl Ve Ra Sa Sa Su Me Ju Me Su Dasa Summary Bhukti VIII 04:50:01 Sgl Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Significators - Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 12 4, Mo+ 12 Ma 12 6, 4, Me+ 12 4, 2, 11 Ju 3 5, 5, Ve 3 5, 3, 10 Sa 6, Ra 3 5, Ke+ 3, 10 Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Su, Ma, Me,(A) Ju,-Ve Occupant of house Ketu acts as agent for: Su, Ma, Me,(B) Ju, -Ve, Sa (C) - Planets in Owner's stars (D) - House Owner Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) Magha(2) U.Phalguni(3) Chitra(4) Anuradha(2) Moola(3) U.Ashada(4) Dhanishta(4) U.Bhadra(1) Aswini(2) 10 Krittika(4) 11 Aridra(1) 12 Pushyami(2) From Bhukti From Bhukti From Sun Dasa 17-Apr-1993 - 17-Apr-1999 Sun 17-Apr-1993 Moon 05-Aug-1993 Mars 04-Feb-1994 Rahu 11-Jun-1994 Jupiter 06-May-1995 Saturn 22-Feb-1996 Mercury 03-Feb-1997 Ketu 11-Dec-1997 Venus 18-Apr-1998 Moon Dasa 17-Apr-1999 - 17-Apr-2009 Moon 17-Apr-1999 Mars 16-Feb-2000 Rahu 16-Sep-2000 Jupiter 17-Mar-2002 Saturn 17-Jul-2003 Mercury 15-Feb-2005 Ketu 17-Jul-2006 Venus 16-Feb-2007 Sun 16-Oct-2008 Mars Dasa 17-Apr-2009 - 17-Apr-2016 Mars 17-Apr-2009 Rahu 13-Sep-2009 Jupiter 02-Oct-2010 Saturn 08-Sep-2011 Mercury 17-Oct-2012 Ketu 14-Oct-2013 Venus 13-Mar-2014 Sun 12-May-2015 Moon 17-Sep-2015 Rahu Dasa 17-Apr-2016 - 17-Apr-2034 Rahu 17-Apr-2016 Jupiter 29-Dec-2018 Saturn 24-May-2021 Mercury 30-Mar-2024 Ketu 17-Oct-2026 Venus 04-Nov-2027 Sun 04-Nov-2030 Moon 29-Sep-2031 Mars 30-Mar-2033 Jupiter Dasa 17-Apr-2034 - 17-Apr-2050 Jupiter 17-Apr-2034 Saturn 05-Jun-2036 Mercury 17-Dec-2038 Ketu 24-Mar-2041 Venus 28-Feb-2042 Sun 29-Oct-2044 Moon 17-Aug-2045 Mars 17-Dec-2046 Rahu 23-Nov-2047 Saturn Dasa 17-Apr-2050 - 17-Apr-2069 Saturn 17-Apr-2050 Mercury 20-Apr-2053 Ketu 29-Dec-2055 Venus 07-Feb-2057 Sun 08-Apr-2060 Moon 21-Mar-2061 Mars 20-Oct-2062 Rahu 28-Nov-2063 Jupiter 05-Oct-2066 Mercury Dasa 17-Apr-2069 - 17-Apr-2086 Mercury 17-Apr-2069 Ketu 14-Sep-2071 Venus 10-Sep-2072 Sun 11-Jul-2075 Moon 17-May-2076 Mars 16-Oct-2077 Rahu 13-Oct-2078 Jupiter 02-May-2081 Saturn 07-Aug-2083 Ketu Dasa 17-Apr-2086 - 17-Apr-2093 Ketu 17-Apr-2086 Venus 13-Sep-2086 Sun 13-Nov-2087 Moon 20-Mar-2088 Mars 19-Oct-2088 Rahu 17-Mar-2089 Jupiter 05-Apr-2090 Saturn 12-Mar-2091 Mercury 20-Apr-2092 Venus Dasa 17-Apr-2093 - 17-Apr-2113 Venus 17-Apr-2093 Sun 17-Aug-2096 Moon 17-Aug-2097 Mars 18-Apr-2099 Rahu 18-Jun-2100 Jupiter 18-Jun-2103 Saturn 16-Feb-2106 Mercury 18-Apr-2109 Ketu 16-Feb-2112 Getting a Job Kanak Bosmia Sahakar-2, Flat # 28, Jagabhai Park, Ram Baug, Maninagar, Ahmedabad-380008 Phone: 079-2543 1165, Mobile: 98251-31165 E-mail: Name: A Question.1: When will I get a job? Date of birth 04/03/1977, Friday; Time of birth 08-39 P.M.I.S.T Place of Birth: Quiloni- Kerala, Lon/Lat: 08° N 53', 76° E 36' Aynamsha 23.26.53 Hints If the cuspal sub lord of the 6th or 10th be the significator of house 2, or 10 service or earning is promised during the joint period of the significators of 2, and 10 Cusp 6th (Aquarius 220.06’.51”) :The sub lord of the 6th cusp is Saturn Saturn is in the star and sub of Mercury Saturn is occupant of 10, owner of 5, No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 2, 6, 8, 12 Star and sub lord Mercury is occupant of 5, owner of 1, 10 So 6th cusp sub lord Saturn is the significator of 6, 10 and connected with 2, 6, 10 Hence your desire of getting a job is sure to be fulfilled Joint Period At the time of judgment (Moon Dasa from 13-10-2006 to 13-10-2016), the querent is running the joint period of Moon-Saturn-Mercury from 13-04-2011 to 04-07-2011 Dasanath Moon is in the star of Ketu and sub of Rahu Moon is occupant of 11, owner of 11 No planet in the star of Moon and Moon is CSL of 3, Star lord Ketu is occupant of Ketu is aspected by Mars and Saturn Thus it represents Mars & Saturn Mars is occupant of 5, owner of 3, Saturn is occupant of 10, owner of 5, No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 2, 6, 8, 12 Sub lord Rahu is occupant of Rahu is in the sign of Libra, thus represents Venus Venus is occupant of 7, owner of 2, No planet in the star of Venus