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Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh a b. Dành cho các bạn mong muốn luyện đọc hiểu và ngữ pháp tiếng anh. Chọn câu hỏi theo 4 đáp án a b c d sẽ giúp các bạn học ôn luyện khả năng về ngữ pháp, đọc hiểu,từ vựng, cấu trúc, dễ dàng tiếp cận đề thi hơn. 70 TESTS LEVEL A Test I Pronunciation a fat b cat c table d sat > c a hit b tide c sit d did > b a fed b left c bet d these > d a color b hole c go d toe > a a these b free c scene d bed > d a peace b meat c instead d leader > c II Find the mistakes Our train will arrive to Hue at noon a will arrive b to c at d noon -> b Don't enter to this mysterious cave a Don't b enter c to d mysterious -> c An European gentleman is waiting for my boss in the hall a An b is waiting c for d in -> a III Grammar and Vocabulary 10 I know the to the post office a book b lunch c walk d way > d 11 Why didn't you go camping last week? If you there, you would have had a lot of fun a were being b have been c had been d was being -> c 12 His trick made me furious a extremely angry b hot c not very happy d too sad > a 13 - Will you me a favor? - Yes great pleasure a at b of c with d in -> c 14 Can you me a good French restaurant? a recommend b praise c say about d answer > a 15 What if you had had a day off yesterday? a would you have done b would you c will you d you would have done -> a 16 He will his brother to the zoo with him a give b take c like d catch > b 17 Long is working in a bicycle firm He there since 1978 a had worked b has been working c were working d was working -> b 18 She often hires the van to transport her goods a the heavy car b the coach c the small truck d the big motorbike > c 19 everything before the visitors came? a Had they prepared b Were they preparing c Have they prepared d Are they preparing -> a 20 The boys were clapping their hands and cheering loudly a enjoying himself b crying loudly c observing the scene d shouting congratulations > d 21 What games did you like ? a best b well c rather d better -> a 22 Will you me how to play tennis? a learn b call c need d show > d 23 I that he was an English teacher a am thinking b thought c am being thought d was thinking -> b 24 There are only ordinary flowers in this garden a common b good-looking c famous d gently > a 25 This is a good athlete performance is admired by many people in the world a whom b which c whose d who -> c 26 The ball the fence and into the classroom a hit b shot c kicked d went over > d 27 The test becomes and a hard / hard b harder / harder c hardest / hardest d harder / hard b 28 Abdul was badly frightened by a stranger in the market a surprised b embarrassed c worried d terrified > d 29 Is her health getting and ? a bad / bad b good / good c worse / worse d more / more -> c 30 Mrs White, an elderly widow, was feeding her dogs a a mature b an older c a somewhat old d a very old > c 31 Robert for Mary since noon a is going to wait b has been waiting c is waiting d was going to wait -> b 32 We shall this package to our friend in Ho Chi Minh city a receive b reply c send d ask > c 33 The Jones in that house for twenty years They like it very much a are living b were living c has lived d have been living -> d 34 The old man descended the stairs slowly because he was afraid of falling a went down b looked down c turned down d stepped down > a 35 The United Nations Charter signed in 1945 a are b were c has been d was -> d 36 How often does Mr Black his vet? a eat b food c give d feed > d 37 It is not raining now, but when I came to school this morning, it very hard a is raining b was raining c has rained d has been raining b 38 Her factory went bankrupt and since then she has been out of work a unable to b disappointed c dissatisfied d unemployed > d 39 - He says he is still reading "The Old Man and the Sea" - I don't think so I it to him a long time ago and it's quite a short book a gave b was giving c have given d are giving a 40 I’d like to have this dress shortened a reduced b tailored c made shorter d repaired > c 41 The road in front of your house a repairs b is preparing c is being repaired d repairing c 42 He was so that he went to bed early a healthy b tired c strong d angrily > b 43 - Has Roger been looking for Jane for some time? - Yes, he a has b has been c has looked d have a 44 Nowadays, it's rather difficult to a suitable job a apply for b want c work d look on > a 45 When we arrived, the winner of the art competition a prize a awarded b were being awarded c was awarding d was being awarded d 46 When I arrived, the train had left a never b yet c already d suddenly > c 47 - Mr and Mrs Foster finally saw a football game - they ever a football game before? a