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EPOCH 600 Basic Operation Manual DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365] — Revision A May 2010 Olympus NDT, 48 Woerd Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453, USA This manual and the product and the programs it describes are protected by the Copyright Act (R S., 1985, chapter C-42), by laws of other countries, and by international treaties, and therefore may not be reproduced in whole or in part, whether for sale or not, without the prior written consent from Olympus Under copyright law, copying includes translation into another language or format © 2010 by Olympus All rights reserved This document was prepared with particular attention to usage to ensure the accuracy of the information contained therein It corresponds to the version of the product manufactured prior to the date appearing on the title page There could, however, be some differences between the manual and the product if the product has been modified thereafter The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice Part number: DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365] Revision A May 2010 Printed in United States of America All brands are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners and third party entities DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Table of Contents List of Abbreviations v Labels and Symbols Important Information — Please Read Before Use Intended Use Instruction Manual Instrument Compatibility Repair and Modification Safety Symbols Safety Signal Words Notes Signal Words Safety Warnings WEEE Directive China RoHS 10 EMC Directive Compliance 10 Warranty Information 11 Technical Support 11 Instrument Overview 13 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 What’s In the Box EPOCH 600 Instrument Configurations Installing the MicroSD Card Power Requirements 1.4.1 Lithium-Ion Battery 1.4.2 AC Charger/Adaptor 1.4.3 Alkaline Batteries Table of Contents 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 iii DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Basic Operation 23 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 User Interface 2.1.1 Menus and Parameters 2.1.2 Parameter Adjustment – Knob Configuration 2.1.3 Parameter Adjustment – Navigation Pad Configuration 2.1.4 Direct-Access Keys 2.1.5 Special Functions 2.1.6 Submenus Pulser and Receiver Settings 2.2.1 Sensitivity 2.2.2 Reference Gain 2.2.3 Pulser 2.2.4 Receiver Gates 2.3.1 Quickly Adjusting Basic Gate Parameters 2.3.2 Gate and Gate 2.3.3 Gate Setup 2.3.4 Alarm Indications Calibration 2.4.1 Measurement calibration 2.4.2 Angle Beam Calibration Data Logger 2.5.1 Calibration Files 2.5.2 Other Create Functions 23 24 25 26 26 28 29 29 29 30 30 31 32 32 32 33 34 35 35 39 39 40 42 Appendix: 43 List of Figures 47 List of Tables 49 Index 51 iv Table of Contents DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 List of Abbreviations AC BIP DC EFUP EMC alternating current beam index point direct current environmental friendly usage period electromagnetic compatibility R RoHS T/R WEEE receive restriction of hazardous substances transmit/receive waste electrical and electronic equipment List of Abbreviations v DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 vi List of Abbreviations DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Labels and Symbols A rating label with safety-related symbols is attached to the instrument at the location shown in the following figure The serial number label is located at the bottom of the instrument If labels are missing or illegible, please contact Olympus Location of rating label (see Table on page 2) Labels and Symbols DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Table Contents of the rating and the serial number labels Rating plate label: Contains: The CE marking is a declaration that this product conforms to all the applicable directives of the European Community See the Declaration of Conformity for details The WEEE symbol indicates that the product must not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste, but should be collected separately The C-Tick label indicates that the product complies with the applicable standard and establishes a traceable link between the equipment and the manufacturer, importer or their agent responsible for compliance and for placing it on the Australian market The China RoHS mark