and Venus is CSL of 5, 9, 11 So dasa lord Moon signifies 2, 6, 10 and connected with 2, 11 Hence getting a job is sure in this dasa Bhukti lord is Saturn We have discussed about Saturn above, so Saturn is OK Hence there is a chance of getting a job in this Bhukti Antra Lord is Mercury Mercury antra runs from 13-4-2011 to 4-7-2011 Mercury is in the star of Rahu and sub of Saturn Mercury is occupant of 5, owner of 1, 10 Star lord Rahu is occupant of Rahu is in the sign of Libra, thus represents Venus Venus is occupant of 7, owner of 2, No planet in the star of Venus and Venus isCSL of 5, 9, 11 Sub lord Saturn is occupant of 10, owner of 5, No planet in the star of Saturn and Saturn is CSL of 2, 6, 8, 12 Thus antra lord signifies 2, 11 and connected with 10, 2, Hence there is a chance to get a job in thisantra My opinion: You will get a job during 13-4-2011 to 4-7-2011 Outcome: Prediction comes correct; she got a job in June 2011 ***** Oct 2012                                                                                         KP‐Ezine                                                                                                       33  Sun Rise: 06:36:19 AM Nithya Yoga: Sukarma Sun Set: Hora: 06:34:37 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365.25 D Karana: Vanij Ruling Planets - 13/Jun/2011 01:21:47 PM KANKARIYA, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India Planet Sgl Lagna Me Moon Ve Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Su Ke Me Ju Ju Me Ma Sa Day Lord: Moon Nirayana Bhava Chalit XII 22:06:51 II 23:19:26 Ra 03:07:14 I 22:56:35 III 22:36:52 Mo 06:27:35 XI 21:05:01 Sa[R] 17:43:36 X 21:23:52 IV 21:23:52 12 Su 20:29:04 Ma 24:29:23 Me 10:31:13 V 21:05:01 Ve 28:39:06 Ke 03:07:14 VII 22:56:35 IX 22:36:52 10 11 Ju 01:24:33 VIII 23:19:26 VI 22:06:51 Ke 03:07:14 VIII 23:19:26 Ju 01:24:33 IX 22:36:52 X 21:23:52 VI 22:06:51 Su 20:29:04 Me 10:31:13 Ma 24:29:23 V 21:05:01 Name: Gender: Male Date: Friday, 04/Mar/1977 Time: 08:39:00 PM SID: 07:04:27 Lat: 08:53:00 N Lon: 76:36:00 E Place: QUILON (KOLLAM), KERALA, India Sa[R] 17:43:36 XI 21:05:01 Ayanamsa: 23° 26' 53" [KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus Star: Magha, Pada Star Lord: Ketu Rasi: Leo Rasi Lord: Sun Lagna: Virgo Lagna Lord: Mercury Tithi: Shukla Paksha, Chaturdasi Bal Dasa: Ketu Y, M, D Mo 06:27:35 XII 22:06:51 I 22:56:35 IV 21:23:52 III 22:36:52 II 23:19:26 Ra 03:07:14 + These planets not have any planets in their stars Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: Stl Mo Ju Me Ve Mo Ju Me Ve Mo Ju Me Ve Sbl Su Sa Mo Ju Ve Sa Mo Sa Ve Ju Ve Sa Ssl Ju Ra Ju Mo Mo Me Me Ma Ke Mo Sa Sa Sssl Ve Ra Ke Ra Ve Me Mo Sa Ju Ve Ju Ma Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su P.Bhadra(1) Mo Magha(2) Ma Dhanishta(1) Me Satabhisha(2) Ju Krittika(2) Ve Revati(4) Sa[R] Ashlesha(1) Ra Chitra(3) Ke Aswini(1) Sgl Sa Su Sa Sa Ve Ju Mo Ve Ma Stl Ju Ke Ma Ra Su Me Me Ma Ke Sbl Ju Ra Ra Sa Ju Sa Me Ve Su Ssl Sa Me Ju Sa Ju Ve Ra Su Ma Sssl Ju Me Me Me Mo Ve Ra Me Ve Dasa Summary Bhukti Ve 28:39:06 VII 22:56:35 Sgl Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Significators - Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 4, 12 Mo+ 11 11 Ma 5 3, 3, Me 1, 10 Ju 12 4, Ve+ 1, 10 2, Sa+ 10 1, 10 5, Ra 3, Ke 7 (A) - Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Ve Ketu acts as agent for: Ma, Sa (B) - Occupant of house (C) - Planets in Owner's stars (D) - House Owner Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) Hasta(4) Visakha(1) Jyeshta(2) P.Ashada(3) Sravana(4) P.Bhadra(1) Revati(2) Bharani(3) Rohini(4) 10 Punarvasu(1) 11 Ashlesha(2) 12 P.Phalguni(3) From Bhukti From Bhukti From Ketu Dasa 13-Oct-1973 - 13-Oct-1980 Ketu 13-Oct-1973 Venus 11-Mar-1974 Sun 11-May-1975 Moon 16-Sep-1975 Mars 16-Apr-1976 Rahu 12-Sep-1976 Jupiter 30-Sep-1977 Saturn 06-Sep-1978 Mercury 16-Oct-1979 Venus Dasa 13-Oct-1980 - 13-Oct-2000 Venus 13-Oct-1980 Sun 12-Feb-1984 Moon 12-Feb-1985 Mars 13-Oct-1986 Rahu 13-Dec-1987 Jupiter 13-Dec-1990 Saturn 14-Aug-1993 Mercury 14-Oct-1996 Ketu 14-Aug-1999 Sun Dasa 13-Oct-2000 - 13-Oct-2006 Sun 