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MINH PHU HIGH SCHOOL 2017—2018 REVIEW FOR THE FINAL EXAM ENGLISH 12 Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions Q1: A measles B meant C leader D teacher Q2: A needed B afforded C advanced D invented Q3 A interrupt B muddle C struggle D bush Q4 A wind B find C behind D mind Q5: A orchard B orchestra C orchid D archive Q6: A Valentine B imagine C discipline D determine Q7 A confine B conceal C convention D concentrate Q8 A question B presentation C industrialization D modernization Q9 A fame B baby C plane D many Q10 A mother B thunder C within D wither Q11 A entrance B paddy C bamboo D banyan Q12 A shortage B storage C garage D encourage Q13 A cat B flat C mate D spat Q14 A scissor B sugar C sense D soft Q15 A amuse B purse C blouse D please Q16 A chamber B ancient C danger D ancestor Q17 A choice B chaos C charge D chase Q18 A naked B crooked C sentenced D wicked Q19 A solidarity B stagnant C vacancy D technicality Q20 A element B exchange C integration D referee Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions Q1: A information B calculation C energetic D investigate Q2: A history B mathematics C literature D physics Q3: A underline B recognize C sacrifice D localize Q4 A undergraduate B international C geographical D obligatory Q5 A application B security C certificate D biology Q6: A experience B satisfaction C university D individual Q7: A Japanese B fabulous C cultural D interesting Q8 A convenience B mechanic C preference D official Q9 A recently B attitude C octopus D proposal Q10 A luxurious B conservative C necessary D dependent Q11 A primitive B particular C continuous D connected Q12 A imagine B horizon C property D computer Q13 A equip B vacant C secure D oblige Q14 A punctuality B technological C characteristic D representative Q15 A injection B diminish C successful D benefit Q16 A maximum B vacancy C terrorist D investment Q17 A vertical B contractual C domestic D outstanding Q18 A politician B genetics C artificial D controversial Q19 A delegate B fabulous C external D slippery Q20 A emphatic B tedious C dynamic D delicious Page Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions Q1: Paul always gets nervous whenever he has to give a presentation A anxious B fearful C impressed D supportive Q2: Tests are regularly conducted in this area to ascertain whether pollution levels have dropped A contemplate B behold C determine D consider Q3: There is no alternative The president must approve the bill if the Congress passes it A tome to think B amendment C other choice D possible agreement Q4 Taillevent's fame as a chef has endured since the 14th century A diplomat B soldier C cook D leader Q5 The spectacle being planned for the next Fourth of July party is quite awesome A ordinary B alarming C funny D prodigious Q6 The whole village was wiped out in the bombing raids A change completely B cleaned well C destroyed completely D removed quickly Q7 He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking A irritates me B steers me C moves me D frightens me Q8 It was boiling yesterday We have a very humid and dry summer this year A very hot B cooking C dry D cooked Q9 It was inevitable that the smaller country should merge with the large one A vital B unnecessary C urgent D unavoidable Q10 The instruction was somewhat ambiguous so he slipped up on a few steps A definite B unclear C wrong D untrue Q11 The historical events should be presented in chronological order The best example is a biography starting in 1920 and ending in 1999 A from the most important to the least important B from the oldest to the latest C in order of the alphabet D randomly Q12 He was so engrossed in the book that he did not hear her footstep A lost B bored C absorbed D tired Q13 New members will be issued with a temporary identity card A of prime importance B of a short time C of a long time D a great attempt th Q14 Some 12 – grade students find sitting the entrance exam to be accepted into universities such a daunting process that they become depressed due to the level of stress A comforting B intriguing C intimidating D long-lasting Q15 If you have intention of becoming a freelancer, remember to be really scrupulous in filling your income tax returns or else you will end up having trouble with the law A suspicious B generous C efficient D careful Q16 Do not brush me aside and deem me unapproachable because I am introverted I have a lot to say If only I am given the chance to say it A unfriendly B talkative C difficult D speechless Q17 We sat down across from each other and I looked deep into his majestic eyes He glanced at me I went beetroot red I looked away, hoping that he would not notice A burned B became pale C felt uneasy D flushed Q18 Father continued to work very hard, hoping to be promoted to the position of manager Finally, his hard work paid off and he was promoted A paid in full B improved C succeeded D compensated Page Q19 The lower temperatures mean that many tropical crops cannot be grown in the highlands, particularly during the cold season A summer and spring B warm and humid C abundant and early D traditional and stable Q20 Never take someone for granted; hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones