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TRANSIT OF PLANETS (SECOND ENLARGED EDITION) TANTRA SAMRA T Dr LR CHAWDHRI MA (Astrology) Superintending Engineer (Retd.) Contents Transit and Aspects 1-16 Hindu versus Western Astrology, Types of Transit, Method to find and use transit, Terms explained, Table of aspects Timings of Transit 17-43 Rule for the transit, Vedha, Strength of Planets, Dasa and Bhukti, Triple Transits, Eclipses and its effect Transit of Planets in Houses 45 Sun 50 Moon 51 Mars 59 Mercury Venus 62 65 Jupiter 76 Saturn Retrograde Planets 80 Rahu/Ketu 87 93 Uranus Neptune 96 98 Pluto Through Nakshatras 102 Aspects in Transit Transit of Planets in Ascendant and 10th house In Ascendant all planets 132 In 10th House alll planets 142 44-104 105-131 132-151 Transit of Planets over Natal Planet 152-169 I The Sun 169-182 II The Moon 182-194 III The Mercury IV The Mars 195-209 209-223 V The Venus 223-238 VI The Jupiter VII The Saturn 238-257 257-277 Vm Rahu and Ketu 277-295 IX The Uranus 295-310 X The Neptune 310-323 XI The Pluto Transit of planets to Ascendant and Mid Heaven Summary of Planets in transit Eclipses Effects on decanates, on Houses of horoscope, and in Mundane Astrology Just off the Beat Mutual relations of various signs, Linking the signs, How opposite signs attract? 152-323 324-347 348-374 375420 PREFACE With the complete birth record and Horoscope, the day to day delineations can be found more accurately from the effects of Transits of Planets over the Natal planets in the Horoscope, to the Ascendant, 10th house, in signs and houses A transit occurs when a planet, moving in its orbit forms an aspect to planet, or enters in any house, in your natal horoscope The special significance is attached to yearly birth chart, solar chart or in Varsh Phal as known in Hindu Astrology In Western Astrology it is called Progressed Horoscope The study of transit is one of the most fundamental techniques in astrology The transit indicates important trends and issues in your life is one of the few points upon which all astrologers agree Along with directions and progressions, there are basis to Astrologer's predictive methodology Under each transit, the people are most likely to learn and experience, emotionally, psychologically and circumstantially and these points are to be delineated through the birth chart The transit indicates times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and inappropriate for others, and certain kinds of events often occur with particular transit But I may add also that transit should never be viewed, as signifying events that will inevitably come to pass, with you as a helpless observer Extensive delineations of the transits of Sun, Moon and planets to all of the major factors in the horoscope by conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition aspects have been provided in this volume A great difficulty is being experienced by all the astrologers to pin point an event without any detailed volume in the market So all efforts have been made to provide maximum combinations of transits of all planets with other all planets Keeping this in view, the author feels this to be a complete book on "Transit of planets" Chapter No has been added with more detailed effectsof transit of planets over Natal 0ne The delineations are based on Hindu Astrology One can object, that in Hindu Astrology, the above aspects are not counted, but author disagrees with this viewpoint I have already indicated in my famous book, "Prasna Deepika" that these are Hindu Aspects and ar e originally from Hindu Astr ology but have been adopted by in Western Astrology very widely To sum up these major transits' we provide that:1 Conjunction is a first House aspects Sextile is a 3rd and llthhouse aspect Trine is a 5th and 9th house aspect Square is a 4th and 10th house aspect Opposition is a 7th house aspect Likewise Applying and Seperating terms used in Western Astrology are actually aspects of Hindu Astrology as mentioned in our ancient treatises like Phaldeepika, Sanketa Niddi, Jatak Tatva, Uttarakalamrita etc These are known as ITTHASAL A and MASARIPHA aspects So all the aspects are originally from Hindu Astrology keeping this in view, this volume has been designed and been provided with maximum details Transit of planets in Houses and Signs have been provided with sufficient accuracy Three planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto not included in Hindu Astrology find a place like other planets as their effects stand investigated and powerful by the Western Astrologers So to gain knowledge from other sources always pays VEDHA means obstructions and is not used in Western Astrology, but in Hindu Astrology, this term finds a prominent place during transit for delineations and has been explained in detail for use of the learned astrologers Contrary to the general practice, behef and as detailed in our old treatises that transit be considered from Moon Sign but in day to day practice, it is found that the transit gives more accurate results when analysed from ASCENDANT ORLAGNA Full house be taken Flowever degrees of planets at birth and in transit be taken into consideration This method has given your author a good success rather working from Moon Sign Let us try and find the difference As indicated in opening paragraph of this Preface