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READING In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet The meeting with Mr Kim _ until Tuesday, November 15th, at 2:00 p.m A postponed B had postponed C has postponed D has been postponed The police are investigating allegations of insider trading A current B recently C currently D present _ most of his co-workers, Chris prefers to arrive early for work rather than stay late A Among B Except C Unlike D Following Cornell SDX has _ $50 billion in assets, making it the largest investment fund in the market A caused B borrowed C prevented D accumulated Returns will not be accepted a receipt and the item must be in its original package A without B apart from C in terms of Page D not including Everybody _ has a company-issued cellular phone should e-mail their name and phone number to Cassandra Miller by P.M tomorrow A who B whom C which D where _ the recent renovations to their kitchen, the value of the Spencer household remained the same A Due to B Even if C Despite D Although Monthly observations are _ as part of the employee evaluation process A educated B equipped C installed D implemented When we _ the world's economic development on a timeline we can see periods in which certain business sectors experienced an economic boom A examine B examines C examining D examination 10 The meteorologist on Channel said that he was certain that the cold front will result in snow tomorrow A reasoning B reason C reasonable D reasonably 11 Communicating with color is a proven way to improve the response you get from print materials _ direct-mail and meeting handouts A as to B as for C such as D to such 12 all forms of advertising, research shows that direct mail reaches the greatest number of people at the lowest cost A Through B In Page C Between D Of 13 His purpose might be either to get a raise or a promotion A to request B requesting C requested D requests 14 Be informed that this medication is for temporary relief of symptoms, and is not intended your annual immunization shot A replaced B replace C to replace D replacing 15 After loading the worksheet, review it to make sure the correct _ has been loaded into the input cells A data B addition C computer D software 16 Due to the usual cool summer this year, we’ve seen the _ sales of air conditioners in a decade A lowest B fewest C bad D terrible 17 Heat-related problems are more likely to occur among workers who have not been given time _ to working in the heat A adjusted B to adjust C adjustment D are adjusting 18 The _ retail price for the shoe polish is $3.99, roughly 25 percent lower than other shoe polishes currently on the market A suggest B suggested C suggesting D suggestion 19 We finish this work soon because the deadline is approaching A have Page B had to C have to D will have 20 Come meet some of the best minds in technology: our _ create more products than any other software company A developing B developers C developments D developed 21 We are interested in becoming the North American _ for your products, and would to like to arrange a meeting to discuss this in detail A represent B represents C to represent D representative 22 The legal case I’m working on this month is much interesting than the one I worked on last month A the most B more C the more D most 23 For traveler’s convenience, a ticketing agent is _ in the main terminal 24 hours a day, days per week A eligible B considerable C available D probable 24 When payday , all employees will receive their checks in the mail A arrived B arrives C arriving D will arrive 25 The store clerk notified security after _ the shoplifter putting several pieces of merchandise into her purse A revealing B observing C alerting D appealing 26 Marion Smith of Merston Enterprise has asked me to make this presentation here today, on _ behalf Page A B C D theirs my her hers 27 Future Bank will start offering special incentives to employees who _ hybrid cars starting September A purchase B purchases C purchased D purchasing 28 Thursday’s of Tim Reynolds as CEO ends Seybol Inc.’s seven-month search for a top executive A appointed B to appoint C appointing D appointment 29 We need to get paperwork from him before the end of the fiscal year A him B himself C he D his 30 Bottom Line Consulting sends agents to corporations that need to train employees to use time more A efficient B efficiently C efficiency D efficiencies 31 If the computer is not installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it may cause _ with radio and television reception A appliance B equipment C reception D interference 32 Fortunately, changing the members of the committee halfway through the project has had no noticeable _ on the price of shares A point B affection C affect D effect Page 33 Sandra is incredibly _ in everything she does She was given an award for her quick work last year A efficient B effortless C affluent D affective 34 German trade representatives continue to pressure East Asian governments to reduce _ on auto