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Báo cáo thực tập cuối khóa bằng tiếng anh tại một công ty xuất nhập khẩu VINH UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES STUDENT INTERNSHIP REPORT VO THI CAM DUONG Student’s ID: 145D2202010133 Class: 55B2 Major: English Linguistic Internship placement: VILACONIC Company Instructor: Mrs Vu Thi Viet Huong Nghệ An TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION .3 An overview of VILACONIC .3 1.1 General introduction 1.2 The formation and development of vilaconic 1.3 Structure and function 1.3.1 The organizational structure of the company 1.3.2 Functions .5 Summary of the duties and responsibilities performed by the intern CHAPTER II: PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES What i have done New skills acquired and skills improved 10 2.1 Translation 10 2.2 Working to deadlines 10 2.3 Communicate 10 2.4 Writing 11 Management techniques observed .11 3.1 Time management 11 3.2 Discipline 11 3.3 To get on with people 11 Classroom skills employed 12 4.1 Cross-cultural communication 12 4.2 Translation 12 Problems encountered 12 5.1 Inadequacy of knowledge .12 5.2 Communication 13 5.3 Working time 13 Lesson learned 13 CHAPTER III: CONCLUSION 15 CHAPTER IV: RECOMMENDATIONS 16 APPENDIX Internship Diary Instructor’s review ABSTRACT This report is a presentation of my internship performed at VILACONIC Company fulfilling a requirement by the University for the Award of a Bachelors degree in Foreign Language The report is subdivided into four chapters as discussed below; Chapter one portrays the introduction of the company, the summary of the duties and responsibilities performed by the intern The description of VILACONIC including the foundation, mission, vision, organizational structure and the main activities carried out in VILACONIC In addition to that chapter two shows the experience the student gained during the internship period It consists of a detail description of roles and responsibilities the intern engaged in during the internship and the knowledge and skills the student gained It also brings out the challenges the intern faced as well as the lessons learned In a nut shell chapter three portrays the conclusions and recommendations consist of a recommendation to the department for better improvement of the internship programs ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The internship opportunity I had with VILACONIC was a great chance for learning and professional development Therefore, I consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period Bearing in mind previous I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to all staff in the Import & Export Office in VILACONIC Company Mr Hoang Xuan Dung, General in Chief, Mr Nguyen Van Hoi, and Mr Nguyen Van Dung for their careful and precious guidance which were extremely valuable for my study both theoretically and practically I express my deepest thanks to my departmental supervisor Mrs Vu Thi Viet Huong for taking part in useful decision and giving necessary advices and guidance to help me complete my internship successfully In addition, her constant guidance and advice played the vital role in making the execution of the report She gave me her suggestions that were crucial in making this report as flawless as possible I choose this moment to acknowledge her contribution gratefully I perceive as this opportunity as a big milestone in my career development I will strive to use gained skills and knowledge in the best possible way, and I will continue to work on their improvement, in order to attain desired career objectives CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION An overview of VILACONIC 1.1 General introduction  English Name: Northern Industry and Construction Development Corporation  Vietnamese Name: Công Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghiệp Và Phát Triển Xây Dựng Miền Bắc  International Business name: VILACONIC  Headquarters: Hamlet 2, Nghi Phu Ward, Vinh city, Vietnam  Branches:  Ho Chi Minh City - under the guidance of Deputy CEO and Head of the Representative Office, Mr To Duy Thong  An Giang – representative by Mr Tran Vinh Tan  International Trading – located in Israel - Mr Aviv Rechler / Vice President  Legal representative: Mr Hoang Van Ngoan – Chairman of the Board  Website: http://www.vilaconic.com  Email: vilaconic@vilaconic.com 1.2 The formation and development of VILACONIC Established in 1980, Northern Industry and Construction Development Corporation, as the direct manufacturer & exporter, was one of the principal agricultural products suppliers of Vietnam The head office located in Vinh city, the company has all the rights to coordinate its distribution systems in different regions to supply products for consumers in all over the world with guaranteed quality and prices The main products of VILACONIC are rice, pepper, cassia/cinnamon Others are the coffee bean, cashew nut, DC coconut, tapioca starch, etc VILACONIC is a member of Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) It held many certificates including HACCP, ISO, HALAL, and FDA which have been approved by SGS, Cotecna, ERS, BV, Vietnam Government Rice Test Center, etc It is proud of reaching International Standards in quality and sufficient output to make yearly supplying various products to customers all over the world The company’s operating activities are connected to responsibilities to the society, including three main factors: profit, social resources & environment VILACONIC as regards human resources are the root of all progress It has a professional team with many years’ experiences, continually applying different programs and policies to improve personal capacity, creating an advanced working environment with maintained thinking innovation to bring about real values and effectiveness for the investors and sustainable relations with customers VILACONIC RICE - SPICES – BUILDING MATERIAL EXPORTER, a member of VILACONIC Corporation specializing in Rice, Spices, and Seafood, in which is its core business The company’s humble beginning can be traced to an industrious farmer who built a small mill in the fertile fields of the Mekong Delta Region