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BỘ GIÁO DỤC & ĐÀO TẠO TRƯỜNG CAO ĐẲNG BÁCH VIỆT Mã học phần: Lớp: ĐỀ THI KẾT THÚC HỌC PHẦN Tên học phần: tieng anh Thời gian làm bài: 30 phút; (39 câu trắc nghiệm) - Số tín (hoặc đvht): Mã đề thi 132 (Thí sinh khơng sử dụng tài liệu) Họ, tên thí sinh: Mã sinh viên: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others Câu 1: A film B of C feeling D roof Câu 2: A historical B arrival C brilliant D still Câu 3: A arrives B hopes C starts D likes Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences below Câu 4: Van Mieu was a place to the most brilliant scholars of the nation A remember B certify C memorialize D impress Câu 5: I prepare a big meal Tom’s birthday party A for celebrating B celebrating C to celebrate D in order celebrate Câu 6: What would Tom if he the truth? A would know B knows C has known D knew Câu 7: Mary finds it _ to homework every day She feels with it A bored / bored B boring / boring C boring / bored D bored / boring Mary: " at Christmas? “Peter: "I went home for Christmas." A For what did you B Where did you went C What did you for D What did you Câu 8: Steve Davis, the trophy last year, is already out of this year's competition A that won B who won C won D whose win Câu 9: Many students participated _ the music competition held by our school last week A to B in C from D at Câu 10: If I ill, I wouldn't have been absent from class A weren't B hadn't been C had been D would have been Câu 11: Jim is five centimeters than Tom A tallest B higher C highest D taller Câu 12: Your watch is mine Yours is 300 dollars and mine is 200 dollars only A cheaper than B more expensive than C as expensive as D the cheapest Câu 13: The Duke of Westminster is in Britain A second richest person B the richest second person C the second richest person D the second rich person Câu 14: We'd better go We've been here for hour That was _ fastest hour I've ever spent A a/ the B an/ the C an/ a D θ / the Câu 15: It was not until one was found that the search for a star _ A will stop B would stop C didn't stop D wouldn't stop Trang 1/4 - Mã đề thi 132 Câu 16: Alan: I still need to buy some souvenirs before we leave Bob: go shopping after dinner! A How about B Shall we C Let’s D Why not Câu 17: Van Mieu- Quoc Tu Giam is a famous historical and cultural _ in Ha Noi A temple B remain C ground D site Câu 18: Jane: How old is he? Alan: I've no idea, but I'm sure he _you if you ask him A would have told B must be telling C is going to tell D will tell Choose the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word in each of the following questions Câu 19: Some giant companies tend to buy small firms to expand their business A very big B very tiny C small D very small Câu 20: Few businesses are flourishing in the present economic climate A growing well B setting up C closing down D taking off Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same meaning as the given one Câu 21: Tom eats the whole cake, so he feels sick A Tom feels sick because he hasn't eaten the whole cake B If Tom didn't eat the whole cake, he wouldn't feel sick C If Tom had eaten the whole cake, he would have felt sick D If Tom hadn't eaten the whole cake, he wouldn't feel sick Câu 22: They were carrying two injured players out of the field A Two players were injured and carried out of the field B Two players were injured and carrying out of the field C Two injured players were being carried out of the field D The field was being carried two injured players Câu 23: They didn't recognize me until I talked A It was not until I talked that they recognized me B They recognized me when I talked C They didn’t recognize me when I talked D It was not until I talked they recognized me Câu 24: I have never heard such an exciting story like this before A This is the most exciting story that I have ever heard B I have ever heard a lot of exciting story like this C It is the story that is more exciting than I have ever heard D The story is as exciting as the ones I have ever heard Câu 25: Fewer people came to the meeting than we had expected A Too many people came to the meeting B There were more people at the meeting than we had expected C We had expected more people to come to the meeting D We had expected less people to come to the meeting Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting Câu 26: It was not until his father came home which he did his homework A until B which C did Câu 27: This city has been developed rapid in the past few year A has been developed B rapid C in the past D homework D few Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest Trang 2/4 - Mã đề thi 132 Câu 28: Câu 29: A famous A honor B become B defeat C flourish C witness D royal D trophy Read the passage below and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to each question Football is one of the world’s most popular sports People have played the game for hundreds of years and almost every country has a national football team A football match consists of two teams with eleven players on each side Each team is on one half of the pitch at the start of the game When a referee blows his whistle, the game begins The object of the game is to score goals against the other team A goal is scored by putting the ball in the other team’s net, either with your foot or head Each football match lasts for ninety minutes There is a half-time break after forty-five minutes which lasts for about fifteen minutes The team that has scored the most goals by the end of the match is the winner If no team has scored a goal, the match is called a draw The goalkeeper is the person who stands between the goalposts and tries to stop people scoring goals He is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands The ball is not allowed to go outside the lines of the pitch If it does, the game stops for a short time Câu 30: A football match starts when A the referee blows his whistle B both teams are on the pitch C each team is on one half of the pitch D everybody is ready Câu 31: How long does a football game last? A Nineteen minutes B Fifteen minutes C Forty-five minutes D Ninety minutes Câu 32: A match is called a draw if _ A both teams score lots of goals B no goals have been scored C all the players score goals D one team scored more goals than the other Câu 33: What’s the goalkeeper’s job? A He must stand between the goalposts B He must try to stop goals with his feet C He must try to stop the ball going into the net D He must not go outside the goalposts Câu 34: Which of the following sentence is True? A All the players can throw the ball with his hands B The players are not allowed to go outside the lines of the pitch C The game stops for a while when the ball goes outside the line of the pitch D A goal is scored by putting the ball in the other team’s net with only the foot Choose the word that best fits the blank space in the following passage Nowadays, people are destroying rain forests of the earth seriously It is (35) _ that every year 100,000 (36) _ kilometers of rain forests are destroyed for (37) _ of wood paper and fuel as well as for the residence and (38) _ land Rain forests are very important for the world’s climate They receive the rainfall on the earth and produce a large amount of the world’s oxygen Destroying rain forests, therefore, is destroying our environment Saving rain forests is a(n) (39) _ problem Nations need cooperation to save rain forests, if not, it will be late Câu 35: Câu 36: Câu 37: Câu 38: Câu 39: A exhausted A square A bring A planting A national B pleased B cross B supply B field B international C interested C round C support C farming C world wide D estimated D heart D suggest D rice D world Trang 3/4 - Mã đề thi 132 - - HẾT Trang 4/4 - Mã đề thi 132
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