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THE ART OF PREDICTION J.N BHASIN CONTENTS CHAPTER RULES : TRACED AND EXPLAINED /Retrograde planets are conducive to their karka properties and for the traits of the house they own, Jupiter's role as a husband, Saturn and the race horses, Moon and Mars represent blood, moon must be treated as lagna, the plurality of Mercury, planets for the medical line, planets for the film line Quick results, divorce, abdication, sanyas, criterion for strength of ^planets, factors that enhance value, determination of benefics %d malefics aspects of planets, dispositors, malefics—aspects cf planets, malefics in trines, mental deficiency, disease, aristocratic factors, longevity traits of first house, planets aspecting own signs, past and future, foreign travel, cinema, punishinent by government, prediction by definition, factors for darkness, masses, charitable deeds, main and subruling periods, traits of the 12' houses, sandhis, educational attainments Sudarshan,, cordiality, bastard birth, Rahus, aspect illustrated, significators, wealthgiving yogas, comments on Bhavarth Ratnakar (1-611 CHAPTER II PILLARS OF THE ASTROLOGICAL EDIFICE Planets are most fundamental factors for prediction, all other factors must be converted to the category of planets, Predictions are generally based on the consideration of a home, its lord and its significator, Sun is significator of fame, Sun Rahu and Saum are significators for medical line, Sun, Saturn Rahu cause rift Sun, Moon are factors for self Sun represents as significator, father, vowels, fire, bones, status, belly, ruling power, heart Moon represents eye, mother, lungs, water, status, wealth, longevity etc Mars represents, intelligence, property, violence, military, theft etc Mrcury represents unselfishness, arms, brain, quickness, education, oratory, skin, impotency etc Jupiter represents brahmins, bulkiness, finance, taxes, expansion, sons, husband liver, etc Venus represents beauty throat, face, semen, music, refinement, wife, conveyance, law, sociability Saturn, reprents slow movement, darkness, low status, legs, nerves, seperation, imprisonment, poverty, disease, Rahu represents sudden events, nerves, skin trouble and other traits of Saturn Ketu represents moksha, injury and other traits of Mars Roles of signs in prediction, Nanda, Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta, Poornati Tithis and their meaning and relation to prediction role, of nakshras in prediction (62-97) CHAPTER III PRINCIPLES OF PARASHAR Good, Bad and Yoga Karaka planets for the 12 lagnas and how their traits are arrived at with reference to the basic principles laid down by Maharshi Parashar (98-114) CHAPTER IV DEPARTMENTS OF LIFE Justification for high status of Shri Rajagopalachari, mode of > death practically determined from first house, a retrograde but ' affiicted lord of lagna gives bad results-an illustration, scholarship %f Dr Annie Besant explained, revolutionary character of Karl Marx described astrologically, birth during a journey-an example, an example of vipreet yoga, blindness explained with example, absence of life savings—an illustration Bankruptcy in Dasa of Yoga Karaka, stammering, drinking habits, deafness illustrated, twin birth chart explained, amputation of right arm-chart verified Merderers chart explained, leukaemiaillustrated, property thro Sister Yoga in birth chart from nadi explained, loss of job in Dasa of benefics, actual horoscope commented upon, lottery—an example from life, preknowledge of death, birth charts Caycees chart elucidated, suicide for love an illustration, no children though married times, a man haying -seven sonsthrough one wife Birth chart involving removal of kidneys explained, diabetes an example, president Woodrow Wilson, cause of death explained Jai Prakasb Narain, his kidneys and confinement Married to a princess, bi-sexual man birth chart of, absence of spermatozoa elucidated, meeting wife of previous birth, a study of a birth chart, seperated from husband on the very evening of marriage Shooting (town of paramour explained from birth chart, impotency illustrated, suicide from a running train, an inventor's horoscope commented upon, stay in foreign lands, an example Martin Luther King, knowledge of previous birth—yoga shown in birth chart, posthumous birth illustrated, Nixons fall astrologically explained, Einstein, Tagore, Shaw, Nobel prize winners—Yogas for honour explained, insomnia illustrated, titles yoga for, explained from birth charts, a judge goes to jail—his imprisonment explained from his birth chart (M 5-215) CHAPTER V DASA Dasa defined, years of Vimshottari Dasa, determination of lords of Nakshara's ruling at birth subperiod determination of, tables for balances of planets under vinshottari Planets having bhukti always influence the Dasa Lord irrespective of their position in the horoscope, verdict of texts, rules of vimshottari explained for practical application (216-255) CHAPTER VII TIMING OF EVENTS Events from the life of Shrimati Indira Gnndhi such as her becoming a Minister, her rise in life, birth of Son, death of father explained in detail from her horoscope, the study of Dasa as well as transits involved, the nice results of Saturn in Saturn explained, our humble prediction in regard to excellent results for sub-period of Mercury in Saturn reiterated President Nixon's resignation explained with reference to his birth chart A merderers horoscope discussed Pierre—Laval, mode of his death explained from his birth chart Goebbels, suicide and his killing of his own wife and children explained from his birth chart, Surya Prakash's short life explained Some events of authors own life explained with reserence