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Family and Friends – Sunday 10/6 Unit 14 L1-2 Activities Warm up (5 mins) Vocabulary: Action verbs (15 mins) Listen and read - Role play - Greeting -Song: Let’s go to the zoo -Ask Ss to list all the actions words that they know - T mimes the verbs and asks Ss to guess - Divide Ss into teams, give each team mins to write all action verbs that they know on the board, the team has more correct words is the winner - Ask each Ss to make sentences with the words - Play the audio and ask Ss to repeat - Call each pair of Ss to role play the conversation - T takes videos Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf_9PIHLwD8 (30 mins) Speaking Look at the picture and describe (25 mins) Take notes And guide the WS (20 mins) - Ss practice describe the picture, T takes videos Example: This is a picture of the bedroom There is a teddy bear on the bed There are books on the shelf There is a bag under the table…
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