A accept without questions B treat in an indifferent manner C take at one’s word D be of the opinion convincingly Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions Q1: The dim lights made it hard to see, so Ben squinted to make out the stranger's face in the distance A faint B muted C strong D weak Q2: Henry hoped that his sons would someday take over his retail business and maintain the high level of customer service and satisfaction that Henry valued so much A uphold B continue C eliminate D connect Q3 There have been significant changes in women's lives since the women's liberation movement A unimportant B controlled C political D disagreeable Q4 In 1989, a ban was given on all international trade in ivory A an exploitation B a prohibition C an allowance D a destruction Q5: Names of people in the book were changed to preserve anonymity A reveal B conserve C cover D presume Q6: In remote communities, it’s important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in A empty B refill C repeat D remake Q7 Since the newly discovered artifact is in poor condition, only its replica is displayed in the museum A original B copy B imitation D model Q8 She comes from an affluent background She has never had to worry about not having enough to get by A ordinary B poor C well-off D average Q9 Now the government is declassifying the documents, we could finally find out what really happened A revealing B categorizing C knowing D hiding Q10 The plant resembles grass in appearance I couldn’t tell them apart A takes after B distinguishes C differs D combines Q11 2008 is a memorable year for people around the world because of the global financial recession that hit practically every sector of world economy A depression B crisis C prosperity D downturn Q12 Rhinos are being driven to extinction because they are constantly being poached for their horns, which are of great value on the black market A hunted B preserved C killed D exploited Q13 The grandmother lives on the farm In the daytime they knocked about on this road, and they come home at dusk along with the cattle A daybreak B night C noon D sunset Q14 He said that my new status of America is a clever piece of sculpture, and he is satisfied that my name will one day be famous A unaware B unhappy C unlucky D uneasy Q15 The great hall of the palace were crowded with nobles, who welcomed Conrad bravely, and so bright and happy did all things seem, that he felt his tears and sorrows passing away Page A giving birthB living C improving D beginning Q16 I was never able to bring myself to use money which I had earned in questionable ways A straight B easy C lucky D honest Q17 Every was so ripe that we saw it would be a mistake not to strike now, right away, without waiting any longer A underdeveloped B unready C unlucky D off-seasoned Q18 He and his wife prayed for the birth of a son, but the prayer was vain A girl was born to them A answered B attended C offered D enabled Q19 We realized that our circumstances were desperate They refused to credit us for even a cent until all our debts were paid up A hopeful B fearful C calm D peaceful Q20 Many a great artist had never been acknowledged until after they were starved and dead A known B abandoned C neglected D denied Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to show the underlined part that needs correction Q1: Although Emily Dickinson publishes only three of her verses before she died, today there are more than one thousand of her poems printed in many important collections A publishes B there are C thousand of D in Q2: Humans who lived thousands years ago, long before alphabets were devised, they used pictures to record events and to communicate ideas A who B ago C they D to communicate Q3: More companies returned to the task of development new kinds of antibiotics, and as this book is being prepared, a number are undergoing clinical trials A to B development C kinds of D a Q4: All the candidates for the scholarship will be equally treated regarding of their age, sex, or nationality A candidates B nationality C scholarship D regarding Q5 Mrs Alien was concerned about me having to drive so far every day A about B me having C so far D everyday Q6 Ralph wishes that he went to the bank this morning before he went to work A wishes that B went C before D went to work Q7 Reading several books on that subject, Bill considered himself an expert A Reading B books on C considered himself D expert Q8: All of the mammals, dolphins are undoubtedly among the friendly to human Q9: Chicago’s Sears Tower, now the tallest building in the world, rises 1,522 feet from the ground to the top of it antenna Q10: It was suggested that Pedro studies the material more thoroughly before attempting to pass the exam Q11: When we arrived at the store to purchase the dishwasher advertise in the newspaper, we learned that all the dishwashers had been sold Q12 As soon as we’ve finished supper, we’ll all go to downtown to see our friends Q13 The - year - old boy resembles to his mother somewhat more than his older brother does Q14 In space, with no gravity for muscles to work against, the body becomes weakly Q15 High blood pressure results from either an increased output of blood from the heart and an increased