that transit of planets has great significance in Ascendant and 10th house, soa separate chapter in detail has been provided indicating the specific effects of such transits Transit of planet in nakshatras indicates specific results which have been expanded In addition ECLIPSES are special kind of transits and are more effective when it either conjoins or oppose a natal planet Eclipses are often said to be difficult, which is indicated upon the condition of the natal planet as indicated by the house position and aspects to it from the other natal planets The effects of Eclipses have been detailed in a separate chapter, which is not commonly available in other books The effects of Eclipses have been detailed onDecanates, on houses of horoscope, and in Mundane Astrology The last chapter, "Just off the Beat" is quite useful' instructive and educative for the Astrologers and particularly for the public at large who not know Astrology but have bent of mind for this celestial Science The author is thankful in the end for inspiration and help extended to me by a versatile, educated and soft spoken coy "Planets in Transit" and "Astrology for Millions" books were a great source of help for which we are thankful to authors This book will be of great assistance and help to all Astrologers, ametures, and public at large If the readers are benefitted, we are greatly rewarded Jyotish Tantra Kendra (Dr L.R Chawdhri) CHAPTER-1 TRANSIT AND ASPECTS When a planet passes over the Zodiacal degree occupying any influential point of horoscope such as M.C Ascendant, Sun's place etc it is said to transit that point by Ephemeral motion Transit in Hindu Astrology is termed as GOCHAR In GOCHAR the planets forms an aspect with the natal planets, may be conjunction, opposition or square, sextile, trine etc This needs a careful study and analysis Major aspect has more value than the minor In Hindu Astrology transit is generally reckoned from MOON SIGN,* which is called Chander Lagan or Janam Rashi in a birth chart A movement or transit is the normal feature but its importance lies when in transit occurs whenever a planet, moving in orbit during your life time, forms an aspects to a planet, in your birth chart Also when planet passes through the part of the Zodiac occupied by a house in your chart, we say that a planet is transiting that house Direction and Progression are the two terms connected with transit and are explained for better understanding There is aslight difference between the effects of transit and a same aspect by a direction Aspect by direction lasts longer than those by transitTo know the effects of aspects by Direction, one should be familiar with the effects of aspects by direction, which are modified due to the shorter duration DIRECTION:- The calculations made are after birth from the nativity for the purpose of ascertaining the time of event These are classed under two heads, Primary and Secondary Indirection the Mid Heaven, Ascendant,Sun and Moon, are the most important centres and when, working by what are called Primary directions, each of these points in the nativity may be turned into right ascension found by measuring from the first point of Aries Zero degree The planetary positions at birth are always considered as fixed and stationery through out the life, the influences it were being impressed upon that spot which they hold at the moment of birth The most popular and simple method application of Direction is that in which Sun and Moon play the most prominent part, the plan adopted being to consider each day after birth as year of life The Sun, by progression each day after birth, forms aspects to the radical position of the planets, mid heaven and ascendant, and these are termed PRIMARY ASPECTS In addition to these the planets are also continuously moving from the radical to progressive positions, these are termed as Mutual aspects These mutual aspects point out the nature of the events likely to happenjudgement being given from the signs and houses from which they occur, while, when Moon forms any aspect to these primary or mutual aspects that help to fix the time when the events will occur The simple rule to find out the Directions in operation is as follows: Count the number of days after birth day equal to the number of years that have elapsed since birth, and either fill into the radical map the planetary positions, including the Sun and Moon for the birth time on that day, or tabulate the positions seperately, but the object is to find the aspect between the radical positions and progressive, as these are termed for the birthday required The Sun moves one degree per year and Moon one degree five minutes per month but the exact position has to be ascertained for each month from the good ephemeris Progressed Horoscope:- A horoscope erected for as many days after birth as the native is years of age, and from which directions are calculated In Hindu astrology this is called "VARSH PHAL" or Annual chart or Solar chart etc The study of the transit is one of the most fundamental techniques in astrology The transit indicates the timing as well as important trends and issues in your life, This is one of the few points upon which all astrologers agree The Directions and Progressions, form the basis of the astrologer for predective methodology Under each transit, people are most likely to