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Name: ………………………………… Unit 26 addiction to adore anticipation to appeal arbitrary (adj) aspiration to bear compulsory (adj) content (adj) 10 craving (n) a strong need that someone feels to regularly take an illegal or harmful drug to love someone/somethin g very much a feeling of excitement about something enjoyable that is going to happen soon to ask people to something or to behave in a particular way, especially in a difficult situation not based on any particular plan or done for any particular reason something that you want to achieve, or the wish to achieve something if you cannot bear something, you cannot accept or it because it makes you very unhappy something that is compulsory must be done because of a rule or law happy and satisfied with your life a very strong feeling of wanting Ex: I developed an addiction to the medicine my doctor had prescribed for me Ex: I absolutely adore Indian food! Ex: I waited in anticipation for the show to begin Ex: The Minister has appealed for people not to panic Ex: The choice of date for the wedding was just arbitrary Ex: One of my aspirations is to travel the world Ex: I can't bear waiting in queues Ex: This course is compulsory for all students Ex: I'm quite content working here Ex: I had a sudden craving Name: ………………………………… something to decline to say politely that you will not accept something or something dedicated (adj) spending all your time and effort on something 13 to delight to give someone a lot of enjoyment or pleasure 14 to desire to want something to devote to spend a lot of time or effort doing something to diffentiate to see or show a difference between things to envy to have the unhappy feeling of wanting to be like someone else or have what they have to fancy to want to have or something 11 12 15 16 17 18 19 fascination (n) 20 to favour the state of being very interested in something or attracted by something to support an idea and believe that it is better than other for chocolate ice cream Ex: The Prime Minister declined to answer questions Ex: Kelly's very dedicated to her job and should go far Ex: I was delighted by the decision Ex: It's quite common for people to desire what they can't have Ex: Gordon's absolutely devoted to his kids Ex: I’m colour blind so I have problems differentiating between red and green Ex: Carla's brother envied her success and wealth Ex: Where you fancy going tonight? Ex: Carol’s always had a fascination with insects Ex: I favour the first suggestion Name: ………………………………… ideas that have been suggested 21 greedy (adj) 22 impulse (n) 23 inclined (adj) 24 liking (n) 25 mediocre (adj) 26 motive (n) 27 mundane (adj) 28 obsessed (adj) 29 optional (adj) wanting more money, things or power than you need a sudden strong feeling that you must something feeling that you want to something Ex: Maybe being sick will teach you not to be so greedy next time Ex: I couldn’t resist the impulse to kiss her Ex: I am inclined to agree with you Ex: I developed a feeling of a liking for enjoying or liking Chinese food something when I lived there Ex: The restaurant was average or below quite expensive, average in quality and the food was only mediocre Ex: What was the reason you the murderer’s something motive? Ex: I'm thinking ordinary and not of changing jobs interesting or because working exciting, especially in the office has because it happens become quite too regularly mundane considering Ex: Oliver is someone or totally obsessed something as so with football important that you are always thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme to other people something that is Ex: The sunroof optional is is optional on available or this car, so you possible if you have to pay want it, but you extra Name: ………………………………… 30 passion (n) 31 to praise 32 33 not have to have it or it a strong enthusiasm or interest to express strong approval or admiration for someone or something, especially in public to resolve to make a formal decision, usually after a discussion and a vote at a meeting to sacrifice to give up something important or valuable so that you or other people can or have something else to strive to make a lot of effort to achieve something taste (n) the ability to judge if something is good or bad in things like art, fashion and social behaviour 36 tempting (adj) used for describing something that makes you feel you would like to have it or it 37 to urge 34 35 Ex: Alice had a passion for cooking Ex: I felt proud when the teacher praised my work Ex: The company resolved to appoint a new managing director Ex: We've had to sacrifice a lot to put our children through private school Ex: You won’t achieve your goals unless you strive towards them Ex: Michael really has no taste in clothes Ex: It's very tempting to blame the government for everything that goes wrong to advise someone Ex: I would urge very strongly about you to speak to a what action or lawyer Name: ………………………………… 38 to welcome 39 worthwhile (adj) 40 to yearn attitude they should take to say that you are pleased to accept or consider something such as an opportunity or a question if something is worthwhile, it is worth the time, money or effort that you spend on it to want something a lot, especially something that you know you may not be able to have Ex: We welcome the government's proposals Ex: Why don’t you watch less TV and something more worthwhile with your time? Ex: Many people yearn to retire to the country, but not everyone manages it Leisure activities absorbing casual exhilarating (adj) fatigue (n) idle (adj) something absorbing is so entertaining that you give it all your attention relaxed and informal making you feel extremely happy, excited and full of energy a feeling of being extremely tired, either physically or mentally not doing anything, when there are things that you should Ex: The film was so absorbing that time simply flew by Ex: The party is quite casual, so don’t dress too formally Ex: The funfair was really exhilarating Ex: Fatigue can lead to mistakes Ex: Don’t just sit there being idle there's housework to be done Name: ………………………………… indulge (adj) lifestyle (adj) to allow yourself to have or something that you enjoy the type of life you have, for example the type of job or house you have or the type of activity you like doing a period of time away from your job or the armed forces Ex: I decided to indulge myself and had a holiday in the Bahamas Ex: This product is ideal for today’s busy lifestyles Ex: My brother comes out of the leave (n) army on leave next week Ex: Let's have an a short journey outing to the outing (n) that you take for beach this enjoyment weekend something that Ex: I need to find you regularly a pastime that 10 pastime (n) for fun in your doesn’t demand a free time lot of money Ex: I'm thinking to follow a course of pursuing a 11 to pursue of activity career in medicine Ex: Sport can be things that you 12 recreation (n) a very social form to enjoy yourself of recreation a short period of Ex: We had a few rest from having days of respite to deal with a from the hot 13 respite (n) difficult or weather, but it unpleasant soon got warmer situation again Ex: I’ve got quite involving a lot of a sedentary job, 14 sedentary (adj) sitting and not so I like to go to much exercise the gym once a week to spend time with Ex: We seem to other people have done a lot of 15 to socialise socially, for socialising this example at a month party Name: ………………………………… 16 17 18 19 20 solitude (n) the state of being completely alone, especially when this is pleasant or relaxing tedious (adj) boring and continuing for too long trivial (adj) not very interesting, serious or valuable to unwind to begin to relax after you have been working hard or feeling nervous venue (n) the place where an activity or event happens Idioms at a loose end couch potato to something on a whim to have time on your hands to let your hair down life and soul of the party to put your feet up to recharge your batteries to set your heart on Ex: There’s nothing like the peace and solitude you get when you’re fishing Ex: I couldn't believe how tedious that meeting was! Ex: Fran always seems to think that her problems are important, while yours are quite trivial Ex: I like to unwind with a good book in the evenings Ex: Have they chosen a venue for the wedding yet? Name: ………………………………… 10 variety in the spice life ... been suggested 21 greedy (adj) 22 impulse (n) 23 inclined (adj) 24 liking (n) 25 mediocre (adj) 26 motive (n) 27 mundane (adj) 28 obsessed (adj) 29 optional (adj) wanting more money, things or... attitude they should take to say that you are pleased to accept or consider something such as an opportunity or a question if something is worthwhile, it is worth the time, money or effort that you spend
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