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Task 1: The graph represents the percentage of the population aged 65 and over in three nations from 1940 to 2040 Generally, the senior parts of the population in these countries increase in 100 years Intially, the proportion of population in USA rose moderately from 9% in 1940 to 15% in 1980 Then It declined slightly to 14% in 2000 and maintains level to 2020 In the last 20 years, there will be a drastic increase in the segment of the elderly It is easy to observe that the percentage of senior people in Sweden fluctuates From the year 1940 to 1980, it went up fromo 7% to 14% and then fell steadly to 13% in 1990 It showed a huge growth in 2010 and then reduces slightly to 18% in 2030 Finally, there will be a significant upward trend in the last 10 years The number of Japanese aged 65 and over showed a decrease from 5% in 1940 to 3% in 1960 It leveled out in 1985 and moves upward to 10% in 2030 It is clear to see a sudden boom in the last 10 years which shows the proportion of senior reachs 27% in 2040 Task 2: Many people think that the ideal class is the class in which the numbers of boys and girls are equal I disagree with that opinion because of three reasons: gender rate, feature of subject and student’s choice First, the birth rate in the past led to to unequal numbers of male and female students In some countries, there are more boys than girls of the same age China is an example which has a transparent difference in birth rate Chinese parents have a tendency to have more sons than daughters Consequently, it impacts on student content in classes Although government attempted to change this situation, it did not reach standard Second, universities usually teach diversified subjects, and these subjects themselves always have specific features Some of them require good physical condition such as football, rugby That is a challenge for girls who really want to attend such kinds of sport On the other hand, gales seem to be suitable for some fields which need cleverness and meticulousness Obviously, almost all students of technical colleges are men because they are better at logical thinking than women Furthermore, it is difficult to control the numbers of male and female in classes because it is the students’ choice They have the right to choose their favorite subjects The decision is made depending on their abilities, strong points and weaknesses Another factor is point requirement Students with different scores will be divided into different classes So that, it is impossible to equalize the number of boys and girls in classes In conclusion, it is not necessary to control gender equalization in universities It is simply not feasible
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