learn and experience, emotionally, psychologicaly and circumstantially and these points can be delineated through the birth chart The transit indicates the times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and inappropriate for others, and what kind of events often occur in particular transitBut I may also add that transit should never be viewed as signifying event that will inevitably came to pass, with you as a helpless observer The birth chart indicates that certain incidents which will come in your life but the transit denotes how these will be unfolded in time exactly as progression does the transit gives greaterdetails over short range The progression indicates a more general structure over a longer time HINDU VERSUS WESTERN ASTROLOGY In Hindu astrology transit is always considered from the Moon sign at birth, whether it is beginning, middle or end of the sign,the movement of planets are also taken sign by sign, and the relative position or the exact longitudinal distance between Moon and planets is not taken for consideration It may also be mentioned that the extent to which a planet can give its result would be according to the strength and weakness, whether it is exalted, vergotama, or in neutral sign, friend's house, enemy's camp or debilitated.The position of sign denotes extent to which it can good or otherwise Hindu sages have said that Dasa should also be considered while analay sing transits, they are of the opinion that unless Dasas agree with the transit whatever is said for transit system will not operate, it will stand amended Another dictum known as vedha should also be paid due consideration In Western system, they take into consideration the cusps of houses both in birth chart as well as in Progression chart In Western Astrology no planet is stationary excepting those for a short period during the time when they commence retrograde motion Therefore we note down the position of planets at the time of birth and in a progressed horoscope these planets will either be transiting over th epoint occupied by the planets or while transiting they may foim either favourable or the unfavourable aspects In Western system, conjunction or strong aspects of30,60.90,120 and 150 degrees and so on are taken into consideration In progressed horoscope, the effects will be experienced for a long period whereas in Transit the duration will be short AUTHOR'S VIEWS Inday to day practice, it is found that the transit gives more accurate results when are analysed from Ascendant or Lagna Full house be taken into account I have already detailed in this book that conjunction, Sextile, Trine, Opposition, etc aspects have been borrowed by Western from Hindu Astrology and so the aspects should be considered while analysing the results The above method has given y ourauthoragood fair degree ofsuccessratherthanworkingfromMoonsign Letustryand find the difference PERIOD OTI KM UEKCE The duration or effects of transits depend on two factors First, note which planet is transiting, for each planet moves through the Zodiac at its own rate of motion, the Moon being the fastest Their order of speed is, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupitar, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto respectively Secondly, it should be checked that whether the transiting planet becomes retrograde before it gets out of or of aspect with the transited house or planet? Frequently a planet while in transit reaches a certain point, turns retrograde and recrosses that point, then turns direct, crosses that point third time thus affecting a house or planet for much longer period than usual When the' aspect is complete, taking intoconsideration'ORB'theeffectsare quickly diminished, unless the planet transiting becomes retrograde and goes back 406 VIRGO Virgo with Virgo Earth is compatible with Earth but it does double up on practical, down-to-earth, realistic qualities of your sign Because of this-and the fact that each likes to have an organized routine-it is easy to fall into a rut Neither will make impossible emotional demands on the other but each should avoid nagging or finding fault Virgo with Libra The marked contrast between Earth and Air is not quite so apparent in this combination because your respective rulers, Mercury and Venus, the planets of mind and emotion, complement each other You are both fastidious and seek some degree of perfection Libra aims to achieve balance and beauty, so is not likely to provoke the critical side of Virgo Virgo with Scorpio In practical or intellectual areas, this combination of Earth with Water will work well But emotionally these two signs are worlds apart Scorpio has intense feelings, burning desires and is often at the mercy of his or her own emotions whereas Virgo believes in controlling them Scorpio is demanding, so will appreciate Virgo's reliable, conscientious qualities Virgo with Sagittarius Earthy Virgo is careful, methodical and controlled and analytical Fiery Sagittarius is impulsive, quick, independent and sometimes reckless or extravagant While Virgo is mentally equipped to specialize or concentrate on one thing at a time, handle small details and live in the present Sagittarius is mentally wide angled, optimistic and always looks to the future Self expression of these signs flows through very different channels Virgo with Capricorn