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ANSWERS  Sunday Hang Out  F Student Book 2  Welcome Unit A d b a c e D Monday H Tuesday c Wednesday d Thursday a Friday b Saturday Sunday J summer E January Monday Saturday Tuesday Wednesday Unit Thursday Lesson Friday C Saturday popcorn Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  fruit fruit soda candy, chocolate, soda fries candy Speaking cookies (answers will vary) vegetables chocolate Lesson Story E C (possible answers) a cookies Alex likes fruit b Peanut He doesn’t like vegetables She doesn’t like fries Expand He likes popcorn circle Emma likes chocolate rectangle Brian likes cookies triangle She doesn’t like candy square She likes soda circle and triangle circle and rectangle Lesson circle and square Song rectangle and triangle A like C doesn’t like They like rice. So I likes She doesn’t like yogurt  Neither I don’t like He doesn't like tomatoes  Neither I like She likes milk  So I They like apples  So I Reading She doesn't like rice  Neither I B Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Lesson watch B skirt a on a tree pants b hot shirt C E fruits / Yes (possible answers) bananas / No He’s wearing a blue jacket trees / Yes She’s wearing a green skirt hot / Yes She’s wearing a white ring He’s wearing a white shirt D He’s wearing gray pants Tree: c, e He’s wearing brown shoes Vine: a, b, d He’s wearing a gray watch He’s wearing black boots Lesson Phonics Lesson B Song friends A drawing am grandparents is breakfast is are Unit is Lesson C Reading ring B shoes c jacket boots Speaking Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  (answers will vary) c to stay dry Lesson C Story hats / Yes C wear / Yes b play soccer cold / No a a sweatshirt cool / No Expand D B b rectangle c circle a triangle square Lesson 5 circle and square Phonics circle and triangle B circle and rectangle drink rectangle and triangle paint sing hand C Is he wearing pajamas?  Yes, he is Is he wearing jeans?  No, he isn’t Unit 3 Is she wearing glasses?  No, she isn’t Lesson Is he wearing a T-shirt?  No, he isn’t C Is she wearing a dress?  Yes, she is ice cream Is she wearing a hat?  Yes, she is chips salad Lesson 4 bread B fish b Cuba meat Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  cheese (answers will vary) juice Lesson E Story (possible answers) C I want bread, please b fish They want cheese b No, it doesn’t Alex wants chips He wants fish Expand Brian wants ice cream B She wants meat circle She wants salad triangle They want juice square rectangle Lesson rectangle and triangle Song circle and square A circle and rectangle want / meat circle and triangle wants / bread want / chips C wants / salad 1. Does the pizza look good?  No, it doesn’t want / ice cream Does the pasta smell bad?  No, it doesn’t Reading B bread, cheese Does the cake look sweet?  Yes, it does Does the lemonade taste sour?  Yes, it does meat chips, salad Lesson B Speaking Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  b Italy a basil Down cake C shoes cake / No tomatoes England / No glasses pizza / Yes apples oven / Yes B D b a, d, f a b Lesson Phonics C B Do cheese So ○ th umb Neither lunch box wants chips Does is wearing di○ sh es D red T-shirt Review A pizza pasta Across pasta jacket chips vegetables E a a b Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  a art b science Game E (answers may vary slightly) (possible answers) Do you like fruit? I have gym on Monday You like bananas So I We have computers on Tuesday She is wearing a silver watch He has music on Wednesday Is he wearing a hat? She has science on Thursday They want chips I have geography on Friday Does the lemonade taste sour? We have math on Monday Does she like cookies? He has English on Tuesday He is wearing a ring She has art on Wednesday 11 She wants juice 13 Does the cake look good? Lesson 14 Is she wearing a T-shirt? Song 15 You don’t like soup? Neither I A 16 Do they like popcorn? English 17 I want bread geography 19 She is wearing a shirt art computers Unit gym Lesson C Reading gym B music English math science geography geography computers art English Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Speaking (answers will vary) Lesson B Lesson c a dictionary Story b on Thursday C b shorts C a a calculator lunchbox / No geography / No Expand map / Yes B computer / No rectangle square D circle a, b, c, d, e, g triangle circle and triangle Lesson rectangle and triangle Phonics circle and square B circle and rectangle s isters ○ C fish Does he have paper?  Yes, he does shoes Does she have shorts?  No, she doesn't ○ sc ience Does she have a calculator?  No, she doesn't Does she have a recorder?  Yes, she does Unit Lesson Does he have a dictionary?  No, he doesn’t C Does she have a folder?  No, she doesn’t counter toilet Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  towel toothbrush Lesson sink Story soap C shower b a toothbrush comb a under the sink E Expand (possible answers) B The soap is in the toilet rectangle The towels are on the counter triangle The comb is on the counter square The toothbrush is on the counter circle circle and square Lesson rectangle and triangle Song circle and rectangle A circle and triangle on under C in Is the shovel under the porch?  Yes, it is in Are the buckets in the bush?  No, they aren’t They’re on the porch Reading B Is the ball on the swing set?  No, it isn’t It’s under the swing set in the shower Is the boy on the swing set?  Yes, he is on the counter Is the rope on the bush?  No, it isn't It's under the bush under the sink Is the ball in the yard?  Yes, it is Speaking Lesson (answers will vary) Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  B wet a under the ground cloudy b in a case foggy windy C dry sand / No cold food / Yes ant houses / No E ants / Yes (possible answers) Emma’s picture D It’s sunny c It’s windy a It’s hot b It’s dry Lesson Molly’s picture Phonics It’s cloudy B It’s foggy l et toi○ It’s cold It’s wet rope fries Lesson f○ l y Song A hot Unit Lesson C hot windy cold sunny foggy sunny Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Reading circle and triangle B circle and rectangle cold circle and square wet hot C sunny Is it sunny?  