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D ANSWERS  Hang Out  Student Book 3  Welcome Unit G A Steven Clare Alex Brian Emma B H Six o’clock Eleven o'clock Two o’clock Five o’clock One o’clock Nine o’clock Unit Lesson C C e a brush my teeth d b wash my face c c comb my hair f d wake up a e get dressed b f eat breakfast g make my bed h put on shoes Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Lesson E Story (possible answers) C He wakes up at six o’clock b six o’clock I make my bed at six o’clock b Liz He washes his face at six o’clock a shopping Alex brushes his teeth at six o’clock She combs her hair at six o’clock Expand Brian gets dressed at seven o’clock B He puts on shoes at seven o’clock g He eats breakfast at eight o’clock a b Lesson e Song h A d a six o’clock c b seven o’clock f b seven o’clock a six o’clock C b seven o’clock What time is it?  It's three o'clock It's time to go home Reading B wake up get dressed brush their teeth Speaking (answers will vary) What time is it?  It's four o'clock It's time to eat a snack What time is it?  It's five o'clock It's time to homework What time is it?  It's six o'clock It's time to go shopping What time is it?  It's seven o'clock It's time to practice the piano What time is it?  It's nine o'clock It's time to go to sleep Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Lesson C B a dance c finish school b sing a swim at the beach c speak Chinese d ride a bike C e play the guitar seven o’clock / Yes f swim two o’clock / No g draw homework / Yes h paint ten o’clock / Yes E D (possible answers) b, c, d, e, g, h Clare can ride a bike She can’t swim Emma can paint She can’t speak Chinese Lesson Alex can play the guitar He can’t paint Writing She can dance She can’t sing A This is my day I wake up at six o’clock I brush my teeth and wash my face Then I get dressed I wear a T-shirt and pants every day I eat breakfast at seven o’clock I love cereal I go to school at eight o’clock I go home at three o’clock At home, I eat a snack and then practice the piano I homework at five o’clock Then I eat dinner I take a bath at seven o’clock and change into my pajamas I have red pajamas I go to sleep at nine o’clock I am tired at nine o’clock He can draw He can’t ride a bike They can speak Chinese They can’t dance Brian can swim He can’t draw She can sing She can’t play the guitar Lesson Song A ride a bike / can Unit Lesson draw a dog / can’t play the guitar / can sing a song / can’t paint a flower / can Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  C Reading Can she drive?  No, she can't B Can he bake?  Yes, he can draw anything Can he work with wood?  No, he can't paint Can she ski?  Yes, she can sing Can she skateboard?  No, she can't ride a bike Can he climb a tree?  Yes, he can Speaking Lesson (answers will vary) B b climb trees Lesson a on a snake Story C C b Clare’s climb / No a draw a picture skin / No b bake a cake eat / Yes can / Yes Expand B D d b, c, e c f Lesson a Writing e A g I can many things I can ride a bike I have a big blue bike I can draw, but I can’t paint I like to draw animals I can surf I surf in the summer I can’t sing And I can’t play the guitar h b Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  My classmate is Mike He can dance He can swim, too And he can ski He skis in the winter He can’t skateboard He can’t surf And he can’t drive a car He is only nine years old A b, c, d, e, f studied painted listened to music Unit Lesson carried a backpack finished my book C a play b paint c wait d carry a backpack e walk f study Reading B listened played studied painted g finish a book h listen to music Speaking B E (possible answers) They played She studied He painted He walked He listened to music She carried a backpack William finished a book Kim walked Ellie studied Sandy listened to music Ken carried a backpack Dan waited Julie painted Rob played He waited She finished a book Lesson Story Lesson Song C a He studied in the library Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  a He finished his homework C b He played soccer played / Yes Expand library / No B listened / No g painted / Yes d h D c b, d, e, f, g a b Lesson e Writing f A C I was busy yesterday I was at school In the morning, I studied I finished my book Then I played on the playground In the afternoon, I listened to music Did you play in the gym?  No I didn't I played on the playground Did you wait at the bus stop?  Yes, I did I waited at the bus stop Did you play in the classroom?  No, I didn't, I played in the gym Did you play in the field?  Yes, we did We played in a field Did you study in the classroom?  No, I didn't, I studied in a field After school, I waited for the school bus at the bus stop Then I studied in the library I was very busy yesterday, so I didn’t watch TV Review A Did you walk in the hallway?  Yes, I did I walked in the hallway Lesson B c It snowed a painted Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Game (answers may vary slightly) What time does he get dressed? It’s three o’clock She can play the guitar He studied Did you play on the playground? Can she speak Chinese? What time does she brush her teeth? Can she dance? 11 Did you play in the gym? B b b a b 13 Can he swim? 14 He carried a backpack 15 It’s nine o’clock 16 What time does she wake up? 17 Did you study in the library? 