resistance to its flow through tiny branches of the arteries Q16 The building itself seems huge, clean and exceptional tidy Q17 Unless you don’t take my advice, you won’t be successful in your future career Q18 They don’t usually drink beer They are not used to drink beer Q19 He is too young for understanding this problem Q20 Buying clothes are often a very time-consuming practice because those clothes that a person likes are rarely the ones that fit him or her Page Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions Q1: Manh asked me _ that film the night before A that I saw B had I seen C if I had seen D if had I seen Q2: We’ve got another set to _ if this one doesn’t work A fall back on B come out with C set out D go in for Q3: I said that I had met her _ A yesterday B the previous day C the day D the before day Q4: She told me _ A shut the door but don’t lock it B shut the door but not lock it C to shut the door but not lock it D to shut the door but not to lock it Q5: Don’t be late for the class often, _ people will think you are a disobedient student A unless B otherwise C if not D or so Q6: By the time you get back, I _ all my correspondence and then I _ you with yours A will have finished/ can help B will finish/ can have helped C will be finished/ have helped D have finished/ have helped Q7: The students don’t know how to the exercise by the teacher yesterday A written B is writing C who written D which written Q8: A _ of interest briefly crossed his face at the mention of her name A flicker B trace C mark D hint Q9: _ disabled children cannot enjoy toys designed for nondisabled youngsters is the subject of the report A What B Those C That D Because Q10: It is of businessmen to shake hands in formal meetings A familiar B typical C ordinary D common Q11: Such characters as fairies or witches in Walt Disney animated cartoons are purely A imaginary B imagining C imaginative D imaginable Q12 I'm really not satisfied with the way you have …………………the situation A done B dealt C fingered D handled Q13 To take pride in what deserves boasting is one thing, and to take good care of it is quite _ A another B thing C the others D others Q14 We may win, we may lose- It is just the ……………… of the draw A odds B strike C luck D chance Q15 When the alarm went off, Mick just turned ……… … and went back to sleep A up B down C out D over Q16 We _ for three hours and are very tired A were walking B have been walkingC are walking D had been walking Q17 …………problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs A Of the biggest one B One of the biggest C The biggest one D There are the biggest Q18 The unemployment rate of the area …………… every year until 2003 then started to fall A decreased B rose C raised D dropped Q19 It would be difficult for a man of his political affiliation, _, to become a senator from the south A even with charm and so capable B however charming and capable C though charming and capable is he D charming and having capability Q20 I wonder _ his job A why he left B why did he leave C what he left D why him not left Q21 The smaller the room is, _ furniture it needs A the fewer B the less C fewer D less Page Q22 to the big city, I have got lost many times A Unused B Unfamiliar C Useless D Unacquainted Q23 Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? - I don't enjoy _ at A be laughed B to be laughed C being laughed D laughing Q24: I have English classes ……………… day – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays A all other B each other C every other D This and the other Q25: British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respect they are as different as ……………… A cats and dogs B chalk and cheese C salt and pepper D here and there Q26: It’s essential that every student ……………… the exam before attending the course A pass B passes C would pass D passed Q27: Issues from price, place, promotion, and product are……………… Of marketing strategies planning, despite growing calls to expand the range of issues in today’s more complex world A these that are among the most conventional concerns B among the most conventional concerns C they are among the most conventional concerns D those are among the most conventional concerns Q28: It’s a formal occasion so we’ll have to ……………… to the nines no jeans and pullovers this time A hitch up B put on C wear in D get dressed up Q29: ………….the exception ……………… the little baby, everybody in my family has to jog every morning A With / to B With / of C In / of D By / of Q30: The twins look so much alike that almost no one can ……………… them ……………… A take/apart B tell/away C tell/apart D take/on Q31: I not believe that this preposterous scheme is ……………….out of our serious consideration A Worthless B worth C worthwhile D worthy Q32: They were warned never ……………… with the members if any extremist group A to associate B to assimilate C to assign D to assume Q33: Although it is only a small business, its ……………….is surprisingly high A turn-up B turnover C turnabout D turnout Q34: As hungry as a ……………… A farmer B hunter C beggar D fighter Q35 It is a biological fact that children _ their parents A take after B take to C look up D care for Q36 I can’t _ who it is He is too far away A take in B stand for C make out D look for Q37 