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Recruiting on the Web Smart Strategies for Finding the Perfect Candidate This page intentionally left blank Recruiting on the Web Smart Strategies for Finding the Perfect Candidate Michael Foster McGraw-Hill New York Chicago San Francisco Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City Milan New Delhi San Juan Seoul Singapore Sydney Toronto Copyright © 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher 0-07-142895-X The material in this eBook also appears in the print version of this title: 0-07-138485-5 All trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners Rather than put a trademark symbol after every occurrence of a trademarked name, we use names in an editorial fashion only, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademark Where such designations appear in this book, they have been printed with initial caps McGraw-Hill eBooks are available at special quantity discounts to use as premiums and sales promotions, or for use in corporate training programs For more information, please contact George Hoare, Special Sales, at or (212) 904-4069 TERMS OF USE This is a copyrighted work and The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc (“McGraw-Hill”) and its licensors reserve all rights in and to the work Use of this work is subject to these terms Except as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976 and the right to store and retrieve one copy of the work, you may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, reproduce, modify, create derivative works based upon, transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish or sublicense the work or any part of it without McGrawHill’s prior consent You may use the work for your own noncommercial and personal use; any other use of the work is strictly prohibited Your right to use the work may be terminated if you fail to comply with these terms THE WORK IS PROVIDED “AS IS” McGRAW-HILL AND ITS LICENSORS MAKE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES AS TO THE ACCURACY, ADEQUACY OR COMPLETENESS OF OR RESULTS TO BE OBTAINED FROM USING THE WORK, INCLUDING ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN BE ACCESSED THROUGH THE WORK VIA HYPERLINK OR OTHERWISE, AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE McGraw-Hill and its licensors not warrant or guarantee that the functions contained in the work will meet your requirements or that its operation will be uninterrupted or error free Neither McGraw-Hill nor its licensors shall be liable to you or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission, regardless of cause, in the work or for any damages resulting therefrom McGraw-Hill has no responsibility for the content of any information accessed through the work Under no circumstances shall McGraw-Hill and/or its licensors be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential or similar damages that result from the use of or inability to use the work, even if any of them has been advised of the possibility of such damages This limitation of liability shall apply to any claim or cause whatsoever whether such claim or cause arises in contract, tort or otherwise DOI: 10.1036/007142895X For My Father Who by example, taught me to work hard and love my family This page intentionally left blank For more information about this title, click here Contents Introduction: Powerful Ways to Find Great People ix Part One First Steps in the Search 1 A Blueprint for Recruiting on the Web Tap Your Employee Network Turn Your Alumni into Recruiters 16 27 Part Two Your Recruiting Web Site 33 Develop Your Web-Based Career Center Post Jobs on Your Site Build a Digital Resume Bank Drive Traffic to Your Jobs Grow Candidate Communities Part Three Advertise Your Job Openings 35 54 65 82 106 121 Organize Your Web Job Posting Campaign 10 Broadcast to Job Seekers at the Monster Job Boards 11 Narrowcast to Targeted Candidates in Niche Job Boards Part Four Searching for Passive Candidates 12 13 14 15 123 138 151 169 Passive Candidates: Find One, Find Them All Find Resumes on the Web Find Resumes in the Deep Web