Didn't / see b Wasn't / seen c Weren't / seen d Hadn't / seen d 48 If you don't hurry, we shall the bus a catch b miss c run d deceive > b 49 Lan lives on a farm She a traffic-jam before she went to the city last month a did not see b were not seeing c had never seen d has never seen c 50 I want you to a double room for me at Bamboo Green hotel tonight a ask b keep on c phone d reserve > d Test 2: I Pronunciation a ahead b capitalist c also d important > c a large b war c motor-car d starter > b a fat b bat c fade d lack > c a time b find c nice d bid > d a loud b amount c found d you > d a cup b tube c nut d but > b II Find the mistakes My brother is three years elder than me a My b is c elder d me -> c The weather was such cold that we didn't go out a was b such c that d didn't go -> b I drew my salary and I bought a trousers for my father yesterday a drew b bought c a trousers d for -> c III Grammar and Vocabulary: 10 Do you know where Peter his car? a find b seen c looks d found > d 11 When we came, the stadium a was being filled b has filled c filled d is being filled -> a 12 Florida was rocked by a car bomb explosion yesterday a shaken violently b taken c seized d taken seriously > a 13 How long waiting for me? Just a few minutes a have you been b are you c were you d had you been -> a 14 Nancy is a shirt to present Nam on his birthday a making b building c selling d handing > a 15 Nam was not at the meeting yesterday I wish he there a had been b were c has been d was -> a 16 A helicopter managed to land on the mountain and rescued the climbers a pretended b succeeded c could d was able > d 17 If I you, I wouldn't accept the invitation a had been b were c are d has been ->b 18 New machines used on this farm a have b are being c being d were being ->b 19 After they the Olympic torch into the stadium, the games began a had carried b were carrying c had been carrying d has carried a 20 Their speed is approximately twenty miles an hour a under b above c about d over > c 21 I didn't study hard enough for the examinations last week I wish I harder a have studied b had studied c studied d has been studied b 22 Thank you for a marvelous evening a wonderful b boring c awful d embarrassing > a 23 Hung went to Ha Noi last week She there once a few years ago a was being b was c had been d has been b 24 He forgot to the ruler I lent him a give me back b pay me c lend me again d offer me > a 25 - Had you and Bill ever seen the Olympic Games before? - No, we a hadn't b didn't c weren't d hasn't a 26 The English are always in football a angry b pleased c interested d happy > c 27 I wish my grandparents before I was born, but they did a weren't died b didn't die c hadn't died d has died c 28 The acrobats the children very much a practiced b trained c interested d happy > c 29 I wish it my birthday every day, but it isn't a had been b were c is d had been b 30 Nam the heavy suitcase for the old woman a held b helped c called d carried d 31 The examinations next month a will give b will have given c would have given d will be given d 32 I believe her I don’t think she would me a lie a say b tell c speak d talk > b 33 Traffic rules at all times a must observe b must have observed c must be observed d must been observed c 34 The boy was punished because he was very rude to his uncle a cruel b impolite c polite d kind > b 35 The visiting team scored one goal in the first half The home team scored two goals in the second half The home team the game a played b won c lost d gain b 36 The teacher wanted her naughty pupil to go out immediately a completely b at once c correctly d all answers are correct > b 37 Jim contributes news or comments regularly from abroad to a newspaper He's a a correspondent b a competitor c an athlete c journalist a 38 I here for ten years a works b am working c work d have been working > d 39 Cattle and sheep graze in the a rivers b bridges c meadows d hills c 40 I him two weeks ago a meet b was meeting c met d have met > c 41 Cars, buses, and bicycles are means of a conversation b transport c competition d traffic b 42 I to my present house in 1985 a moved b have been moving c have moved d was moving > a 43 Taxis are .for tourists who need to get to the airport quickly a convenient b cheaper c distant d comfortable a 44 to Dalat? a Are you ever b Were you ever c Do you ever being d Have you ever been > d 45 Winners of Olympic events are with medals 42 He me of our first school day a remembered b reminded c returned d remained  b 43 They will build some across the river a bridges b cottages c houses d monuments  a 44 Mary and would like to go on a trip to London a me b my c mine d I d 45 On his way home, John usually at the park a stops b stop c