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Topic : Write a paragraph about customs of behaviors in your country : custom of greeting, custom of small talk, other behaviors, what to wear, food and drinks Each country around the world has different customs Vietnam – a beautiful country is famous for a variety customs of greetings, clothes, and small talks Firstly, Vietnamese people never kiss each other for the first meeting Instead of that, they shake hands, say “hello” and ask some questions such as “ How are you ?” “ How is your work ?” and so on Secondly, people in Vietnam often wear casual clothes at home such as T-skirts, shorts When they go to work or school, they wear uniforms In festivals, they often choose the elegant clothes ( ao dai traditional costume , jacket, long dress, pants ) Finally, in small talks Vietnamese people often avoid asking about religions, private life, politics, ect The contents in small conversations are often about name, hobbies, age , weather, sports or music In short, every country in the world has the specific characteristics We should find out customs of many countries in the world because if we have chance to travel in those nations, we will not be embarrassed by their customs and easily adapt to a new environment Topic : Write a paragraph about one of your most interesting experiences One of the most exciting experiences in my life is my trip to Sam Son Beach in Thanh Hoa province It was on June, 2017 – my 18th birthday I had a memorable birthday with my family there My trip took place for days On the first day, we went swimming and took a lot of pictures of my family on the beach Water here is very blue and clean Waves crashing onto the beach are very high and they look so impressive We together built the gorgeous sandy castles We ate sea foods in a famous restaurant there Foods are very delicious Accomodations here are comfortable and convenient In the evening, we went sightseeing around city by tricycle Thanh Hoa in the evening is very colorful and lively The last day of our trip, we visited a temple where I met many foreigners and bought some souvenirs for relatives One of the famous foods in Thanh Hoa is “nem chua” so we decided to buy it to give my relatives In that afternoon, we returned our home This trip is really interesting and memorable Topic : write about your favorite movie “The American” is my favorite moive Its genre is action movie Anton Corbijn – a well-known director in London made this movie in 2010 George Clooney stars as a famous assassin called Jack This film tells about a lonely and uncertain life of a best assassin – Jack He has to sequester in the country in Italy after escaping from the police to prepare for the new duty But many problems take place suddenly, he makes friend with Benedetto – a pastor , and fall in love with a beautiful girl – Clara At the end of this movie, because of his love , he decided to give up his job and get married with Clara It’s a happy ending This picture is so interesting, thrilling by action scences and is sometimes romantic, sweet by the love between Jack and Clara Actors and actresses are very talented and experienced Landcapes are very lively Search for “The American” on the Internet, you will not waste of your time for it You will understand that love has ability to revive the most beautiful things in a assassin Write : What are the negative effects of violent movies and TV programs on viewers(children) ? A paragraph of 150-200 words Nowadays, the development of violent movies and TV programs is increasing quickly This has a negative and direct influences on viewers, specially to children Firstly, violent movies and TV programs affect childrens’ attitude When they see a number of violence, they will live far away with real life If they find violence normal, they may accept more violence in community or commit violent acts themselves Secondly, these movies make them more aggressive by dangerous action scenes They find it normal in films and want to try it in real life such as fighting, killing, and so on Furthermore , consequences of these films are long-lasting One study indicated that children who watched violent TV shows when they were years were more likely to behave aggressively at age 18 Finally, characters who are violent in movies and TV programs are not regretful for their actions and don’t face consequences or punishment When children see unreal characters like these, they will learn that doing bad things is OK, their behaviors will become rude, lack of culture In short, violent movies and TV programs affects seriously on viewer, specially on children We need to give some siutable solutions for this problem When we face with these problems, we need to calm down Parents should discuss with their children, help them understand that violence is not a normal part in our life Don’t tell them off, use actions or forbid them from seeing movies because these will make children uncomfortable Topic : A hotel you’ve stayed in Cat Dai Loi hotel is the first one I have ever stayed in Last summer vacation, I and my brother-in-law took a tour of Sam Son Beach for days in Thanh Hoa Province and we chose it to relax on our trip This hotel is located in an important location and overlooks Sam Son beach It has 100 rooms, included both single and double rooms Rooms are comfortable and convenient Each room is equipped with enough facilities such as personal wardrobe, television, fridge, air – conditioner and so on Specially, this hotel has a big hall for celebrations such as weddings, openings Moreover , the hotel provide many other services with laundry, free airport shuttle, minibar, free internet service and so on There are many trees around the hotel so the atmosphere is clear, green, help customers feel comfortable in each morning Staffs here are educated professionally and service customers very enthusiastically Sea foods here are very delicious and have different tastes.We are so satisfied with services and how to service of this hotel If we have a chance to travel this place again, certainly we still choose this hotel to have a rest Writing : What factors are important to you in choosing a hotel ? Amenities, atmosphere and location are three most important factors to me in choosing a hotel To begin with amenities, a hotel which has enough facilities will help customers fell comfortable and convenient when staying in Each customer has diffirent requirements because enough amenities will satisfy them Secondly, atmosphere is also important factors to me in choosing a hotel Very often, when people go on a trip, they usually want to relax or eleminate stress so clean and green air will the first choice of them They will fell heathy, motivated in each morning Finally, some people are concerned with location of hotel where they stay in For example , when they go to the beach, they often choose hotels which overlook the beach This help them go swimming easily and quickly Or some people want to go sightseeing around the city, they will rent hotels being in center city If I don’t like busy in the city, they will stay in hotels in peace areas In short, each people has different ways or requirements in choosing a hotel To have a suitable hotel, we should find out carefully before booking hotels to have the most comfortable trip Topic : write a paragraph of 200 words : what are the differences between good driving and bad driving, its benefits and negative effects Traffic is always a hot phenonmenon of society People taking part in traffic play an important role in safe traffic There are types in joining traffic They are good driving and bad driving They has many differences To begin with, good driving has some features such as following traffic law seriously, not drinking alcohol or beer before driving, driving oneself lanes exactly, before turning or acrossing the way, we use signal lights to report for drivers behind to keep safe space and so on If we take part in traffic accurately, we avoid having accidents, traffic is stable and don’t worry when we are in road Although there are a number of people taking part in traffic exactly – good driving, people being bad driving is also numerous They have a lot of rude behaviors and lack of polite behaviors or actions with other drivers such as staring angrily at others, cutting other drivers off, flashing lights to signal others to move to another lane or wearing in and out of traffic and so on These activities cause many accidents, conflicts or arguments between drivers and specially cause traffic congestion, lack of social security In short, bad driving is negative definition, we shouldn’t take part in traffic carelessly, inattentive These firstly harm oneself – maybe injured, damaged vehicle and then affect to everyone surrounding us We should drive safely, pay attention to every vehicles front of and behind us, don’t distract by another actions such as phone, listening to music, watching TV and so on Safe traffic is good for you and everyone Topic : What are the best ways to improve appearance ?(exercise or sports, diet,take/use cosmetic surgerygood/bad points,fashion,spiritual life ,personal care products, salon services) Appearance is one of important factors deciding success in our jobs and life There are numorous solutions to improve our outer beauty such as doing exercise, salon services, and spiritual life To begin with doing exercise, I think it is the best way to improve our appearance Doing exercise in the morning helps us last longevity Furthermore, it makes our skin stronger, provides oxyzen and some other nutrients for our skin Specially, we can lose weight by doing exercise regularly Secondly, natural beauty doesn’t exist forever, we should use salon services to maitain those beauty There are a lot of salon services such as massage, facial, manicure, and so on For example, massage helps us relax and be comfortable after stressing work or class Facial makes us look younger and more beautiful Lastly, spiritual life also plays an important role in improving our appearance Comfortable and funny mental helps us love our life more, find it more meaningful, and feel happiness Those are spiritual beauty making us younger and more beautiful In conclusion, each people has different ways to beautify outer beauty We should use solutions which are the most suitable or what we like A beautiful appearance will help us so much in relationships, help us more confident and have many chances in our life Topic 2:What are the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery ? Our society always develops According to this, medicine is also developing quickly Cosmetic surgery is one of most useful ways to improve our appearance It attracts many people who wants improve outer beauty by surprising results People having ugly appearance often are shy in communicating or relationships in life They are inconfident , and they decide to find to cosmetic surgery Using knife- scissor helps them have beauty quickly From that, their work and life is better However, cosmetic surgery causes a lot of drawbacks or risks After surgery shift , we have to stay home for a number of days It takes time to recover, and we have to it again after a number of years This is costly Besides, if surgery shift is not successful, we will meet many risks, affect to our health seriously and long-lasting Using cosmetic surgery so many times will make our body change, evenly more ugly before In short, cosmetic surgery is not bad but before deciding to use it we have to consider carefully, find out in detail about salon beauty where you want to do, about experienced doctor, qualities of it Although, certainly it is very expensive, if the surgery shift is successful, consider it as a investion to have a beautiful outer beauty This is worth Topic : What is more important : outer beauty or inner beauty ? What is more important : outer beauty or inner beauty ? this is a difficult question Firstly, we need understand in detail about outer beauty and inner beauty Our outer beauty consists of face, body, skin, eyes, lips, clothes,and so on It creates good impression, good attitudes for others when they first meet It makes us more confident, and gives us more chances to get jobs in some fields such as movies, prostitutes , models, singers Can physical features exist forever ? and the answer is No We need use solutions