Cambridge FCE Reading: Part I Multiple choice cloze exercise

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The first part of the Use of English paper in the First Certificate Examination is multiple choice cloze where you have to choose the correct word from four similar given words. This is a test of your vocabulary knowledge primarily, your ability to use the correct word (noun, verb, adjective) depending on context. Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 1 This house is so old now When it rains, the windows leak and the roof needs to be replaced soon , we love it and would never move to another a nevertheless b although c though d despite You can't ignore this problem any longer You have to _ with it so we can go on with the plan We couldn't find the hotel and it was getting dark _ we got out a map and studied it carefully a so b and c but d if Well, according to the timetable, a bus should be along in _two minutes But I wouldn't be surprised if we had to wait another half an hour! a less a deal b below b c about c solve d round d beat Martin Jones, as the Gentle Bank Robber during his three-year reign, was jailed for 25 years today at the Central Court I don't like watching soap operas and films on TV I prefer documentaries with _ people talking about their lives a reality b real c authentic d genuine Has someone moved the drinks _the table while I was gone? I'm sure that glass in front of Peter was mine a named b reputed c called d known I was born about 30km _ Rome but have always lived in Great Britain a from a of b to b along c far c around d near d on Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise Don't wash that sweater in hot water, _ it will shrink a unless b if c moreover d otherwise When each group of tourists have paid the entrance fee, _them with a picnic hamper and two parasols a provide b give c lend d give out a along You are the only person in this company who access to both the staf phone list and the bank information of every employee Please remember it is a huge responsibility b throughout a has c moreover b takes d all in all c opens Police arrested a man late last night in connection with the murder Police expect to charge the _later this morning d sees the vacation, we had the most wonderful weather imaginable Sunshine all the way! a guilty b suspect c condemned d arrested Right, Mrs Jones Take these pills twice a day and if the problem _ more serious, come back and pay me a visit We all just looked at the bill and then realised that _wasn't even included! So we had to pay another 15% on top of that! I am never going back to that restaurant a services b serving c serves d service a goes We got home to find the children _ down the marble hallway in their socks b becomes a sliding c turns b skidding d develops c falling d crashing Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise It was in the 19th Century that scientists began to realise that monkeys and apes were _relatives of man a remote b distant c far d vague Overall, six universities have accepted my application but I _to go to Chicago because my aunt and uncle live there Christmas Day _on a Sunday this year a comes b becomes c falls d places My original _was not to cut jobs but only to reduce expenditure in the company a direction b view a select c aim b prefer d destination c like Why are you blaming your sister? In my opinion, you are _to blame for this accident! d enjoy The _of the coastal areas in these parts were called "Myami" but the tribes died out around 600 years ago as European explorers moved into the area a tenants b inhabitants a strongly b dominantly c entirely d freely c constituents You should _advantage of our special ofer while we have it, Mrs Foulkes d citizens a get He's taken my bag! Just when you need a policeman, there isn't a single one in _! b take a vision b sight c reach d existence c hold d have Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise Inspector Grant visited the suspect's house on three occasions and on the third _a remarkable discovery a did b found c took d made By studying fossils, many things can be learnt including even the events that _to the animal's death a caused b went c led d influenced To _up, what we would like to see is a more aggressive policing in the area and more attention given to the victims of crime and less to the criminals! a add b sum c total If we want to get to Chicago by sunset, it _having to leave at dawn tomorrow a intends b means c wants d needs It will be hard to find the area of land to build a factory such as this a obliged b required c meant d designed I like my part time job but I would like all the advantages of having a full-time contract, _a company car and a good vacation package a such b example c like d containing d figure Be careful swimming Jason The water here gets very _suddenly My uncle has a large greenhouse in his garden which he uses to tropical fruit a profound a grow b rear c breed d raise b deep c wide d high Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise Could you turn the central heating up a little more please I can notice any diference in the temperature from an hour ago a barely b hard c just d rather Scientists are warning that human activity is starting to cause in the Earth's climate due to increasing temperatures a alterations b changes c deviations d substitutions The unions are trying to present a front in their dispute with the government Otherwise, they know they will be defeated a united b bound c single d unique Though many eminent scientists have travelled to Loch Ness in Scotland, the famous monster has never been _by any of them a seen b witnessed c viewed d watched If you need to speak to me, I _that my attorney is present a insist b must c force d make We found a wonderful house just on the _ of the town It's so much cheaper than living in the center a border b confines c edge d side Run to the supermarket! We're _out of wine and I forgot to buy some yesterday The guests will be here in half an hour a running b falling c going d dropping The islands in this area were _when a huge volcano erupted about 75,000 years ago Now, it's dormant a manufactured b created c set d founded Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise I lifted the lid of the box just a centimetre or two and could _two shiny eyes staring out at me Do you feel _talking about your childhood? We can change subject if you prefer a give out a comfortable b make out b favorable c make up c warm d look up d agreeable The famous dodo, which lived on the island of