13-Oct-2000 Moon 31-Jan-2001 Mars 01-Aug-2001 Rahu 07-Dec-2001 Jupiter 01-Nov-2002 Saturn 20-Aug-2003 Mercury 01-Aug-2004 Ketu 07-Jun-2005 Venus 13-Oct-2005 Moon Dasa 13-Oct-2006 - 13-Oct-2016 Moon 13-Oct-2006 Mars 13-Aug-2007 Rahu 13-Mar-2008 Jupiter 12-Sep-2009 Saturn 12-Jan-2011 Mercury 12-Aug-2012 Ketu 11-Jan-2014 Venus 12-Aug-2014 Sun 12-Apr-2016 Mars Dasa 13-Oct-2016 - 13-Oct-2023 Mars 13-Oct-2016 Rahu 11-Mar-2017 Jupiter 29-Mar-2018 Saturn 05-Mar-2019 Mercury 14-Apr-2020 Ketu 11-Apr-2021 Venus 07-Sep-2021 Sun 07-Nov-2022 Moon 15-Mar-2023 Rahu Dasa 13-Oct-2023 - 13-Oct-2041 Rahu 13-Oct-2023 Jupiter 26-Jun-2026 Saturn 19-Nov-2028 Mercury 25-Sep-2031 Ketu 14-Apr-2034 Venus 03-May-2035 Sun 03-May-2038 Moon 27-Mar-2039 Mars 26-Sep-2040 Jupiter Dasa 13-Oct-2041 - 13-Oct-2057 Jupiter 13-Oct-2041 Saturn 01-Dec-2043 Mercury 14-Jun-2046 Ketu 19-Sep-2048 Venus 26-Aug-2049 Sun 25-Apr-2052 Moon 12-Feb-2053 Mars 13-Jun-2054 Rahu 20-May-2055 Saturn Dasa 13-Oct-2057 - 13-Oct-2076 Saturn 13-Oct-2057 Mercury 16-Oct-2060 Ketu 26-Jun-2063 Venus 04-Aug-2064 Sun 04-Oct-2067 Moon 15-Sep-2068 Mars 16-Apr-2070 Rahu 26-May-2071 Jupiter 01-Apr-2074 Mercury Dasa 13-Oct-2076 - 13-Oct-2093 Mercury 13-Oct-2076 Ketu 11-Mar-2079 Venus 07-Mar-2080 Sun 06-Jan-2083 Moon 12-Nov-2083 Mars 13-Apr-2085 Rahu 11-Apr-2086 Jupiter 29-Oct-2088 Saturn 03-Feb-2091 Question & Answer Mr TinWin answers the questions of readers TinWin Question 1: Diagnosis of Disease from the 12th or 6th Cusp? In the attached article below by Guruji Sri KSK ji, the disease is checked from 12th cusp but in other books by K Subramaniam or K Hariharan from the 6th cusp Any clarification, please, why is so? Astrology & Arithsha February 1970 isue- page no 52 “DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASE.” (Horary) “ Good Morning, sir.” “Yes, Good luck, come in.” “ Sir, I would like to know whether I also suffer from the same disease from which my wife suffers I want clarification Your name has been mentioned to me by a friend of’mine residing in Kerala He gave me your address and asked me to meet you in person So, I have come to consult you here.” (If at all a person were to suspect that he and his wife may have the same disease, we elderly people doubt what it might be; but an astrologer could not guess He has to go only by the indications given by the planets.) So, I wanted him to give one number to find out the nature of the disease of his wife and another number to find out whether he • suffers from the same disease or he has something else “ Now, Sir, please give me two numbers between one and 249 The first one on behalf of your wife; the second one to denote you.” “ Sir, let number 231 be for my wife and 226 for myself.” “By 231, it is meant that Meena lagna, one degree 20 mts rises This number is given for your wife ; so the seventh house represents your wife; so seventh cusp would be one degree 20 mts in Virgo “ 12th cusp represents your wife’s disease and also the planet connected with 12th house 12th cusp falls at 24 degrees 13 mts in Capricorn and Rahu is in the 12th house 12th house means sixth to the seventh It indicates the nature of the disease of your wife As the 12th Cusp has fallen in Saturn sign, Mars star and Rahu sub, we have to see the lord of the constellation by occupation and the sub-lord also Mars, the lord of the constellation is in the 3rd house counted from the seventh and the sub-lord is in six to seven Therefore, the indication is that she must have affliction of the lungs Mars is in a watery sign Hence there should be phlegm also As Rahu, the sub-lord is in the sign of Saturn and also an airy sign, she must suffer from chronic cough also Therefore, it shows that she must suffer from T.B “ You gave the number 226 for you After the judgment is made in the same manner, I find that you also have got the affliction of the pulmonary system ; since the sub-lord is in an earthy sign, you must suffer from Asthma.” “Yes, sir, for a long number of years I have been suffering from Asthma; prior to that, I was informed that I had Eosono- philia ; but now I am threatened by a few