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... pure SiH4, a 10% BF3 -90% SiH4 mixture, and a 90% BF3-10% SiH4 mixture at E/N = 200 Td 3 Electron collision cross sections for BF3 3.2 Electron transport coefficients in BF3-Ar and BF3 -SiH4. .. pure SiH4 The mean electron energy in the pure BF3 therefore, is dramatically lower than that in the pure SiH4 Fig 21 Mean electron energy as a function of E/N for pure BF3, pure SiH4, and BF3 SiH4. .. in the 90% BF3 -SiH4 mixture relatively significantly differs from that in the pure BF3 while there are no significant differences between the pure SiH4 molecule and the 10% BF3 -SiH4 mixture Fig
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