In the span of two decades, VILACONIC has grown into an international group with local expertise and global connections Our rich heritage and years of expertise in our products are present in each step we take to produce the finest grade, from seed selection, planting, and harvesting, to processing and packaging We ensure that great care is given to our products as it travels from our plant to your dinner table By launching VILACONIC & ROMA brand the company has gone one step further to the world market Cultivated with care, passion, and dedication in the best environment of the Mekong Delta and processed using modern processing lines and the most advanced color sortexed machine, VILACONIC & ROMA represents the best, superior quality in Vietnam With an extensive sales network in many countries and strong partnership with distributors-customers, VILACONIC & ROMA has capabilities to serve markets in the USA, EU, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong Vision: VILACONIC & ROMA to be a top brand in the rice, spices & seafood industry and proud to deliver the Vietnamese Flavor to the world Mission:  Create a difference, driving value and inspire confidence and loyalty to customers  Deliver rational returns and maintain sustainable company growth for stakeholders  Cultivate a warm and proactive environment for excellent employee development and welfare  Improve farmers’ lives through a partnership with them and give positive impact to the community  Committing to green farming practices to protect the environment sustainably Passion: It is inspired and motivated by our dedication to delivering excellence in everything that we Trust: Upholding and nurturing integrity in both internal and external aspects of our business Professionalism: Consistently delivering quality and value every day Innovation: Using creativity and insight to create solutions that enable us to maximize opportunities and manage risks in creating positive change for the company Teamwork: Combining its strengths and efforts with customers, suppliers, colleagues, and community in order to reach the common goal of progress for all 1.3 Structure and Function 1.3.1 The organizational structure of the company The company was set up following the line and functional structure in which the chairman was the one who had full authority to make the most important decisions in the company and staff personnel who are specialists in some fields are given functional authority Chart 1.3.1 Organizational structure B a o o B a o M D i c m n oo oo d d e n r r f a a g s e e f r t r t 1.3.2 Functions  Board of Management Board of Management shall manage the Company shall have full authority to decide on behalf of the Company to perform the rights and obligations of the Company is not under the authority of the General Assembly of Shareholders Council implements management and monitoring activities of the Company  Board of Directors Functions, responsibilities, and powers of the board of directors Vilaconic: Strategic planning operations, public relations work, organization and personnel work, employment and financial accounting, etc  Accounting Department Advise the managing director of the following areas: financial work; accounting and financial matters; the work of internal audit; the management of assets; work contract settlement economics; control of operating expenses of the company; managing capital and assets of the company, organization, directing the accounting of the company; perform other duties assigned by the Director  General Planning Department Functions and tasks: Advising, planning, production-oriented business Development Company Perform statistical tasks, synthesis, and assessment report on the operation of business production periodically or irregularly, to meet the requirements of the management company  Administrative Organization Department Functions and tasks: In charge of personnel issues, wages, the mass cultural activities To advise, advisor to the board of directors of the management and movement of business operations, etc  Import & Export Department Manage the foreign operations, analysis, market expansion and product introduction and exploitation of domestic and imported raw material supply, production of goods for business and management activities for export products produced by the company, distributor Finding new clients and contracts for the company, frequently dealing with the shipping lines, tracking the shipment schedule, booking and making invoices for the customers  Business Department Functions and tasks: charge of export and import goods, market development, and in gathering customer needs to improve, enhance product quality  Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City Vilaconic has a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City An export specialized array of agricultural products, timber, minerals, etc Besides, it is also in charge of customs declaration They will directly keep track of the each shipment’s record and conduct the data declaration and carry out customs procedures Summary of the duties and responsibilities performed by the intern For the duration of five weeks working at the import-export office, aside from learning to understand the international trading, my major responsibilities were to support other staffs in the office including translating, photocopy, scanning, typing documents, and taking pictures of samples Besides, I also got chances to witness the actual work of an import-exporter which are mailing to customers and having a meeting with them CHAPTER II: PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES What I have done According to the school's plan, the student’s internship lasted for five-week from January 26th, 2018 to March 31st, 2018 During this time I worked in the Import & Export Department of Vilaconic Company The company’s working schedule is from Monday to Friday, a.m to p.m each day, the lunch break is from 12 p.m to 13 p.m However, because I worked as an intern; I only had to attend at the company in the morning from AM to 10:30 AM from Monday to Friday and I could have some day off during the week if I were busy In the last week of my internship, I