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SAIGON BEER ALCOHOL BEVERAGE CORPORATION (SABECO)+Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives5+Explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures9+Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration, and training in sales management+Explain how sales management organize sales activities and control sales output+Explain the use of databases ineffective sales management22 SAIGON BEER ALCOHOL BEVERAGE CORPORATION (SABECO) INTRODUCTION MAJOR FINDING TASK 3.1 Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives 3.2 Explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures 3.3 Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management 13 3.4 Explain how sales management organize sales activities and control sales output 16 3.5 Explain the use of databases in effective sales management 22 TASK 24 4.2 Investigate opportunities for selling internationally 24 4.1 Develop a sales plan for SAIGON GOLD, which is product of SABECO in the international market 30 4.3 Investigate opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs 38 REFERENCE 41 Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corporation (SABECO) INTRODUCTION Consumers Vietnam has long been familiar with the brand of the General Saigon Beer Company Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Saigon 2017, Saigon Beer went through 142 years of history origin, 40-year construction and development of the brand From the 142 year milestone, golden beer flows have and will always endeavor to preserve the continuing long into the future, always exist in feelings of Vietnamese people are proud of Vietnamese products Unique taste of Saigon Beer is crystallized produce of the fertile lands of the South and to pride liberal spirit of Saigon, became an indispensable part of daily joys and sorrows of life With beers bottles of Larue capacity of 610 ml and beer bottles 33 volume 330 ml early takeover, so far, Saigon Beer has developed product line is beer bottle Saigon Lager 450 beer bottles, Saigon Export beer Special bottle of Saigon, Saigon Lager beer bottle 355, 333 Premium beer bottles, beer cans 333, beer cans Special Saigon, Saigon Lager beer cans full participation in the market Figure 1: Details information about main product of SABECO From modest level of output 21.5 million liters in 1977, after 39 years of development, until 2016, Saigon Beer reached a sales volume of 1.59 billion liters, striving to reach production levels of 1.66 billion liters in 2017 Until now, though the market has appeared a lot of well-known beer brands in the world, but Saigon beer is still the leading brand in Vietnam beer market and is on his way to conquer the difficult markets such as Germany, USA, Japan, Netherlands etc MAJOR FINDING Task 3.1 Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives  Vision to 2025 Develop SABECO to become the leading beverage industry group in the country, having position in the region and international  Mission + Sector development Vietnam's beverage par world + The culinary culture of the Vietnam + Improving the quality of life through the provision of high-quality beverage products, safe and nutritious + Beneficial practical for shareholders, customers, partners, employees and society  Corporation Objectives + The specific objective is to produce 1.85 billion liters consumed on, up 8% compared to the year 2017 with the market share increases 50% + Sabeco aims to increase 42-43% market share in the affordable segment, the premium segment also encroached few% (Sabeco products currently concentrated in the affordable segment of about 40%, and 20% in the midrange) + Target for 2018 with total revenue of 35.981 billion (increase by 14%), profit after tax of 4.806 billion (increase by 5%) Figure 2: The future plan of Sabeco (INFORMATION DISCLOSURE SAIGON BEERALCOHOL-BEVERAGE CORPORATION, 2017)  Sales Strategy: is emphasized that which belongs to the corporate level in the phases of market segmentation, targeting and positioning Moreover, sales strategy characterizes who the firm sells to, what the client offering is, and how the offering is finished A successful sales strategy characterize powerful yet effective sales processes that convey the correct products/services to the correct clients (Andris, Prabhakant and Sally, 2004) As of 30/6/2017, Sabeco has 4,649 employees, with 820 employees are from parent company Moreover, besides the 4,649 employees, Sabeco also have 3,500 employees in selling and marketing team Figure 3: The amount of employees of SABECO expected to sales and MKT teams Entering 2018, the beer industry is still facing many challenges such as fierce competition with other rivals as well as pressure to expand market share Therefore, the orientation of Sabeco in 2018 is to build trading strategies in long-term, build strategies for marketing and sales, build a financial plan to ensure that the activities of the company is continuing, focusing on personnel training highly qualified (, 2018) The specific objective is to achieve 50% market share and sales volume over 1.85 billion liters In which the volume of production and local consumption continue to be promoted, the rate of product must be shipped across the gland is minimized to the maximum extent Looking to the past, Sabeco has increased investment in marketing as advertising expenses and promotion from around 2% of net sales up 3.6% in 2014 However, the campaign was not effective Flat sales volume and market share lost in 2014 has