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Ifornity Language School IELTS Band 7+ Vocabulary Topic: Media Word Meaning Example First-hand (a) Obtained or experienced by oneself and not by others To make an idea/feeling known to sb The news media conveys the firsthand information to concerned audiences and enables them to take corresponding actions right away Convey (v) Current affairs (n) Coverage of news (n) A wealth of information (n) Invasion of privacy (n) Exaggerate (v) High audience ratings (n) Distort (v) Insatiable (a) Celebrity (n) = Celeb (n) Trustworthy (a) Recent events that are of public interest or political importance The range of information included in newspapers A lot of information We read the broadsheets with their quality coverage of news and other current affairs; therefore, we get access to a wealth of information An act or process that One of the negatives of the media interfere with sb’s life in a way is the invasion of privacy by the that is not welcome paparazzi who are determined to get a story at any cost To make sth seem larger, better, worse, or more important than it actually is The news media often exaggerates the real problem in pursuit of high The figures that show how audience ratings many people watch a program/news; used to show how popular it is To twist or change a fact or Some journalists may distort the idea so that it is no longer facts and mislead the public true Always wanting more of sth; not able to be satisfied The public always has an insatiable appetite for celebrity news A famous person That you can rely on and believe in The news is now less trustworthy because journalists can twist the facts
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