The transparent body a cultural analysis of medical imaging

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in vivo the cultural mediations of biomedical science Phillip Thurtle and Robert Mitchell, Series Editors in vivo the cultural mediations of biomedical science In Vivo: The Cultural Mediations of Biomedical Science is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the medical and life sciences, with a focus on the scientific and cultural practices used to process data, model knowledge, and communicate about biomedical science Through historical, artistic, media, social, and literary analysis, books in the series seek to understand and explain the key conceptual issues that animate and inform biomedical developments The Transparent Body A Cultural Analysis of Medical Imaging by José van Dijck José van Dijck the transparent body a cultural analysis of medical imaging university of washington press • seattle and london This book is published with the assistance of a grant from the McLellan Endowed Series Fund, established through the generosity of Martha McCleary McLellan and Mary McLellan Williams Copyright © 2005 by University of Washington Press Printed in the United States of America Design by Echelon Design 10 09 08 07 06 05 All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher University of Washington Press P.O Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145, U.S.A Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Dijck, José van The transparent body : a cultural analysis of medical imaging / by José van Dijck p ; cm.—(In vivo) Includes bibliographical references and index isbn 0-295-98490-2 (pbk : alk paper) Diagnostic imaging—Social aspects Diagnostic imaging—History Medicine and the humanities [DNLM: Diagnostic Imaging—history Human Body Mass Media— trends wn 11.1 d575t 2004] I Title II In vivo (Seattle, Wash.) rc78.7.d53d553 2004 616.07'54—dc22 2004023548 The paper used in this publication is acid-free and 90 percent recycled from at least 50 percent post-consumer waste It meets the minimum requirements of American National Standard for Information Sciences-Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ansi z39.48-1984 Cover photograph by Lautaro Gabriel Gonda to my mother ix preface xi acknowledgments mediated bodies and the ideal of transparency the operation film as a mediated freak show 3 bodyworlds: 20 the art of plastinated cadavers fantastic voyages in the age of endoscopy x-ray vision 64 in thomas mann’s the magic mountain ultrasound digital cadavers and virtual dissection epilogue notes 143 bibliography index 187 175 83 and the visible fetus 41 138 118 100 Fig The author’s endoscopic surgery Courtesy of Dr Koek and Dr Kamphuis, Academic Hospital, Maastricht The growing importance of medical imaging for our personal and collective experience of illness and pain may be illustrated by an experience I had while writing this book For several weeks I had been experiencing sharp pain attacks in my upper stomach, accompanied by fits of nausea When my general practitioner finally referred me to the hospital for a gastroscopy and an ultrasound, I had gradually come to believe that my symptoms signaled a bilious disorder However, since my gall bladder had been removed twenty-three years ago, a recurrence of stones is highly unlikely, so my physician did not subscribe to my self-diagnosis Neither the gastroscopy nor the ultrasound turned up anything to confirm my suspicion Listening to my desperation, the gastroenterologist ordered a blood test, just to make sure Upon my return from the hospital, I began to doubt my own symptoms; I decided my worries were groundless and my GP was right: the images showed nothing, so I should go back to work The next day, a phone call completely changed my perspective: the gastroenterologist summoned me to check in to the hospital immediately, without delay, because my blood tests for the liver and pancreas signaled a serious obstruction Since I was at high risk for pancreatitis (a potentially life-threatening infection of the pancreas), I had to undergo an emergency ERCP—an endoscopic operation of the gall and pancreas ducts This is a very high-tech procedure, in which a camera is inserted into the gall ducts through a tube in the esophagus; after injecting a contrast liquid into the ducts and making an X ray, doctors can localize obstacles in even the tiniest of tracts Through that same tube, they may subsequently insert an instrument to remove obstructions To my delight, the operating specialists captured two green stones that were responsible for all my pain and suªering! 