imports A tariffs B finances C cartels D rebates 35 Dr Chin, _ book I just showed you, works across the hall from me A whose B whom C which D who 36 Labor leaders complain that even though the cost of living has nearly doubled in the past decade, workers’ have only increased by 14% A wages B investments C employees D positions 37 _ all of the newly-hired employees was unhappy with the organization of the orientation schedule A Most B Mostly C Almost D Every 38 Recent developments in laser technology _ many medical procedures A changing B was changed C changed D have changed 39 I don’t mind staying late every now and again, _ don’t expect me to be here every evening A and B therefore C but D so 40 I don’t want to instruct the movers to put all of the boxes in the largest room _ the first floor A on Page B in C to D for Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following notice Public Notice: Landscaping Job The city council has recently agreed to spend an estimated three million dollars the city park near the harbor 41 A has developed B will be developed C develop D to develop Local landscaping contractors are encouraged to visit their city council website ( in regards to how to bid work for the project 42 A about B in C at D on All bids _ submitted by August 13, 2010 43 A were Page B must be C will be D have been Harbor City, City Council Questions 44-46 refer to the following advertisement Tampa Daily News - Available in Print and Online The Tampa Daily News has two versions of its printed newspaper available online One version the printed edition, including the editorial and news pages 44 A is the same B has the same C is the same as D as has the same This is available at The other is a special online edition that includes additional sports, lifestyle, and real 45 A version B section C article D reporter estate pages The electronic edition has a complete classified section as well as up-todate movie listings 46 A too B and C plus D also The electronic edition is available at Subscriptions Page to the printed version of the newspaper are available at Questions 47-49 refer to the following article Ms Una Vali Director of Community Relations Technology System, Inc Littleton, NY 11708 Dear Ms Vali, The New York State Department of Commerce is pleased to inform you that your organization’s grant application has been accepted Technology Systems, Inc has been awarded $2 million to establish three technology instruction centers to provide computer facilities and classes to communities in the state The centers will more than 20,000 residents 47 A conduct B serve C determine D house As agreed, each center will have its own full-time , receiving money still to be determined 48 A direct B director C detected D direction Congratulations on your application Page 49 A pending B successful C revised D conditional Sincerely, Robert Morales Questions 50-52 refer to the following letter Great Computer Workshops for Your Employees! Available through High Star Training, Inc Have you been wondering how to keep your staff current with new software and technology advances? Do you want to provide the best available computer training for your employees without _ your budget? 50 A exceeding B has exceeded C will exceed D to exceed Then call High Star Training and find out more about our affordable, high-quality computer workshops! Our current catalog of workshops _ offerings on word processing, 51 A include B included C including D includes database design and management, network administration, and accounting for small businesses We're confident that you'll find a workshop or two that is relevant to your employees' needs and interests If not, give us a call at 283-3627 and ask about our customized training programs! We'll be happy to design a training program for your company 52 A compulsory B constructed C comprehensive D committed Page 10 by Monday afternoon, so I expect no difficulty in being present for the start of the Tokyo planned, and will act as my agent until my arrival I have asked her to contact Mr Bayer as soon as possible to explain the situation and then to meet with him on my behalf according to our original schedule I have no doubt Ms Lang will handle the situation professionally and diplomatically 66 Who will be meeting in Tokyo on Sunday? A Alice Lang and Robert Bayern B Celia Kelly and Robert Bayern C Andrew Mathers and Alice Lang D Celia Kelly and Andrew Mathers 67 Who will be the last person informed of the change of plans? A Alice Lang B Celia Kelly C Robert Bayer D Andrew Mathers 68 Where will Andrew Mathers most likely be on Tuesday morning? A San Francisco B Tokyo C Seoul D New York 69 Due to which of the following reasons is Andrew Mathers changing his plans? A He decided to take a last minute vacation B He has to attend an emergency meeting C He didn’t want to meet Robert Bayer D He thinks Alice Lang can a better job Questions 70-74 refer to the following texts Good info on Motivation but Attend the Seminar Instead Before pulling out your credit card