to both Dasa and Transits and the date of the event determined astrologically Death of Shri J L Nehru explained by Dasa and Transit (256-291) , CHAPTER VH ERECTION OF A BIRTH CHART Erection of a birth chart under the Indian and the Western system (292-299) BIBLIOGRAPHY (300) INTRODUCTION Astrology is both a science and an art It is science in the sense that it is based on the pure science of astronomy and mathematics and an art in the sense that it requires sufficient practice to give adequate results The mathematical portion of-astrology is comparatively easier, as most of its requirements are already available to us without much labour Unlike old days, an astrologer is not called upon these days, to work out the longitudes of the heavenly bodies himself These are easily available in an up-to-date form in modern ephemeris, and only have to be culled out But the art portion of astrology requires much time, constant practice and devoted attention for a correct appraisal of the birth chart While writing this work it has been presumed that the student is already familiar with the most elementary knowledge concerning astrology such as the names of the 12 signs, names of planets etc Barring such type of most elementary knowledge all other essential rules of astrology have been incorporated in this work to prepare the student for the actual task of interpretation of a birth chart i Care has been taken that while laying down the rules of the science the authority of the standard texts is not lost sight of For every rule supporting references has been cited from such standard works as Brihat Parashar Horoshastra, Brihat Jatak, Phal Deepika, Uttar Kalamrit, Sarvarth Chintamani prashna Marg, Bhavartha Ranakar, Saravali, Jatak Parijat, Chandra Kala Nadi etc While elucidating the rules of astrology particular attention has been paid to such rules as are either of more relative importance or are of a somewhat controyertial nature For example, the far reaching effects of the aspects of nddes—Rahu and Ketu, the altogether changed effects of planets owning signs occupied by other planets, the metamorphosis of benefics undpr heavy afflication, the Seperative effects of sun, satum and Rahu, the killing effects of mars and Ketu etc have been prominently •brought out into focus along with other normal important rules The karaka properties of the planets have been dilated upon with the primary object of using them as main instruments of divination in the various fields of human activity Every subject of human interest relates to a particular house of the horoscope and its lord and has a karka or significator Karakas, with the houses they relate to have been listed, in order to be of help in the actual task of prediction \6 A practical knowledge in the art of prediction is possible only when the application of the astrological laws is understood by reference to the horoscopes of peoples from all walks of life In order, therefore, to impart practical knowledge to the student a vast number of birth charts belonging to prominent personalities have been included in this study These birth charts have been studied from different angles such as longevity, health, wealth, ruling powers, social service, comfortable living, luxuries and the line of profession, and with reference to the practical application of the rules already learnt in in the matter The idea of such a study has been to create the ability in students to ascertain for themselves the 10 Promises of good or bade vents on the basis of the various patterns and ruleg Having prepared the student to undertake the task of prediction tfie next step undertaken has been to acquaint him with the rules of daisa and bhukti,! both mathet^tical and interpretative TThe rules for the application of the vhnshotmri dasa system have been explained in a practical manner with reference to well known birth charts and their equally well known events The last special point dealt with in this book has been to explain in detail with practical ejtamples the actual application of the "transit" system to the bhukti periods with a view to pin point the actual dates of events Thus the book is "prediction" oriented and is intended to enable students to have all the material in one place so as to facilitate their attempts at prediction It is hoped the book will serve this special purpose for which it has been written J N BHASIN Flat 1, Double Storey Market New Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi THE ART OF PREDICTION THE BOOK AT A GLANCE The entire approach to this work has been "prediction" oriented To start with the student has been furnished quite , a number of most precious rules in order to equip him with-a thorough grounding in the principles of prediction, which have all been explained and substantiated by reference to original standard texts The practical application of these rules has then explained by citation of over 112 birth charts from actual life, dealing with all of its important aspects such as longevity, health, wealth, education, marriage, children married life, ruling powers, public Sfrvice, diseases, imprisonment and with such subjects as adultry drunkardness, bastard birth, posthumous birth, birth in a train, divorce, deafness, discoveries, impotency, insolvency, judgeship, martyrdom, paramour, merderers, suicide, bi-sexual organs, spemnatozoa etc etc The idea in each case has been to enable the student to predict for himself Thereafter the rules of vinshottari have been given with special reference to the use of transits to pin point the date of occurrence of events—a phase of astrology illustrated and discussed in detail for the first time
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