indicates the product’s Environmental Friendly Usage Period (EFUP) The EFUP is defined as the number of years for which listed controlled substances will not leak or chemically deteriorate while in the product The EFUP for the EPOCH 600 has been determined to be 15 years Note: The Environmental Friendly Usage Period (EFUP) is not meant to be interpreted as the period assuring functionality and product performance The direct current symbol Labels and Symbols DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Table Contents of the rating and the serial number labels (continued) SERIAL The serial number is a 9-digit number in the following format: yynnnnnmm where: yy Production year nnnnn Unit number manufactured that month mm Production month For example, the 100000504 serial number indicates that the fifth unit (00005) was produced in April 2010 Labels and Symbols DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Do not touch the inner conductor of the BNC (or LEMO) connectors to avoid risks of an electric shock Up to 400 V can be present on the inner conductor The warning symbol between the Transmit/Receive (T/R) and the Receive (R) BNC connectors shown in the figure below indicates this electric shock risk Warning symbol BNC connector inner conductor (LEMO 01 series also available) Labels and Symbols DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 active digital measurements, compressed A-scans, calibration data, alarm conditions, and active software features The onboard memory is stored on a 2-GB microSD card, allowing storage of over 500,000 individual data points The section below outlines the procedure for setup and storage of the most basic and common file type, the calibration file For full details and procedures on standard and optional file types, see the EPOCH 600 User’s Manual (P/N: DMTA-10006-01EN) 2.5.1 Calibration Files To setup and save a calibration file on the EPOCH 600, first complete all ultrasonic and software setups that will be saved within the calibration To complete all ultrasonic and software setups Select the File menu Press the Create key to enter the file creation screen The Create screen appears (see Figure 2-19 on page 40) In the File Type box, use the knob or arrow keys to select Cal Use the [NEXT GROUP] key to advance to the Filename box In the Filename box, create a file name (cannot exceed 32 characters) by pressing the Edit parameter key Figure 2-19 The Create screen 40 Chapter DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Use the knob or arrows to navigate through the virtual keypad (see Figure 2-20 on page 41) Insert a character by pressing INS (see Figure 2-20 on page 41) Figure 2-20 The virtual keypad Use the [NEXT GROUP] key to complete the file naming process For creation of an incremental (Inc) file, you must first create a Start Point Press the [NEXT GROUP] key until the Create button is highlighted 10 Press Save (see Figure 2-21 on page 42) Basic Operation 41 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Figure 2-21 The Save dialog box 11 Press [P1] to accept the function The user is then returned to the live screen 2.5.2 Other Create Functions Two other file creation functions exist, and are described below: 42 • Create: Creates the file in memory but does not open this file as the active storage location Typically used when creating several files at once without saving data • Open: Creates the file in memory, and then opens it as the active storage locations, but does not save any file parameters to the file until you press [2ND F], (SAVE) Typically used for inspection files, where the file is created prior to the start of the inspection Chapter DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Appendix: Parts List Table EPOCH 600 basic kit (spares can be purchased) Part Number U8 Number Description EP600-BA-UEE-K U8051216 EPOCH 600 instrument NOTE: The part number vary according to the instrument configuration The instrument can be adapted to have different keypads, manual languages, power cords, etc Contact your Olympus representative for further information EP-MCA-X See note AC charger/adaptor NOTE: The part number vary according to the instrument configuration You must specify the power cord type 600-BAT-L U8760056 EPOCH 600 lithium-ion rechargeable battery 600-TC U8780294 EPOCH 600 instrument transport case EP600-MANUAL-CD U8778381 EPOCH 600 User’s Manual (CD-Rom) DMTA-10007-01EN