Lesson plan family and friends 1 u10 l1+2

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Family and Friends – Sunday 11/3 Unit 7+8 Review Procedure Warm up (5mins) Activities - Greeting - Ask Ss some questions - Ask ss to find as many as words to describe someone - Show the flashcards, read the words and ask Ss to repeat - Gradually reveal each card and let Ss guess what it is Vocab (15 mins) Grammar (15 mins) Speaking (30 mins) - Divide Ss into teams - each team stand in a line in front of the board writing as many words as possible to describe people - The team having more correct words will be the winner I have got… She/he ‘s got … It’s got… Ask Ss to the task on their book Give ss some structures to describe a person Games: give each Ss a number (2 Ss have the same number) T show one card and say the number The Ss have that number will stand up and describe the person in the card, the faster is the winner Board game with a die Ask Ss to describe one of their friends/ cousins/ family members Example: My friends is (Tom) He is short and fat He’s got black short hair Lissa is my cousin She is tall She’s got big eyes and long straight hair Take notes
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