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index Johnson, Martin P., 165n28 Jordanova, Ludmilla, 45, 49, 171n36 190 Karjalainen, O., 167n41 Katz, S., 173n1 Kieler, Helle, 166n36 King, John S., 162n43 Kittler, Friedrich, 15, 161n19, 161n22, 162n48 Klaus, M., 165n25 Knorr-Cetina, Karen, 104 Koc, Richard, 162n50 Koch, Ellen, 164n8 Koch, Robert, 85 Körperspender, 59 Körperwelten See Bodyworlds Kunst- and Wunderkammer, 134, 152n14 Lassek, A., 170n25 Latour, Bruno, 144n12 Lauridsen, Laurits, 156n5, 157n8 Law, John, 163n3 Lefèbvre, Thierry, 27 Legrain (doctor), 29 Lelli, Ercole, 45 Lenoir, Tim, 158n20, 159n35 Lerner, Barron H., 144n10, 153n26, 160n9, 160n16 Levi, Salvatore, 166n33 Levy, Pierre, 159n39 Linfors, Ben, 146n8 Lumière brothers, 27 Lupton, Deborah, 143n1 Lynch, Michael, 144n12 Mackenzie, C., 168n50 Magic Mountain, The, 17, 85–99 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 6, 7, 10, 18, 34; and plastination, 56; and digital cadavers, 124 Manheim Museum for Technology and Labor, 58 Mann, Thomas, 17, 85–99 Marescaux, J., 158n24 Marey, Etienne-Jules, Martin, Emily, 16 Mascagni, Paolo, 151n12 Mason, G., 163n1 Maurice, Clement, 27 McCullough, M 167n41, 167n47 McFayden, Anne, 167n43 McNay, Margaret, 163n6 medical abortion, 107 medical and media technologies, 8, 9– 14; convergence of, 22, 33, 34, 81; development of, 5–9, 35, 82 medical documentary, 33, 148n17 medicalization, 16, 22–23, 25, 38 Meier, A H., 158n27 Michelangelo, 53, 153n30 Miller, Julie A., 172n40 Mitchell, William J., 77, 169n19 Mol, Annemarie, 163n2 Møller-Hansen, Holger, 67 Montgomery, Scott, 145n26 Morandi, Giorgio, 45 Morrin, Martina M., 158n26 Mulvey, Laura, 66 Murder Act, 127 muscle man, 49, 53, 56 Mutter, D., 158n24 Myser, Catherine, 37 Nabli, J., 157n15 Nardie, Bonnie, 157n14 National Library of Medicine, 120 National Science Foundation, 119 Neik, Doodica and Radica, 28–29, 37 Newman, Karen, 151n11 Newman, Paul G., 163n4 Nitze, Max, 67 Nok, Eng and Chang See Bunker, Eng and Chang Nutton, Vivian, 170n24 O’Connor, Erin, 148n16, 153n26 O’Neill (doctor), 35, 37 Operation, The, 14, 150n33 operation film, 22, 26, 27–33, 40 index Orlan, 155n44 Ostman, Ronald E., 147n9 Oudshoorn, Nelly, 152n18 Panofsky, Erwin, 49 Paré, Ambroise, 146n3, 151n5 Park, Katherine, 121, 147n10, 151n5, 152n14, 171n28 Parnaland, Ambroise-Franỗois, 27 Pasteur, Louis, 84 Pasveer, Bernike, 144n9, 161n14, 163n2, 164n16, 164n18 Pathé, 29 percutaneous techniques, 67 Petchesky, Rosalind, 164n20 photo endoscopy See endoscopic techniques Pickering, A., 165n23 Pingree, Allison, 147n12 Piranesi, Giovanni, 45 plastinate, 47–48, 50; “The Chess Player,” 51; “Man with Skin on his Arm,” 54; “Orthopedic Plastinate,” 48; “The Runner,” 51; “The Transparent Body,” 56 plastination, 42; technique of, 46–48, 141 Ploeg, Irma van der, 164n20 Plumeri, P A., 157n15 Pointon, Marcia, 153n23 Porter, Roy, 143n2, 151n4 positron emission photography (PET), 6, 7, 10, 13 pregnancy, 101, 106, 107, 108, 110 prenatal care, 101, 109 “prenatal paradox,” 108 prenatal screening; 109, 115; amniocentesis, 108; genetic testing, 108; serum alphafetoprotein screening, 108; triple test, 108 Price, Francis, 167n48 Proust, Marcel, 83, 84 public dissection See anatomical dissection Pudifoot, John E., 165n28 purification, 102, 113, 116 Pyles, Walter, 146n5 Quinn, Marc, 155n44 Rabinovitz, Dorit, 165n23 Raskin, Valerie D., 166n30 Reading, E., 165n24 Reed, T J., 162n42 Reiser, Stanley J., 143n2, 160n4, 162n34 Rembrandt, 134, 135 reproductive medicine, 116 Richardson, Ruth, 151n9 Robb, Richard, 75, 82 Roberts, K B., 153n29 Robertson, George, 152n18 Romano, P., 167n41 Röntgen, Bertha, 89–90, 94 Röntgen, Wilhelm, 4, 9, 84–85, 88, 93–94 Rosenthal, Norman, 155n44 Rothman, Sheila, 162n29 Rowe, Katherine, 152n22, 170n24 Rowe, Paul M., 170n23 Rozycki, Grace S., 163n4 Ruby, Jay, 173n1 Ruysch, Frederick, 44, 62 Saari-Kemprainen, A., 167n41 Sandelowski, Margarete, 166n39 