forced the company will face increased outsourcing from companies specializing in marketing in 2015 These efforts are beginning to yield effective sales volume growth Sabeco acceleration achieved in 2015 by 10.2% compared to 2014, and up 11% in first half 2016 compared with the same period in 2015, thereby regaining market share (, 2016) However, until 2017, the market share of only 40% SABECO Some policies SABECO made to order to increase sales: First, restructuring the distribution system by strengthening the control Second, partition consumption (to avoid overlapping) to implement the program synchronous consumption by region Third, investment in developing the sales team, consolidating images Saigon beer fresh, friendly consumers (INFORMATION DISCLOSURE SAIGON BEERALCOHOL-BEVERAGE CORPORATION, 2017) In Saigon Beer, each brand of beer (as Saigon Special, 333, Saigon Lager ) are track, manage, and build its own strategy Every year, corporations build a common strategy; under common strategies with marketing strategies Based on these two strategies, the individual in charge of the brand building action plans to achieve the objectives of the trademark Besides, I think the current Sabeco has a market share of relatively large segment of the average price level will unlikely increase, when many of the same industry are also strategic foothold in the segment this potential So, here I will point out the activities of sales personnel with the "Saigon Special"-agent of successful yeast (accounting for 6.8% of the current market share of Sabeco) contributed to the total companies achieve common goals For the target of boosting market share and sales volume reached 1.85 billion liters of Sabeco, the salesman had been well trained in the marketing process as well as its sales, based on the following factors:  Target customer: - Class of young, dynamic and successful people to express personality, asserting itself (, 2017) "With a core philosophy: you're different - you succeed, and Saigon special part that's the difference"  Performances: Sabeco has succeeded in launching products with special Saigon welcomed by customers, the reason is because there is SABECO deep understanding of Vietnamese tastes However, Saigon Special which is positioned as beer more advanced, beers for young people, but in the minds of consumers, the "Saigon blue collar dwarf" is still just a beer with slightly upscale, can be considered as belonging to the segment average Besides, the forgotten factor "mentality foreign things" consumer Vietnam as well as the design is not eye-catching, especially for the high-end consumer when purchasing any products what are highly emotional value that the product brings These are powerful influence to dominate the market of Saigon Special in the premium segment (Minh Thong, 2015) So to be able to regain market share from greater brands such as Heineken, then the knowledge is no longer as important For example, New Coke is obviously better than the traditional type of Coke and Pepsi, but still failed quickly That indicates that the current marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products of war anymore Although SABECO have a reasonable strategy to conquer the premium segment But if they can understand more about the psychology of customers and consumers when they are selecting premium segment products, then occupying the majority of Vietnam beer market share is entirely possible 3.2 Explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures To achieve the objectives of Sabeco in 2018, then SABECO oriented to build trading strategies in long-term, build strategies for marketing and sales, build a financial plan to ensure that the activities of the company is continuing, focusing on personnel training highly qualified so, in fact, the recruitment and selection plays a very important role in the classification and selection of the candidates merge with each position Sabeco According to yourbusiness.azentral, wrote that this process acts as a filter of the company to choose the candidates loyal, flexible and best suited to the position that the company requires Apply these theories in the case of Sabeco, to achieve its objectives, the company must make a certain number of criteria in order to form a detailed process of recruitment and selection First and foremost, Sabeco has launched a recruitment process and selection for the position of sales includes steps to find the most suitable employees, and helped SABECO achieve common goals Process Job analysis: is a systematic way to describe how a job is to be performed, as well as the tasks that make up a job Explanation Job Job Title Description : a written document Working that spells Location out the job relationshi ps and requiremen ts that characteriz e each sales position Salesperson Saigon beer-alcohol –beverages corporation and companies related to Saigon Beer-AlcoholBeverage Corporation including both joint ventures and associates and subsidiaries companies, with headquarter in 187 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 12, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City Salespeople at SABECO work alone Sales people employed by SABECO are dependable not just to send data about the organization, the items to customer, yet in addition to get input from customer Followed according to the job description I mentioned above consists of steps Job Summary Structure Working process as well as reports has to be submitted directly to Sales Department Based on the following form (Quang Vinh, 