The big picture marcoeconomics 12e parkin chapter 1flexibility

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W H AT I S E C O N O M I C S ? IX Flexibility HOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR COURSE Introduction Instructors who have already used Michael Parkin’s Macroeconomics are aware of its flexibility: There are many ways to teach from this book, depending on your preferences Because there is no necessarily right or wrong way to teach a principles of macroeconomics class, the macroeconomic part can be used in a variety of ways The most obvious one is the order in which the chapters are printed Others are summarized below Macroeconomics At both the professional and the principles level, macroeconomics is unsettled: Economists range from Keynesian to monetarist to rational expectations new classicalists to new Keynesians to real business cycle advocates Instructors disagree whether to teach economic growth or business cycles first My text recognizes these perspectives and provides a vehicle through which you can place the approach on your choosing on your course It is possible to teach a course that emphasizes a Keynesian perspective or one that takes a monetarist point of view If you want to teach economic growth before business cycles, you can so; if you want to cover business cycles first, you are equally free to so You can adapt the macroeconomic chapters to be the type of course you want and still be assured of a high quality of presentation Table presents all the chapters It shows the two necessary foundation chapters and then the large array of chapters that you can cover next It also shows the necessary pre-requisite chapters for the concluding three final chapters Table illustrates how you can emphasize precisely the points you think most important The choice is up to you because you can shape the course you want to teach ix X Table x
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