19 Can she surf? C does eat Can / can / listened Did / didn’t Unit Lesson C a show b pack c take a picture D dance swim play brush my teeth d look for e help f stand g close h practice ride a bike Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  E Lisa is helping someone (possible answers) Paul is closing the door She is showing the classroom Dave is packing his backpack Lucy is helping Anne Mary is standing on a chair He is practicing his flute He is packing his backpack Lesson Anne is looking for her pencil case Story Emma is taking a picture C Tom and Jasmine are standing a pack her backpack He is closing the door b his camera a taking pictures Lesson Song Expand A B b taking d d standing h a packing b c helping a f Reading c B g standing e helping standing C showing Are they laughing?  Yes, they are laughing Is he cutting paper?  No, he isn't He's answering a question Speaking John is looking for his dog Ryan and Zeb are practicing the violin Is she gluing paper?  Yes, she is gluing paper Millie is taking a picture Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Is he teaching?  No, he isn’t He's resting Is she giving him an orange?  Yes, she is giving him an orange Is he entering the classroom?  Yes, he is entering the classroom Unit Lesson C a chicken b butter c onions Lesson d pepper B e omelette b circus school f oil c hanging on rings g eggs h salt C walking / Yes E teacher / Yes (possible answers) four / No He has some onions hanging / Yes She doesn’t have any eggs They have some chicken D We don’t have any omelettes a, c She has some salt He doesn’t have any pepper Lesson They have some butter Writing We have some oil A This is my friend His name is Leon He is looking for his pencil case in his backpack And this is Julia She is helping Holly to glue paper Lesson That is my teacher His name is Mr Attkins He is teaching He is standing at the whiteboard He isn’t sitting And that is Alfie He is tired He is resting at his desk have / some / eggs Song A don’t have / any / chicken have / some / butter don’t have / any / salt Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  have / some / onions Reading B salt eggs chicken onions Speaking C Are there any strawberries?  No, there aren't any strawberries Is there any jam?  Yes, there is some jam Is there any toast?  No, there isn't any toast Are there any lemons?  Yes, there are some lemons Are there any hamburgers?  No, there aren't any hamburgers (answers will vary) Is there any peanut butter?  Yes, there is some peanut butter Lesson Lesson Story B C a cheese and meat b no c vitamin D a strawberries b jam C vitamins / No Expand Vitamin B / Yes B sun / Yes b ears / No a f D h a, b, c, g, h e c Lesson d Writing g A Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  I like cooking I have a lot of food at home I have eggs and onions I also have some butter I don’t have any pepper I want to eat a hamburger But there aren’t any hamburgers I think I will make an omelette tonight In my kitchen, there are some lemons and strawberries I like fruit There is also some peanut butter There isn’t any jam I can make strawberry jam! Lesson Song A blew up balloons made snacks swam in the pool wore a costume Unit ran around Lesson C a blow up balloons b wear costumes c eat d run around e swim Reading B wore a costume blew up balloons ate cake drank juice f make snacks g drink h sing E (possible answers) They ran around They made snacks He swam They ate cake Speaking (answers will vary) Lesson Story C a He danced b He fell in the pool a It’s the best He drank juice He blew up balloons They wore costumes She sang songs Expand B b Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  f D d b a a h c g e Lesson c Writing A C Did they color pictures?  No, they didn't They drew pictures Did he dance?  No, he didn’t He talked to friends Did he listen to music?  No, he didn't He played games Did they watch a movie?  No, they didn't They danced My last party was in February It was a school party It was great fun Before the party, we made snacks We also blew up balloons At the party, we ate a lot of food and drank juice and water My friends and I had a great time I sang, and Peter danced He is a good dancer My friend Ben played many games After the party, we cleaned up I love parties! Did she open presents?  Yes, she did Review Did they clean up?  Yes, they did A Across  Lesson B a candy c seaweed soup 3. water  5. eggs  8. hamburgers  9. show    C Down  same / No vegetables / No Australia / Yes 50 / No 1. omelette  2. muffins  4. make snacks  6. stand  7. laugh Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  She is gluing B 11 Did they run around? a 13 There is some butter a 14 Is he opening presents? b 15 Do you have any water? a 16 She is helping her friend 17 Did they sing? 19 She is cutting paper C is laughing / are Unit some Lesson Do C did / opened a pass the ball b shoot baskets D c jump rope No d catch the ball No e score a goal Yes f push-ups No g jog No h kick the ball Game E (answers may vary slightly) (possible answers) She looked for something He’s good at passing the ball Do you have any strawberries? I’m good at scoring a goal He is taking a rest He’s good at jogging Is she cleaning up? She’s good at jumping rope Did they make snacks? They’re good at shooting baskets There are some eggs He’s good at doing push-ups He took a picture She’s good at catching the ball Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  He’s good at kicking the ball b h Lesson e Song d A c e kicking balls g d jogging fast f a shooting baskets a b catching balls c jumping rope Reading B kicking the ball shooting baskets catching the ball jumping rope C Is he good at lifting weights?  