2018) Working conditions Salaries Working hours: 48hours per week -Competitive and based on their performance + commission -Recommended compensation: +Motorbike +Holiday trip -Recommended incentives: +Commission +Recognition and honors +Cash awards (Scribd, 2018) Training Job qualification Qualification : Aptitudes,s skills, knowledge, Requireme and nt -Training course: selling, communication, listening, and feedback skills (Kirin company- a Japan company supports sending Sabeco employees to Japan to train some industries included sales for excellent sales staff) - At least get a high school degree - Sabeco highly appreciates candidates with bachelor or master degrees, however, we truly need those who can bring more sales - Understanding the software about business support 10 Revenue Revenue of SABECO (, 2018) According to statistics from the Association of Alcohol Beverage Vietnam, Holding share of the largest beer is now the Corporation shares Beer Alcohol - Beverage Saigon (SABECO) with 43% market share, consume billion liters of beer in 2015 From 2009 to date, profit SABECO rose more than times, from 2,000 billion to 4,400 billion VND on SABECO revenue also rose more than times in 2015, reached 27.000 billion (, 2018) In 2018, Sabeco announced consolidated financial report 1/2018 quarter with net sales 7810 billion, a slight increase of 4.6% compared to the same period last year After deducting the costs incurred, Sabeco recorded 1,158 billion after tax profit in Q1, down 2.5% compared to the same period of 2017 (, 2018) 30 Cost of sales Total cost for the advertising and marketing programs (, 2018) 2012 – 2015: According to data from SABECO, 2015 was the year the brewer spent a record amount for the advertising and marketing, with a total cost of up to 1,269 billion, the highest ever The proportion of advertising costs / revenue to a record high of 4.68% If calculated from 2012 to date, revenue increased by 25% SABECO after years, the cost of marketing programs were up times (, 2018) 2015 – 2018: Sabeco company (SAB) announces consolidated financial report of quarter 1/2018 sales cost reduction of nearly 13% to 594 billion, mainly due to reduced advertising costs, marketing (reduction of 33% to 234 billion) Business management expenses increased 9% light up 177 billion (, 2018) Seasonal nature revenue Weather factor: of One can say that beer is a product depends on season, the consumption of beer depends on the weather Specifically, the hotter the weather, the beer consumption needs of the people higher and vice versa for cold weather Besides, beer is often consumed outdoors, where there is space, so as to whether factors affecting beer consumption activities New/renewal/ existing The Corporation currently owns SABECO 23 subsidiaries and 14 associated companies 31 Capacity, SABECO brewery has the highest capacity, reach 1.8 billion liters / year with 23 breweries spread across the whole country (, 2018) In particular, the corporation SABECO export with the highest quality (reaching 11 million liters in Q3-2017) compared with the remaining business This again confirmed its position as number in the beer industry business  The PRESENT – Market Analysis Market Analysis  18-25 years and 25-39 years: Consumer segment of young, dynamic  Premium segment will be the segment with the fastest growth rate benefited from the trend thanks to advanced chemistry are covered not only beer but also a wide sector of the consumer goods sector Customer groups Market size SABECO aims to increase 42-43% market share in the affordable and share segment, the premium segment also encroached few% (SABECO products currently concentrated in the affordable segment of about 40%, and 20% in the midrange) Changes trends and  Beer: beer is still the favorite drink for many people, especially in the North, which is most concentrated in Hanoi  Fresh beer: beer on draught last time really to the throne and become a new consumption trend Saigon beer, beer production 32 enterprise with highest capacity reached 1.4 billion liters/year also started participating in the playground  Non-alcoholic beer: Vietnam beer market also started the appearance of non-alcoholic beer, pioneer in this field is the SAGOTA beer brand of the Saigon Beer Company Currently SAGOTA has been successfully produced in industrial scale with a capacity reaching million liters per year and have sales price from 50-60% of the selling price of imported nonalcoholic beer (non-alcoholic beer imports for sale range from 20,000-35,000/cans) Expected, non-alcoholic beer next-time, will increasingly be the favorite because of the advantages it brings, along with the strict regulations of the authorities with the use of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine  The competition - Competitor analysis Competitor analysis Competitive In Vietnam, this is the segment that has the fierce competition when the advantages current 40% market share of brand Tiger and 27% belongs to the Heineken brand in the product line Saigon Special SABECO is also popular with 28 % market share in this segment The number of foreign brands such as Sapporo, Carlsberg, Budweiser has many strategies to attack the premium segment over time SAIGON GOLD - products to list current premium beer for around 500 thousand VND / barrel 24 cans However, at the present time, the Company only produced in limited quantities  Competitive advantage: Saigon Gold is 100%-cooked products from premium malt supplier create the world's top quality golden beer - Water sources are selected