U8778365 EPOCH 600 Basic Operation Manual DMTA-10008-01EN U8778373 EPOCH 600 Getting Started 600-BAT-AA U8780295 8-cell battery holder with connector plug MICROSD-ADP-2GB U8779307 2-GB microSD memory card with adaptors Parts List 43 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Table EPOCH 600 software options Part Number U8 Number Description EP600-DGS-AVG U8140146 EPOCH 600 onboard DGS/AVG software option EP600-AWS U8140147 EPOCH 600 AWS D1.1/D1.5 software option EP600-TEMPLATE U8140148 EPOCH 600 template storage software option EP600-API5UE U8140149 EPOCH 600 API 5UE software option EP600-XDATA U8140150 EPOCH 600 expanded data logger software option EP600-AVERAGE U8140151 EPOCH 600 waveform averaging software option GAGEVIEWPRO U8140075 GageView Pro PC interface software GAGEVIEWPROKIT-USB-A-AB U8140076 GageView Pro PC interface software with USB A-AB cable, feet Table EPOCH 600 optional accessories Part Number 44 U8 Number Description EPXT-EC-X See note EPOCH external charger NOTE: The part number vary according to the instrument configuration You must specify the power cord type 600-STAND U8780296 EPOCH 600 pipe stand assembly EP4/CH U8140055 EPOCH Series chest harness 600-DP U8780297 EPOCH 600 display protectors (pack of 10) Appendix DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Table EPOCH 600 optional accessories (continued) Part Number U8 Number Description EPLTC-C-USB-A-6 U8840031 EPOCH LTC USB communication cable (mini-AB to TYPE-A/HOST) EPLTC-C-USB-B-6 U8840033 EPOCH LTC USB communication cable (mini-AB to TYPE-B/CLIENT) 600-C-VGA-5 U8780298 5-feet EPOCH 600 VGA cable (1.5 meter) EP1000-C-9OUT-6 U8779017 6-feet standard 9-pin communication cable (1.8 meter) 600-C-RS232-5 U8780299 5-feet EPOCH 600 RS232 cable (1.5 meter) EP600WARRANTY U8780300 EPOCH 600 extended warranty (1 additional year) Parts List 45 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 46 Appendix DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 List of Figures Figure 1-1 Figure 1-2 Figure 1-3 Figure 1-4 Figure 1-5 Figure 1-6 Figure 1-7 Figure 2-1 Figure 2-2 Figure 2-3 Figure 2-4 Figure 2-5 Figure 2-6 Figure 2-7 Figure 2-8 Figure 2-9 Figure 2-10 Figure 2-11 Figure 2-12 Figure 2-13 Figure 2-14 Figure 2-15 Figure 2-16 Figure 2-17 Figure 2-18 Figure 2-19 Figure 2-20 Figure 2-21 Transport case contents The side door Location of the EPOCH 600 power key and indicator Removing the lithium-ion battery The adaptor connector Removing the battery compartment cover and the lithium-ion battery The alkaline battery holder Software main display elements The menu groups and their level numbers Coarse and fine adjustment selection Arrow keys on the navigation pad The direct-access keys — Both configurations (English) The direct-access keys – Both configurations (international symbols) Adjustment knob configuration — [LOCK] key The AutoXX% feature The reference and scanning gains The Gate start position adjustment Measurement trigger in Edge, Peak, and 1stPeak modes Gate and gate alarm indicator lights The Auto Cal menu The Cal-Zero value The gate start The Velocity Cal value The Range value Reference gain setting The Create screen The virtual keypad The Save dialog box List of Figures 14 15 16 17 18 20 20 24 25 25 26 27 27 28 29 30 32 34 34 36 36 37 38 38 39 40 41 42 47 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 48 List of Figures DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 List of Tables Table Table Table Table Table Contents of the rating and the serial number labels AC charger/adaptor power indicator status 19 EPOCH 600 basic kit (spares can be purchased) 43 EPOCH 600 software options 44 EPOCH 600 optional accessories 44 List of Tables 49 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 50 List of Tables DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 Index A AC charger/adaptor connection 18 power indicator status 19 accessories instrument 13 optional 44 adjustment coarse, knob configuration 25 coarse, navigation pad configuration 26 fine, knob configuration 25 fine, navigation pad configuration 26 alarm indications 34 alkaline batteries installation 19 alkaline battery holder 19 angle beam calibration 39 B basic gate parameters 32 basic kit 43 batteries, installing alkaline 19 battery holder, alkaline 19 battery, li-ion charge status 19 replacement 17 BNC connector C calibration 35 angle beam 39 measurement 35 calibration files 40 