No, he isn't He can't lift weights high Is she good at using a racket?  Yes, she is She can use a racket well Is she good at diving?  No, she isn't She can't dive high Is he good at serving the ball?  Yes, he is He can serve the ball fast Is he good at throwing the ball?  No, he isn't He can't throw the ball far Speaking (answers will vary) Lesson B Lesson b cheetahs Story a being fast C b throwing a ball C a reading a book Cheetahs / No b Alex can / No can / Yes Expand lions / No B Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Let’s play football  OK I love playing football D fast Let’s play cards  OK I like playing cards light short Let’s play board games  No, thanks I don’t like playing board games big Let’s play music  No, thanks I hate playing music Lesson 5 Let’s play chess  OK I love playing chess Writing A I really like soccer I play the sport every day I like passing the ball I’m good at passing the ball I’m also good at scoring goals I can kick the ball fast and far I don’t like tennis I’m not good at serving the ball And I’m not good at using a racket I can’t serve the ball fast Let’s play video games  OK I like playing video games Let’s play ping pong  No, thanks I don’t like playing ping pong Let’s play pool  No, thanks I hate playing pool Lesson Unit Song Lesson A C playing board games a cards playing ping pong b chess playing football c ping pong d pool Reading e. music B f football chess g video game board games h board game card E Speaking (possible answers) Clare loves playing ping pong Alex doesn’t like playing chess Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Brian likes playing board games Steven hates playing football Lesson B Lesson c anywhere Story c on rooftops C a Chris’s C a a snowboard helmet boring / No b skiing beaches / No rooftops / Yes jump / Yes Expand B d D f b, c c b Lesson 5 e Writing g A a My friends like different activities Terry loves playing video games He is very good at playing these games He likes playing car video games Lisa likes playing ping pong She can serve the ball very fast h C Does he like hiking?  Yes, he does Do they like climbing trees?  No, they don't Does he like surfing?  Yes, he does Do they like skiing?  No, they don't Does she like skateboarding?  No, she doesn't Do they like snowboarding?  Yes, they Ellen doesn’t like skiing She only likes snowboarding And Harry hates ice skating He doesn’t like cold weather Unit Lesson C a stay up late b take a shower Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  c wash my face gets exercise d drink soft drinks brushes her teeth e eat fast food stays up late f brush my teeth g get exercise Speaking h wake up early (answers will vary) E Lesson (possible answers) Story I always wash my face C She always brushes her teeth b playing a video game He sometimes stays up late a go outside They often get exercise a play a video game He always takes a shower He never eats fast food Expand She sometimes drinks soft drinks B He often wakes up early d f Lesson a Song c A b e always / wake up h c sometimes / stays up g d sometimes / gets some exercise e a never / eats fast food b always / brushes her teeth C I am thirsty  You should drink water Reading I feel tired  You should take a rest B My hands are dirty  You should wash your hands washes her face Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  I feel sick  You should get a checkup My teeth hurt  You shouldn't eat candy My eyes hurt  You shouldn't play video games My mom often tells me what I should I should get some fresh air on weekends I should eat fruit and vegetables I shouldn’t eat candy But I love candy! Review Lesson A B candy b fruit and vegetables goal c often skiing game C ball vegetables / Yes hiking outside / Yes ping pong should / No jogging Fast food / No Secret word: climbing D B healthy a unhealthy a healthy b unhealthy a healthy unhealthy C is / shooting Lesson love Writing doesn’t A biking I always brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning I sometimes take a shower, too I often eat fast food, but I never drink soda I don’t like soda It’s too sweet I sometimes stay up late on the weekend should eating Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  D a b a a b Game (answers may vary slightly) She is good at doing push-ups I love playing ping pong Are you good at throwing the ball? She often washes her face How often you stay up late? You should get a checkup He is good at catching the ball Are you good at lifting weights? 11 How often you get exercise? 13 You shouldn’t play video games 14 She often drinks soft drinks 15 I like playing board games 16 She is good at shooting baskets 17 How often you take a shower? 19 I like serving the ball Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  ... practice the piano What time is it?  It's nine o'clock It's time to go to sleep Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key Compass Publishing  Lesson C B a dance c finish school b sing a swim at the... draw a dog / can’t play the guitar / can sing a song / can’t paint a flower / can Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key Compass Publishing  C Reading Can she drive?  No, she can't B Can he bake?... animals I can surf I surf in the summer I can’t sing And I can’t play the guitar h b Hang Out Student Book 3 – Answer Key Compass Publishing  My classmate is Mike He can dance He can swim, too And
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