and treated with the most modern technology allows create the absolute purity of the product - Hops used to be kind of scrumptious Hop, produced a limited, make its own flavor, luxurious style European royal 33 - Men are selected from the best yeast and incubated under its own secrets of leading technology experts of Saigon Beer - Product is cooked in tank fermentation technology landscape with a long incubation period feeling smoothness, balance and harmonious aroma is very delicate (, 2018)  The future – Sales and revenue goals Revenue goals New/repeat/ existing Sales and revenue goals - Target for 2018 with total revenue of 35.981 billion (increase by 14%), profit after tax of 4.806 billion (increase by 5%) - The specific objective is to produce 1.85 billion liters consumed on, up 8% compared to the year 2017 with the market share increases 50% SABECO aims to increase 42-43% market share in the affordable segment, the premium segment also encroached few% (SABECO products currently concentrated in the affordable segment of about 40%, and 20% in the midrange) Mr Vo Thanh Ha – the chairman of SABECO also set out a number of targets in 2018 for SABECO Specifically, the company wanted to improve domestic market share up by 42% and increase production up to 1.84 billion liters from 1.78 billion liters in 2017 SABECO also targets revenue of 39.3 trillion and profit after tax reached 4.9 trillion, an increase of respectively 11% and 2% compared with 2017  The sales plan – Actions Acquiring new business Growing Actions SABECO launching portion Saigon Gold Series, marks a step infiltrate a high-end segment is currently dominated by foreign brands like Sapporo, Heineken, Tiger and Budweiser Besides, SABECO expand and exploit the market for regional markets such as Thailand and Singapore, thanks to the network of the Group THAIBEY hotel (, 2018) SABECO is one of the leading units in the manufacturing industry Beer 34 existing business - Alcohol - Beverage in Vietnam After 143 years of construction and development, SABECO has formed a system with 26 factories Green, Clean, Beautiful, Saving, Environmental Protection, 10 commercial companies and 37 affiliate members across the country Saigon Beer quality is recognized by prestigious organizations at home and abroad 2017, continues to stand SABECO top position reputed group company food industry - Beverage 2017 announced by Vietnam Report 2017 was a successful year SABECO with output reaching billion 727 million liters of beer, revenue increased 11% Saigon Beer brand continues to be the market leader with 40% market share amid fierce competition subject from brewers stature in the region and the world With the Government has successfully divested 53.59% of charter capital in SABECO and participation of major shareholders - Vietnam Beverage Co Ltd with the new development orientation, believe that this will be a strategic step to Saigon beer continued breakthroughs and advances in international markets, continued dedication to consumers in Vietnam and the world excellent quality products (, 2018) Sales Action Because of SAIGON GOLD is a new product available in this market Plan Therefore, we apply a plan to achieve the best possible objectives Template Objective 1: “Building image and brand awareness of SAIGON GOLD as the best beer product to customers in after years, from 2019 to 2024” I use pull marketing, which is the strategy entice retail customers or consumers, their purchasing by using marketing tools directly impacts create demand Through these marketing tools, the objective of the manufacturer or service provider is how to impact entice, attract attention, create the demand necessary to stimulate the desire to have the right product that service in the customer's mind And when there is demand, customers will look to the intermediate level (dealers, distributors) in order to buy products  Step 1: Building brand awareness (Pricing for Building brand awareness estimated 80 billion VND per months) First, SAIGON GOLD is new product on the market, there will be competition from the same products, therefore, right from the start we 35 will create a memo called "SAIGON GOLD" in the beginning of the customer In fact, the name of the brand is SAIGON, a catchy name, evocative and easy to pronounce  Step 2: Building image (Pricing for building image estimated 55 billion VND per months) Build a system of sharp images: logo, websites, messages This helps to target customers see the consistency of the product / service you in all the data promoted in all marketing channels Therefore, It is particularly important when launching a new product markets  Step 3: Marketing on different channels (Pricing for marketing estimated 450 billion per months) To offer to the market a new product, SABECO reach many different advertising channels Besides, SABECO will create promotional campaigns via e-mail, updates web page, cultural products, sales promotion, employee communication, trading exhibition to introduce SAIGON GOLD  Advertising on the mass media (Television, radio, Internet, etc.)  