that I might have developed “ T.B.” “ No, Sir, that is what I tell you astro- logically Did you not carry out any clinical examination ? I declare that you not suffer from T.B You carry out the test; the results will confirm my finding.” “ Thank you very much ” He takes leave with the hope that he is not suffering from T.B which is causing havoc to his wife’s health Answer- The horary number 231 for the querist’s wife gives the Ascendant cusp Pisces 1° 20′ for the querist who gives the number As the query is for the querist’s wife, the Pisces rising chart of the querist is rotated to the 7th cusp Virgo 1° 20′ for the wife The the 6th cusp of disease from the 7th cusp of the wife is the 12th cusp (in the chart for the querist) So the judgment of 12th cusp of the querist’s chart is in fact the consideration of disease, as usually done in the KP practice below: • • • • the 6th cusp for his wife for her KP Reader VI: Horary Astrology, page 308 Chandrakant R Bhatt: Nakshatar Chintamani, pages 31, 110; Further Light on Nakshatar Chintamani, pages 14,62; Horoscopes and Diseases, pages 8, 74, 106, 117, 125; Prashna Jyotish, solved example charts 4: Disease etc K Subramaniam: Medical Astrology for All, 2005 Fourth Edition, pages 41-42, 79, 102 etc K Hariharan: Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases, 1998 Third Edition, pages 33, 118-119 etc Oct 2012                                                                                           KP‐Ezine                                                                                                     35  Question & Answer Mr TinWin answers the questions of readers Question-2: Too Much Importance Given to Badhaka In KP the Badhaka is given too much importance in the judgment of longevity and 8th as house of danger to life is generally neglected Could you explain for better understanding in this regard Answer-2 The Bhadhaka houses are the worst malefics in cutting one's life without hesitation However it may effect only the health if its Dasa or Bhukti is ruled by the planet (KP Reader III pp 155-161 /1971 Original Addition, Practical Part pp 3-9; KP Reader V p 226) This KP research finding has been found significantly valid in practice, and so the Badhaka has been given importance for death For longevity or life span of a native, it is to judge the cuspal sub lords of 1st, 3rd and 8th houses of longevity, basically and most importantly 1st CSL (one self) by experience If there is an indication of possible unnatural death by 1st CSL, the 8th CSL is also to be judged for confirmation It is worthy to note that the 8th signification by the 1st or 8th CSL or the DBAS lords will give the ‘negative’ effect on health and longevity, conducive to death, as 8th being house of danger to life, chronic ailments, serious accidents, death especially in experience of Western astrology Generally death comes during the conjoined dasa period of significtors of primarily Badhaka (11 or or 7), Maraka (2,7), Moksha (12), along with terminal or trigonal houses = end of everything including life, = accident, danger to life, and 12= end of lie especially in serious accidents or unnatural death and in some cases also 10 = retirement from this world or life and = injury in accident) Badhaka house is 11th for moving sign Asc., 9th for fixed sign and 7th for common sign according to the cusp position in the Placidus bhava chart, not rasi chart (KP Rules for Death Prediction, KPE-zine June 2010 issue) Question- 3: Imprisonment sir, sadar charan sparsh, i am a reader of your articles in the kp e-zine i study according to your guidelines on bandhan/ jail 12th house sub lord is rahu posited in venus star venus is not retrograde and signifies house 3,8,2 so bandhan yog/ jail/ imprisonment is clear but i can’t find out the possible period 15-9-2009 to 28-6-2011 i had imprisioned in a case its total finished or not my D.O.B 8-1-1973, T.O.B 13-30 pm IST, P.O.B Lat: 27:09 N, Lon: 78:02 E please help me Answer-3: This is not to make the prediction but just to give some clarifications regarding the article “A Study of 100 Prisoner