Both signs belongs to the element Earth, so you both have your feet on the ground and appreciate the practical side of life and work Both are conscientious, with a strong sense of duty 407 and responsibility, but you should avoid a pattern of all work and no play Your rulers-intellectual Mercury and Wise, selfdisciplined Saturn-are well matched for business and practical matters but there could be a lack of feeling, warm emotions and romantic sparkle Capricorn admires the systematic, methodical, well-ordered ways of Virgo while the latter is sufficiently self-contained and logical not to be cut to the quick by selfish ways Virgo with Acquarius Earth with Air highlights the contrast between these two signs The combination of your respective rulers-Mercury and Uranus or Saturn emphasizes a mental and intellectual affinity rather than a deep emotional bond Virgo is sensible, rational, analytical and sometimes cool while Aquarius can be dispassionate, detached, uninvolved whereas Virgo is careful Self controlled and orthodox but Aquarius can be unpredictable, temperamental and unconventional at times Virgo's logical mind cannot begin to decipher the enigma that is Aquarius Virgo with Pisces Earth has an affinity with Water and these opposite signs in the zodiac can complement each other You see things through different eyes Each always will be abit of a mystery to the other Virgo is motivated by reason, analysis,facts and logic Pisces is guided by feelings, emotions, intuition and that strange ability to sense what is what Virgo brings method to Pisces madness Romantic, imaginative Pisces can add a tough of intangible magic to Virgo's life LIBRA Libra with Libra There is no conflict when Air mixes with Air and, since you are both ruled by Venus the planet of peace, harmony, balance and beauty, it will be easy to agree on most things Discord or conflict really upsets Libra, so each will avoid or leave unfinished anything likely to cause this You areboth easy-going and lack a fighting spirit, so you not make a very progressive 408 team Your environment certainly will reflect the elegant and attractive tastes of important to Libra Libra with Scorpio This is a case where Air will mix with Water because you relish-feminine Venus and masculine Mars-can create a strong physical, emotional and sexual attraction However, gentle Libra may find the intensity and severity of Scorpio overwhelming at times The secret of happiness in this duo is to find something to share which gives pleasure and satisfaction to both Libra is tactful enough not to provoke Scorpio's sting There is a mutual attraction between Libra's charming allure and Scorpio's sex apple Libra with Sagittarius Air will harmonize well with Fire in this combination because the union of your ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter increases their qualities of love, happiness, success and the ability to enjoy life Although Libra needs to share things with someone special, you are tactful enough to allow Sagittarius that much-loved freedom and independence And Sagittarius is generous enough to allow Libra to indulge in little pleasure and luxuries Libra with Capricorn Air does not easily combine with Earth, so there is likely to be some type of common purpose or destiny when these signs forma long-term association Capricorn does not wear its heart on its sleeve and is unlikely to demonstrate openly the warmth of love and affection which Libra needs Libra enjoys ease, luxury and self indulgence Capricorn takes life seriously, attracts responsibility and can cope with austerity much better than Libra, If this is necessary, Capricorn should remember that sharing love, affection and beautiful things is as vital to Libra as food and water Libra with Acquarius Air harmonizes with Air Since these two signs are naturally friendly and need the company of other people, you can 409 share these pleasures together libra is the epitome of the personal lover whereas Aquarius is the universal lover who needs to share interests and affections with many people When Aquarius becomes aloof or unpredictable, libra uses tact and diplomacy, rather than anger to handle the situation Neither will make impossible demands on the other Yet they can have togetherness if Libra allow Aquarius freedom Libra with Pisces The harmony between your ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter or Neptune, helps bridge the gap between Air and Water Although you are different in nature, there can be and an affinity because you both appreciate beauty, the arts and entertainment, harmony, gentleness, love, affection, togetherness and the magic of romance Libra's innate sense of balance and judgement will help contract Piscine confusion, indecision, and impartiality SCORPIO Scorpio with Scorpio This double combination of the emotional element Water, will intensify the already strong feehngs, desires, emotions and passions which are either latent or active in every Scorpio There are no half measures with this sign, so two people with such purpose and driving force will achieve great things if goals agree If not, violent clashes are likely There is a tug of war between saint and devil in this combination Scorpio with Sagittarius Unless you compromise, this combination of Water with Fire can create problems in a close relationship The Sagittarian's