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ANSWERS  4th- fourth Hang Out!  6th- sixth Workbook 3  8th- eighth 5th- fifth 7th- seventh 9th- ninth Welcome Unit A G Steven 12th Clare 15th Alex 19th Brian 21st Emma 30th B H b Monday, a d Wednesday, c c Saturday, f a Tuesday, b Thursday, d C Sunday, g three o’clock seven o’clock I eleven o’clock It’s Saturday, April 16th nine o’clock It’s Monday, May 2nd It’s Thursday, July 21st F It’s Friday, September 23rd 1st- first It’s Saturday, November 19th 2nd- second 3rd- third Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    Unit eats A gets dressed make my bed make wash my face puts on brush my teeth comb wake up wakes up get dressed wash comb my hair put on shoes Listening eat breakfast A 6:00 B 2.7:00 wakes up 7:00 wash 7:00 eats 8:00 combs brushes B d C b brush a breakfast c dressed e make f put on comb Writing wake up A wash Answers will vary D B brushes Answers will vary 2    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    dance Connect ride a bike B sing wake up draw wash swim eat sleep B ride a bike B swim No paint Yes can dance No can speak Chinese Yes can sing Reading & Writing C A Yes go home No homework No eat a snack Yes change into pajamas No go to sleep Yes B D a He can’t speak Chinese He can’t ride a bike Unit She can play the guitar A They can sing play the guitar paint Listening speak Chinese A 3    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    a Meg B b Fred Answers will vary c Sabrina d Leo Vocabulary e Grant A f Kim skateboard drive a car B sew can sing bake can ride ski can dance climb a tree can draw surf can speak Chinese work with wood can’t speak A: eats the cake C a Speaking b A c 1 Yes, he can d 2 Yes, they can Yes, they can Writing No, he can’t A Yes, she can he can Yes, he can she can’t No, they can’t she can Yes, they can Can she play the guitar? Can she dance? Yes, she can Connect Can he draw? No, he can’t A climb 4    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    sleep studied can finished swim surf B did B carried Yes waited No did No No C No Reading & Writing Yes A No bake Yes sew No surf No ski Yes skateboard Yes B D b played painted Unit 3 listened A did waited did carried walked Listening listened A played a Tara painted b Pedro 5    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    c Mark school bus d Andrew 8.hallway e Sabrina f Drew Speaking A B a studied b painted b finished b walked a carried listened B classroom, library Writing hallway, hallway A school bus, playground carried field, field painted field did they did she Connect listened A played played studied Vocabulary studied A listened playground field B classroom Yes gym No library Yes bus stop No 6    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    Reading & Writing C A They’re practicing the violin waited She’s taking a picture bus stop He’s closing the door walked He’s packing his backpack painted listened to music D packing B helping c taking closing Unit A Listening practice A take a picture practicing tennis show helping her practice pack standing next to her stand showing his baseball glove look for taking a picture help close B b B c taking e packing a showing d standing f are closing Writing A 7    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    practicing No standing No looking for taking a picture Reading & Writing showing A practicing Speaking standing A taking a picture cutting, gluing laughing laughing, they are resting giving, giving he isn’t, entering B resting, resting b answering, he is Unit B A giving onions teaching butter resting oil chicken Connect eggs A omelette practicing salt riding pepper jumping B standing some, any B some, any Yes any, some Yes some, any 8    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    some, any any onions some salt C some butter some any chicken have eggs some any C some chicken don’t have salt any eggs have onions D Writing some A has some onions some any salt any I don’t have any pepper any you have any chicken you have any eggs Listening she doesn’t have any onions A has some salt b she have any eggs b she have any omeletts a a Vocabulary b A b lemon peanut butter B water any oil jam 9    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    muffin strawberry Reading & Writing toast A hamburger eggs onions A: some eggs butter strawberries Speaking water A Are, some B Are, some c Is, any Unit Is, any A B made snacks No, isn’t any peanut butter wore costumes Yes, are some lemons swam Yes, are some eggs sang ran around Connect blew up balloons A ate good drank leaves B hard ate B wore Yes swam Yes blew No sang No drank 10    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    ate C blew b sang a swam c d C g b h a e a f a D Writing made A blew up blew up a balloon ran ate wore sang ate swam wore a costume Listening A B Yes Answers will vary No Yes Speaking No A Yes No, I didn’t No Yes, they did Yes, he did No, I didn’t B Yes, I did drank Yes, she did 11    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    kick the ball B jump rope Yes, she did jog No, I didn’t pass the ball 3.played games B Connect scoring B catching birthday kicking dress jogging cookies jumping danced C Reading & Writing d A c swam b ate a drank f played games e sang h g B a D at Unit shooting A am shoot baskets at catch the ball You’re good push-ups score a goal Listening 12    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    A lift weights kicking the ball fast I’m good at throw a ball Are you good at dive can join high doing push-ups far you can join use a racket B Speaking Yes A Yes b No a No a Yes a Writing B A Answers will vary jumping rope shooting baskets Connect good at A She’s high good at catching the ball can’t good at jogging far fighting B fast Answers will vary B Vocabulary Yes A Yes serve the ball No 13    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    No C Reading & Writing d A b kicking the ball c scoring a goal a shooting baskets g fast f high e h B b D Unit She likes playing chess A board game They don’t like playing football chess She doesn’t like playing ping pong ping pong music Listening video game A football play games cards playing games pool playing board games playing chess B playing music playing love playing playing doesn’t like playing B loves playing Yes like playing Yes 14    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    No Does, he No Do, Yes like, don’t Writing Does, likes A Does she, does likes Does, doesn’t loves hate B don’t like Yes, she does playing No, he doesn’t He likes snowboarding love Connect B A Answers will vary snowboarding Mountain biking Vocabulary high A Skateboarding surfing ice skating B mountain biking Yes hiking No snowboarding Yes skateboarding No skiing climbing trees Reading & Writing A A: It likes playing cards playing music Speaking skiing A ice skating 15    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    mountain biking Yes No B c D often Unit sometimes A How often wake up early never brush my teeth wash my face Listening drink soft drinks A take a shower No stay up late Yes eat fast food Yes get exercise No Yes B No often always B sometimes wake up early sometimes take a shower sometimes eat fast food drink soft drinks C get exercise Yes stay up late Yes No C Yes always No sometimes No never 16    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing    should wake Writing shouldn’t stay A should eat often should get sometimes get exercise never eats fast food B always brushes her teeth wake up early often take a shower fruit sometimes drink soft drinks should stay healthy B Answers will vary Reading & Writing A Speaking drink water A drink soft drinks wash your hands eat fast food get a check up get exercise drink some water take a rest eat candy stay up late B play video games c B should should shouldn’t drink should Connect A 17    ... skateboard Yes B D b played painted Unit 3 listened A did waited did carried walked Listening listened A played a Tara painted b Pedro 5    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key Compass Publishing    c Mark... Yes, I did drank Yes, she did 11    Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key Compass Publishing    kick the ball B jump rope Yes, she did jog No, I didn’t pass the ball 3. played games B Connect scoring... far fighting B fast Answers will vary B Vocabulary Yes A Yes serve the ball No 13   Hang Out! 3 Workbook – Answer Key Compass Publishing    No C Reading & Writing d A b kicking the ball c scoring
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