Charts” (KP-Ezine March 2009 issue) in order not to have too much unnecessary worries The KP Rule for Imprisonment (KP Reader VI pp 313-314) is as under: It is to judge the 12th cusp and find out whether the following three conditions are simultaneously satisfied:1) The sub-lord of 12th cusp should be Rahu; 2) It should not be deposited in the constellation whose lord is retrograde; and 3) It should be a signifcator of either 2nd or 3rd or 8th or 12th house 4) If any one of these conditions is not satisfied, one will not be imprisoned For imprisonment all the above three conditions must necessarily be satisfied simultaneously Note: 1) The second condition is for horary analysis only 2) The first condition of karaka Rahu to be the 12th CSL is not significantly found valid in "A Study of 100 Prisoner Charts" (KPE-zine March 2009) i.e one may be imprisoned without the 12th CSL being Rahu 3) The third condition of signifying 2,3,8 or 12 house is the really necessary condition to be satisfied in the analysis of a natal chart There are also many people supposed not imprisoned with 12th CSL Rahu as shown below: 1) Cheiro, Bangalore Suryanarain Rao (Astrologers, KP-Ezine September 2012 issue) 2) Chandrasekar Saraswati (Sannyasa, KP-Ezine December 2009 issue) 3) Cher, Sally Field, Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Wislawa Szymborska, Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, (Award Winners, KP-Ezine January 2011 issue) 4) Gianni Agnelli, John Clark Gable, Grimalda Gucci, Rodolfo Gucci, Alexander Hughes, Athina Roussel, (Inheritance, KP-Ezine April 2011 issue) Oct 2012                                                                                           KP‐Ezine                                                                                                     36  Question & Answer Mr TinWin answers the questions of readers 5) Eleanor Bach, Skip Battin, Rudolph Bing, Monica Hable Dimino, M.J Frankovich, Gary Hart, David Hamblin, Mary Tyler Moore, Terry Moore, Michael P Munkasey, Anais Nin, Jeanie Stevenson, Martha Stewart, Michelle Young, , Pele, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Edgar R Wagner, Raquel Welch, Oprah Winfrey, (Charts from the AstrDatabank 4.0, now, calculated by the KPAstro 4.0 using the KPNA) For the chart 8-1-1973, 13-30 pm IST, 27n09, 78e02, KPNA 23:23:25, Asc Ar 23:51:08, Mars Dasa bal 0y,0m,15d: a 12th CSL Ra+(9), CSL of 11,12 having no planet in its stars, conj with Su+(9,5), Ju(9,9-12), Me+(8,3-6) and Ve(8,2-7), is in the star of Ve(8,2-7) and sub of Sa(2,10-11), 11th (12th to 12th) is helpful b The 12th house (hospital, confinement, imprisonment, foreign, Moksha) signification may indicate: 1) 2) 3) 4) foreign place in combination of 9th signification; hospital in combination of 8th signification; jail in combination of 6th signification; retirement from this world in combination of Badhka, Maraka or 10th signification; c, Current running Dasa is Saturn from 4-Jan-2007 to 24-Jan-2026 Dasa lord Sa(2,10-11) is in the star of Mo(11,4) and sub of Ve(8,2-7), without any strong signification of 12th (confinement, imprisonment) d In this Saturn Dasa the Bhuktis of significators of 12th house (confinement, imprisonment, foreign) are Ketu Bhukti (06-Oct-2012 to 14-Nov-2013) and Jupiter Bhukti (13-Jul-2023 to 24-Jan-2026) e Bhukti lord Ke(3) is aspected by Ma(7,1-8), Sgl Me+ ( 8, 3,6), in the star of Ju(9,9-12) and sub of Sa(2,10-11) f Bhukti lord Jup(9,9-12) is in the star of Ve (8,2-7)and sub of Ke(3), aspected by Ma(7,1-8), Sgl Me+(8,3-6) g Next Dasa will be Mercury from 24-Jan-2026 to 24-Jan-2043 Dasa lord lord Me+ (8, 3-,6) is in the star of Ke(3), aspected by Ma(7,1-8), Sgl Me+(8,3-6) and sub of own Me+(8,36), without any strong signification of 12th (confinement, imprisonment) h Similarly in the Mercury Dasa the Bhuktis of significators of 12th house will be Bhukti Ketu (21-Jun-2028 to Venus 18-Jun-2029) and Bhukti Jupiter (07-Feb-2038 to 15-May-2040) i Suggestion: Awareness (sati or smṛti), not fear, may be required ***** Oct 2012                                                                                           