independence and need to feel free will arouse Scorpio's jealousy when the lattePs desire to possess is denied Scorpio demands much of both self and others but Sagittarius will rebel against being controlled; dominated or forced in any way Sagittarian' enthusiasm can bring out the best in Scorpio Scorpio, being secretive, seldom divulges all that he or she thinks or feels This trait will fascinate, irritate or mystify the naturally frank Sagittarius 410 Scorpio with Capricorn Water harmonizes with Earth but since your rulers are the "tough" planets Mars and Saturn, neither of you expects life to be an easy road, full of fun and games Both signs can be dedicated, determined and hard working where important goals are involved In serious and practical matters, you make a good team if your objectives coincide When conflicts arise, you canbe deadly enemies Since neither of you readily gives up, serious rifts will not be easily or quickly resolved in this pairing Scorpio with Acquarius The lack of affinity between Water and Air is the great difference between these signs You are both strong-willed and determined so, if you can channel your combined forces into a common goal, great achievements are possible Scorpio is intensely emotional and naturally possessive but Aquarius likes to feel uncluttered and free to share interests, activities, affections with any friend, groups and social causes If Scorpio tries to possess and dominate the indomitable Aquarian, it will bring rebellion, when a serious rift develops, Aquarius can separate quickly and cut the losses For Scorpio, love is an intensely personal matter Aquarius sees lovein broader, universal terms Unless this importantdifference in emotional attitudes is clearly understood Scorpio will feel that Aquarius is too impersonal and detached Scorpio with Pisces There is a magnetic attraction between these two Water signs and in combination they will generate and intensely emotional relationship Scorpio has an inborn desire to dominate or conquer something or someone, so needs others to succumb Pisces can give you the impression of being submissive but, in reality," often it is a devious manoeuvre Pisces can soothe and anaesthetize the inner tensions, compelling desires and compulsive strivings withinScorpio Each intuitively senses the other's moods, needs, fears and faults When things go wrong, an over-abundance of emotion will cloud the issue and mar settlement 411 SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius with Sagittarius This combination of Fire with in two such active, enthusiastic and optimistic people creates a lively team Together you generate an atmosphere of restless activity and excitement, so that life will move fast You both like freedom and independence so, unless you pull together and constantly reinforce the partnership, there's a chance you will drift apart Monotony and too many ties are your enemies Sagittarius with Capricorn The marked contrast between Fire and Earth is evident in this combination Capricorn is cautious, conservative, Prudent, serious and sometimes pessimistic; Sagittarius is exuberant, optimistic, impulsive and broad minded Even your ruling planets are opposite because Jupiter symbolizes expansion and increase whereas Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, relates to contraction, decrease and limitation Although opposites can attract, the differences in both your natures and outlook certainly will become manifest Independent, freedom loving Sagittarius will not take kindly to being repressed or restricted by Capricorn who, in turn, will not understand the Sagittarian's inner longings, high ideals, impossible dreams.If youcanbridge the gap and achieve a happy relationship, each will certainly benefit in the long term Sagittarius with Acquarius There is a strong affinity between Fire and Air, as well as between your rulers-Jupiter, the god of thunder, and Uranus or Saturn the lord of lightning Eachsign makes a strong impact on the other and yet, when necessary, you are willing to leave each other alone You each have an independent streak and need freedom, so neither should trespass on the other's territory Both signs have high ideals which transcend the personal level These two signs are naturally friendly, so you will attract many people into your arena and share the resulting pleasures and reciprocal benefits 412 Sagittarius with Pisces This combination of Fire with Water is fullof complexities and presents a multitude of possibilities For some, compatibility will be found in a mutual appreciation of philosophy, religion, mysticism, philanthropic pursuits, charitable causes, travel, humanitarian or other lofty ideals For others, there will be long periods of confusion, uncertainty or wishful thinking In some cases each person may live ina private world, untouched and unnoticed by the other Pisces's vivid imagination probably will conjure up the worst picture when Sagi ttarian feels the need to be independent Although Sagittarian is basically kind, helpful and generous, the sign lacks the softness and tender loving care which is so essential to hypersensitive Pisces The Piscean tendency to be indecisive, impractical and disorganized may exasperate Sagittarian who is basically active, impulsive and positive and likes to get things done quickly and efficiently CAPRICORN Capricorn