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ANSWERS  D Hang Out!  lunchbox backpack pencil case Workbook 1  Listening Welcome Unit A B 1 three four B six pens nine pencils ten eraser crayons Unit B C one, eraser one backpack five, pens three erasers three, crayons six pencils one, backpack seven crayons one, pencil case ten textbooks one, lunchbox three, textbooks Writing one, pencil A I have two pens -b C I have three pencils -c a I have an eraser -a b I have five crayons -d a a B Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Emma Connect backpack A b, d pencil case B lunchbox No textbooks Yes Yes Vocabulary Yes A pencil sharpener Phonics paintbrush A stapler glue notebook blue ruler school tape ruler marker igloo glue stick B Speaking igloo A ruler Yes, I glue stick No, I don’t Unit Yes, I B B It is a I They are I They are I don’t It is an I They are I don’t C I don’t 2    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  T airplanes F puzzles F They T It is T T Writing T A T It is, an is, It is D What, They are It is a card are, They are They are puzzles They are jump ropes B They are elephants It is They are Listening It is A They are No Yes Vocabulary No A Yes baseball glove kite B hula hoop jump rope rollerblades puzzles skateboard video games board game airplane bike soccer ball C toys a 3    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  b jump rope Speaking A Unit 1, 3, B B a desk your a computer your These your, my Those That is Connect A C They are a It is b c B d airplane e horse f monkey g h Phonics A D rollerblades These are jump rope That is video game Those are pony This is boat Listening B A c rollerblades yellow a video game blue 4    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  green clock brown mat red shelf wastebasket B drawing bookcases yellow map cupboard blue drawer posters green classroom desks brown chairs red Speaking A Writing The mat is purple A The wastebaskets are red desk chairs B bookcase The clocks are blue cupboards The drawer is brown posters The calendar is green easel Connect B A a That B b, c This C These What color are Those What color are This is What color is What color is Vocabulary A Phonics calendar A 5    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  c parents c sister B C c, e is b, ee are a, ea is aren’t Unit she, she is B he, he isn’t is is A is family are mother is parents brother D children, friends parents father Speaking sister A brother sister, b -five mother teacher, d- thirty friend, a- nine Listening grandmother, c- seventy A Connect A B 1 mother father B 6    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  grandparents run aunts eat uncles sleep children walk cousins jump C C No F Yes T No F Yes T No F T Phonics T A F cell phone bicycle D city Yes color No Canada Yes cupboard No Yes B hard c Listening Canada, cup, computer, color, car A soft c Muffin bicycle, celery, cell phone, city Babe and Buzz May Unit Dash B Astro 7    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Spot Vocabulary A B bird walking horse swimming cow jumping rabbit eating snake sleeping mouse sheep Writing fish A jump A: drinking run eat Speaking drink A swim No, he isn’t sleep Yes, they are walk B fly Yes, it is B No, he isn’t jumping Yes, it is running No, it isn’t are eating No, they aren’t is drinking They are swimming Connect She is sleeping A He is walking Grace is riding a horse They are flying Flower is running Grace is wearing a helmet 8    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  tired Flower can jump very high hot B cold No, he isn’t hungry Yes, she is thirsty No, they aren’t D Phonics T A F table -b T cake -d F rain -e bay -a Listening snake -c A Brian B Peter snake Brad, Jen cake table B happy Unit angry B hungry are, I’m happy is, He’s sad is, She’s tired C Writing happy A sad Yes, he is / tired angry Yes, I am / happy 9    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Yes, they are / hungry Connect No, she isn’t / happy A bungee jumping B I am angry -b B He is tired -a b She is sad -d a They are happy -c a b Vocabulary A Phonics scared A surprised baby -c upset fly - a relaxed hungry -d excited windy -b bored cry -f sick happy -g worried angry -h fry -e Speaking A B Yes, he is a 2 No, they aren’t b c d B He is scared She is sick Unit They are surprised B I am worried playing 10    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  reading b Adam and James studying c John eating watching Writing A C are, are reading a book playing soccer is, is watching TV listening to music is, He is using the computer watching TV eating a snack B doing D listening b you c studying d are a doing exercising Listening A Speaking b A c living room a using the computer backyard B reading is using is studying B are playing a a C a a Mina C 11    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  kitchen, eating nose living room, exercising mouth bedroom, using the computer head ear Connect tooth B hair Yes face No No B No has a, He has has, She has I have C eating breakfast studying C exercising No watching TV No No Phonics Yes A No kite Yes bike Yes pie No exercise D B has bike, light, dining room, exercise, kite, pie It has It has two Unit It has three A It has eye 12    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  Listening hair A nose The boy’s name is Jill / Bobby mouth has a green Yes, It’s a nice alien Vocabulary has three A legs-d B curly-a two eyes short-c one head foot-b one mouth hand-h brown hair straight-e one nose arm-f two ears long-g long ears Writing A Speaking one red A two blue No, it doesn’t green Yes, it does has many Yes, it does head No it doesn’t two green Yes, it does one brown No, it doesn’t ears B B she does eyes he doesn’t teeth Does, have ears they don’t 13    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  B Do, have She’s Connect He’s B He’s c He’s b They’re a C C cook Yes farmer No police officer Yes doctors No D Phonics a A b giraffe b gate a gym gum Listening gem A gold a a B b hard g gold, gate, gum B soft g police officer gem, gym, giraffe father mother Unit 4.cook 14    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  grandparents flower shop farmers theater C Speaking police officer A cook b farmers d 4.student c a Writing A B He’s, actor do, work She’s, florist does, works She’s, cook He’s, farmer Connect A B a does she does he B they No does he No Yes Vocabulary A Phonics farm A hospital slide office speak airport stairs police station ski restaurant 15    Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key  Compass Publishing  B a b b a 16    ... is studying B are playing a a C a a Mina C 11     Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key Compass Publishing  kitchen, eating nose living room, exercising mouth bedroom, using the computer head ear... has two Unit It has three A It has eye 12     Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key Compass Publishing  Listening hair A nose The boy’s name is Jill / Bobby mouth has a green Yes, It’s a nice alien... slide office speak airport stairs police station ski restaurant 15     Hang Out! 1 Workbook – Answer Key Compass Publishing  B a b b a 16    
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