Find People Linked to Companies, Colleges, and Organizations 171 191 213 221 vii Copyright 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc Click Here for Terms of Use viii ̇ Contents 16 Special Tactics for Recruiting Graduates, Senior Executivies, and Diversity Candidates 239 Appendix: Directory of Web-Based Recruiting Tools 255 Index 264 Introduction Powerful Ways to Find Great People I n less than a decade the Internet has thoroughly transformed the recruitment process for global corporations and small local companies alike Today, employers can post job ads to career hubs that reach millions of people a day, or choose from a shopping mall of over 40,000 boutique niche boards targeted to specialized candidates Even better, they can drive traffic to their own job boards, where it’s free to post jobs—and where they can follow a visitor’s clicks, learn about what they like, assess their skills, and sweep them into a community of candidates to tap when they need new hires The Web also enables instant, enterprise-wide employee referral It can match a staff member being downsized in Chicago with an internal opening in L.A.; and keep departed workers close by in alumni communities, so they can be rehired later, turned into new clients, or can refer their friends back to the company Managers who need new people can go to Google, run a search, and instantly find thousands of Web resumes and home pages that match their needs With a single password, they can log in and search hundreds of resume banks at once, send e-mails simultaneously to dozens of candidates, direct them to an online screening tool—and schedule interviews for the best candidates first ix Copyright 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc Click Here for Terms of Use 258 ̇ Recruiting on the Web Job Ad Distributors IIRC: Hodes iQ Post: Recruit USA: WhotoChoose: GoJobs: Top Consumer Portals America Online: Microsoft Network: Yahoo!: Lycos: Big Three Job Boards Yahoo! HotJobs: CareerBuilder: Niche Job Boards AIRS Job Board Directory: Riley Guide: Career X-Roads: Weddle’s Web Guides: Part Four Active Search for Passive Candidates Best Headhunting Search Engines Google: AlltheWeb: AltaVista: Hotbot: Meta-Search Engines Mamma: Profusion: Dogpile: Directory of Web-Based Recruiting Tools ̈ People Search Tools SearchStation: Eliyon: Infogist: Deep Web Directories CompletePlanet: Direct Search: Fossick: Targeted Deep Search FTP Find: Adobe PDFs: Articles: IT and Engineering: Internet Libraries The Internet Public Library: Librarian’s Index to the Internet: Digital Librarian: LibrarySpot: Virtual Library: Domain Resources Accredited Registrars: Verisign: Keywords Webopedia: Acronym Finder: Home Pages GeoCities: Tripod: Angelfire: AOL Homepages: 259 260 ̇ Recruiting on the Web MSN Homepages: Earthlink Homepages: Find Virtual Communities AIRS Virtual Community Directory: Click Here Free: Find Internet Service Providers AIRS ISP Directory: ISPworld: The List: Find Public Companies Edgar Online: Corporate Information: Hoover’s: Find Private Companies AIRS Employer Directory: Yahoo! Yellow Pages: Find Start-ups Net Profits: Find Hot Companies Fortune 500: Global 500: Fastest-Growing Companies: Best Companies for Minorities: index.html Forbes 500: Forbes 500 Private Companies: Forbes 400 Best Big Companies: Forbes 200 Best Small Companies: Inc 500 Private Companies: Directory of Web-Based Recruiting Tools ̈ 261 Find Colleges AIRS College Directory: Peterson’s: College Rankings: rankindex_brief.php Find Students Personal Pages Worldwide: Personal Pages Direct: Find Fraternities and Sororities We Alumni: Greek Pages: Greek Alumni: Find College Alumni Find Organizations American Society of Association Executives: Associations Central: Google Directory: Drill down to Society > Organizations > Directory Find Web Forums Yahoo! Groups: Topica: Cool List: Delphi Forums: Find User Groups American Personal Computer User Groups: loclist.asp Google Directory Listings: Drill down to Computers > Organizations > User Groups 262 ̇ Recruiting on the Web Find PR PR Newswire: Internet News Bureau: PRWeb: Find Local News Newspaper