Writing vocabulary protecting the environment

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Ifornity Language School IELTS Band 7+ Vocabulary Topic: Protecting the Environment Word Meaning Environmentally friendly (a) (of products) Not harming the environment Example Laws should be set out to regulate corporation behavior and make firms’ operation environmentally friendly Environmentally Caring about protecting the An environmentally conscious business conscious (a) environment Non-biodegradable (of a substance) that Most foods are sold in non(a) cannot be changed to a biodegradable plastic packaging, which harmless natural state, and does not break down easily therefore may damage the environment Contaminate (v) To pollute sth, to make a The drinking water has become substance or place no contaminated with industrial waste longer pure Polar ice caps (n) Layers of ice permanently Rising temperatures will cause the polar covering Northern and ice caps to melt Southern poles of the earth Deteriorate (v) To become worse The rapid deterioration of the environment On the global Affecting a large region The impact of an environmental scale/ on a large problem can be on the global scale scale Ramification (n) One of the large number of Air pollution can have widespread complicated results that environmental ramifications in many follow an action countries Disposable (a) Made to be thrown away The excessive production of short-lived after use or disposable items Industrial waste (n) Chemicals/substances Unethical businesses are the main from industrial activities producers of industrial waste, including non-recyclable materials Awareness (n) Knowing sth; being A potential reason for the slow conscious of the progress in waste treatment is people’s importance of sth low awareness of the opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle Fuel-efficient (a) Consuming less fuel People can turn to fuel-efficient cars or reduce the number of non-essential trips
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