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säur THE PULITZER PRIZE ARCHIVE A History and Anthology of Award-winning Materials in Journalism, Letters, and Arts Series Editor: Heinz-Dietrich Fischer Ruhr University, Bochum Federal Republic of Germany PART B: OPINION JOURNALISM Volume Κ • G • Saur München • London • New York Paris 1992 Cultural Criticism 1969 -1990 From Architectural Damages to Press Imperfections Edited with general and special introductions by Heinz-Dietrich Fischer in cooperation with Erika J Fischer Κ · G • Saur München • London • New York Paris 1992 Gefördert durch Dietrich Oppenberg aus Mitteln der Stiftung Pressehaus N R Z Essen Die Deutsche Bibliothek - CIP-Einheitsaufnahme The Pulitzer prize archive : a history and anthology of awardwinning materials in journalism, letters, and arts I ser ed Heinz-Dietrich Fischer - München ; London ; New York ; Paris : Saur ISBN 3-598-30170-7 NE: Fischer, Heinz-Dietrich [Hrsg.] Vol : Pt B, Opinion journalism Cultural criticism 9 1990 : from architectural damages to press imperfections / ed with general and special introd by Heinz-Dietrich Fischer in cooperation with Erika J Fischer - 1992 ISBN 3-598-30176-6 Gedruckt auf säurefreiem Papier I Printed on acid-free paper Alle Rechte vorbehalten - All Rights Strictly Reserved K G Saur Verlag G m b H & Co KG, München 1992 A Reed Reference Publishing Company Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany by W S Druckerei Werner Schaubruch GmbH, Bodenheim Bound by Buchbinderei Schaumann, Darmstadt Cover Design by Manfred Link, München ISBN 3-598-30176-6 (Vol 6) ISBN 3-598-30170-7 (Complete Set) ν PREFACE When, in 1970, a new Pulitzer Prize category was established called "distinguished criticism or commentary," especially the "prize for criticism was a long overdue recognition of the growing importance of cultural affairs as a special field of journalism," John Hohenberg stated "Only the wealthiest and most powerful newspapers, which included most of the large ones," he added, "could afford to maintain their own critics in such varied fields as books and drama, movies and television, art and architecture, and music." What the Advisory Board of the Pulitzer Prizes as well as the annual juries in this award category hoped for was to encourage also younger newspaper people to go in for critical writing in years to come Although it is too early to decide whether this gentle aim could be realized through this Pulitzer Prize category, the deeper sense behind establishing the new award in the beginning seventies also might have been a question of image-lifting for a sometimes hated journalistic profession "Critic baiting, like riding to hounds," George N Gordon said, "is an old and honorable sport that has it roots in Periclean Athens, if not before Its antiquity derives from the fact that artistic criticism is certainly as old as the arts possibly older, because the absence of anything to criticize has never stood in the way of the confirmed and devout critic The trouble with criticizing critics is that it is all too easy to poorly Critics are vulnerable, and they may be 'proved' wrong in too many ways A movie that receives a negative critical reception can make monkeys out of the most prestigious reviewer simply by pleasing a large or notable audience Press critics with few exceptions tend to hit and VI run A living dangerously too, critic but is, safer however, Criticizing than misinterpreting a man being standards a of or woman critics critic who is This evaluation, must enjoy dangerous peril work stems finding from biases and misconstructions that not exist " This book - covering outstanding critical the history writing of the Pulitzer Prize in different cultural for fields during two decades - demonstrates and documents several of the potential stories conflicts behind of the critics, stories too seem to In be several as cases, fascinating the as the award-winning articles themselves But there could not be found any hint critic to