for a copy of this book, consider going to one of the author’s seminars He is a much more dynamic speaker than he is a writer and you’ll save a lot of time and money The book is 640 pages and costs $55 dollars The seminar is just an hour and only costs $20 The essential points of the book are covered in the seminar and you won’t have to sift through a lot of boring details Revolutionary! This is a very informative book based on research about what motivates us Page 16 The author compares motivation to different kinds of computer software The first few thousand years of the human race he calls Motivation 1.0, which was based on primary needs - food, shelter, clothing and reproduction Later we evolved into Motivation 2.0 which was a system of rewards and punishments But according to the author and other researchers, rewards and punishments are not appropriate in the modern world He argues that a new model is needed called Motivation 3.0 The book goes into great detail about how Motivation 3.0 can transform schools, business, and even parenting There are loads of examples of real-life case studies where his ideas have been implemented successfully 70 What is the purpose of these two texts? A To sell a product B To report research C To request a refund D To view a product 71 What's the difference between the two texts? A They are talking about different books B They are talking about the same books C The first is positive, the second is negative D The first is negative, the second is positive 72 The 2nd text describes a book about A Motivation B Computer software C Rewards and punishments D History 73 What is Motivation 3.0? A A new computer software B A new way of getting people to work C The title of the book D A system of rewards and punishments Questions 74-77 refer to the following information Pristine Air Tips for traveling with children Page 17 Here are some things you can bring on your trip that are sure to keep children occupied and relaxed during a long flight * Paper with colored pencils or crayons This allows parents and children to activities together, or for children to something independently With blank paper and colored pencils or crayons, children can write, draw, or make their own games For more excitement, pack small figures to use as board-game pieces in your carry-on luggage and let children design their own game boards * A deck of cards Parents can teach children their favorite card game or show them card tricks In return, children can the same for parents * Books It is always a good idea to pack a book on a long trip Children will especially enjoy stories that take place in the country to which they are traveling This will give them a chance to preview the culture and history they will learn about on vacation * Gifts from Pristine Air Once your international flight has taken off, a flight attendant will offer any children traveling with us a picture map of the world and a souvenir passport with stickers that children can affix once they have visited a country There is also a children’s airline magazine in the pouch in front of your seat 74 According to the information, what is difficult for children? A Long car rides B International flights C Going shopping with parents D Waiting for doctor's appointments 75 What are children encouraged to ma? A A schedule B A game board C A shopping list D A family portrait 76 What is mentioned as a possible activity? A Taking a walk Page 18 B Singing songs C Playing cards D Watching a movie 77 What is NOT offered to children? A A map B Snacks C Stickers D A magazine Questions 78-82 refer to the following letter Dear Ms Kowalski, I would like to introduce our newest math workbook series to you As an elementary educator who uses books from Eduvantage Publishing, I think you will find this workbook series beneficial Math Basics is a workbook series aimed at elementary school students in second, third, and fourth grade The goal of the series is to reinforce the basic math concepts students will learn from regular classroom lessons The series contains three workbooks at three different levels, all of which can be used as a supplement to regular classroom teaching and will strengthen the math skills and strategies students already possess Each 250-page workbook in the series is divided into 10 topical chapters and provides brief, easy to-follow instructions for completing math problems Each workbook also includes a wealth of practice exercises that students can use to sharpen their understanding of the featured concept Additionally, each workbook comes with a teacher's guide and a complete answer key Workbook features include: * Drills and practice exercises in basic math concepts * Fun activities to reinforce key concepts * A glossary of important math terms * Colorful illustrations and diagrams to help demonstrate concepts Page 19 Concepts taught throughout the series include: * Addition and subtraction; * Time and money; * Measurement; * Graphing and geometry; * Place values, fractions, and decimals; and * Multiplication and division Math Basics workbooks are currently priced at $7.99 each, with a significant discount for bulk orders For more details on the workbook series or to place an order, please contact me at 554-7729 Sincerely, Lucile Duval Sales Associate Eduvantage Publishing 78 The phrase “aimed at” in paragraph 2, line of the letter, is closest in meaning to A Hoped for B Focused on C Adjusted to D Designed for 79 How many workbooks are in the series? A Two B Three C Four D Five 80 What does Ms Duval indicate about the workbooks? A They are $10 each B They are 200-pages each C They each come with an answer key D They each include a practice test 81 What concept is NOT included in the workbook series? A Algebra B Geometry C Division Page 20 D Fractions 82 What special offer does Ms Duval mention in the letter? A Coupons for teachers B Discounts for large orders C Complimentary sample workbooks D Free school supplies with an order Questions 83-86 refer to the following advertisement Page 21 83 According to the advertisement, why are people’s heating bills so high? A The construction industry has artificially raised prices B Energy costs keep rising C People forget to turn off the heat when they go out D Much of the heat disappears through the walls and roof 84 Why is Foamsulate being advertised? A Until now, it was not available to the ordinary consumer B It has been discounted Page 22 C It has a new, improved formula D It is easy to install 85 How long does it take to insulate a room using Foamsulate? A Two days B An hour C Half an hour D Half a day 86 What special offer is currently available? A Free installation by an expert B A free gift with every purchase C Buy one, get one free D 47% off the regular price Questions 87-91 refer to the following email and advertisement From: Emily Eastwood [] To: Arthur DeWitt [] Subject: Advertisement Attachment: forkids.psd Dear Mr DeWitt, Thank you for your help on Thursday It was nice meeting you I'd like to submit my advertisement to run for two weeks from September 2-17 As you said, the discounted price for non-profit organizations for a quarter page, two-week ad is $353.80 Please send me an invoice so I can send you a check Attached is our advertisement in a Photoshop file format Please let me know if you have any problems with the ad I would like to update it next week as the show approaches I'm looking forward to seeing our ad next Friday If you are available on Sunday, Sept 17, I'd like to invite you to our show Have a great week Page 23 Yours truly, Emily Eastwood Children’s Fall Fashion Show* Sunday, September 17 at p.m City Galleria Lobby Proceeds will benefit the Children’s Hospital Sponsored by For the Kids *If your child would like to volunteer as a model, please contact Emily at 498-2983 for more information 87 What can be NOT concluded from the e-mail? A Mr DeWitt and Ms Eastwood have met B Mr DeWitt works for the City Gazette C Ms Eastwood works for a non-profit organization D Mr DeWitt will design an advertisement for Ms Eastwood 88 How large will Ms Eastwood’s advertisement be? A 1/8 page B 1/4 page C 1/2 page D A full page 89 What will happen the following week? A Mr DeWitt will send an invoice B Ms Eastwood will visit Mr Dewitt C Ms Eastwood will change the advertisement D Ms Eastwood will approve the advertisement 90 What is being advertised? A A fashion show B A model search C A casting call D A children’s play 91 Where will the money be donated? Page 24 A To an orphanage B To For The Kids C To a children’s hospital D To the elementary school Questions 92-95 refer to the following memo Page 25 Page 26 92 How many days will Gaston be away on business? A working days B weeks exactly C weeks and one day D 28 days 93 How will he get to and from the airport in Chicago? A Take a cab B Take the subway C Take an airport shuttle bus D Drive a rental car 94 What time must Gaston be out of his hotel room? A By p.m B By p.m C By p.m D By p.m 95 What information is missing from this itinerary? A What he will be doing in each location B Departure times C The car rental details D Flight arrival times Page 27 Questions 96-100 refer to the following memo and invoice Page 28 96 What is the problem mentioned in the memo? A Staff shortages B Non-payment of bills C Embezzlement by staff D Shortage of supplies 97 Who ordered supplies? A Blue Raven Construction B L & K Office Supply Page 29 C Jeb Evans, purchasing department D Andrew Garcia 98 Why does Andrew Garcia no longer work for L & K Office Supply? A He falsified orders B He was fired for tardiness C He is on sick leave D He changed jobs 99 How many units were ordered? A 23 B C 15 D 100 Why was $47.55 added to the subtotal? A For taxes B Because L & K is operating at a deficit C For mailing and packing charges D Because the items are not on sale THE END Page 30 ... program for your company 52 A compulsory B constructed C comprehensive D committed Page 10 PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,
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