to stop d stopped a 46 Uncle Tom can't see without his glasses a badly b good c clear d well d 47 They felt happy, and a too did I b neither did I c so did I d either did I c 48 They wish they the film on TV last night a had seen b saw c seen d would saw a 49 The President to New York several times a is b has been c saw d have seen b 50 you buy this book yesterday? a Did b Is c Was d When a Test 69: I Pronunciation a food b look c took d good > a a find b bite c since d drive > c a bush b pull c brush d push > c a clothes b gone c drove d ghost > b a wrong b shop c watch d love > d II Find the mistakes His father stayed up so lately that he couldn't get up early the following morning a up b lately c get up d following -> b Near my house is the forest which you can find strange mushrooms a Near b is c which d can find -> c The more I learn English, the most I like it a more b learn c the most d like -> c III Grammar and Vocabulary Where will you your summer holiday? a have b made c stay d spend d 10 I can't understand her because she doesn't speak clearly a well b enough c good d too b 11 The fire out when they were having dinner a breaks b was breaking c broke d has broken c 12 The opposite of "careful" is a cared b careless c care d carefully b 13 My parents prefer to live in the countryside because they are interested in a neighbors b neighbor-ship c beauty d a peaceful life d 14 I feel sorry for those a who has to that kind of work b who is to that kind of work c who have to that kind of work d who does that kind of work c 15 I don't go to the party I wish a I went there b I go there c I would go there d I can go there a 16 He was living in France when a his father has died b his father dies c his father is dying d his father died d 17 The ship was around the Mediterranean Sea a running b going c sailing d flying c 18 He was unwilling to apologize but in the end a I forced him to so b I let him to so c I allowed him to so d I persuaded him to so d 19 My brother is very of music a like b fond c interested d enjoyed b 20 Hoa doesn't drink coffee a Lan not drink coffee b Lan doesn't either c Lan doesn't too d Neither Lan drinks b 21 Would you please him speak about the new plan? a let b allow c ask d tell a 22 Did she tell you how much ? a does the pen cost b does the pen costs c the pen costs d the pen cost d 23 Nam was ill, so a his father sent the doctor b his father sent with the doctor c his father sent for the doctor d his father sent about the doctor c 24 "How wide is this street?" " " a It's 20 meters wide b It's wide 20 meters c It's 20 meters in wide d It's in wide 20 meters a 25 We are talking each other Oliver Twist now a to / about b with / on c to / on d with / of a 26 Mrs Hoa is our physical teacher He physics since he London in 1990 a has taught / left b has taught / leaving c have taught / left d has taught / has left a 27 When she was a girl, she used to swimming but now she is used to tennis a going / play b go / playing c playing / going d go / play b 28 He four world records in only six months a crashed b stroke c hit d broke d 29 Praja returned home as as he could a quick b quicker c quickly d quickily  c 30 Jim couldn't it , ? a couldn't he b could he c did he d could Jim b 31 There a cat in the kitchen a will b are c were d is d 32 I go to Ho Chi Minh city my grandmother is living a when b where c why d which b 33 We'd watch a film than watch a football match a prefer b like c rather d better c 34 We take in most social activities of our town a duty b part c task d role b 35 I'd like to have a look that book a in b into c after d at d 36 All the animals were afraid of the lion because it was so a rude b polite c fierce d funny c 37 Those people are working very a hardly b hard c hardness d hardnessly b 38 When Peter reached his house, he that he had left his keys in his office a discovered b created c exploded d ended a 39 There is always a of people waiting at the bus stop a hill b stand c stream d crowd d 40 Edison was born February 11,1847 a at b on c in d during b 41 Why don't you ask someone those curtains? a to wash b wash c washing d washed a 42 May I have sugar? a one b a c any d some d 43 Mr Nam is 55 years old He'll tomorrow a inherit b retire c choose d type b 44 My uncle went out of the house ago a an hour's half b a half of hour c half an hour d a half hour c 45 Wedding rings are usually made of a gold b a gold c the gold d golds a 46 I don't want milk today a some b any c no d many b 47 I have drunk today a four beer-bottles b four bottles beer c beer four bottles d four bottles of beer d 48 I must introduce you my cousin a for b with c from d to d 49 We are having a big party New Year's Eve a to b on c for d at b 50 