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get many free Jyotish books/ documents and astrology Softwares at; http://www.4shared.com/dir/JCjyW4al/ASTRO DOCUMENTS.html and http://www.4shared.com/dir/uWRnxr-u/FOR ASTROLOGY.html 726 files, 44 folders; 54400 viewers/downloaders in I year (all free) tips to get everything free; folders cannot be downloaded, only files in them can click a folders in the left pane to open individual files and download them free from the right pane by right clicking on them and choosing download Astrology and Timing of Marriage (a Scientific Approach) ~1 Rt tt 3fu- Fct ell~ ( TJ!-n 8/#fJHCh fl q ll cgfi:ecn) OJ) a group research based on over 200 charts with navamsha, two dashas and transit of planets by research students ofJanuary 2008 batch English Section Hindi Section AlokVerma Ashwini Baqaya B.Shobha Harsh Kumar Meenakshi Priyadarshini Rajesh Raj Sheila Seth Anuj Gupa G.K.Joshi Kalpana Sablok Sunita Sharma Sateyandra Bisht Rama Gupta Rishi Kapoor Guidance Shri K.N Rao '1T7f -zyR mcfio"Q;fo Wf Vani Publications, Delhi Appreciation by the Guide Many igr1orant astrologers were objecting ro marriages if Saturn was transitting in their seventh house rm my rese.1rches on double tr,1nsit of Saturn and Jupiter was published eighteen years ago It was a very original and revolutionary research But wh.1t h.1ppened later shows the sheer hollowness of Indian TI1e bitter truth that we must face is that in (his land of Hindus where marriage is such a s.1cred institution and parents are anxious to get their children particularly daughters married off there is no method or dependable metho i of tim ins marriages in any of the well known and great astrological work astrologers However what happened to the earlier research must be recalled Plagiarism Books have come out recently ar1d they are plagiarisms I received the following letter whiCh I am reproducing here verbatim From Praveen Kumar chunnu200l@vsnl.net> To: k n rao Subject: Plagiarism Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 21:44:24 1ST Respected Sir, Sadar Pranam Yesterday I was looking at some book on Transits by some S.K Duggal of Chandigarh, published by Sagar Publications I was shocked to see your 'Donble Transit' theory therein, using almost the same wordings and without any reference to your goodself I wonder how such persons can justice with their prafession of astrology, a divine science Hore unfortunate is that even such blatant plagiarism can't be challenged in astrology !·lay God take care of the situation Praveen Kumar (Numbai) TI1e first major research also plagianscd The first m1 m ii ~ 'it ~ WI i? ~ ~ fuel '='! 31'A rom 'rn '1ft 31f9 il ~ ij 31J1 fcit j} I ~ "''I ·~om~ 'lR ful\Fiii 'it - r'i it ~ om~31l "'l: 'iiT'l ~ t ~ ~ 31U!fl!-2 ij ~ ~ lJ m m m'll 'fi1 f.m8.l'll :lJ 0!1
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