Directory: Business Journal Directory: NewsCentral: Find Business News Business Wire: News Index: Reuters: Business in Depth: Find Tech News CNET NewsHub Technology News: Tech Web: Find Financial News Bloomberg: CNN’s Financial Network: CBS MarketWatch: Find Trade Publications Trade Publications Search Engine: Find Events American Library Association Events and Conferences: events/ Business Wire’s tradeshow/ Trade Show News Network: Directory of Web-Based Recruiting Tools ̈ 263 Industry Resources Recruitment Research WetFeet: iLogos: Watson Wyatt: Talent Market Group: Recruitment Analysts Forrester Research: Robinson Humphrey: Sun Trust: IDC: Baird: Recruitment Forums AIRS Forums: Electronic Recruitment Exchange: HR Organizations Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): Employment Management Association (EMA): The International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRM): Recruiting Organizations The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC): National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS): Recruiting and HR Portals AIRS Directory: Electronic Recruiting Exchange: About Human Resources: Index A About Web Design, 41, 83 Accesswatch, 112 Accredited Registrars, 178 Acronym Finder, 211 ACT, 75 Adobe PDFs, 215 Advertisements creating job ads, 131–133 destinations sites, 102 driving traffic to sites, 89–90 Internet networks, 104 media plans, 129–130 niche job boards, 151–152 See also Niche job boards pricing, 90–91 recruiting brands, 11–15 sponsorships, 91–92 tools and services, 130–131 AIRS search terms, 185 Web site, 161 AlltheWeb, 85 AltaVista, 85 Alumni building networks, 29–31 college alumni search string, 97 corporate sites, 97–98 driving traffic to sites, 95–97 networks, 28–29 Web sites, 31–32, 96 America Online, 83 American Personal Computer User Groups Directory, 101 American Society of Association Executives, 95 Angelfire, 219 Anonymous submissions, resume banks, 74 AOL member home pages, 220 Applicant tracking systems (ATS), 57 Articles Web site, 215 Assessing applicants, process of recruiting, 11 Association Central, 95 ATS (applicant tracking systems), 57 Attracting attention, Monster Board strategies, 147 AutoSubmit, 86 B Banner networks, 104 Banners design, 91 driving traffic to sites, 89–90 networks, 91 pricing, 91 Benefit Alerts, 50 Benefit News, 50 Benefits career centers, 48–51 Web sites, 50 Bernard Hodes Group, 130 BigFiveTalent, 246 Blueprints, recruiting assessing applicants, 11 attracting candidates, 7–8 enhancing Web sites, 6–7 friends, 4–6 passive candidates, 8–10 264 Copyright 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc Click Here for Terms of Use Index 265 ̈ Boolean logic, 199–201 Boomerang employees, alumni recruiters, 29 Boston Consulting Group, 243 Brands, recruiting, 11–13 company cultures, 14–15 Monster Board strategies, 145–146 opportunities, 13 Bravanta, 50 Broadcast strategies, 141–142, 225 Buttons, driving traffic to sites, 89–90 C Candidates assessing applicants, 11 filtering unwanted, media plans, 136–137 growing communities See Growing candidate communities niche job boards, 162–163 passive, 8–10, 140–141, 154–155 See also Passive candidates recruiting tactics, 7–8 Career centers design principles, 39–41 determine what to build, 36–37 development team, 38–39 discouraging unwanted candidates, 51–52 e-commerce sites, 41–43 future of, 52–53 IT consultants, 37–38 large employers, 38 links, 44 low-cost tool, 35–36 recruiters, 37–38 small employers, 37 traffic, 84–86 URLs, 43 Career hubs, versus niche boards, 157–158 Career status, niche job boards, 159 Career X-Roads, 161 Chief Monster, 246 Click Here Free, 219 Colleges, 197 finding domains, 223–224 finding right schools, 230–231 FlipSearch, 234–235 folio, 239–243 front door searches, 231–232 methods of searching, 221–223 X-Ray search, 232–234 Communities growing candidates See Growing candidate communities locating good match, 93–94 niche job boards, 164–165 organizations, 94–95 passive candidates, 176–177 sponsorship advertisements, 93 traffic strategies, 92 viral networks, 101–102 virtual, 218–219 Companies comprehensive directories, 