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I Complete the sentences to report what was said, using a to-infinitive or an- ing form of a verb 'You'd better look for a new job, Andrew.' Jane advised Andrew to look for a new job 'It was nice of you to invite me to your birthday party Thanks very much.' Mike thanked me/ us for inviting him to myI our birthday party 3, 'I must have made a mistake in the calculations." Mr Forest admitted making/ having made a mistake in the calculations 'I'll pay for the meal.' Sarah insisted on paying for the meal 'Perhaps we can go to Paris for the weekend.' Neil suggested going to Paris for the weekend 'I can get you there in good time.' Jim guaranteed to get me/ us there in good time 'I'm sorry I couldn't come to visit you last summer.' Kate apologized (to me/ tis) for not coming to visit me/ us last summer 'We'll organize the Christmas party.' They promised to organize the Christmas party 'I hear you won the championship Congratulations!' Dane congratulated me on winning the championship 10 'I wish I'd asked for his name and address.' I regretted not asking/ having asked for his name and address 11 'You're selfish.' Jane accused me of being selfish 12 'All right We will meet the student representatives.' The teachers agreed to meet the student representatives 13 'You mustn't drink too much caffeine.' Marta warned me not to drink too much caffeine./ Marta warned me against drinking too much caffeine 14 'If all goes to plan, I'll study medicine.' Rachel hoped to study medicine 15 'We should take the jumper back to the shop.' Jack recommended taking the jumper back to the shop II Report these sentences Make any necessary changes to verb tense, pronouns, etc 'We have found the missing girl,' said the police last night Last night, the police said (that) they had found the missing girl 'I'll drop you from the team if you don't train harder,' said the captain The captain threatened to drop me! us from the team if I / we didn't train harder 'I'd buy the big tin if were you,' said the grocer The grocer advised me to buy a big tin 'Here are the car keys You'd better wait in the car,' he said to her He gave her the car keys and advised her to wait in the car 'Why didn't you tell me about that yesterday, Peter?' Jane asked Jane asked Peter why he hadn't told/ didn't tell her about that the day before 'Would you please wait in the lounge till your flight number is called?' she said She asked me to wait in the lounge till my flight number was called '1 gave you my textbook last week insist,' Tom said Tom insisted on giving me his textbook the week before 'Could you speak more slowly, please? can't understand,' he said to me He asked me to speak more slowly because he couldn't understand 'I hope you have a good journey,' he said, 'Don't forget to send a card when you arrive.' He wished me a good jouney and reminded me to send a card when I arrived/ had arrived 10 'I'm sorry didn't phone you earlier I was very busy,' Jill said to me Jill apologized for not phoning me earlie'r and explained that he was/ had been very busy 11 'It's not true! I have never been arrested!' Larry said Larry denied ever having been arrested 12 'Why not decorate your baby's room?' Ann said, 'If you like, I'll help you the decorating, Sue.' Ann suggested decorating the baby's room and offered to help Sue the decorating 13 'You pressed the wrong button,' said the mechanic 'Don't it again You might have a nasty accident.' The mechanic pointed out that I had pressed the wrong button and warned me not to it again or I might have a nasty accident 14 'Can you answer the phone? I'm having shower!' he said to his son He asked his son to answer the phone because he was having shower 15 'Would you like a cup of coffee?' I said to Jim 'No, thanks I must go now,' he said I offered Jim a cup of coffee but he refused and said that he had to go then III Complete the letter, using the words given Dear Minh, thank / your letter / arrive / yesterday // Thank you for your letter that arrived yesterday I / please / hear / you / win / first prize / Poetry Reading Contest/ congratulations/ I'm very pleased to hear that you won the first prize in the Poetry Reading Contest Congratulations! I / myself / just / join / final English Speaking Competition/ my school// I myself have just joined in the final English Speaking Competition ofmy school competition/ organize/ our English teachers/ take place/ school hall/ last Sunday// The competition organized by our English teachers took place in the school hall last Sunday representatives/ three classes/ my school/ take/ the contest// The representatives ofthreecIasses of my school took part in the contest contest/ we/ work/ groups/ three/ compete/ five activities/ ten minutes// In the contest, we worked in groups ofthree and competed in five activities within ten minutes my team/ pass/ four activities/ perfectly/ but/ last one/ we/ a spelling mistake/ lose the game// My team passed four activities perfectly, but in the last one, we had a spelling mistake and lost the game it / be / big disappointment / us / however / we / all / enjoy / contest / immensely / Find / it / very useful // It was a big disappointment to us However, we all enjoyed the contest immensely and found it very useful we / hope / win / contest / next year // We hope to win the contest next year 10 I / like / congratulate / you / your winning/ again // I'd like to congratulate you of your winning again Yours truly, Phong ... answer the phone? I'm having shower!' he said to his son He asked his son to answer the phone because he was having shower 15 'Would you like a cup of coffee?' I said to Jim 'No, thanks I must
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