what in Mark literature, degraded of powerful critical done Twain all without music trades." texts the once stated: and The the valuable drama present of various "The trade is volume, kinds, assistance of (the) (the) most which contains could not of quite have a been number of people First of all, the authors want to express their thanks to the very cooperative administrators at University in Columbia Robert C Pulitzer Christopher Prize winning entries reports and the and Office, City Mr not only background of New Edward York: M made from the criticism other of the Pulitzer category but materials Professor Kliment, available Prizes of the award- also the containing the the jury annual discussions and decisions during the selection process Executives from award-winning award-winners could be helped realized permission for (The Washington J Gapp Post), Mr R Huxtable (The New Chronicle), Pulitzer Harris York (The a book persons Journal), Green New L F Kerr (The News A Laventhol (Los Angeles Times), this one granted articles: Mr Mrs Elsie Carper Sun-Times), Mr Geldmacher (Field (The Washington Post), York (The New and Observer, several kindly (Chicago John as like Times), Times), Mrs Jackie Jones Mr Walter Post-Dispatch), Street Mrs Heather as well Prize-winning Tribune), Jean Kossoff Louis that Mr Roger Ebert (Chicago Inc.), ways following (The Wall Enterprises, Leonard The reprinting Robert L Bartley Paul in many newspapers York Mrs (San Times), Ada L Francisco Mrs M Raleigh, N.C.), Mr David Mr Frank L Peters Jr Mrs Cheryl Preston (Los Angeles (St Times), VII Mrs Irene Times), Schwartz (Newsday) , Mr David L Shaw Mr Claude F Sitton N.C.), Mr Yardley Out Davis Taylor (The Boston (The Washington of the (The News and Carroll other (Düsseldorf) Brown School Frank of persons Council (Arthur Hays J Carroll helping at on New America, Institute Berlin) York), Columbia Mr Mrs Service Bonn), Jörg libraries of Congress, Larry New Mr Mrs Graduate York), Washington, Mr D.C.), the James Embassy Monika Claudia (American Council on Heinzerling Brigitte at Mrs Mrs York), of the University, of Schröder for North America Studies and and Mr to (Library of the Institute for Paedagogics at York), Information authors New Library Ruhr University, Bochum), Mrs Karen Furey Press, the (New York) Germany, Sulzberger (The Library Mr Johannes Dedek New Jonathan following people gave useful information: Journalism Germany, and Mr deserve special thanks From (American Sheila Carney Raleigh, Post) numerous and archives the Angeles Observer, Globe), prepare this volume, Mrs Ursula Bauer Strackbein (Los Stone (The (Library the Associated of the United (Library, U.S States J F Kennedy at the Free University (Pulitzer Prize of Office of at Columbia University, New York) Thanks also go to Mr David L Shaw: He gave his personal approval to the authors of this book to divide two of his lengthy Pulitzer Prize-winning articles into four texts in order to keep the volume within the limits of its predecessors At the Department of Journalism and Communication at the Ruhr University first of all'Mrs Ingrid Dickhut has to be mentio- ned: She not only typed the manuscript and made the layout but she also was responsible Oliver Krems, manuscript, Μ.Α., and proof-reading Mrs and articles to make for the helped Ulrike formulated the indexing of this volume to G new translate Wahl, Μ.Α., headlines parts did for of the the contents more understandable bulk Mr the of reprinted for today's readers Mr Olaf Jubin and Mr Jürgen Niemann helped gathering biographical Schons and of the K other G needed information Saur Publishing Company Mrs Michele at Munich A kindly looked through the introduction chapter as a native speaker in English Finally, the authors express their thanks to Dr Diet- VIII rich Oppenberg (publisher of the Neue Ruhr/Rhein Zeitung, Essen/FRG) who gave a grant for doing the necessary research for this volume in libraries and archives in Germany and abroad Bochum, FRG June, 1992 E.J.F./H.