was allowed to take three days off to prepare for my internship report In the following I will describe all of my duties and experiences in details during my internship Week (January 26th, 2018 – March 2nd, 2018) On the first day, I went to the company I have met with the General in Chief and other staffs in the Import & Export Department which I will experience my internship I was notified about the working time (Monday – Friday, a.m to p.m, lunch break 12 p.m to 13 p.m) Then, Mr Dung stated the general instructions on the job and the company regulations as well as my responsibilities as a student intern Besides, I also get information about the company through the website http://www.vilaconic.com as Mr Dung said to understand more about the company activities My first working day started on Tuesday On my first day of work, I was requested to find and understand about the documents related to this field in general, because I have not learned about the import & export sector before So I began to get the information about foreign trade through the internet and started by learning the overview of commerce industry then figured out what should I learned in the field of import and export The next day, I started to go into specific by learned about Incoterm 2010 which was utterly important because the Incoterm rules have become an essential part of the daily language of trade They have been incorporated in contracts for the sale of goods worldwide and provide rules and guidance to importers, exporters, lawyers, transporters, insurers and students of international trade There are 11 rules in Incoterm 2010 include rules for any mode or modes of transport and rules for sea and inland waterway transport Rules for any mode or modes of transport are Ex Works, Free Carrier, Carriage Paid To, Carriage and Insurance Paid To, Delivered At Terminal, Delivered at Place, and Delivered Duty Paid Rules for sea and inland waterway transport are Free Alongside Ship, Free On Board, Cost and Freight, Cost, and Insurance and Freight On Thursday, I was allowed to take the day off to meet with my internship instructor Mrs Vu Thi Viet Huong She told me about how to write the internship diary and how to collect the information for the report She also reminded me of the attitude during the internship which was being serious, responsible, showing that we are ready to and learn anything For the last day of the week, I preceded my learning and understood about foreign trade in terms of trading methods in international trade which are usual trading method, convection trading method, and re-export method Week (March 5th, 2018 - March 9th, 2018) On Monday, I began to learn more about the company business by reading the list of export-import goods of the company The company’s major export products is agricultural products which are rice, green tea, pepper, corn, chili, turmeric powder, green beans, coffee bean, cashew nuts and tapioca starch Besides, it exports plastic products as well include plastic smart-door, ceiling panel, wall panel, horizontal bar, frame-door bar and others products The next day Mr Dung told me about some of the activities of the department and the responsibilities of export-import staff I learned about the procedure of finding an order which consist of steps inquiry, offer, order, counter offer, acceptance, and confirmation of order On Wednesday, as for export activities, I learned about types of prices commonly used when signing a contract which are CIF Cost, and Insurance and Freight; FOB Free On Board; and CFR Cost and Freight In addition, I also did some research on the main shipping methods, the primary payment methods, and customs procedures which only for the purpose of translating because the customs procedures were done by the staff of Ho Chi Minh branch Following the last day, I read the list of abbreviations in the export-import sector and then was told to read all the documents of a shipment to Singapore These documents were Commercial Invoice, Export Packing List, Pro Forma Invoice, Bill of Lading, Shipper’s Export Declaration, Export Licenses, Generic Certificate of Origin, and Ingredients Certificate They were the basic documents needed for a shipment On Friday, I learned about the terms that commonly used in import and export in Vietnamese and their counterparts in English then read and translated a confirmation of order from Vietnamese into English Week (March 12th, 2018 - March 16th, 2018) I have met with the head of Human Resource office to request information about the company's administrative organization, departmental staff information, and other documents about the company in preparation for the internship report Then, I read and noted down the significant information for the report Mr Hoi told me to take some sample pictures of the Glutinous and Fragrant Rice to send to one of the clients The picture must be very precise and bright so that the clients can see each grain of rice clearly I also learned how to use the photocopy machine, scanner, and fax machine and made the copies of some documents Today I had a chance to learn to know how everyone finds new clients which mostly through an international website like www.vnmarketplace.net, www.alibaba.com, or www.ec21.com so we should have good English skills to be able to interact with them and persuade them to buy our products I learned all about the needed import and export documents (Bill of Lading, Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin Insurance Certificate, Shipping Documents, and Other Documents) and then read a set of export documents of Long Grain White Rice to Palestine Today I helped Mr Dung scan and make copies of some documents I also learned more about the terms that commonly used in import and export in both Vietnamese and English in order to better understand the documents that were given to me Week (March 19th, 2018 - March 23rd, 2018) As usual, today I scanned and photocopied some documents and also so Mr Dung told me to read about the L/c Letter of Credit and enquired about how to write a foreign trade contract Today was quite an exciting day since I had a chance to follow Mr Dung and Mr Hoi to meet with a client from Singapore