with Capricorn This double dose of Earthy Capricorn multiplies your cautious, conservative, realistic approach to life It is imporcautious, conservative, realistic approach to life It is important to have contact with other types of people oryouboth will take things so seriously that you will miss out on many lighthearted pleasures If you are working toward the same objectives, your combined ambitions and perseverance will ensure success Flowever, if one tries to use the other for selfish ends, it can lead to much bitterness and resentment Outsiders who are more adventurous and relaxed are likely to find this Capricorn duo too serious and formal Capricorn with Acquarius There is little in common between Earth and Air or between your respective rulers-cautious Saturn and unpredictable, unorthodox Uranus This relationship will be subject to changes of mood, routine and attitudes Many personal readjustments will have to be made on both sides, although these may not be easy to achieve because Aquarius is independent 413 and stubborn about personal ideas while Capricorn is tenacious, holding tight to goals and convictions Capricorn can never fathom why Aquarian sometimes becomes unpredictable and capricious This behaviour undermines Capricorn's desire for stability and security Sometimes, Aquarian likes the thrill of a new, exciting experiment, regardless of the consequences For Capricorn, this is totally unnecessary Capricorn with Pisces Earth has an affinity with Water and, although there is a great difference between these signs, they complement each other Pisces finds iteasy to amalgamate andean adapt to people and situations which are safe and secure Capricorn is the epitome of safety and security Pisces is intensely sensitive, emotional, romantic and sentimental, so may feel sad or hurt when Capricorn hides his or her true feelings Pisces is not one of the aggressively competitive signs, so offers no apparent threat to Capricorn's ambitions and long-range plans to climb the ladder of success Capricorn's sense of management and excellent practical abilities will help to shelter sensitive Pisces from some of the harsh realities of life ACQUARIUS Acquarius with Acquarius The Air sign Aquarius is ruled by "ranus or Saturn, the planet of all that is original, unique, inventive, erratic, unusual, unorthodox and wayward Outsiders may not be able to fathom this complex Aquarian wavelength because it makes one Aquarian to know another Much will depend on which of the many facets of this signeach person reflects but, sooner or latter, unusual, surprising, changeable or disruptive conditions will affect this partnership Acquarius with Pisces It would be hard to find amore unusual combination than Airy Aquarius with Watery Pisces, for the simple reason that your respective rulers Uranus and Neptune-or Saturn and Jupiter are "out of this world," beyond the boundary lines of 414 Saturn Consequently they transcend the limits of personal ideas and give qualities unique which others not possess You are both differentfrommost people and you sometimes feel misfits, except with other Aquarians and Pisceans There will be at least two sides to this combination: firstly, the superficial layers of the association appear to be quite ordinary and normal; secondly, the unseen, hidden interplay of psychological forces make an obscure and highly complex relationship Each person can sense unfathomable depths in the other which are seldom plumbed, even in a long term of togetherness PISCES Pisces with Pisces Because Pisces is a Water sign, feelings, emotions, intuition, daydreams, imagination and hypersensitivity to atmospheres are to the fore in this relationship and take precedence over logic and rational analysis You eachhave your own private and secret world of make believe to escape to when necessary You sense things about people, including each other, without a word being spoken Both can become muddled, disorganized, indecisive and in a dither, so there will be periods when time is wasted and confusion reigns in practical matters Because you are so emotional and sentimental you cry when you are happy as well and when sad HOW OPPOSITE SIGNS ATTRACT? It is commonly said that opposite signs cannot marry each other or have a partnership as they create disharmony, misunderstanding and bitterness This dictum is not correct A discussion as below will reveal the author's views for the benefit of all Marriage compatibility is must between a couple to lead a happy married life So in India horoscopes are matched before settling a match Such matching means compatibility and incompatibility of the various signs According to general dictum there are signs which are favourable to particular signs except the opposite sign As for example we know that Aries can marry Sagittarius or Leo signs and Capricorn sign well go enough with Taurus, Virgo and Libra and so on Such signs create mutually 415 stimulating relationships But what about opposite signs? The general belief is that such signs create disharmony, misunderstanding and bitterness But in our views and experience the opposite signs help each other in marriage and business partnership etc the deficiencies which one has are supplied and covered by the other sign and can represent ideal state These views are supported by the well known scientific law that "Opposite