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Gia Sư Tài Năng Việt https://giasudaykem.com.vn BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH NÂNG CAO LỚP I Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense (1 p) If I (finish) early, I will call you She will know the answer, if she (try) to understand If I (be) a star, I would help the needy He (buy) a house if he had a job He (be) happy, if she married him If he (be) careful, he would not have had that terrible accident I (pass) the exam if I had worked hard Her father would not have died, if he (go) to the doctor II Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning (4 ps) She doesn’t know how to make a cake, otherwise she would it herself If Should I don’t save enough money I want to buy that computer If Would Justin's broke because he spent all his money on a music centre If Had You can go out with your friends only if you promise to come back early If Will He didn't look after his teeth, and he has false ones If _ Had Alex was exhausted, otherwise he would have scored that goal If _: Had Mancini will be transferred to Juventus only if they accept his offer If Will _ They lost because they did not change their strategies If _ Had III Read the text and answer the questions (3 ps) Gia Sư Tài Năng Việt https://giasudaykem.com.vn Cosmopolitan readers queue for tube job MORE than 1,400 readers of Cosmopolitan have applied to become a London Tube train driver London Underground described the response to its single advert in this month 's issue as " exceptional” Successful applicants will have to get out of bed for regular 4.45am starts, but the £27,650 salary and up to eight weeks' holiday may prove sufficient compensation Lorraine Candy, the magazine's editor, said the interest her readers had shown in the advert demonstrated that young women were not bound by traditional career patterns (no longer respected traditional career boundaries) She said: "It's always been a classic thing for boys to want to be train drivers Now we're seeing that girls can it too” “I don't think the job is boring or unsexy and I'm sure the passengers couldn't care less whether the train is being driven by a man or a woman -as long as it's on time." The ability to break bad news to travellers more sympathetically is one reason Lo ndon Underground is keen to increase its number of female drivers from 100 -just three percent of driving staff Where can you see the advertisement for a London Tube train driver? When does the London Tube train driver start his work daily? How much does he receive for his salary monthly? How long is his annual holiday? Can women apply for this job? IV Identify the mistake correct it (1 mistake in sentence) (1p) Hoa prefers reading books to playing video games After each lesson we often have a ten minutes rest Million of foreign visitors come to Vietnam every year Would you like going to the movies with us tonight? My sister likes badminton but she doen’t play it good V Choose the best answer (1p) There are many In ASEAN countries A attracts B attractings C attractives .seeing beautful sites, visitors can enjoy traditional food A According to A Apart B Together People in Asia often drink A.some tea B the tea C tea Uncle Ho was born A at 1890, in May B on May, 1890 C 1890, at May After hours of hard fighting, the northern army won the A attack B battle C force D attractions D.As well as D many tea D in May, 1890 D war ... A at 189 0, in May B on May, 189 0 C 189 0, at May After hours of hard fighting, the northern army won the A attack B battle C force D attractions D.As well as D many tea D in May, 189 0 D war
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