He came to check for the quality of the products he has ordered before I did not talk much though, all of what I did was only observing It was still an interesting opportunity because I got to see how they work with a foreign client Today was not much different from other days, I helped Mr Dung scanned some documents and also translated some emails of the customers into Vietnamese for him Mr Dung also gave me some advice on how to write an offer email in the most effective way For example, it should not be too long and have to get to the point Besides, most of the client would like to interact with the suppliers through phone call rather than email so it is a must to understand our products because the clients not want to work with someone who does not know their products well The next day I have a chance to meet another customer from Japan with Mr Dung I also help him to communicate with the client since he did not know English very well I also help Mr Dung checked the whole documents of a contract to Iran to see if it suffices I helped Mr Dung checking the price of White Pepper and Glutinous Rice to offer back to the clients Then, I followed him to the warehouse to check the consignment of Rice before warehousing We checked both the quality and quantity of the goods and everything was fine Week (March 19th, 2018 - March 23rd, 2018) This is the last week of my internship so I was not given much work On Monday as usual I was requested to scan, photocopy and check the typo of some documents Besides, I started to write my internship report based on the information I have documented throughout the practical as well Today I got to translate one contract of Black Pepper to India and one contract of Jasmine Rice to Singapore After that I went back on write the report I also helped other staffs in the office with their paper work in the mean time For the rest of the week I was allowed to leave work to finish my report which mean this is the last day of my internship here therefore, I completed all the required paperwork for the internship for stamped endorsement from the practical placement then giving my deepest gratitude and special thanks to all staff in the Import & Export Office New skills acquired and skills improved Taking part in a work placement had helped me a lot in improving skills in translation, working to deadlines, communication, and writing which are thoroughly useful for my future career 2.1 Translation When working in the trading industry, I enjoy the fact that we had to use English virtually all the time since all the required documents were in English and we also worked with global people Consequently, I was required to translate the trading contracts and other documents which facilitate me to develop and practice my translation skills specialized in commercial industry Simultaneously, I gained more knowledge about the Vietnam trading situation and the domestic agriculture products We had exported products to all over the world mainly to India, Singapore, Philippines, Middle East countries even to Africa, etc 2.2 Working to deadlines One of the most important skills that I have been developed is working to a deadline It is an important skill to have in any work place, or even at school Although I mostly used to working to deadlines such as homework, this was truly different The turnaround in the workplace was often much tighter Completing my work during the day was a must; I was not allowed to take the documents home and most of the documents needed to be translate instantly Revision, essays, university applications and personal statements all have deadlines, the more practice we have at working quickly while maintaining standards, the better 2.3 Communicate Communicate is one thing everybody needs to be able to do, whether when discussing a brief, writing an article, or conducting an interview One of the goals I have set for myself before starting my internship was to reduce my anxiety when talking to strangers I truly believe that this experience has helped me to slightly develop my communication skills Without feeling nervous, I can speak clearly Without afraid, I am willing to asking the question Sometimes the most important developments are the small ones and getting used to talking to strangers is going to help me massively in the future, especially at things like interviews 2.4 Writing Getting involved in writing emails to customers was a good way of strengthening writing skills I learned that an offering email should be brief and clear Any irrelevant information, such as company's information or the company reputation, should not be included in the emails because they already know that before and what they need is only the products' information Management techniques observed Apart from improving skills, I also learned some other useful technique that may benefit me for my future career such as time management, discipline, knowing to be get on with people, and learning to use the office equipment 3.1 Time management One of the most important things is time management Most office jobs have busy periods and quieter times, for example, end of year accounts, annual statements, etc However, they also have a daily rhythm when phones are busier, when the mail comes in or lunch times, etc Therefore, it is significant to learn when we need to certain tasks and more importantly how to priorities 3.2 Discipline The second thing that I learned was discipline Though my working time during the internship was not as tight as a real officer, I understood that working in an office days a week all year around with limited holiday time and demanding core hours makes you disciplined No matter how tired we were we always managed to get to work on time and last the distance If you don’t you won’t last your probation 3.3 To get on with people Learning to get on with people is one important thing no matter where we are or who we work with In the commerce industry, we got chances to work with a huge variety of different people from different age groups, classes, backgrounds and places from all over the world Besides the fact that this gives me an excellent opportunity to communicate with lots of interesting people, this