Canada, ICES-003 compliance 10 caution note not service instrument signal word use compatible equipment CE mark charger/adaptor, AC, connection 18 China RoHS 2, 10 compatibility with instrument compliance C-Tick EMC directive 10 FCC (USA) 10 ICES-003 (Canada) 10 configurations, instrument 14 connecting AC charger/adaptor 18 connectors BNC LEMO 01 series microSD 15 USB 15 copyright ii create functions 42 C-Tick mark D danger note electrical shock instrument purpose signal word data logger 39 direct current symbol direct-access keys 26 document Index 51 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 copyright ii part number ii publishing date ii revision ii E electrical shock, danger note EMC directive compliance 10 F FCC (USA) compliance 10 files, calibration 40 filters 31 function keys 24 functions create 42 instrument special ~ 28 G gain adjustment 29 reference ~ 30 Gate menu 32 Gate menu 32 Gate Setup menu 33 gates 32 basic parameters 32 general warning symbol group of menus 24 H high voltage warning symbol holder, alkaline battery 19 I ICES-003 (Canada) compliance 10 important note, signal word indicator, power 16 installing alkaline batteries 19 li-ion battery 17 microSD card 15 instruction manual instrument accessories 13 angle beam calibration 39 basic kit 43 52 Index calibration 35 compatibility configurations 14 data logger 39 direct-access keys 26 filters 31 gain adjustment 29 gates 32 intended use international symbol 27 measurement calibration 35 menus 24 optional accessories 44 overview 13 parameters 24 power requirements 16 pulser 30 purpose receiver 31 reference gain adjustment 30 repair and modification sensitivity adjustment 29 software options 44 special functions 28 submenus 29 user interface 23 intended use, instrument interface, user 23 international symbol 27 K keys direct-access ~ 26 function 24 LOCK 28 NEXT GROUP 29 ON/OFF 16 parameter 24 kit, basic 43 knob, parameter adjustment 25 L labels rating 1, serial number LEMO 01 series connector DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 li-ion battery charge status 19 installation 17 replacement 17 LOCK key 28 logger, data 39 M manual, instruction measurement calibration 35 menus Gate 32 Gate 32 Gate Setup 33 Pulser 30 Rcvr 31 menus, group of 24 menus, instrument 24 microSD card connector 15 installation 15 N navigation pad, parameter adjustment 26 NEXT GROUP key 29 note, signal word O Olympus office address ii technical support 11 ON/OFF key 16 options, software 44 overview, instrument 13 P parameter adjustment knob 25 navigation pad 26 parameter keys 24 parameters basic gate 32 instrument 24 parts list 43 power indicator 16 status 19 power key 16 power requirements, instrument 16 Pulser menu 30 pulser settings 29 R rating label 1, Rcvr menu 31 receiver settings 29 reference gain 30 repair, not replacing lithium-ion battery 17 RoHS symbol 2, 10 S safety precautions before use signal words symbols sensitivity adjustment 29 serial number format label settings pulser 29 receiver 29 setups software 40 ultrasonic 40 signal word caution danger note important note note tip warning note software setup 40 special functions, instrument 28 status, AC charger/adaptor power indicator 19 submenus 29 support information 11 symbol, international 27 symbols CE C-Tick direct current high voltage warning note Index 53 DMTA-10007-01EN [U8778365], Rev A, May 2010 international 27 RoHS 2, 10 safety warning note WEEE T technical support 11 tip signal word trademark disclaimer ii U ultrasonic setup 40 USA FCC compliance 10 USB connector 15 54 Index user interface 23 W warning note electrical general high voltage symbol signal word symbol warranty information 11 waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE directive 2, what’s in the box 13 ... battery holder (P/N: 600- BAT-AA [U8780295]) • Instrument transport case (P/N: 600- TC [U8780294]) • Getting Started leaflet (P/N: DMTA-10008-01EN [U8778373]) • EPOCH 600 Basic Operation Manual (P/N:... are covered in the EPOCH 600 User’s Manual (P/N: DMTA-10006-01EN), included with every EPOCH 600 on a CD-ROM This chapter is organized in the following manner: 2.1 • Basic Operation on page... holder EPOCH 600 unit Transport case Figure 1-1 Transport case contents For a list of optional accessories, please refer to the “Parts List” on page 43 1.2 EPOCH 600 Instrument Configurations The EPOCH
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