No, it isn’t Don’t put on your sunglasses Speaking B Monday - hot Tuesday - cold Wednesday - sunny Thursday - cloudy Friday - wet Saturday - foggy Is it sunny?  Yes, it is Put on sunscreen Is it foggy?  Yes, it is Put on your sweater Is it cold?  No, it isn't Don't put on your snowsuit Is it wet?  Yes, it is Put on your raincoat Is it wet?  No, it isn’t Don’t put on your boots Sunday - windy Lesson Lesson B Story c hot C a It is very cold a a raincoat b wet C cold / No Expand hard / Yes B rains / No square is not / No rectangle circle D triangle The Atacama rectangle and triangle Both Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Antarctica have Both has Antarctica is Are Lesson 5 is Phonics Is it B clock D snowflake Yes sunglasses No black Yes Review E A lake dry soccer paper shorts sink rake swingset cloudy scarf flag shovel slippers math gloves towel Secret word: raincoat Game (answers may vary slightly) B We have science on Monday a Do you have scissors? b The towels are on the counter b Is the shovel in the yard? It’s hot C Put on your sunglasses Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  I have geography on Friday We go to school in the fall 10 It’s windy 11 The toothbrush is in the sink Lesson 13 Put on your raincoat Song 14 Is the ball under the swingset? A 16 I have art on Wednesday go to the beach 17 It’s wet go sledding 18 Do you have a dictionary? start school play baseball Unit make snowmen Lesson pick apples C play baseball Reading go to the beach B plant flowers play baseball pick apples plants flowers make a snowman go sledding make a sandcastle make a snowman start school go sledding Speaking (answers will vary) E (possible answers) Lesson I make a snowman in the winter Story We go sledding in the winter C We play baseball in the spring b winter She plants flowers in the spring a play tennis I go to the beach in the summer She makes a sandcastle in the summer Expand We pick apples in the fall B Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  fall / No circle square rectangle D triangle d circle and square a rectangle and triangle b circle and triangle c circle and rectangle Lesson C Phonics Does he go to the beach in the summer?  Yes, he does B Do you clean the house in the spring?  Yes, they Do you make a snowman in the winter?  Yes, I running sing shopping swing Do you rake leaves in the spring?  No, I don’t Does she play tennis in the winter?  No, she doesn’t Does he go camping in the fall?  Yes, he does Unit Lesson C rug lamp Lesson sofa B door a the United States picture a in the north table window C plant snow / Yes summer / Yes E fall / Yes (possible answers) Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  There is a table in the living room C There are two sofas in the living room b behind the sofa There are two lamps in the living room a on the bookcase There is a plant in the living room There are two windows in the living room Expand There is a rug in the living room B There is a door in the living room circle There are four pictures in the living room rectangle square Lesson triangle Song circle and rectangle A circle and square is a / sofa circle and triangle are two / lamps rectangle and triangle is a / picture is a / table C are two / windows 1.Where is the chair?  It's in front of the bookcase Reading B is / a rug are / two windows is / a plant Where is the stereo?  It's on the dresser Where is the television?  It's on the bookcase Where are the lamps?  They're next to the bed are / two lamps Where are the chairs?  They're in front of the television Speaking Where is the stove?  It's next to the sink (answers will vary) Lesson Lesson B Story b a stove Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  a beds E (possible answers) C There was a hill in the park tent / Yes There were some trees in the park behind / No There was a lake in the park beds / No There was a forest in the park live / No There was an island in the park There were some mountains in the park D There was some grass in the park c, d, e, g, h There was a beach in the park Lesson Lesson Phonics Song B A stereo was soccer ball was stove were was Unit were Lesson was C tree Reading forest B mountain were / two mountains beach was / an island lake beach / was island trees / were grass hill Speaking (answers will vary) Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Lesson C Story beaches / No C live / Yes a in a forest mountain / Yes b a snake rock / No Expand D B c very high rectangle a very big square b very old circle triangle Lesson 5 circle and square Phonics circle and rectangle B rectangle and triangle teach circle and triangle chocolate chips C sandwich Were the trees old?  Yes, they were Was the grass tall?  Yes, it was Review 3 Was the beach sandy?  No, it wasn’t A Was the mountain high?  Yes, it was Was the island small?  Yes, it was Was the lake deep?  No, it wasn’t Lesson B a in California b a very tall tree Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  b c a Game (answers may vary slightly) He makes a snowman in the winter Do you play baseball in the spring? There are two beds Is there a table? There was a mountain B Was the tree tall? b There is a sofa a He rakes leaves in the fall b 10 There was grass 13 Was the beach sandy? C 14 Are there lamps? 15 Do you make a sandcastle in the summer? Does are a stove was 16 There are three chairs 17 There was an island 18 She plays tennis in the summer trees D make a sandcastle sofa forest E Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  ... milk  So I They like apples  So I Reading She doesn't like rice  Neither I B Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key Compass Publishing  Lesson watch B skirt a on a tree pants b hot shirt C E... breakfast is are Unit is Lesson C Reading ring B shoes c jacket boots Speaking Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key Compass Publishing  (answers will vary) c to stay dry Lesson C Story hats... she wearing a hat?  Yes, she is chips salad Lesson 4 bread B fish b Cuba meat Hang Out Student Book 2 – Answer Key Compass Publishing  cheese (answers will vary) juice Lesson E Story (possible
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