Look down at the coral reef, we saw _ of tiny, multi-coloured fish A teams B flocks C shoals D swarms Q38 A bridge must be strong enough to support its own weight _ the weight of the people and vehicles that use it A as far as B as long as C so well as D as well as Q39 I must take this watch to be prepared as it _ over 20 minutes a day A accelerates B increases C progresses D gains Q40 The hall was very crowded with over hundred people _ into it A stuck B packed C pushed D stuffed Q41 Vietnamese parents normally not let their children make a decision _ their own future career A in B of C on D for Q42 The move to a different environment brought about a significant _ in my cousin’s state of mind Page A change B impact C effect D influence Q43 When finding a new house, parents should _ all the conditions for their children’s education and entertainment A take into account B take actions C put pressure D put up with Q44 The little girl started crying She her doll, and no one was able to find it for her A has lot B had lost C was losing D was lost Q45 Mary doesn’t get on well with people around he , she has changed her job many times A however B but C Therefore D although Q46 You must drive slower in built up areas The you drive in the city, the it is that you will have an accident A faster – probable B quicker - probably C faster - more probably D quicker - more probable Q47 Your sister is very kind me A to B at C with D about Q48 “Ms Jones, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already , sir They’re on your desk.” A typed B been being typed C being typed D been typed Q49 I need a good explanation of all the costs in buying a new car A affected B involved C concerned D implied Q50 There was a debate about the Middle East, then they moved to a vote A lively B flexible C main D nimble Q51 This species of seagull is not a of the island, but will sometimes rest here a while A neighbour B national C citizen D resident Q52 Don't worry about the argument you had with your sister It will soon A blow over B carry on C cover up D give up Q53 "These batteries are dead " "No, we have to take them to a proper disposal place You can't put old batteries in the trash!" A pass them up B throw them away C call them off D back them down Q54 The job requires certain You have to be good at operating computers and dealing with people A qualifications B knowledge C techniques D skills Q55 ‘Excuse me Where is the _ office of UNICEF Vietnam located?” A leading B head C summit D central Q56 He really deserved the award because he performed _ what was expected of him A much better which B the most that C much more as D much better than Q57 it would stop raining for a morning, we could cut the grass A If ever B If only C On condition that D In case Q58 _the phone rang later that night did Anna remember the appointment A Not until B Just before C Only D No sooner Q59 Only research has been carried out in this field A a few B a little C very little D not much Q60 The small, farms of New England were not appropriate for the Midwest A self-supporting B supporting themselves C self-supported D they supported themselves Q61 The computer has had an enormous _ on the way we work A change B alteration C influence D impression Q62 He's the only child in his family and so he can hardly enjoy A brothers B brother C brotherhood D brotherly Q63 It’s no use a language if you don’t try to use it A to learn B learned C learning D learn Page Q64 You have to study hard to your classmates A keep pace with B get in touch with C catch sight of D look out for Q65 It me as strange that my front door was open when I got home A struck B appeared C occurred D seemed Q66 The film didn’t really… our expectation, unfortunately A put in for B come up to C fall short of D meet with Q67 to get through to Jackie for days now Either she’s away or her phone’s out of order A I had tried B I’m trying C I’ve been trying D I tried Q68 Mum was so in singing on karaoke that she forgot the fried fish in the oven A concentrated B engrossed C obsessed D fascinated Q69 Many gases, including the nitrogen and oxygen in the air, colour and odour A they not have B have no C which have no D not having Q70 Police are reported….found illegal drugs in a secret hiding in the star’s home A have had B to have C they have D having Q71 Mary walked away from the discussion Otherwise, she something she would regret later A might have said B might say C said D will say Q72 Nobody can how long we will be able to live in the 21st century A predict B forewarn C forego D forbid Q73 It is possible may assist some trees in saving water in the winter A the leaves are lost B when leaves have lost C that the loss of leaves D to lose leaves Q74 for the fact that he was working abroad, he would willingly have helped with the project A Had it been B If it hadn’t been C Hadn’t it been D If it had been Q75 Developments in micro-technology computers and telecommunication are to have a huge influence on various aspects of our lives A having B bound C impossible D trying Q76 A partnership is an association of two or more individuals who together to develop a business A work B they work C is working D worked Q77 You can the new words in the dictionary A look up B look for C look