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Ifornity Language School IELTS Band 7+ Vocabulary Topic: Unemployment Word Meaning Example Persistent (a) There are some reasons for the persistently high levels of unemployment Job-seeker (n) Continuing for a long period of time and cannot be stopped A degree, a skill or type of experience that you need for a job A person looking for a job Consistent (a) with sth In agreement with sth, not contradicting sth Employable (a) Having the skills and qualifications that make sb want to employ you Like sb/sth than others; choose one thing rather than others A job that is available for sb to Qualification (n) Have a preference on + sb/sth Vacancy (n) (sth) is placed at the Sth is caused because of sb feet of (sb) Interaction (n) Remuneration (n) Tackle (v) You people usually lack work experience and necessary qualifications Fresh from high school or college, young job-seekers generally have little, if any, practical experience Most of the knowledge they have acquired is from text, which may be not consistent with the general practice in the workplace The State can make youngsters more employable by providing them with training Nowadays, the market has a strong preference on skilled and experienced applicants, who are ready to fill vacancies without requiring any job training Another cause of high unemployment rates is placed at the feet of the youth themselves Communication with sb/sth Before reaching the working age, young people have little interaction with the world outside the classroom An amount of money paid In addition to remuneration, young to sb because of the work applicants might have other they’ve done requirements, such as working environment Deal with a problem Tackling youth unemployment requires the commitment of both society and youngsters themselves
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