Mass spectrometry MS basics herbert

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MASS SPECTROMETRY BASICS Christopher G Herbert Aobert A.W Johnstone CRC PRESS Boca Raton London New York Washington, D.C Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Herbert, Christopher G Mass spectrometry basics I Christopher G Herbert, Robert A.W Johnstone p.; em Compilation of articles previously published in the series Back-to-basics Includes bibliographical references and index ISBN 0-8493- 1354-6 (alk paper) I Mass spectrometry Johnstone, R.A.W (Robert Alexander Walker) II Title [DNLM: Spectrum Analysis, Mass-Collected Works Spectrum Analysis, Mass Handbooks QC 454.M3 H536m 2002] QP519.9.M3 H47 2002 543'.0873-
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Xem thêm: Mass spectrometry MS basics herbert , Mass spectrometry MS basics herbert , Fast-Atom Bombardment (FAB) and Liquid-Phase Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (LSIMS) Ionization, Field Ionization (FI) and Field Desorption (FD), Coronas, Plasmas, and Arcs, Thermal Ionization (TI), Surface Emission of Ions, Sample Inlets for Plasma Torches, Part A: Gases, Sample Inlets for Plasma Torches, Part B: Liquid Inlets, Sample Inlets for Plasma Torches, Part C: Solid Inlets, Comparison of Multipoint Collectors (Detectors) of Ions: Arrays and Microchannel Plates, Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography (LC), High-Resolution, Accurate Mass Measurement: Elemental Compositions, Appendix B. Glossary of Mass Spectrometry Definitions and Terms, Appendix C. Books on Mass Spectrometry and Related Topics, Appendix E. Publications Containing Occasional Papers Related to Mass Spectrometry

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