after D look forward Q78 She went to the bookshop A so that to buy some books B in order that buy some books C so as to buying some books D so as to buy some books Q79 The teacher told his students laughing A would stop B to stop C stop D stopped Q80 Paul was disappointed with his examination results that he didn't smile all week A too B enough C such D so Q81 The boy family is poor is very intelligent A who B whom C whose D that Q82 The bomb went with aloud bang which could be heard all over the town A on B up C off D over Q83 English is thought in the world A the most popular language B to be the most popular language C is the most popular language D to play the most popular language Q84 It is becoming to find a job A harder and hard B harder and harder C hard and hardly D more harder and harder Q85 Yesterday, I had to cram all day for my French final , I did not get to sleep until after midnight Page A But B Therefore C Nevertheless D However Q86 I were you, I wouldn’t accept that job A If B unless C When D Even if Q87 I wish you to my party last week, but you didn't A came B will come C would come D had come Q89 The flowers in a warm sunny place A should keep B should kept C should be keep D should be kept Q90 Mr Jackson’s behavior and comments on occasions were inappropriate and fell below the standards A accept B acceptable C acceptance D accepting Q91 The larger the apartment, the the rent is A expensive B more expensive C expensivelyD most expensive Q92 Look! The yard is wet It last night A must rain B couldn't have rained C must have rained D should have rained Q93 Waving and handshaking are _ forms of communication A verbal B direct C non-verbal D regular Q94 Pay more attention _ picture and you can find out who is the robber A at B to C on D for Q95 The boy waved his hands to his mother, who was standing at the school gate, to _ her attention A follow B tempt C attract D pull Q96 There was a terrible storm on the night we first stayed at the campsite but we were alright with our tent and were dry as a A bone B cover C coat D sheet Q97 Jack asked his sister A where would she go the following day B where you will go tomorrow C where she would go the following day D where will you go tomorrow Q98 Most psychologists agree that the basic structure of an individual’s personality is A well established extremely by the age of five B by the age of five and extremely well established C extremely well established by the age of five D by the age of five it is extremely well established Q99 Some film stars _ difficult to work with A are said be B are said to be C say to be D said to be Q100 He was completely _ by her tale of hardship A taken away B taken down C taken in D taken up Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges Q1: - Alice: “What shall we this weekend?” - Carol: “ ” A I went out for dinner B Oh, that’s good C Let’s go out for dinner D No problem Q2: - Toan: “Thank you for the delicious meal” - Minh: “ .” A Never wonder B No problem C All right D I’m glad you enjoyed it Q3: - Khanh: “I’d like the blue jacket, pleases! Can I try it on?” - Tien: “Yes, _.” A you would B you must C certainly D you Q4 - "I wonder if I could possibly use your car for tonight?" - " I'm not using it anyhow." A I don't care B I don't know C Yes, indeed D Sure, go ahead Q5 - "Do you mind my smoking here?" - " ." A Yes, please B No Good idea C Yes Better not D No, thanks Page Q6: Tom: “This medicine tastes horrible!” Mary : “ _, it will cure your cough” A Be that as it may B Come what may C How much horrible is it D Whatever it tastes Q7: David: “Why don’t we ask Martin to chair the meeting?” - Fiona: “Well, suppose _ to ask him, you think he would accept?” A were we B we have C we try D we were Q8 Lan : “What an attractive hair style you have got!” - Mai : “ _ ” A Thank you very much I am afraid B You are telling a lie C Thank you for your compliment D I don’t like your sayings Q9 Pat: "Would you like something to eat?" Kathy:" _ I’m not hungry now." A No, thanks B Yes, I would C No, no problem D Yes, pleases Q10 Laura has just bought a new camera Mary: “Can I try your new camera?” - Laura: “ _” A I’m sorry I can’t Let’s go now B Sure But please be careful with it C Sure I’d love to D I’m sorry I’m home late Q11 It is windy and cold outside Susan: “Would you mind if I shut the window?” - Jane: “ ” A No, please B Yes, please shut C Yes, I would mind D No, don’t shut it Q12 Long: I didn’t know you could play badminton so well, Trâm Trâm: Thank you, Long _ I wish I could play half as well as you, Long A That’s a nice compliment B That is not your fault C You’re welcome D I certainly play very excellent Q13 Johnson: "Merry Christmas!" - Jason: " " A Same for you! B The same to you! C You are the same! D Happy Christmas with you Q14 Brad: Would you mind taking those bags to the second floor? - Lary: _ A Yes, of course Are you sick B Yes, I would C No, I wouldn’t carry them D No, not at all I will help you Q15 Hoa: Hanoi must be the most interesting city of Vietnam, don’t you think? - Mai: _ A No, I think so B No, I don’t like C Yes, I’d love to D It might be, I don’t know Q16 “May I leave a message for Ms Davis?” - “ ” A I’m afraid she is not here at the moment B No, she’s not here now C She’s