224–230 cultures, 14–15, 44–45 See also Cultures employee referral systems, 16–26 finding domains, 223–224 front door searches, 226 links, 228–230 methods of searching, 221–223 opportunities, 44–45 profiling candidates, 224 X-ray search, 227–228 Compensation, career centers, 48–51 Competing interests, Monster Boards, 144 Competitive intelligence, alumni recruiters, 29 CompletePlanet, 215 Consolidation, Monster Board strategies, 146–147 Control, Monster Boards, 144 Cookies, querying candidates, 114 Cool List, 100 Corporate alumni sites driving traffic to sites, 97–98 search strings, 98 Corporate Information Web site, 225 Corporate Rewards, 50 Cross-posting, job boards, 63–64 Cultures career centers, 44–45 companies, 14–15 employee referral system model, 22 D Databases deep Web, 213–216 Internet, 177–178 resume banks, 78 266 Data storage, passive candidates, 177–181 Data warehouses cost savings, 78 passive candidates, 77 pre-qualified prospects, 77 resume banks, 77 Davis Advertising, 130 Deep Web finding personal home pages, 216–218 ISPs, 220 OSPs, 220 resumes, 211–212 searching databases, 213–216 virtual communities, 218–219 Delphi Forums, 100 Design principles, career centers, 39–41 Desktops, resume banks, 78 Destination searches passive candidates, 183–185 traffic strategies, 92 Destination sites, advertising, 102 Development teams, career centers, 38–39, 211 Digital Librarian, 215 Digital resumes, 65–66 anonymous submissions, 74 best practices checklist, 79–81 data warehouses, 77–78 See also Data warehouses fax submissions, 74–75 firewalls, 68–69 format, 67 managing active resumes, 75–76 Outlook Mail folders, 76 profiling system, 72–74 rise in popularity, 66–67 submission problems, 69–70 submission strategies, 70–75 Diminished returns, Monster Boards, 144 Direct Search, 215, job boards, 64 Directories companies, 224 deep Web, 215 passive candidates, 179–180, 186 traffic, 82–83 Discussion groups driving traffic to sites, 98–99 growing candidate communities, 119–120 ̇ Index Diversity active search for best candidates, 253–254 career folio, 251 job boards, 249–251 Monster Board strategies, 146 niche job boards, 159 recruiting, 248–249 workplace, 252 Domain Name Extensions, 178 DoubleClick, 104 dtSearch, 75 E E-commerce sites, career centers, 41–43 E-mail resume banks, submissions, 70–71 services, 118 EarthLink home pages, 220 Edgar Online, 224 Electronic Recruitment Exchange, 162 EMA (Employment Management Association), 19 Employee referral systems accessibility outside company, 21 competitive advantages, 16–18 non-restricted, 20 reward structure, 18–20 software, 18 successful model, 22–24 Web sites, 24–26 Employment brands, alumni recruiters, 29 Employment Management Association (EMA), 19 Enterprise resume banks, 79 ERM Referral-Trac, 18 ExecuNet, 246 Executives active search, 247–248 attracting, 246 diversity career folio, 251 See also Diversity diversity job boards, 249–251 diversity recruiting, 248–249 job boards, 246 public candidates, 245–246 user-friendly Web site, 246–247 workplace diversity, 252 F Fax submissions, resume banks, 74–75 Federated Department Stores, 243 Index 267 ̈ Fidelity, 243 Field searches commands, 204 resumes, 201–202 File Transfer Protocol (FTP), 215 Firewalls, resume banks, 68–69 FlipSearch, colleges, 234–235 Forbes, 226 Forms, resume bank submissions, 71 Fortune, 226 Forums, Web, 120 Fossick Web site, 215 Foundation for Enterprise Development, 50 Free agents, niche job boards, 159 Free resume banks, 197 Free, 219 Friends niche job boards, 161–162 process of recruiting, 4–6 FTP (File Transfer Protocol), 215 FTP Find, 215 FutureStep, 246 G GeoDities, 197, 219 GoldMine, 75 Google, 85, 96 Graduate schools See Colleges Greek Alumni, 233 Greek Pages, 233 Growing candidate communities, 106–108 building communities, 110 discussion groups, 119–120 just-in-time recruiting, 108 monitoring traffic, 111–112 news service, 117–119 querying candidates, 112–116 relationship development, 109 understanding candidates, 110–111 vertical portals, 116–117 H Hodes iQ Post, 132 Home pages finding on deep Web, 216–218 resumes, 194–195 Hoovers, 225 Horizontal skills, niche job