KP‐Ezine                                                                                                     37  Book Review Tin Win Theory and Practice of Stellar Astrology (K.P System) by P V K Punneswara Rao Universal Astrological Book Trust, Hyderabad 2008, 147 pages [New and enlarged edition of “A Treatise on Predictive Stellar Astrology (K.P System)” published first in 1989, then 1993, 1996, Universal Research Institute of Astro & Occult Science, 69 pages] According to the accredited astrologer and author Jyothish Acharya Shri PVK Punneswara Rao of Hyderabad, KP astrology is the discovery of late Prof K S Krishnamurti with an inbuilt system based on mathematical astrology, without referring to the six kinds of strength of each planet and 16 kinds of groupings contained in the traditional astrology, which involves a lot of mathematics In KP astrology stellar influences are taken into consideration by taking Star lord as an important component and applying Sub lord theory of Prof K S Krishnamurti Thus KP astrology gives more promising results than other known systems In this book, the author has systematically explained the main requirements of KP system in subsequent chapters in the three parts of mathematical astrology, predictive astrology and practical astrology, as shown in the contents The following points are worthy to note: • • • • • • • • The signification at three levels of planet, its star lord and sub lord are consistently considered in the solved examples, pages 55, 59, 62, 64, 59, 71, 76, 79,84,89,91,93, like in the books of Chandrakant R Bhatt and Umang Taneja; If the star lord indicates beneficial results and the sub lord shows adverse results, the adverse results will be felt (page 43); In order to know what each planet can contribute always consider its sub lord (KP Reader III, page 362 / 1971 Edition, Practical Part, page 194) Things will happen according to the birth chart as per the past Karma The suffering cannot be totally avoided; but it can be mitigated to some extent to obtain solace and peace of mind by way of ‘Shanti’ (appeasement) (page 95); The seven ruling planets by adding the Lagna sub lord and Moon sub lord to the original five and also the strongly aspecting/conjoined planets with these ruling planets are to be considered (page 36); KP horary astrology depends on the number given by the querist, which will answer only one question with allied matters; but does not cover other matters; The retrogression is followed in the horary astrology, i.e the cuspal sub lord of the main house for the matter under consideration is not to be retrograde or posited in the star of retrograde planet for the favorable result in horary astrology; the ruling planet in the star or sub of retrograde planet is to be rejected (pages 36,75,77) The Hindu aspects, counted from sign to sign as a whole, are considered as good or bad according to the nature of planets and their lordship (pages 32-33); The sub lord of the Ascendant is mainly considered for longevity (page 45) This book is found useful in learning and applying KP methods with the following observations in view of the KP as per the six KP Readers; KP is Krishnamurti Padhdhati, no traditional or classic: • Regarding Rahu or Ketu giving the results of the conjoined, aspecting planets, star lord and sign lord (page 37), (a) Rahu or Ketu is to give the results of the conjoined, aspecting planets, but the conjoined, aspecting planets are not to give the results of Rahu or Ketu, i.e Rahu is to give the results of its sign lord Mercury but this Mercury is not to give the result of Rahu being posited in 6th house like on page 59; Rahu is to give the results of conjoined planet Sun but this Sun is not to give the results of Rahu connected with houses and by occupation of Rahu’s star lord and aspecting Mars respectively like on page 64; Rahu is to give the results of aspecting planet Jupiter but this Jupiter is not to give the result of Rahu being the cuspal sub lord of 11th house with no planet in its stars like on page 72 etc.; (b) It may not