to maintain and promote our outer beauty such as salon services(facial, manicure, haircut, shaving), beauty products or makeup and so on Helen Keller , who was both blind and dead, said something very profound and true about beauty : “The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen, nor touch…but are felt in in the heart”.I absolutely agree with her idea Intelligent, friendly, humorous, nice or all the good personality traits is our inner beauty People that having these qualities, know how to improve their appearance They are loved by everyone beacause of their good personality traits They are intelligent (IQ,EQ) so they will satisfy other people, have chances in job are so many , and achieve success easily In conclusion, in my opinion, inner beauty is as important as outer beauty They are additional each other One person has both outer and inner beauty, they will have a happy and meaningful life They owned necessary factors to succeed in their life and jobs That is a perfect person model – dreams of many people Everyone that having both, should protect and promote everyday, and everyone that not having both, should try best to achieve them Sucessful doors always welcome you Write/speak about a local dish My hometown – Hai Duong is famous for many special foods One of them is green bean cake It looks delicious, tastes sweet.The dish is made from many things such as green beans, wheat flour, white sugar, coconut water, chicken egg, condensed milk, sesame, salt…There are several steps to prepare the dish First, we have to cook green beans with a little salt Second , we use a blender to grind them Third , we mix eggs, wheat flour, sugar, milk another one in a big bowl, and pour it green beans grinded into Mix carefully After that, We need to have to make forms for cake There are many forms for us to choose, we should choose small form for cake enough mouth, cook quickly.The dish is eaten with a hot tea or we can eat it with steamed sticky rice It’s easy to make green bean cake I am very proud of my local dish TOPIC : Many people think that personality comes from nature(gene), others think it originates from nurture (surrounding environment, family, friends, society,community, others) What’s your opinion ? In my opinion, a child are born without personality, so it comes from environment or nurture such as family, friend, education and so on To begin with family, everybody often says that family is factor affecting most to each people so personality of each ones originates from that, specially from parents’ nurture For example, people lives a rich house, is looked after carefully by their parents, tending to passive people When they live far away from their home, it’s difficult for them to adapt to new life or new environment because they are used to living enough conditions Or children live in a violent family, they are likely to become more aggressive than another children Besides friend is also a factor deciding our characteristics If we play with many good friends, we will learn many good personalities In contrast, if we play with people being bad behaviors, we will be enticed, pulled bad activities In my word, we should have few friends but they are really good and ready to help us when taking the troubles Finally, education in school also affect to pesonality of each people At primary school, we learn to read, speak, greet,…To secondary, high school or university, we learn more knowlegdes about life, society and access with many things both good and bad These will build characteristics according to thoughts, accessment ourselves In short, pesonality comes from nurture We need to have light eyes in dangerous society to become good inhabitants bringing many good traits and loved by everyone Discuss : Talk about your personality I comes from a well-to-do family in Hai Duong province I am the youngest child in my family, so I am looked after carefully by my parents and my other siblings I think most of my personalities inherit from my father I am a hard working, enthusiastic and responsible person For example, I always finish my duties on time and I am ready to help other people in my ability These are good traits Moreover, I am a hot - temper, self-critical person This is the same as my father When I don’t satisfy with my decisions or something Moreover I think I am a mixture of extrovert and introvert I like working in group but sometimes I want to work alone, I have mant best friends they are good for me and are ready to help me in the troubles I know both talking and listening I don’t like share the private life to other people because I think it’s secret Nobody shoudn’t know them expect for my parents… Write : About your favorite artist I am a big fan of My Tam She is a famous singer and musician Her hometown is Da Nang She graduated from Music Institute Ho Chi Minh with top student in 2001 She dedicated her talents to arts seriously, creatively and is loved by a lot of audiences at different ages Her works (music videos or music audios) are always expected by audiences She is famous for many songs such as “Uoc gi”, “Hoa mi toc nau”, “Toc nau moi tram” and recently with some songs: “Dau chi rieng em”, “Dung hoi em”, “Anh thi khong”…She is releasing album vol9 named Tam9 with audiences now She received many prestigious awards such as Best Asian Artist of MAMA in 2012,World's Best-Selling Vietnamese Artist, World's Best Live Vietnamese Act, World's Best Vietnamese Entertainer in 2014.She took part in many voluntary activities to support poor people, orphans, alone old people and disabled people.Nearly 20 years, My Tam has still maintained a certain position in showbiz Viet with a number of fans that her peers don’t that She said that she used her voice to serve her fans, but thing that helps her store audiences forever being her personalities She is kind, helpful person and loves everyone.That is reason why I and many other people love her She sets a good example for many young singers Many people often call her with the name : idol of idols because there are many singers or artists fan her I am very honoured and proud when I am a real fan of her
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