boards, 159 HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), 213 I ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), 178 Web site, 179 IIRC Web site, 132 Inc 500 Private Companies, 226 Incentives, career centers, 48–51 Industries niche job boards, 158 vortals, 103–104 Information exchange, versus media models, 141 Inktomi, 85 International Organization for Standards, 179 Internet databases, 177–178 libraries, deep Web, 215 networks, advertisements, 104 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), 178 Internet Public Library, 215 Internet Service Provider (ISP), 218 deep Web, 220, 41 Internic, 178, 215 ISPworld, 220 IT and Engineering Web site, 216 IT consultants, career centers, 37–38 J Job Advertisement Distributors, 132 Jobbex, 57 Job Board Genome Project, 140 Job boards best practices checklist, 58–63 broadcast strategies, 141–142 broadcasting to job seekers, 142–143 building own, 55–56 building versus buying, 54–55 commercial software, 56–57 cross-posting, 63–64, 64 diversity recruiting, 248–249 executives, 246 growth cycle, 140 information exchange versus media models, 141 job scraping, 63–64 labor shortages, 149–150 268 Job boards (Cont.) marketing on big boards, 138–139 modules, 57–58 portals versus pipelines, 148–149 problem with big boards, 143–145 seekers versus passive candidates, 140–141 strategies, Monster Boards, 145–148 Job openings, Monster Board strategies, 147–148 Job scraping, job boards, 63–64 Job template, media plans, 134–135 Just-in-time recruiting, growing candidate communities, 108 K Keywords resume Web searches, 207–211 types, 211 Koch Industries, 243 L Labor shortages, job boards, 149–150 Leaders Online, 246 Leadership, employee referral system model, 22 Librarian’s Index to the Internet, 215 LibrarySpot, 215 Link Exchange, 104 Links career centers, 44 companies, 228–230 driving traffic to sites, 89–90 passive candidates, 181–182 List Builder, 118 Local career hubs, niche job boards, 158 Local ISPs, 197 Location, Monster Board strategies, 147 Looksmart, 85 L-Soft, 118 Lycos, 83 M Mail lists driving traffic to sites, 99–100 search strings, 100 Media budgeting, driving traffic to sites, 104–105 models versus information exchange, 141 Media plans ̇ Index allocating time and resources, 123–125 creating job ads, 131–133 filtering unwanted candidates, 136–137 job template, 134–135 pricing, 127–128 recruitment advertising agencies, 129–130 selling opportunities, 136 strategies, 126–127 tools and services, 130–131 visibility, 133–134 Web options, 125–126 Messagemedia, 118 Meta-search tools, passive candidates, 188–189 Microsoft Network, 83 Models, employee referral systems, 22–24 Modifiers, Boolean logic, 200 Monitoring traffic, growing candidate communities, 111–112 Monster Boards See Job boards MSN home pages, 220, 50 N National Association of Employee Recognition, 50 National Center for Employee Ownership, 50 National ISPs, 197 Net Profits, 225, 246 Networking employee referral systems, 16–26 passive candidates, 174–176 Networks, banners, 91 New Directory, 103 News groups, 197 News service, growing candidate communities, 117–119 Niche job boards barriers to success, 155–157 caliber of audience, 154 candidate methods, 162–163 categories, 158–159 finding communities, 164–165 finding right boards, 160 friends, 161–162 growth, 155 high costs, 152–153 Index 269 ̈ Niche job boards (Cont.) versus hub, 157–158 job seekers versus passive candidates, 154–155 mass advertising versus targeted, 151–152 narrowing choices, 166–168 scanning sites, 165–166 targeting untapped boards, 163–164 targeting versus screening, 153–154 TV Guide, 160 Nielsen, Jacob (Web designer), 41 O Open Directory Project, 85 Operators, Boolean logic, 200 Opportunities career centers, 44–45 recruiting brands, 13 Organizations community sites, 94–95 finding domains, 223–224 finding right organizations, 235–236 flipping, 238 front door searches, 236–237 methods of searching, 221–223 search strings, 95 X-ray search, 237 OSPs, deep Web, 220 Outlook Mail folders, resume bank, 76 Overture, 85 P Passive candidates communities, 176–177 data storage, 177–181 data warehouses, 77 