make sense to consider the star lord of Rahu or Ketu as the representative or agent of Rahu or Ketu, i.e Rahu represents Ketu and Ketu represents Rahu in the solved exaple chart where Rahu is in the star Oct 2012                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      38  Book Review Tin Win own Rahu on page 81, it can’t be said that Rahu is the representative or agent of Rahu; such kind of considering the star lord of Rahu or Ketu is also found in the KP significator table by some SWs; • In checking second marriage as per KP, Virgo is not considered as a dual sign, as mentioned on page 115: • For foreign settlement, the 12th cusp sub lord connection with ‘fixed’ signs (page 63) or with ‘movable’ signs (KP Reader VI, page 303), is not found valid by appearing only in less than 50% of charts in a survey of 100 charts of foreign settlement (Foreign Settlement, KP-Ezine Sept 2012 issue); • The Kuja Dosha mentioned on page 65 is not applicable or not found practically applied in KP, except Guruji KSK’s explanation of the traditional Mars Dosha at length in the KP Reader IV; • For selling the house or property, 4th house (property of native) is considered as the main house, the cuspal sub lord signifying house (financial matters), (disposal of property – 12th to 4th ) and 11 (profit on account of sale) on page 79, and the 4th cuspal sub lord signifying 3,5 (acquisition of property by the opposite person, buyer – 11th to 7th), 10 in the table of house grouping on page 145; with compared to considering 10th house (property of opponent- 4th from 7th) as the main house, the CSL signifying house (parting with the property – 12th from 4th), (success, fulfillment of desire of opponent – 11th from 7th) or 10 (property of opponent- 4th from 7th) in the KP Reader VI page 178, Chandrakant R Bhatt’s Nakshatra Chintamani, pages 121-123, and Prashna Jyotish, solved example charts no 59, 60, 61, 62; • The values of KP ayanamsa provided on pages 96-100 appear in downward trend with compared to the KP old ayanamsa by the astrological SWs or the KP new ayanamsa of 2003, e.g for 1st January 1900: 22-21-50 with compared to the KPOA 22-21-50 and KPNA 22-22-16, for 2000: 23-45-10 with compared to 23-45-38 and 23-46-01, for 2100: 25- 08-39 with compared to 25-09-28 and 25-09-48, for 2159: 25-57-40 with compared to 25-58-56 and 25-59-15 But it does not matter nowadays by using the easily available SWs Contents Ch 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 -17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Title About the author Foreword Introduction Part 1: Mathematical Astrology Introduction Casting of Horoscope Model Horoscope Sign lord, Starlord and Sublord Part 2: Principles of stellar Astrology The Zodiac and its Signs Characteristics of the Signs Houses and their Significantions Planets and their Significations Planetary Aspects and their Significations Principles of Judgment of an Horoscope Selection of Significators of the Houses Timing of the Events How to Judge an Horoscope Horary Astrology Transit Astrology Assessment of Longevity Part 3: Practical Astrology Physical features Mental ability and qualities Education Profession Service Business Foreign Travels Kuja Dosha and Matching of Horoscopes Marriage and Married Life Children Property Matters Litigations Financial Problems Medical Astrology Astrological Remedies Appendices Table A: KP Ayanamsa (Yearwise) Table B: KP Ayanamsa (Month Day wise) Table 2: Table of Sign Lord, Starlord and Sublord Table 3: Characteristics of the Zodiacal Signs Table 4: Profession - Sign Lord, Starlord and Sublord Table 5: Table of Significators Pg 16 25 -26 27 28 31 32 33 35 38 40 40 42 45 -46 47 48 55 57 59 63 65 68 75 77 80 82 85 93 -96 101 105 114 116 143 Oct 2012                                                                                          KP‐Ezine                                                                                                      39  Readers Views Dear Mr Kanak Bosmia, Firstly thank you very much for allowing to download the monthly magazine It is helping in the KP