poles attract, whereas similar pole repulse." The relations between persons of same signs are rewarding but sometimes have tendency to dissolve because they are weighted too much on to one side and lack the interlocking centrali orce Similarly,relationships between compatible signs may be bit stronger in so faras they supply someofthese missing ingredients We, on the basis of principle laid down in para two supra discuss the relations between the opposite signs There can be six such combinations These signs relate to SUN signs, Lagna signs or Moon Signs as indicated in prior pages In the "Linking of Signs" you have found such all combinations viz-Aries Libra, Taurus-Scorpio etc etc But now we provide specially the details of such signs against the general dictum HOW OPPOSITE SIGNS ATTRACT? ARIES-LIBRA Aries indicates leadership whereas Libra denotes cooperation and this can be an excellent partnership Aries has ego whereas Libra has basic instinct of harmony Arians are rash, hard workers, energetic, very active andean withstand the odds of life and have the ego of self first This attitude of egoism and rashness generally not pay in the long run in the modern society but the partnership of Libra who has his basic nature of live and let live , provides a way to strive through creating a lovely and graceful private world and enables Arians to go ahead successfully through hard work while relaxing also So 416 the gap created by one is filled by the other if theyjoin hands together Such people can immediately and easily resolve their difference if any because both are good orators and discuss the subjects well and can reach at the correct decision Both signs indicate intelligence, diplomacy and are practical in actions and donotbelieve in postponing the things Their frankness and enthusiastic nature in love can further cement their relations Both want freedom and cannot be imposed upon, so they can adjust better with each other Harmonious relations with all is their common point Arian husbands are very desirable partners Usually they select beautiful and clever wives Generous and beautiful, romantic but spend thrift, rash and passionate The Arian ladies are witty, intelligent and independent, Zealous, proud and always talk high of their family and domestic environments A good host, but like to be well looked after by their husbands They love if they are admired and can be controlled with tact patience On the other hand Libra husbands are cheerful, romantic, passionate and of adjusting nature Accommodative have care for family and their comforts Good expressive of love, want equal response from wife The Libra ladies are emblem of beauty, intelligence, tact and wisedom Maintain peace at home Sexy and passionate, fond of dance, music, restaurant, club and societies Happy in home and social life Cannot be imposed upon, peaceful, diplomat and generous Emotional, extravagant, amiable, ready to forgive and forget Therefore such pairs of signs can redeem the deficiency of each other and can prove an ideal partnership TAURUS—SCORPIO Both signs are fixed Taureans are persevere whereas Scorpians have patience Both have close minded potentialities and behave equally Both are determined, obstinate and ambitious for power, yet social and affectionate Both will not stop if 417 angry whereas both are steady workers So they will understand each other better than any one Both have magnetic power to attract others, fond of opposite sex and enjoy a good health Scorpian are best detectives and can prove useful to Taureans, their power of intuition, mysteries and occult can strengthen the mutual relations to a greater extent than otherwise In case of any misunderstanding both will hold grudges for a long time but at last will ignore and come close, Scorpians believe in evolution and revolution The Taureans are preserving, determined, ambitious of power, social, affectionate, slow but steady in work They are patient, of strong will, secretive, reserve and sincere Reliable and trust-worthy Fond of pleasure, love, ease,opposite sex and comforts of life Care more for home The Taurian husbands are devoted to their wives, adore them and are faithful Never neglect the home, wife and children They like wife to be well dressed, attractive and pleasing Taurian ladies are good wives and mothers, reserved and calm Anxious to leada happy domestic lifeof gentle and peace loving nature Sincere, not hasty and dutiful Divorce is rare with them The Scorpio husbands are rash in temperament but of adjustable nature Appreciate their wives Care more for prestige and family honour Such ladies enjoy life if partner cooperates, bestows love anddeep affection Of adjustable nature, hardworker, may suddenly loose temper and they are very passionate Such mixed combination produce an excellent couple GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS Both signs are not demonstrative, the persons controlled by these signs have immense touch of love, quick wit, humane, generous, cheerful and shy During obstacles they are at their best No one can better things successfully and gracefully than Geminians They lackin concentration and quick decision which weakness is removed by Sagittarians So the marriage or 418 partnership between the two lasts as they love each other and are loving They take it in the own way and leave the relations to