directories, 179–180 finding, 171–174 versus job seekers, 140–141 links, 181–182 networking, 174–176 search tool set, 186–190 searching Web for people, 182–186 Web pages, 178–179 Web sites, 179 People search tools, passive candidates, 189–190 PeopleClick, 18 PeopleSoft, 18 Personal Pages Direct, 233 Personal Pages Worldwide, 233 Pipelines, versus portals, job boards, 148–149 Planet Alumni, 233 Portals consumers’ top, 83 versus pipelines, job boards, 148–149 traffic, 82–83 Posting jobs best practices checklist, 58–63 building versus buying, 54–55 building own job board, 55–56 commercial software, 56–57 cross posting, 63–64, 64 job scraping, 63–64 modules, 57–58 PowerSearch process, resumes, 202–205 strings, creating, 206–208 Pre-qualified prospects, data warehouses, 77 Pricing, Monster Boards, 143–144 Process of recruiting assessing applicants, 11 attracting candidates, 7–8 enhancing Web site, 6–7 friends, 4–6 passive candidates, 8–10 Procter & Gamble, 243 Professional organizations See Organizations Profiling candidates companies, 224 passive candidates, 183 Profiling, system, resume banks, 72–74 Public candidates executives, 245–246 students, 245–246 Publication sites, driving traffic to sites, 102–103 Q Quality hires, Monster Boards, 145 Querying candidates cookies, 114 growing candidate communities, 112–116 R 270 Rank destinations, passive candidates, 184 Recruiters, career centers, 37–38 Recruiters Network, 162 Recruiting brand, 11–15 process, 4–11 RecruitMax, 18 Recruitment advertising agencies, 129–130 tools and services, 130–131 RecruitmentBox, 57 RecruitSoft, 18 Recruit USA, 132, 215 Referral systems accessibility outside company, 21 competitive advantages, 16–18 non-restricted, 20 reward structure, 18–20 software, 18 successful model, 22–24 Web sites, 24–26 Registering sites, 85 Relationship development, growing candidate communities, 109 Results measurement, monster board strategies, 146 Resume banks, 65–66 anonymous submissions, 74 best practices checklist, 79–81 data warehouses, 77–78 See also Data warehouses deep Web See Deep Web fax submissions, 74–75 firewalls, 68–69 format, 67 managing active resumes, 75–76 Outlook Mail folders, 76 profiling system, 72–74 relationship managers, 75 resumes, 192–193 rise in popularity, 66–67 submission problems, 69–70 submission strategies, 70–75 Resume builders, 71–72 key fields, 72 Resumes Boolean logic, 199–201 creating PowerSearch strings, 206–207 deep Web, 211–212 field searches, 201–202 finding personal home pages, 216–218 ̇ Index home pages, 194–195 hosts for, 197–198 keywords, 207–211 looking for clues, 195–196 networking, 191–192 old resumes, 194 passive candidates, 183 PowerSearch Process, 202–205 resume banks, 192–193 search engine, 202 search techniques and methodologies, 198–199 seekers versus passive candidates, 140–141 speeding up search, 193 types of keywords, 211 Revenue, alumni recruiters, 28–29 Reward structures, employee referral systems, 18–20 Riley Guide, 161 S Salaries, 50, 50 Salary Expert, 50 SalesForce, 75 Search destinations, passive candidates, 184 SearchEase, 57 Search engines deep Web, 215 passive candidates, 186–188 resumes, 202 traffic, 82–83, 86 SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), 17 6FigureJobs, 246 Skills vortals, 103–104 Small employers, career centers, 37 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 17 Software employee referral, 18 job boards, 56–57 Specialized sites, keyword resume searches, 211 Sponsorship advertisements, 91–92 community sites, 93 Staying informed, Monster Board strategies, 148 Index 271 ̈ Students active searches, 244–245 college folio, 239–243 driving to jobs, 243–244 Submit It!, 86 T Team Rewards, 18 Technical skills, niche job boards, 159 Teoma, 85 The List, Web site, 220 Tilde, 217 TMP Worldwide, 130 Tools, recruiting, employee referral system model, 23 Topica, 100 Trade news, driving traffic to sites, 102–103 Traffic, driving to sites advertisements, 89–90 See also Advertisements alumni sites, 95–97 banners, 91 budgeting media, 104–105 career center submission, 84–85 community sites, 93–95, 101–102 See also Communities corporate alumni sites, 