leaving a message for you now D Yes, I’ll make sure she gets it Q17 “It was very kind of you to help me out, Paul?” – “ _” A I’m glad you like it B Thanks a million C That was the least I could D You can say that again Q18 Ann: “I’ve passed my driving test” - Peter: “ ” A Congratulations! B That’s a good idea C It’s nice of you to say so D Do you? Q19 David: “Do you think it will rain?” - Helen: “ ” A I don’t hope B I hope not C I don’t hope so D It’s hopeless Q20 John: “Are you sure that’s Ok?” _ Linda: “ _” A Of course it is B No, I am not C I don’t think so D I haven’t thought about it Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence given in each of the following questions Q1: Too tired to continue, David stopped walking A David can’t continue to walk when he’ stirred B David couldn’t carry on walking because he was too tired C David was too tired to carry out walking D David couldn’t stop walking because he was too tired Page 10 Q2: It seems that no one predicted the correct answer A No one seems to predict the answer correctly B No one seems to have a correct prediction about the answer C It‘s apparent that the answer isn’t correctly predicted D No one seems to have predicted the correct answer Q3: Would you mind not smoking in here? A Could you stop to smoke in here? B Would you please stop to smoke in here? C I would rather you didn’t smoke in here D I want you not to stop smoking in here Q4: He started computer programming as soon as he left school A After he left school, he had started computer programming B Hardly had he started computer programming when he left school C No sooner had he left school than he started computer programming D No sooner had he started computer programming than he left school Q5: It’s a pity that you didn’t tell us about this A I wish you had told us about this C I wish you have told us about this B I wish you told us about this D I wish you would tell us about this Q6 He can hardly see at all without glasses A He can't see everything without glasses B He is practically blind without glasses C He can see even if he doesn't wear glasses D He can see without glasses if he tries hard Q7 I don't agree with prohibiting smoking in bars A I am not on favor of prohibiting smoking in bars B I am not in favor of prohibiting smoking in bars C I am not in favor with prohibiting smoking in bars D I am not in favor to prohibiting smoking in bars Q8 "You should have finished the report by now", John told his secretary A John approached his secretary for not having finished the report B John reminded his secretary of finishing the report on time C John said that his secretary had not finished the report on time D John scolded his secretary for not having finished the report Q9 He seemed very reluctant to take my advice A It seemed he was not ready to give me advice B It seemed he was not willing to take my advice C He seemed quite willing to take my advice D He seemed very anxious to take my advice Q10 Smith's career as a television presenter began five years ago A Smith has been a television presenter for five years B Smith had been a television presenter for five years C Smith has been a television presenter five years ago D Smith used to be a television presenter five years ago Q11: If it hadn’t been for his carelessness, we would have finished the work A He was careless because he hadn’t finished the work B If her were careful, we would finish the work C If he had been more careful, we would have completed the work D Because he wasn’t careless, we didn’t finish the work Q12: The hostess made every effort to see that her guests got the food and drinks they wanted A The hostess was reluctant to offer her guests food and drinks B The hostess tried hard to please her guests C The guests refused the food and drinks prepared by the hostess D Neither the guests nor the hostess had food and drinks Page 11 Q13: The meeting was put off because the pressure of time A The meeting started earlier because people wanted to leave early B The meeting was planned to start late because of time pressure C The meeting lasted much longer that usual D There was not enough time to hold the meeting Q14 The last time I met her was in 1990 A I have seen her several times in 1990 B I haven’t met her since 1990 C In 1990 I didn’t meet her D I had not met her since 1990 Q15 The weather was so terrible that we spent the whole day indoors A The weather was too terrible that we spent the whole day indoors B It was such terrible weather that we spent the whole day indoors C The weather was too terrible for us to spend the whole day indoors D The weather wasn’t terrible enough for us to spend the whole day indoors Q16 “I'll give you a new bike if you pass the GCSE exam" said his mother A His mother promised to give him a new bike if he passes the GCSE exam B His mother promised to give him a new bike if he passed the GCSE exam C His mother promised that she will give him a new bike if he passes the GCSE exam D His mother promised of giving him a new bike if he passed the GCSE exam Q17 It is possible that some of the students saw the exam paper last week A The exam paper can be seen by some of the students B The exam paper may have been seen by some of the students C The exam paper should