Writing vocabulary men and women

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Ifornity Language School IELTS Band 7+ Vocabulary Topic: Men and Women Word Meaning Male-dominated (a) Prejudice (n) Having more males than females An unreasonable dislike for sb/sth Under-represented Not having as many (a) representatives as needed Egalitarian (a) Favouritism (n) Breadwinner (n) Gender equality (n) Menial (a) Unqualified (a) Discriminate (v) Based on the belief that everyone is equal The act of liking sb/sth more than others The person who supports others with the income they earn The fact of being equal in rights, status, advantages… (Of work) Not skilled, unimportant, usually badly paid Not having the necessary qualifications To treat one person or group better than others Maternity leave (n) The period when women are off work because they are pregnant (Domestic) chores = Housework (n) Example The army is still a male-dominated area in much of the world There is little prejudice against women here Women are under-represented in some fields such as technology or engineering An egalitarian society The students accused the teacher of favouritism Men were often portrayed as the sole breadwinner The women are demanding full gender equality The women’s role is defined as supporting their husband through performing menial tasks of life Women should not be considered unqualified or incapable of any university subject It is wrong to discriminate students because of their gender Working women can take maternity leave during and after pregnancy Domestic chores should be divided up among the husband and the wife
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