97–98 describing career center, 85–86 destination sites, 102 directories, 82–83 discussion groups, 98–99 free placement, 86–89 internet advertising networks, 104 mail lists, 99–100 paid placement, 89 portals, 82–83 publication sites, 102–103 search engines, 82–83 sponsorship advertisements, 91–92 strategies, 92–93 trade news, 102–103 user groups, 100–101 vortals, 103–104 Web forums, 98–99 Tripod, Web site, 219 Turn-key job boards, 57 TV Guide, niche job boards, 160 24/7 Real Media, 104 U Universities See Colleges Unqualified candidates, Monster Boards, 144–145 URLs, career centers, 43 User groups driving traffic to sites, 100–101 search strings, 101 V Vbulletin, 120 Verisign, 179 Vertical portals, growing candidate communities, 117 Vertical skills, niche job boards, 159, 225 Virtual communities, 197 deep Web, 218–219 Virtual Library, 215 Vortals, 103–104 niche job boards, 164 W We Alumni, 233 Web addresses, 180 data storage, 177–181 deep Web See Deep Web forums, 98–99, 120 media plans See Media plans resumes See Resumes Web Crossing, 120 Web Monkey, 41 Web pages, passive candidates, 178–179 Web Site Promotion Directory, 86 Webopedia, 211 WebTrends, 112 Web-wide search, passive candidates, 183 Weddle’s Web Guides, 161 WhotoChoose, 132 Workplace, diversity, 252 World at Work, 50 X X-ray search colleges, 232–234 companies, 227–228 organizations, 237 Y Yahoo!, Web site, 83 272 ̇ About the Author and AIRS About the Author Michael Foster is founder and CEO of AIRS, a global leader in recruitment training and a provider of recruitment software tools and media services Mr Foster also serves as a director of Hanover Capital Management, Inc and is a director and advisor to a number of firms in the software and information industries A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mr Foster now lives with his family in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont About AIRS AIRS has trained over 30,000 search firms and market-leading corporations, including a majority of the Fortune 500, to find people on the Web In the process, AIRS techniques like FlipSearch, X-ray, and PeelBack have entered the common recruiting vernacular AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) designation is recognized worldwide, and has become a hiring prerequisite for recruiters in many organizations Today, AIRS provides human capital solutions for recruitment, career development, and transition, via self-service corporate portals filled with information and e-learning options AIRS award-winning Search-Station ASP is licensed to over 5,000 recruitment desktops and is the fastest-selling candidate-hunting application in the market today AIRS Media Services operates, the largest recruitment portal on the Web, and AIRS News, which provides breaking industry coverage and information to over 50,000 recruiters daily Praise for AIRS FLIPPING PEELING X-RAYING Sounds like what chefs and radiologists do, right? These are also some of the ingenious tricks executive headhunters use in the age of digital resumes and electronic job searches AIRS is one of a few firms at the forefront of the burgeoning specialty of Internet recruitment training —The Wall Street Journal Among the best-known consulting firms in that new industry is AIRS , whose seminars have attracted thousands of professional third-party recruiters and in-house human resources managers —Inc Magazine Copyright 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc Click Here for Terms of Use ... of the puzzle The experts, analysts, and consultants haven't helped much either They're like the Indian parable of the three blind men and the elephant: one feels the tusk, one the foot, and one... soon emerge to make order out of the chaos and save the day But in 2001, the floor fell out of the market, the big contenders flamed out, and the one-stop Web recruiting business plans joined the. .. and one the tail The man who feels the tusk is sure the elephant is a ploughshare The one who feels the foot is sure the elephant is a tree, and the one who feels the tail insists that the elephant
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