I'm terribly sorry, I seem to have my book at home a lost b forgotten c left d hidden c Test 70: I Pronunciation: a door b floor c start d small > c a bread b read c pence d very > b a work b third c person d hair > d a meal b meat c bread d reason c a opened b arrived c stopped d phoned > c II Find the mistakes She is too young for getting married a is b too c for getting d married -> c The child who Mr Brown is going with comes from Japan a who b is going c with d comes from -> a How long has you been waiting for him? a How long b has c been waiting d for -> b III Grammar and Vocabulary: My sister and I are always quarrelling We just don't seem to very well a get off b get together c get on d get by  c 10 Most parents find it difficult to their children nowadays a grow up b foster c develop d bring up d 11 The woman began to because her son was late coming home a trouble b worry c care d take care b 12 I to inform you that your mother died ten minutes ago a sorry b regret c apologize d pity b 13 When students are sixteen, they can school if they wish a escape b go out of c leave d put away c 14 It is rude to laugh other people a at b to c against d for a 15 It's an hour since he , so he must be at the office now a is leaving b was leaving c has left d left d 16 I always try to some money each month for my holidays a save b spare c spend d put a 17 I don't have a job I'm a lonely b sick c unused d unemployed d 18 Excuse me, have you got , please? a the fire b a light c the torch d match b 19 My little sister is afraid to the dishes after dinner a have done b wash c make d made b 20 Is there for everyone? a water enough b water of enough c enough of water d enough water d 21 "Do you mind if I open the window?" " " a Yes, of course b No, of course not c No, thank you d Yes, please b 22 I've got a very good with the BBC a work b profession c job d seat  c 23 You dinner in a restaurant yesterday, didn't you? a must b eat c had d had eaten c 24 We can't go out because it's raining (hard) (Choose the synonym of the word in bracket) a a little b for a long time c heavily d all the time c 25 Oh dear! My watch has .! a ended b stopped c finished d completed  b 26 I still feel to like a cigarette even though I smoking two years ago a gave in b gave up c gave over d completed b 27 If you don't know what a word means, you can always look it in a dictionary a on b over c up d in c 28 He looked very a curious b curiosity c curiously d curiosily a 29 He went to bed with bad cold a the b an c a d some c 30 The teacher is always strict his naughty pupils a of b to c about d with d 31 She went last week a for shopping b for shop c to shopping d shopping d 32 Hasn't .? a come the postman yet? b yet the postman come c the postman yet come d the postman come yet d 33 "I don't like salmon." " " a Neither I b So I c So I don't d Nor I a 34 That old man is blind the left eye a with b of c in d about c 35 He works hard help his family a so as that b in order to c in order that d a and b are correct b 36 That small boy was accused stealing a motorcycle a of b in c to d b and c are correct a 37 Having a meaning "importance" a significant b specific c contemporary d similar a 38 He was terrified to move a enough b very c too d so c 39 She her driving test easily a passed b got c made d succeeded a 40 You stay up late a mustn't b don't have to c needn't d shouldn't d 41 My friend has little spare time a free b occupied c busy d filled a 42 to London four times last year a I've gone b I've been c I've been going d I went d 43 Are you interested spiders? a for b in c at d on b 44 A postman is a man who letters a gives b delivers c buys d sells b 45 What is this tool .? a from b for c with d of b 46 She ate loaf a whole a b all a c an all d a whole of d 47 Little naughty boys like up the trees a climb b climbing c swing from d having a swing b 48 what you are doing! a Care b Mind c Attention d Look out for b 49 Nowadays the children go to school only days a one week b a week c per week d by week b 50 Her house is opposite his house a from b of c to d no word is needed d ... Pronunciation a ahead b capitalist c also d important > c a large b war c motor-car d starter > b a fat b bat c fade d lack > c a time b find c nice d bid > d a loud b amount c found d you > d a. .. on the stacks a keep b are kept c are keeping d is kept b Test 4: I Pronunciation a a clean > a a seaside > d a is > b a take > c a car > d a this > a b bread c threaten d death b combine... too sad > a 13 - Will you me a favor? - Yes great pleasure a at b of c with d in -> c 14 Can you me a good French restaurant? a recommend b praise c say about d answer > a 15 What
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