Satava, Richard, 75–76, 82, 169n18 Sawchuck, Kim, 11, 156n2 Sawday, Jonathan, 127, 154n37, 156n3, 168n1, 169n16, 171n28 scan converter See ultrasound techniques scheibeplastinate, 46, 54 Schmidt, Gabriela, 151n13 Schnalke, Thomas, 151n10 Schofield, Stanley, 149n30 Schwartz, Vanessa, 147n14 Schwarz, Hillel, 54, 147n12 science and art, 98, 99 second-trimester scan See ultrasound techniques Seematler-Bagnoud, L., 157n18 serum alpha-fetoprotein screening See prenatal screening Sha, Xin Wei, 159n35 191 index 192 Shakespeare, William, 133 Sherman, B., 157n9 Shohat, Ella, 157n13 Siamese Twins, 34, 37–38, 40 Siamese twins, 39 Silverman, J., 160n5, 161n19 Siraisi, Nancy, 169n15 skiagraphs See X-ray techniques Skupski, D., 167n41 Société Géneral des Cinématographes Eclipse, 29 sonar See ultrasound techniques sonogram See ultrasound sonography See ultrasound techniques Sontag, Susan, 89 spectacle, 22, 46, 61; mediated, 26, 38, 40; public, 131, 133, 136 spiritualism, 95 Stacey, Jackie, 16 Stafford, Barbara, 151n11, 173n3 Statham, Helen, 166n31 stethoscope, 86 Stewart, Alice, 102 Stoljar, N., 168n50 Sturken, Marita, 173n4 Surgeon’s Work, 71, 81 Sussini, Clemente, 151n12 Swann’s Way, 83 Tag, Brigitte, 150n2 Taine, Hyppolyte, 160n2 Taylor, Janelle, 108, 114, 165n25 Teichman, Yona, 165n23 telesurgery, 76 Thacker, Eugene, 158n28, 159n38, 169n18 Thinker, The, 51 Thomasma, David, 150n37 Thompson, John B., 144n19 Thomson, Rosemarie G., 146n7 Titanic, 102 Tomlinson, J D., 153n29 transparency, ideal of, 3–6, 13, 15–17, 80, 131, 138–41 triple test See prenatal screening Trumbo, Jane, 145n28 Tsiaras, Alexander, 135 tuberculosis, 84–85, 87, 89, 92, 96 Tulp (doctor), 44, 63 ultrasound, 5, 12, 73, 80, 100–117 See also ultrasound techniques ultrasound-for-fun, 110–12; clinics, 17, 110–12 ultrasound-for-pleasure See ultrasoundfor-fun ultrasound techniques: ambiguity of, 110, 113–14, 117; as a diagnostic tool, 102, 103, 115; first-trimester scan, 101, 111; regulation of in the Netherlands, 108; second-trimester scan, 105, 110–12; scan converter, 103; sonar, 102, 163n4; sonography, 107, 110, 112; three-dimensional, 114; video ultrasound, 103, 139 University Film (UNFI), 30 Vader, J., 157n18 Vanitas art, 44, 133 Varoissieau, J W., 149n31 Vaughan, Christopher, 146n8 Verny, Thomas, 166n30 Vesalius, Andreas, 44, 50, 54, 58; and dissection, 119, 121, 123, 131, 169n12, 172n44 video endoscopy See endoscopic techniques video ultrasound See ultrasound techniques Vinci, Leonardo da, 119, 135 virtual anatomy See anatomy virtual dissection See anatomical dissection virtual endoscopy See endoscopic techniques virus, 12 Visible Embryo, 172n40 Visible Female, 120, 130, 131, 134–37 Visible Human Project (VHP), 18, 119–26, 129–31, 134–35 Visible Male, 120, 124, 130, 134–37 Vogel, W de, 149n31 Vondel, Joost van den, 133 Voxel Man, 133, 134 index Wadman, Meredith, 172n37 Waitzman, Norman J., 167n41 Waldby, Catherine, 170n21 Waldrop, M., 172n37 Wallace, Irving and Amy, 147n9 Wandelaar, Jan, 152n20, 170n20 Warren, Frank, 148n17 wax models, 45, 47, 49 Weir, Lorna, 106, 167n44 Welch, Racquel, 64, 82 Wetz, Franz, 150n2 Williams, Simon J., 173n51 Wilson, Luke, 154n37, 169n15, 172n46 Winston, Brian, 173n2 Witkin, Peter, 153n28 Wolbarst, Anthony, 143n4, 144n16 Woods, Tim, 154n31 Woolgar, Steve, 144n12 World Expo (Paris), 27 X rays, 5–7, 83–99, 102, 124, 142 See also X-ray techniques X-ray studio, 92, 110 X-ray techniques, 5, 6, 84; as diagnostic aid, 86; fluoroscope, 89, 161n24; and photography, 88, 92, 93; skiagraphs, 84, 92, 94, 95 See also X rays Yoshinaka, Yutaka, 157n12 Yoxen, Edward, 163n5 193 Zola, Emile, 160n2 ... biomedical developments The Transparent Body A Cultural Analysis of Medical Imaging by José van Dijck José van Dijck the transparent body a cultural analysis of medical imaging university of washington... cameras, medical- ethical issues are mediaethical concerns as well; the ethics of representation, therefore, are part and parcel of the aesthetics of display Aesthetically appealing images fascinating... of medical imaging techniques, I will look closely at their relation to media technologies, and end with an elucidation of the transparent body as a social and cultural construct medical imaging
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