also enabled me to enhance my social skills Moreover, it is significant to learn to work out who is really in charge An important thing about offices is the official management structure We not only keep it in good terms with the customers but also should we build a good relationship with our co-workers The main things to remember about working in an office are try to get on with people, avoid making enemies, steer clear of pointless meetings and always find that special person who knows how everything works 3.4 Use office equipments During this time, I have learned how to use office equipments properly Everything from fax machines, photocopiers, scanners And be comfortable with technology Furthermore, working in an office taught me how to use all manner of word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and networks It also gives me lots of experience sending emails and using other communicating means which are utterly significant to an import – exporter Classroom skills employed Encountering in the working placement gave me tons of precious experiences that might benefit me in my future jobs, the skills and knowledge that I have obtained from the university outside of the degree contributed a significant part in my performance in the job 4.1 Cross-cultural Communication One thing I like about this job is the fact that I have the opportunity to interact with people from very diverse backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, in which I could be able to utilize my knowledge that I have learned through the Cross-cultural Communication lessons This was useful especially when it comes to meeting with clients directly as we have those from very specific cultures like Japan or the Middle East It is important to know what we should avoid what we should or say to people who come from the different cultures For example, to Japanese, we should build a good relationship with them to win their belief in our products 4.2 Translation Besides, my responsibilities also involved translation which is one of my major studies in the university and it enabled me to complete my task in better way Many people think that if we were good at second language, we could be able to translating or interpreting easily That was what I have thought before I first learned the translating lessons It was a myth I now understood that we not only need to know the language both the original and the target language but also other information related to what we have to work on That is the reason why before taking any task on translating those contracts and other documents I tried to learned as much information about trading industry as possible However it took much more time on it because these documents required deeper knowledge in profession Problems encountered Despite the skills and management techniques that I had acquired at the end of the practical experience, I have encountered some major problems during the time which are the knowledge, communication, and working time 5.1 Inadequacy of knowledge The first problem was the inadequacy of knowledge about the trading industry It was rather hard to understand all the terms and clauses in a trading contract Though we have a lesson in terms of commercial, we only learned about the overall look Consecutively, I have not got to involve much of professional work and confronted with difficulty when translating the documents because it required an insight understanding of the matter For the first few weeks, I have devoted much time to studying the commercial industry and anything relevant to it However, this was not enough I still have to learn more considering this is the career that I want to pursue 5.2 Communication Another problem was communication Communication is one significant factor when we are working in the office to keeping the harmony among workers However, I was a very timid person so when it comes to meet new people I was afraid to talk with them or not know how to talk Luckily, everyone in the office was very openness and understanding so gradually I have overcome my fear to interact more with them and completing my works 5.3 Working time The last problem I was struggling was the working time The schedule in the office was slightly different in college For nearly four years I was used to the time when I only attended to school for two to three hours per morning and afternoon or even per day, we even had short break in between each period of a lesson or had two to three days off during a week However, when took part in the placement we had to two spells of work a day and only had one hour for lunch break Although I only attended to the office half a day I still struggled with the working time for four straight hours Nevertheless, gradually I had been able to adapt to this calendar and progressing my work Lesson learned Besides the skills and techniques that were mentioned above, the internship also provided me with key lessons, which I can apply to my own path to a successful career First and foremost, I was requested to keep a diary which was a good idea to document what you have been doing, since we may not remember everything we have achieved This way I can then compare the skills I have developed against the ones I need, whether it is to boost my soft skills or to get into a particular career Taking time to reflect on how I have changed and developed as a result is an important aspect of learning through the working environment Another lesson I have learned was communication skills are key The number one thing I learned in my first working experience was “ask for help when you need it” There is nothing inherently wrong with not knowing something and asking for help It takes both courage and humility to ask for assistance or to say “I don’t have the resources I need” At least if you ask for help and ultimately fail we can say that we did everything we could, but if not the failure is completely our fault and we have no one to blame Finally, I recognized that building skills takes time and that finished your college does not means you have finished your learning Before starting my internship I have done some research on the import-export sector only to find out that if we