have been seen by some of the students D The exam paper is possibly seen by some of the students Q18 As soon as he arrived at the airport, he called home A No sooner had he arrived at the airport than he called home B He arrived at the airport sooner than he had expected C Calling home, he said that he had arrived at the airport D He arrived at the airport and called me to take him home Q19 When the speaker finished, she received a big hand A The speaker was known for her big hands B The speaker finished when she had got a big hand C The speaker gave her a big hand D The audience applauded the speaker Q20 In spite of all our efforts, we failed in the final match A Although we tried very hard, we failed in the final match B We made all our efforts so that we could again success in the final match C Whatever efforts we had made, we weren’t able to win in the final match D We failed in the final match as a result of all our great efforts Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions Q1 She tried very hard to pass the driving test She could hardly pass it A Although she didn‘t try hard to pass the driving test, she could pass it B Despite being able to pass the driving test, she didn‘t pass it C No matter how hard she tried, she could hardly pass the driving test A She tried very hard, so she passed the driving test satisfactorily Q2 You are breaking up a bit I will call you back A I can’t understand why you’re breaking up a bit, so I will call back B I will call back to know why you two are breaking up Page 12 C I will call you back because I can’t hear you clearly D I will call back to say goodbye Q3 She wrote the text She selected the illustration as well A She not only wrote the text but also selected the illustration B The text she wrote was not as good as the illustration she selected C In order to select the illustration, she had to write the text D If she had written the text, she would have selected the illustration Q4 I my homework and schoolwork in separate books I don’t get muddled up A Having two separate books at home and at work helps me avoid getting muddled up B I my homework and schoolwork in separate books so that I don’t get muddled up C I not get muddled up due to the separation between homework and schoolwork D I would get muddled up if I did not separate homework from schoolwork Q5 She looked through the hotel advertisements She stopped only when taking a fancy to one piece A She found the hotel advertisements so interesting that she could hardly turn away from them B She stopped looking through the hotel advertisements only when she had found another piece C She stopped reading the hotel advertisements only when one of them caught her fancy D She took so great a fancy to the hotel advertisements that she could not stop reading them Q6 David drove so fast; it was very dangerous A David drove so fast, which was very dangerous B David drove so fast and was very dangerous C David drove so fast, then was very dangerous D David drove so fast that was very dangerous Q7 All the students are trying their best to learn They hope to get good mark in the coming exam A All the students are trying their best to learn so as to getting good mark in the coming exam B Because all the students are trying their best to learn, they will get good mark in the coming exam C All the students are trying their best to learn in order to get good mark in the coming exam D Although all the students are trying their best to learn, they can’t get good mark in the coming exam Q8 Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam It was founded by Ly Cong Uan in 1010 A Hanoi, where is the capital of Vietnam, was founded by Ly Cong Uan in 1010 B The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi which was founded by Ly Cong Uan in 1010 C Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi was founded by Ly Cong Uan in 1010 D Hanoi, which is the capital of Vietnam, was founded by Ly Cong Uan in 1010 Q9 Although there was a lack of interest to begin with, the main reason why they postponed the picnic was the rain A The picnic was put off because off the rain B They held the picnic in spite of the rain C They were extremely interested in having the picnic D The picnic was held, but few people showed up Q10 Jane refused to attend his birthday party, which made him feel sad A Jane's refusal to attend his birthday party made him feel sad B He felt sad not to be able to attend her birthday' party C Jane made him sad despite her refusal to attend his birthday party D Jane refused to attend his birthday party because it made him sad Page 13 ... these that are among the most conventional concerns B among the most conventional concerns C they are among the most conventional concerns D those are among the most conventional concerns Q28: It’s... liberation movement A unimportant B controlled C political D disagreeable Q4 In 1989, a ban was given on all international trade in ivory A an exploitation B a prohibition C an allowance D a destruction... have …………………the situation A done B dealt C fingered D handled Q13 To take pride in what deserves boasting is one thing, and to take good care of it is quite _ A another B thing C the others
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