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Chuyên đề 6: WORD FORMS(loại từ:N(danh từ)/V(động từ)/Adj(tính từ)/Adv(trạng từ)) Dấu hiệu: giống âm tiết đầu khác hậu tố cuối tập loại từ * Ưu tiên nhìn sau gạch chân xem có danh từ hay khơng: - Nếu sau gạch chân có danh từ chổ trống thiếu tính từ (adj): Adj + N - Nếu sau gạch chân ko có danh từ( mà lại có giới từ, động từ, thời gian , nơi chốn ko phải N )thì ta quay trước gạch chân xem có dấu hiệu ko VD: Are you sure that boys are more .than girls? a act b active c action d activity *Cách nhận biết loại từ: Loại Dấu hiệu Ví dụ Vị trí câu từ - tion / - prevention, conservation - Làm S ation(sự) - employment, development - Sau “enough+ N - ment - singer, actor - Làm O( đứng sau động từ) - er / or (người) - artist, musician - Sau mạo từ a, an, the + N - ist / cian - possibility, nationality - SauTTSH: his, her, my…+ N (người) - vision - Sau giới từ + N - ity - happiness, sadness (The N of N) - sion - importance, difference - A/ an/ the/ many/some/a few/ much a - ness - death, warmth, width lot of /several /this/that/these/those/most - ce - criticism, heroism /plenty of + N - th -baggage, carriage, damage, - sau the same + N - ism passage - sau số thứ tự the first/the -age -friendship, hardship, second/the only/ the last + N -ship citizenship N(Dan - dom - freedom, kingdom h từ) -hood - childhood, likelihood, - ure brotherhood -cy -nature, failure, closure, - try pleasure -logy - accuracy, bankruptcy, -graphy democracy -ee (V+ee " N: - chemistry, ancestry, carpentry - biology, geology, zoology người được) - biography, geography -ant (V+ ant -employee, interviewee, payee "N: người) - ty - assistant, accountant -al(V+al " N) V( Độ ng từ) ADJ( Tính từ) - en / en- ize - ify - ate - ful - less( không) - ous - able - tive/sive - al (N+al "adj) - ent -ic - loyalty - arrival - endanger, enrich, widen - modernize, industrialize - beautify, diversify - decorate, associate - harmful, useful, careful - useless, careless, hopeless - dangerous, famous - comfortable, valuable - attractive, active - industrial, natural, national -different -historic - Sau S(chủ ngữ) - mệnh đề rút gọn - Sau BE(is/am/are, was/were) - Sau get, seem, look, sound,become, feel - Trước danh từ: adj + N -How +adj + S + be -What + (a/an) + adj + N+ S+ V - Trước “enough”: S + be + adj + enough -ical -y -ed -ing -ible -ory -ary -ly(N+ ly "adj) -ate -ish - like - ly(adj+ly "adv) - Một số trạng từ đặc biệt ADV( Trạng từ) -historical -windy -Interested -interesting -audible, edible, horrible - compulsory, predatory - dictionary, contrary, primary - friendly, lovely - temperate, accurate - foolish, reddish, childish - childlike - carefully, beautifully - good(adj)  well(adv) late  late (trễ) nhưng: lately(adv): gần hard(adj:khó)  hard(adv:chăm chỉ) ( với work:làm việc) Nhưng: hardly: không early  early fast  fast - cấu trúc keep/make + O + adj - Sau “ too”: S + be/seem/look + too +adj +to - however + adj + S +be Be+ So + adj that Such +(a/an) + adj+ N Be + more + adj dài than Be + adj ngắn + er than Be the most + adj dài Be the adj ngắn +est - Sau V thường (hoặc trước Vthường) - adv đứng sau V đặc biệt trước V thường - Sau “too”: V(thường)+ too + adv + to - Trước “enough” : V(thường) + adv + enough to-inf - V(thường)+so+adv+ that -Đứng cuối câu - Trạng từ thường đứng đầu câu,hoặc câu cách thành phần khác câu dấu phẩy(,) Adv, S+ adv + V+ adv + O + adv - Trước tính từ : Adv + adj How +adv + S + V(thường)! Vthường + more + adv dài than Vthường + adv ngắn + er than Vthường the most + adv dài Vthường the adv ngắn +est *Lưu ý: Phân biệt: Be/get/got/look/become/feel+ adj V thường+ adv So+ adj/adv that Adj/adv enough for S.O to More + adj/adv than How adj/adv + S + V ! adj+ly = adv: happily N+ ly = adj: friendly N+al= adj: national V+al= N: arrival *Các tiền tố phủ định tính từ: Tiền tố phủ định Im-( đứng trước tính từ bắt đầu m p) Ir-( đứng trước tính từ bắt đầu r) Il- (đứng trước tính từ bắt đầu l) InDisUn- Ví dụ Immature, impatient Irregular, irreplaceable Illegal, illegible, illiterate Inconvenient, inedible Disloyal, dissimilar Uncomfortable, unsuccessful DeDecentralize NonNonsense Lưu ý:- Đối với tiền tố in- , im- ý nghĩa phủ định, chúng mang nghĩa “bên trong,vào trong” Vd: internal, import Các tiền tố un-, dis- dùng để thành lập từ trái nghĩa động từ: tie/untie, appear/disappear,… Hoặc đảo ngược hành động động từ: disbelieve, dislike, disqualify, unbend, undo, undress…… * Các tiền tố, hậu tố thường gặp: Tiền tố Ý nghĩa Ví dụ AntiChống lại Anti-war, antisocial AutoTự động Auto-pilot, autography BiHai, hai lần Bicycle, bilingual ExTrước Ex-wife, ex-smoker Micro- Nhỏ bé Microwave, microscopic MisTồi tệ, sai, nhầm Misunderstand, misinform Mono- Một, đơn lẻ Monotone, monologue MultiNhiều, đa Multi-national, multi-purpose Over Nhiều, mức Overdo, overeat PostSau Postwar, postgraduate PreTrước Pre-war, pre-judge ProTán thành, ủng hộ Pro-government, pro-revolutionary Pseudo- Già Pseudo- scientific ReLần nữa, trở lại Retype, rewind SemiPhân nửa Semi-final, semicircular SubBên Subway, subdivision Under- Thiếu, không đủ Underworked, undercooked *Đại từ: Loại Đại diện Đại từ làm chủ ngữ (S) I, you, we, they,he, she, it Đại từ làm tân ngữ (O) Me, you, us,them, him, hẻ, it Đại từ phản thân( by+ phản thân= on+ Myself, yourself, ourselves, themselves, himself, TTSH+ own) herself, itself Đại từ bất định Each, everything, someone Đại từ sở hữu = TTSH + N Mine, yours, ours, theirs, his, hers, its Đại từ quan hệ Who, which, whom, whose, when, where, why Đại từ định This, that, these,those Lưu ý: Đại từ sở hữu: Mine, yours, ours, theirs, his, hers, its = TTSH + N Vd: my bag = mine By+ Đại từ đại từ phản thân: Myself, yourself, ourselves, themselves, himself, herself, itself = on+ TTSH+ own Vd: by myself = on my own 1.He has been very interested in doing research on since he was at high school a biology b.biological c biologist d biologically Are you sure that boys are more .than girls? a act b active c action d activity You are old enough to take .for what you have done a responsible b.responsibility c.responsibly d.irresponsible These quick and easy can be effective in the short term, but they have a cost a solve b solvable c solutions d solvability He was looking at his parents , waiting for recommendations a obey b obedient c obediently d obeyed The interviews with parents showed that the vast majority were of teacher a support b supportive c supporter d supporting London is home to people many cultures a diverse b diversity c diversify d diversification John cannot make a to get married to Mary or stay single until he can affort a house and a car a decide b decision c decisive d decisively My mother used to be a woman of great ., but now she get old and looks pale a beauty b beautiful c.beautifully d beautify 10 Although they are twins, they have almost the same appearance but they are seldom in a agree b agreeable c agreement d.agreeably 11 The more and positive you look, the better you will feel a confide b confident c confidently d confidence 12 My parents will have celebrated 30 years of by next week a marry b married c marriable d marriage 13 Many Vietnamese people their life for the revolutionary cause of the nation a sacrifice b sacrified c sacrificial d sacrificially 14 Most of us would maintain that physical does not play a major part in how we react to the people we meet a attract b attrctive c attractiveness d attractively 15 The lecturer explained the problem very clearly and is always in response to questions a attention b attentive c attentively d attentiveness 16 Mrs Pike was so angry that she made a gesture at the driver a rude b rudeness c rudely d rudest 17 He is not really friendly and make no attempt to be a society b social c socialize d sociable 18 It is a great to show your interest and politeness when you are having a job interview a important b importantly c importance d unimportant 19 Facial show one’s feelings when he is communicating A expressions b expressive c expresses d expressively 20 He was so that he could not even say a word a nerve b nerves c nervous d nervously 21 I am really in the way he talks, but the way he behaves a interest b interested c interesting d interestingly 22 As an , Mr Pike is very worried about increasing of juvenile delinquency a educate b education c educator d educative 23 To Vietnamese students, the examination to university is very difficult A require b, requirement c requiring d required 24 Despite many recent advances, there are parts where schools are not equipped with computers a technology b technological c technologically d technologist 25 There is a wide range of in the education system in the USA a select b selective c selected d selection 26 He graduated with doctorates of and surgery from Florence, gaining the highest honors that year a medicine b medical c medicate d medication 27 The making of good habits a determination to keep on training your child a require b requires c requirement d required 28 He was the only that was offered the job a apply b application c applicant d applying 29 Many people have objected to the use animals in experiments a science b scientist c scientific d scientifically ... contrary, primary - friendly, lovely - temperate, accurate - foolish, reddish, childish - childlike - carefully, beautifully - good(adj)  well(adv) late  late (trễ) nhưng: lately(adv): gần hard(adj:khó)...-ical -y -ed -ing -ible -ory -ary -ly( N+ ly "adj) -ate -ish - like - ly( adj +ly "adv) - Một số trạng từ đặc biệt ADV( Trạng từ) -historical -windy -Interested... that Adj/adv enough for S.O to More + adj/adv than How adj/adv + S + V ! adj +ly = adv: happily N+ ly = adj: friendly N+al= adj: national V+al= N: arrival *Các tiền tố phủ định tính từ: Tiền tố
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