Madagascar, extinct in the 17th Century owing to overhunting by European settlers a went b got c turned d became A in communication led to further fighting before the UN intervened and proposed a peace treaty The course also a few lesson specifically for those interested in going to live in Spain a involves b consists c contains d comprises The noise in the hall was terrible but he just _ on speaking as if he couldn't hear it a went a fall of b let b break-up c ran c breakout d set d breakdown That's the first good idea you've _ since breakfast Well done! I don't know why you are laughing Maggie I consider this to be a _serious issue a sharply b gravely a made b had c got d thought c mainly d largely Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise Michelle came nearer the house but then she ran _when she saw our big black dog She has never liked dogs! You can see how this artist has _the well-known style of earlier artists such as Turner and Renoir a of a repeated b away b imitated c across c twinned d around d modelled The tiger belongs to the big cat family, but _the panther which lives in South America, it is found mainly in Asia _ temperatures have made living in this part of the world more and more difficult a whether b while c unlike d dissimilar Jason Rewerd, 27, has been charged with abandoning his and failing to report for duty at the military base in town a gate b post c job d checkpoint The Antarctic may seem an empty, desolate place but it is actually _to hundreds of diferent species of animals a dwelling b shelter c home d habitat a raising b enlarging c rising d growing How much would it cost to put a new on this old picture Larry? It's for the wife's birthday a border b surround c frame d square In the event of fire, _ the glass and use the extinguisher a crash b crack c hit d smash Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise Don't waste time looking _a cheap hotel when you arrive They are all about the same price Although they tried to put _the fire for nearly two hours, eventually the firefighters had to give up a out a at b of b by c away c for d on d on It's absolutely _tonight so make sure you wear both your gloves and your heavy coat The man was questioned by the police after acting in a(n) _way outside the bank a suspicious b faulty c dishonest d unfriendly Sharon never stops telling us how wonderful she is She can be a little _ a selfish b arrogant c sensible d silly If you _all the lessons on the course, you get a certificate anyway a mild b cold c freezing d chilly Your behavior today will have serious _for your future promotion chances a warnings b predictions c consequences d results a go How can you deny the allegations Mrs Penney? _ people saw you leave the store without paying b frequent a several c attend b few d assist c some of d any Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise How can you possibly work in a zoo if you are terrified snakes? Can you put me _for two days if I come and stay with you? a up a at b about b of c in c with d out d in The floods were caused by two days of _ rain Are you _on foreign language films? a enthusiastic b excited c keen d liking This government should be using far _policies in an attempt to beat unemployment a pouring b drowning c flowing d shattering It was only a minor accident and we all escaped without _ a damage a crueler b wounds b meaner c injury c tougher d hurt d harder By 10pm it was very dark and the black car was _almost impossible to see Homeschooling, which involves children at home, is becoming ever more popular a training b managing c bringing up d educating a so b therefore c that d such Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 10 Can I borrow $10 you until tomorrow I have to buy a book for college a to b from c for d with There is so little time left until the exams I think I need to just concentrate my efort _the most important two exams that I cannot fail When I first arrived in Russia, I took _ lessons from an old woman to help me with the language a private b secret c personal d reserved There was only a light _ in the morning with no sign that a storm was coming a gale a for b cyclone b with c breeze c of d draught d on A new type of transistor radio has been I was never very _ at history at school and now I work in a museum How ironic! _ by South African electrical engineers a good b expert c keen d able My mother would like to consider herself _ but I think even she would be shocked if we took her to see that film! a broad-minded b independent c stubborn d well-behaved a developed b found c discovered d looked into I want to play a game with you First, _ about an animal you would like to be Ready? a consider b imagine c think d wonder Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 11 Seeing you in that red dress reminds me a lot _our honeymoon Do you remember that red dress you bought in Hawaii and you wore it nearly every day! The price of heating oil has been _ up again by the local government Many people have criticised them for doing so as winter approaches a about a pushed b to b taken c on c put d of d cost My favourite _ at school was undoubtedly geography Now I want to study it at university Houston is a very _ city in the summer and it can be very difficult to sleep at night a material b subject c object d matter You will need very diferent clothes when you go on holiday _to where you go and the time of year a relying b according c depending d concluding a wet b damp c dripping d humid My uncle is _ deaf so you may have to raise your voice a little, but don't shout at him! a slightly b hardly c extremely d just This wine is from the north of the country, is drunk with the local fish and must be _ ice cold After the government's defeat in parliament last night, the new transportation recommendations will have to _ a little longer before becoming law a given a anticipate b prepared b expect c made c wait d served d delay Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 12 "Does this pen belong _ you Juan?" "No, it is Mick's I think." It isn't going to rain tomorrow, they said, but there may be a few in the evening a puddles a to b showers b at c breezes c with d gales d on _ sounding very boring, the film was actually pretty interesting I would recommend it! I need to pass a difficult _ even before they see me for interview a proof b skill c test d course Pass me the _ , I need to put these sheets together a scissors b eraser c stapler d sharpener If you help me _ the potatoes, I will chop them and you can go and watch the