have learned English than 80% we can work as an import-exporter which gave me lots of confident that I might well on my practical experience I was assigned to translate some trading documents It was a huge challenge to me because there are so much terms and clauses I had to understand before I could fully produce a good draft If the task was easy, anyone could it Besides, to be able to work as a professional import-export employee I still have to learn about the trading industry One staff in the office who had worked here for about months shared with me that there were still many things that he needed to learn even now, he still asking for advices from the seniors staff No matter who we are, we shall never stop learning In conclusion, I have learned a lot more than these three lessons from the internship, but these are the ones that remain top-of-mind for me which I believe that will make a great impact in my working life CHAPTER III: CONCLUSION The internship has benefited me a lot in the field attachment in both improving my skills and applying the theoretical knowledge from the university into practice through the many activities and tasks I was instructed to I improved the skills like time management, discipline interpersonal, and using office equipment Besides the problems that I struggled during the internship such as lack of commerce knowledge, fear of communication, and new working time I also learned many lessons which included: how document what I have been doing effect me, communication skills are the key, building skills takes time as well as how we keep on learning Despite the fact that embarking upon a short bout of work experience – five weeks – I was unlikely to gain much in terms of perfecting skills, I had an opportunity to learn a little about the industry the company was in and what it was like to work for the company in specific and for the trading industry in general From this experience, I could start to understand more about my own preferences around working culture and environment Besides, I will be starting to develop a personal network of contacts that may be useful for my future career aspirations In conclusion, the internship was a precious opportunity to utilizing my knowledge into practice, to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, and also strengthen my skills CHAPTER IV: RECOMMENDATIONS This internship not only helped me gained many new skills and lessons but also gave me the opportunity to experience the working environments and prepare myself for the future work, help me a place to the internship instead of finding by myself Based on what I have been experience I would like to give some recommendations for teaching and learning methods as well as the internship program in the hope that teaching and learning in the University become more effectively and successfully Firstly, for the internship, the University should at least adjust on the period of student internship to April or May when the students had finished all of their learning so they could be able to keep on working at the practical place to gain more experience since by that time they only need to prepare for their graduation and have more time to work Secondly, for curriculum, in my opinion, the department should facilitate student in applying their knowledge into practices throughout their learning Many students have a good knowledge of English however little of them actually confident in terms of communication while to be able to speak confidently and fluently is a must especially in the workplace Therefore, it would be better for students if the department could hold or a small talk show with native speakers which enable them to figure out how is like to interact with foreign people in real life Thirdly, for the university, it would be great if they could organize a career orientation for students especially the freshman I, myself, started my fourth year in university only to realize that it is fairly late to write my own resume which I should have started since the first year A lot of students not know what they want to or what they are good at, they only go to university just because their parents told them to That is the reason why many of them get lost while they were in university They did not know what to do, only care about today but not tomorrow, some take a part time job but it not relevant with their profession or did not learn anything from that job Therefore, having a career orientation lesson should be the first thing that college students learned before anything else It will enable them to determine what they want to after graduate then decide what we need to prepare, learn in the university Lastly, I would like to give some suggest for the future intern students The first thing is students should find a practical place which somehow related to the job they intend to in the future since many employers nowadays prefer those who already have some experience on the job Besides, it would be a test for them to see whether the job suit them or not The second thing is preparation Before taking the internship students should set goals for themselves such as what they want to improve, what they want to receive throughout the internship They will have an effective experience if they understand the purpose of the internship In the end, above all, I strongly believe that the approach and attitude to the first experience can serve as a valuable learning experience and stepping stone for future success./ ... Name: Công Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghiệp Và Phát Triển Xây Dựng Miền Bắc  International Business name: VILACONIC  Headquarters: Hamlet 2, Nghi Phu Ward, Vinh city, Vietnam  Branches:  Ho Chi Minh City... and nurturing integrity in both internal and external aspects of our business Professionalism: Consistently delivering quality and value every day Innovation: Using creativity and insight to create... customer needs to improve, enhance product quality  Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City Vilaconic has a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City An export specialized array of agricultural
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