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ENGLISH FOR AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY UNIT 2: The exterior MASTER VO ANH TUAN VOCABULARY bonnet Windscreen wiper Windscreen roof Sunroof petrol flap logo headlight front bumper indicator wing wheel arch wheel trim sill tyre VOCABULARY rear window badge aerial side window Wing mirror number plate boot rear bumper exhaust pipe rear light door door handle DISCUSSION PASSIVE VOICE EXERCISE Complete the sentences with the passive form of the verb in brackets is produced  This model (produce) in the new factory in Poland are sold  German cars can be placed(sell) all over the world  The orders are (can/place) by fax or online  The cars assembled (assemble) by robots can be  Spare parts bought are designed (can/buy) from your total dealer  The interiors (design) by computer should be  Tyres replaced (should/replace) before they wear down completely  I’m sorry, madam, but this carpet (already sell) has already been sold was knocked down  The old house on the comerwas (knock down)/ will John be given _ last year John given  When exactly (John give) _ his prize? was not discovered  Most people agree that America (not discover) _ by Christopher Columbus are dealt with / will be dealt with  All complaints about products (deal with) _ by our customer services department Put these steps for changing a tyre in the right order Start like this: The first step is to put the vehicle into gear or park (e) Then you: a.Remove the old tyre from under the vehicle and lower the vehicle, b.Take the spare tyre out of the boot and make sure it is in good condition c.Check again to make sure the wheel nuts are tight d.Remove the tyre and put it under the vehicle, exit to the jack e.Put the vehicle into gear (manual transmission) or park (automatic) f Use a jack to raise the vehicle g.Fit the spare tyre and tighten the wheel nuts h.Find two rocks or large pieces of wood and put them in front of and behind the opposite wheel i Loosen the wheel nuts slightly j Loosen the wheel nuts more and remove them Translate to Vietnamese How to Fix a Flat Tire A Finding the Leak  Inflate the tire. In order to find a leak the tire must be properly pressurized You should inflate your tire with air until it reaches the appropriate pressure (measured in psi) specified in your vehicle’s service manual  Visually inspect the tire. Before moving on to more time consuming techniques, you should take a moment to look at your tire If you notice any holes, cuts, or objects protruding from tire then you have found your leak  Listen for a hissing sound. Even if you aren't able to see the problem right away you might be able to hear it A hissing sound is a clear sign that air is leaking from your tire, and can help you locate the leak  Feel around the tire for air. If you run your hands over the tire carefully you may feel the leak even if you can't hear or see it  Mix soap and water. If you followed the steps above and you were not able to easily find the leak don’t fear Spraying the tire with a little soapy water or window cleaner may help If you see bubbling at any place on the surface of the tire then you have found your leak  Cover the tire with the soap and water solution. You can use a spray bottle to spray the tire, or if a spray bottle isn’t available you can just pour the mixture over the tire  Watch for bubbles. As air escapes the tire and encounters the soapy water mixture it will form soap bubbles If you notice the soapy water bubbling at any particular place on the tire, you have found your leak B Fixing the Leak with Tire Puncture Sealants Read the directions on the can of sealant you have brought. Various manufacturers have slightly different steps and required amounts you should put in However, there are some steps that are generally the same Pull out any object that has punctured your tire. This may or may not be necessary depending on why your tire is flat Turn the wheel until the valve is at the top of the wheel. Unscrew your valve cap You will put the sealant in the same way that you would inflate your tire with air 4 Attach the nozzle of the product to the valve stem. Once you have it on securely, press a button to release the contents Drive your car. You need to drive your car to rotate the tire This allows the sealant to be distributed evenly inside the tire and prevents it from forming a heavy lump inside the tire Replace your tire. Tire sealants are great to bail you out in a major crisis Unfortunately they are only good for days or 100 miles, whichever comes first You should replace your tire before then to avoid possible problems
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