Creating communication~exploring and expanding your fundamental communication skills 2009

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Creating Communication Exploring and Expanding Your Fundamental Communication Skills Second Edition Randy Fujishin Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc Lanham • Boulder • New York • Toronto • Plymouth, UK ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD PUBLISHERS, INC Published in the United States of America by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc A wholly owned subsidiary of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc 4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200, Lanham, Maryland 20706 Estover Road Plymouth PL6 7PY United Kingdom Copyright © 2009 by Rowman & Littlefield All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher British Library Cataloguing in Publication Information Available Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data: Fujishin, Randy Creating communication : exploring and expanding your fundamental communication skills / Randy Fujishin — 2nd ed p cm Includes bibliographical references and index ISBN-13: 978-0-7425-5562-4 (pbk : alk paper) ISBN-10: 0-7425-5562-3 (pbk : alk paper) ISBN-13: 978-0-7425-6396-4 (electronic) ISBN-10: 0-7425-6396-0 (electronic) Communication I Title P90.F784 2008 153.6—dc22 2008017142 Printed in the United States of America ϱ™ The paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements of American National Standard for Information Sciences—Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 For Vicky and Our Sons Each one of us is an artist creating an authentic life Sarah Ban Breathnach ALSO BY RANDY FUJISHIN The Natural Speaker Creating Effective Groups Discovering the Leader Within Gifts from the Heart Your Ministry of Conversation Contents Preface xi CHAPTER Creating Effective Communication in Your Life You Are an Artist of Communication The Process of Communication Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Components of Communication Models of Communication Perception 10 Principles of Communication 14 Do You Enlarge or Diminish Others? 17 Exploring Creative Tasks 17 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 17 CHAPTER Creating Positive Communication with Yourself 19 What Do You Say to Yourself? 19 Creating New Messages to Yourself 20 Your Self-Concept 22 How Self-Concept Develops 22 Listening Creatively to Yourself 24 Speaking Creatively to Yourself 28 Creating Positive Communication: The S.E.L.F T.A.L.K Technique 32 Exploring Creative Tasks 34 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 34 CHAPTER Creating Expressive Verbal Communication 36 Verbal Communication 37 Principles of Verbal Communication 37 vii C r e at i n g C o m m u n i c at i o n viii I-Statements—Owning Your Language 40 The Four Levels of Communication 41 Self-Disclosure 43 Gender Differences in Conversational Styles 46 Creating Expressive Verbal Messages: The C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E Technique 49 Exploring Creative Tasks 51 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 52 CHAPTER Creating Supportive Nonverbal Communication 53 Nonverbal Communication 54 Principles of Nonverbal Communication 54 Types of Nonverbal Communication 57 Creating Expanded Nonverbal Communication: The T.O.U.C.H Technique 61 Exploring Creative Tasks 63 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 64 CHAPTER Creating Spacious Communication with Another Culture 65 Creating Spacious Communication 66 Components of Culture 66 Characteristics of Culture 67 Verbal and Nonverbal Cultural Variables 70 Creating Communication with Another Culture: The I.N.V.I.T.E Technique 73 Exploring Creative Tasks 76 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 77 CHAPTER Creating Receptive Communication as a Listener 78 The Importance of Listening 78 The Process of Listening 79 Listening Styles to Avoid 79 Barriers to Listening 81 Acceptance—The Basis of Listening 82 Active Listening 85 Four Types of Questions 89 Creating Receptive Communication: The E.A.R.S Technique 91 Exploring Creative Tasks 93 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 93 Contents ix CHAPTER Creating Healthy Communication in Relationships 95 Three Kinds of Relationships 96 The Circular Stages of Relationships 96 Principles of Healthy Relationships 98 Best Relationship Interview 99 Creating Healthy Relationships: The B.O.N.D Technique 100 Creating Healthy Self-Disclosure 102 Maintaining a Healthy Relationship 103 Resolving Relationship Conflicts 105 Guidelines for Resolving Conflict 107 Forgiveness 108 Exploring Creative Tasks 111 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 111 CHAPTER Creating Cooperative Communication in Groups 112 Working in Small Groups 113 Elements of a Problem-Solving Group 113 Characteristics of Groups 114 Decision-Making Techniques 120 The Standard Problem-Solving Agenda 122 Researching for a Discussion 126 Creating Effective Groups: The G.R.O.U.P Technique 129 Exploring Creative Tasks 131 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 132 CHAPTER Creating Guiding Communication as a Leader 133 Definition of Leadership 134 The Function of Group Leadership 134 Task Guiding Behaviors 134 Social Guiding Behaviors 137 Leadership Styles 139 Leading an Effective Meeting 140 Creating Healthy Leadership: The L.I.G.H.T Technique 145 Exploring Creative Tasks 146 Expanding Your Creative Thinking 147 CHAPTER 10 Creating Skillful Communication in a Speech 148 Public Speaking 149 Determining Your Specific Purpose 149 ... Data: Fujishin, Randy Creating communication : exploring and expanding your fundamental communication skills / Randy Fujishin — 2nd ed p cm Includes bibliographical references and index ISBN-13:... enhance your participation and leadership in groups, develop your public speaking skills, and strengthen your interviewing abilities By exploring new communication behaviors and expanding your creative... of your relationships and the quality of your life than the communication skills you learn and develop I believe that with every word and behavior, you create the nature and quality of your communication
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