PR (public relation) aims to create good relations with media agencies to introduce them objectively about the product to the customer, the consumer  Organizations uses try drink to customers but not yet selling products, make customer's demand on the rise, more and want the product that is right  The estimated price for new market The biggest challenge for SABECO: Nsarkoh Unilever said: "You start by asking the question: Consumers can pay for the item what? Then you ask the question: How can supply at that price? " To answer the question" How can deliver at that price? ", I will learn marketing schools in this country How to sell to a market that is largely poor, with a price to ensure the company remains profitable When SABECO have been Nigerian market knowledge along with the cost is 36 reduced by competitive pressures, SABECO will have a stronger expansion plans in this market To reach consumers mostly poor, new products on the market SAIGON GOLD, therefore, usually sold at a lower price In fact, the Hero of SABMiller beer label was launched with only 150 naira / bottle (equivalent to 18,000 VND / bottle) compared with 200 naira of market-leading brands and 250 naira Star of Guinness In addition, when the input costs increase, companies usually not increase the price but change the size of the packaging (ie weight) However, senior beer line selection HABECO at low prices to attract consumers Therefore, we decided to choose the product price is lower than the other brand in this country Therefore, the product price is 140 naira, about 400,000 VND/barrels are 24 bottles, equal to the price in Vietnam 4.3 Investigate opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs 4.3.1 Opportunities for exhibitions  Available opportunities in domestic + Vietfood and beverage proPack In 2017 the exhibition has attracted more than 500 companies, with 600 booths come from 21 countries and territories Including national booth area: Poland, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Vietnam According to statistics from the Organizing Committee, over 17.000 visitors to visit and work, including more than commercial customers to 10.400 company imported/distributed; the production in the field of food-beverage-Air packet pick-up, packaging; Supermarket, retail chain stores; Director/Manager of hotels, restaurants, etc 37 Figure 10: SABECO presented product in Vietfood and beverage proPack  New international opportunities To be able to contribute to the development of a campaign to expand the scale of consumption and sales to Nigeria, Africa Then, attending major trade fairs in Africa aimed at promoting and testing the product is a good chance in the near future Sabeco Moreover, based on the conditions and reasons that the next market for Sabeco will expand in Nigeria as I have outlined above Furthermore, there are some great opportunities for Sabeco integration in the new war + Food Africa 2018: Food Africa is one of the trade fair of food and beverages the largest in Egypt and North Africa region with the participation of hundreds of businesses from the region and around the world The fair also attracted visitors from around the world to search for partners and customers The main products of the Fair include: agricultural products (pepper, rice, coffee, tea, ), food processing, seafood, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, beverages 2017, the Fair has attracted the participation of 294 companies from 32 countries and over 10,000 visitors to the trade and sightseeing 38 + South Africa International Trade Fair (SAITEX 2018) & Africa's Big Show Saitex 24th held in 2017 recorded more than 320 companies attended the series of exhibitions, from 26 countries and attracted 5,740 visitors participated in the three-day event, along with 18 specialized seminars were held, there were 132 participants from 12 countries, with many of the results, specific transactions can be done successfully Moreover, Africa's Big is the annual fair of food and beverages and are often held in parallel with Saitex in Johannesburg, South Africa Some benefits Sabeco will received if they join in this trade fair like: - Promote Sabeco products - Meet directly between sellers and buyers from Africa - Establish partnership potential - Search for agents and distributors - Realization of business opportunities 39 4.3.2 Selling at exhibitions a Preparing and planning Firstly, good staff is the necessary thing for Saigon Gold to exhibit It is nicest if the staff has about 20 people, in which a manager is charge of show organization Moreover, in the exhibition, SaiGon Gold must provide efficient information about the product as well as the exhibition catalogues and the package Thirdly, to catch the attention of customers, the posters must be noticed In addition, the uniform for staff to advertise Saigon Gold plays an important role because it represents for their company’s face It should be the yellow color, which is similar to the symbol color of SaiGon Gold Sale presentation must contain enough information (materials, features, flavor, ) b At the exhibition The gathering will last from three to four days In this way, the limited time exercises should be completed every day Alongside the business introduction, clients will be offered tests of Saigon Gold Moreover, guests will be furnished with the data of both Sabeco and the item c After exhibition The contacts and data of guests will be recorded and put away for future usage The prompt satisfaction of the guarantees made amid the display, for example, giving writing or making deals gets must be done CONCLUSION REFERENCE Andris, A., Prabhakant, S and Sally, E (2004) Sales Force Design For Strategic Advantage [online] Google Books Available at: id=Stkd8FkdIKcC&pg=PA184&dq=sales+strategy+definition&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0 ahUKEwik85fJ_t_bAhVJWX0KHTGpBcUQ6AEIJDAA#v=onepage&q=sales %20strategy%20definition&f=false [Accessed 19 Jun 2018] (n.d.) 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