its own device Both are fashionable, social and adoptable to all circumstances Fond of society and having many more common traits, have no chance of separation, even they become zealous when they feel that their relations are being threatened Being believer in modern society, they enjoy the life to the maximum, both love opposite sex No doubt Sagittarian flares up quickly which lasts only for a short time but to them home lifeis important than any other thing Both acquire maturity late in life They maintain integrity Ladies controlled by Sagittarius sign not interfere in husband's affairs, will not suggest any thing unless asked for and are of adjustable nature Both ladies are intelligent, can not tolerate any resentment by the partner against their wish, so they adjust with their husbands immediately Similarly is the case with husbands dominated by these signs CANCER—CAPRICORN This is a happy blending of attachment and detachment Bothlike quite and domestic atmosphere Such persons forman ideal relationship and have complimentary natures They are emotionally insecure, clinging to one an other rather too independently for their own good Capricorns are not emotional, they are slow and cautious, not bold and rash and never take the lead They take long time to choose partner and are not demonstrative in love and not fit for romance On the other hand Cancerians take the life monotonous without romance, loyal, sincere and affectionate but lack in expressing their loyalty and sincerity to the partner's honest and very true love they love, their home and family life A good parents and care for the need of children Both husbands and wives of these signs are sincere, loyal and devoted to their partners and form an ideal combination of marriage They will not bother for conventional or unconventional marriage but will have permanent ties of Unbroken nature 419 LEO—ACQUARIUS It is a combination of personality versus collectivity This combination is truly unconventional, even controversial but an excellent one They love secretly their privacy, have huge families with constant flurry of activity Remain united but nothang ontoone another or stifle each other Most cooperative with each other Each is busy with a separate activity much of the time Their home remains a place of laughter, and has an atmosphere of joy and security Comparing the traits of these signs Leonians are rash in temperament, ambitious, generous, frank, honourable, warm hearted, fearless, determined, fond of power and authority, magnanimous, frank, free and of imposing nature They can not tolerate any restrictions Domineering, joyous and jubilant They are helpful to every body, romantic, an ideal lover, fiery in passions, but sincere and faithful Leonians will not demonstrate their love in public as they consider it below their dignity Have great affection for the opposite sex As husband he loves home, wife and children, agreeable with wife provided not dominated The Leonian ladies are ambitious and ideal Manages her home ideally, commands social and prominent position affectionate and of good nature Proves a good wife On the other hand Aquarians are intelligent, have good memory, good concentration, self controlled, outspoken, unselfish, humane and impersonal Quick witted, clear hearted, blessed with new and fresh ideas Constant in friendship, strong in likes and dislikes They develop intuition and good concentration, social but choosy about friends Aquarian husbands are of research mind, pay less attention to wife and family kind, generous and sympathetic Expect respect from all, bold and expressive The Ladies are unconventional, want satisfaction and co-operation from the partner, share responsibilities, work and duties Such combination of these signs produce a happy couple 420 VIRGO—PISCES A happy combination of discipline and tolerance This partnership may be unconventional It is through sheer devotion of the partners that even seemingly insurmountable difficulties are usually overcome The Virgoans are methodical, of active mind, fond of learning bring, vigilance and attention, a pragmatic appro ach to problems that crop up in every one's life sooner or latter Undecided, nervous and lack in decision and self confidence Perceptive but somewhat intuitive Methodical, of frank and expressive eyes Love details of things Fond of peaceful and pleasant domestic life Flabit of finding fault generally make them love and passion hungry Shy and not demonstratine in love The Pisceans are quick in understanding, inspirational, easy going, passionate, affectionate, and charitable Good natured, intuitional, secretive, philosophical and lead a romantic life Their habit of devotional spirit and solitude make it all worth while Led away by fancies of life and new ideas As husbands, they are affectionate, kind and full of love but are of suspicious nature Remain attracted towards opposite sex throughout their life Very helpful and maintain harmony at home Sincere and true Piscean ladies are beautiful, romantic and passionate, over liberal and the unbounded generosity Of sweet temper, very social and polite On the whole they love domestic life Virgo Pisces never suffers from lack ofhope Flence their union is likely to not only survive, but prosper long after others have dissolved OM TAT SAT
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