-D.F IX C O N T E N T S PREFACE , INTRODUCTION By Heinz-Dietrich Fischer, Ruhr-Universität Ν ΧΝ Bochum HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR DISTINGUISHED CRITICISM XV SELECTIONS FROM AWARD-WINNING ENTRIES REMARKS ABOUT THE SELECTIONS CRITERIA ABOUT ARCHITECTURE ISSUES IN 1969 By Ada L Huxtable, The New York Times MUNICIPAL TRAFFIC PLANS WILL MAIM SOME DOWNTOWN DISTRICTS SENSE OF HISTORY AND ESTHETICS PERVADES A NEW CITY HALL A BLACK COMMUNITY FIGHTS A STATE OFFICE BUILDING PROJECT 12 RENEWAL PROGRAMS THREATEN CITY DISTRICTS AND NATURAL ASSETS 16 ABOUT MUSIC TOPICS IN 1970 By Harold C Schonberg, The New York 19 Times SOVIET AVANTGARDE MUSIC OBSERVED BY THE POLITICAL SYSTEM 20 CONDUCTING MUSIC THE CELLIST VIRTUOSO BECOMES A YOUNG MAN 23 SOME GREAT CLASSICAL COMPOSERS DESERVE TIMELESS RELEVANCE 28 REMINISCENCES OF TWO FAMOUS BUT VERY DIFFERENT CONDUCTORS 32 ABOUT DANCE ARRANGEMENTS IN 1971 By Frank L Peters Jr., St Louis 37 Post-Dispatah BALLET PERFORMANCES ENJOY POPULAR UPSWING AMONG FANS FANATICAL DEVOTION OF CHAMBER MUSICIANS TO THEIR WORK 38 42 IN A WORLD OF INDIFFERENCE SOME PEOPLE LIVE THEIR MUSIC Μ SENS I VITY TO ALL SORTS OF MUSIC CHARACTERIZES THAT PRODIGY 52 χ A B O U T T E L E V I S I O N O U T L I N E S IN 1972 By Ronald D P o w e r s , Chicago Sun-Times 55 Y O U N G C R E A T I V E W R I T E R S C O U L D E N L I V E N SILLY TV MENT O L Y M P I C GAMES HONOR TV R E P O R T E R S AS C U S T O D I A N S O F S O B E R I N G INSIGHTS TV SHOWS 56 NATIONAL INTO O N E O F A M E R I C A ' S M O S T E L E C T E D T R U S T E E S O F P U B L I C TV TRY TO SERVE INTEREST ENTERTAIN- 60 POPULAR 62 VIEWERS' 64 A B O U T A R T E X H I B I T I O N S IN By Emily G e n a u e r , Newsday Syndicate 69 A N O R W E G I A N P A I N T E R SEEN UNDER A S P E C T S O F HIS P R I V A T E LIFE 70 THE G R E A T C U B I S T ' S 73 NUDITY A N D V I O L E N C E POSITION IN T W E N T I E T H - C E N T U R Y A R T IN ART AS E X P R E S S I O N S O F M O D E R N LIFE THE P A I N T E R O F B I B L I C A L V I S I O N S HAS GOT HIS OWN M U S E U M 78 A B O U T F I L M P R O D U C T I O N S IN By Roger J Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 82 87 FEMALE M O V I E R O L E S R E P R E S E N T ONLY S T E R E O T Y P E D IMAGES 88 NEW W A V E FILMS A N D THEIR T R E A T M E N T O F SEX P R O B L E M S 93 A P R I V A T E EYE M O V I E AS COMPLEX STORY O F EVIL ITSELF 97 C I N E M A T I C S T R U C T U R E S O F TWO S U C C E S S F U L FILM D I R E C T O R S ABOUT DANCE EVENTS IN By Alan M K r i e g s m a n , The 103 109 Washington Post I N T E R N A T I O N A L B A L L E T I C B R I L L I A N C E NOW SHOWN FOR D E C A D E S 110 A S P E C T S O F S Y M B I O T I C A F F I L I A T I O N B E T W E E N FILM A N D DANCE 114 M O S C O W ' S FAMOUS BALLET COMPANY E X P E C T E D WITH NEW PROGRAM 120 C E R T A I N E F F E C T S O F P O L I T I C S ON A D A N C E R ' S CAREER 127 A B O U T B O O K P U B L I C A T I O N S IN By W i l l i a m A M c P h e r s o n , The Washington 131 Poet A P R O L I F I C E W R I T E R ' S NEW N O V E L IS A B O U T MONEY A N D POWER 132 D I S T U R B A N C E O F E D E N BY P R O G R E S S 136 YOUNG POET B E T W E E N E D W A R D I A N REALITY LETTERS IN A SMALL FARM V I L L A G E IDEALS A N D OUTRAGEOUS I L L U M I N A T I N G V A R I E D D E C A D E S O F A M E R I C A N HISTORY 139 143 ... of the Pulitzer Prizes, New York 1991 24 John Hohenberg, The Pulitzer Prizes, op cit., p 306 Pulitzer p 32 ff Pulitzer for the XXI Ungaro) already expressed in the beginning of their report their... from the criticism other of the Pulitzer category but materials Professor Kliment, available Prizes of the award- also the containing the the jury annual discussions and decisions during the selection... for awarding the criticism prize were made by compiling a list of three, as is done in most other Pulitzer Prize juries Furthermore, the jury report from early March 1973 states: "The jury for
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