astrology learning process, particularly how to predict marriage, as I am interestedin knowing when my daughter will get married In this connection I was reading Mr G.W D'Silva's article in KP-Ezine July 2012 Contribution of Dasa, Bukthi and Antara Lords for marriage I have some doubts and also it appears that the house sigifactors of & 8th houses are incorrectly shown So, I take up this directly with Mr D'Silva or write a question in KP-Ezine Please advise Regards Kailash Sati, PMP ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Dear Shri GHW Silva ji, I plotted the birth chart of the husband (KP ezine July 2012) on a piece of paper marking out the exact degrees Then I wrote the signifactors - Planets view, as below Planet Su+ Mo Ma Me Ju+ Ve Sa Ra Ke (A) 7 (B) 1 9 (C ) 6, 11 2, 8 5, 12 6, 11 7, 10 (D) 5, 12 7, 10 1, 6, 11 2, - The signifactors given by the software are as under: Planet (A) (B) (C ) Su+ 6, 11 Mo 2, Ma Me 8 Ju+ 8 Ve 5, 12 Sa 6, 11 Ra 7, 10 Ke 10 There is difference in signifactors of Mo, Ma, Me, Ju, Ra (D) 5, 12 7, 10 1, 6, 11 2, & Ke After reading and re-reading I think it may be due to the position of the moon I shall appreciate if you could throw some light on this I am in a sort of forced retirement and due to ill health I am not able to meet any KP astrologer in person so that I could grasp this science properly I also thank Shri Kanak Bosmia ji as all the contributors to KP ezine are doing a wonderful job, although I wish there could be a Learner's corner wherein learners could show the example of working of the chart and arrive at a prediction Then the experienced/ expert astrologers could comment on the quality of working of the Learner Anyhow I am just thinking aloud so that through KP ezine KP astrology is served better Kind regards, Kailash Sati, PMP Oct 2012                                                                                             KP‐Ezine                                                                                                   40  Readers Views Reply of Kanak Bosmia Dear Sailash ji., When any planet is near to cusp deg by Deg 20 Mnt, it is considered in next Bhava In this chart, mention planet by you arr near within orb of 3.20 Deg Hence it was considred in next bhava This is KP basic rules given in Readrs Hope this clear your doubt Any question you are most well come If Silva ji want to add, he will reply you Regards Kanak Bosmia Dear Kailash Ji, I went through the details given by you and compared with the article What you have indicated is correct But as given by Kanak Ji we need to consider the behaviour of planets close to the bhavas and planetary positions Therefore you could consider the explanation given by Kanak Ji Please contact me, if you need to clarify any other matters in connection with K.P With Best Regards G H W Silva Dear Shri GHW Silva ji, I thank you and Mr Kanak Bosmia for guiding me about the orb theory Now the table of signifactors for example is clear I am also grateful for your offer to clarify any other matters in connection with K.P I am still a beginner and considering that I have not attended any classroom, I feel I have done well in the past months to understand KP theory upto planets & house signification I have difficulty in finding fruitful signifactors and ofcourse the final prediction I shall take your help to clear some concepts which I don't understand I am preparing an example case study for your kind evaluation and shall send it across as soon as it is ready Regards Kailash Sati, PMP Sir, Thank you very much for sending KP-Ezine I'm beginer in KP astrology I'm reading your KP-Ezine since last two months.It is very useful in understanding KP principles.Please include some articles on Astrology for stockmarket in your KP-Ezine Thanking you once again, Yours faithfully, Ajit Gandhi ***** Oct 2012                                                                                             KP‐Ezine                                                                                                   41 
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