movie a mash b skin c break d peel a although b however c despite d nevertheless My doctor told me to follow a more _ diet and to cut down on my sugar and cafeine a even b balanced c equalised d unbiased I went back to that house _ again but never saw anything that looked like a ghost ever again a over and over b repeatedly c constantly d moreover Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 13 I don't need these old typewriters any more If you can _ a good use for them, you can have them for nothing a find b have c put d I didn't buy this ring It was down to me by the brother of my mother, my uncle Peter, when I was only 12 years old a given b passed c handed d sent The two soldiers, lost in the desert, looked up at the sun in the blue sky and looked nervously at each other There's no way I can let you go out again tonight _ , it's raining very hard a although b however c moreover d besides Only put a little oil in the mixture If you _ in too much, it will make the cake very greasy - and not very healthy either a crumble b spill c sip d pour The wild area to the north of the lake _ of conifer forests and small lakes full of trout a burning a makes b glittering b comprises c gleaming c consists d firing d contains I can't _ why you lent him the money You know how unreliable he is Now we are going to play a game which should be _to you all: scrabble! Let's pick teams first! a assume b think of c figure d imagine a popular b normal c widespread d familiar Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 14 I was too scared to approach the house in the dark I couldn't _ the courage and remembered all the stories about ghosts being seen there a get b see c find d experience Did you hear him talk about the Amazon rain forest last night He is a very _man and you can always learn so much speaking to him a well known b all knowing c knowledgeable d know-it-all The authorities want to build a new lake in Proctor Park, which _ the residential and commercial districts of the city a disconnects b splits c separates d parts Be careful of the high winds on that _ stretch of road along the coast a horizontal b straight c open d fast You can go to any of the restaurants along the riverfront _ from "The Grand Eatery" which is too expensive Mike has been really lucky over the last five years with his job He now earns _to double what he was earning when he started a apart a near b excluding b almost c except c next d but d close I got lost driving back from work again That _ it three times this month! I need to buy a street map Each farmworker was given a small _ of land and was then expected to give half of the food produced to the landowner a makes a line b leaves b plot c totals c measure d gives d breadth Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 15 Elvis Presley was, without _, one of the best rock and roll singers of all time For _ of security, we have had to cancel tonight's performance a motivation a hesitation b because b doubt c reasons c explanation d consequence d questions .but all ticket costs will be refunded in _ I stayed at work all day and _ got very little done a full a yet b complete b despite c wholeness c just d entire d moreover He graduated from Harvard but never _ to become as successful as his father was _ you won't appreciate it yet, you'll be happy that you stopped smoking when your health improves a But b However c Although d Yet I haven't seen Kathy since we both _ school in 1999 a stopped b graduated c departed d left a achieved b reached c succeeded d managed We had taken more supplies than usual with us _the weather turned bad a supposing b if c in case d because of Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 16 I am not accusing you _ taking the money I just want to know if you know where it is! The equipment at the school is oldfashioned and in bad condition. _, the teachers seem very unmotivated a anyway a of b furthermore b by c however c to d and d from The machine can be very dangerous, especially when it _ in motion Older people are going to make _ a larger proportion of the population in the future a up b out c of d on She saw me crying and I expected her to be _ to my problems but she just walked away a merciful b friendly c sympathetic d understanding You should make an omelette in a _ pan for the best results a flat b frying c roasting d cooking a is b moves c goes d has You got back so late and you didn't even give me a proper _ why you hadn't called me! I'm very unhappy with you a reason b cause c motive d result We have such a long car journey tomorrow Make sure we bring enough food and games to _ for hours so the kids don't get bored a endure b tolerate c last d during Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 17 The champion dancer will hold a press _ tomorrow at which you will all be able to ask her any questions you may have a meeting b seminar c lecture d conference Your attitude _ it absolutely impossible for me to sympathise with you, Jenny! a makes b causes c forces d does When the water _ , put the eggs in and leave them there for just over two minutes The government has a _ range of powers to deal with security threats, some of them introduced in recent years a boils a large b steams b big c bakes c wide d simmers d narrow This rain means we can't go to the zoo today _ , I have a lot to and it's best we stay home The problem with your daughter, Mrs Reilly, is that she sits in my class paying _ or no attention to anything that is happening in the class a besides b however c on the other hand d therefore _ you don't stay out too late, you may go to the party But remember to be back here no later than 11.30pm a seeing b though c provided d unless a hardly b little c few d nothing Have you _ to the same conclusion as I have, Martin? That is must have been William in your office last night? a arrived b reached c come d gained ... The tiger belongs to the big cat family, but _the panther which lives in South America, it is found mainly in Asia _ temperatures have made living in this part of the world more and more difficult... delay Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 12 "Does this pen belong _ you Juan?" "No, it is Mick's I think." It isn't going to rain tomorrow, they said, but there may be a few in the evening a puddles... play a game with you First, _ about an animal you would like to be Ready? a consider b imagine c think d wonder Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 11 Seeing you in that red dress reminds me a lot
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