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READING In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet Nelson Employment Agency is looking for an _ administrative secretary to manage a busy legal office specializing in employment law A experience B experimental C experienced D experiencing Because the vote on the budget has been _, I need the cost estimates from the Housekeeping Department today A pushed up B phased out C pushed back D pulled out The final report should be sent _ the company’s main office before the end of the month A in B to C on D at All employees _ to attend next Friday’s staff meeting A encourage B will encourage C are encouraged D are encouraging Our employees must strive to always remember that this company was founded on the _ that providing customer satisfaction is our most important goal A principal B principles C principled D principle The park service asks visitors to behave and show respect for wildlife A responsible B responsibly C responsibilities D responsibility Investors who lose faith on a company sell off their stocks and invest elsewhere A exactly B typically C approximately D greatly The current _ of this office plans to leave before the end of the month A occupancy B occupying C occupy D occupant You can choose to have your paycheck mailed to you, _ you can have your salary deposited directly onto your bank account A or B if C but D so 10 They brought extra chairs into the room they expected a large number of people to attend the meeting A although B since C however D nevertheless 11 Mr Jones _investing in that company, but he finally decided against it A considered B considerate C considerable D considerably 12 During the busy tourist season, you should hotel reservations several weeks ahead of time A makes B made C make D making 13 The television advertisement was so effective that customer service representatives had a difficult time with the sudden increase in incoming calls A taking over B holding down C putting through D keeping up 14 It is important to turn the engine before checking the oil level A against B off C together D with 15 I'd like to ask everyone to come by my office tomorrow and meet my new _ assistant, Marcella A administration B administrative C administrator D administer 16 Before you leave today, please try to contact the executive secretary, _ ask her for the CEO's contact information and availability A but B and C although D despite 17 We regret _ your office of the changes to the program earlier and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused A not having informed B to inform C not to inform D the informing 18 Twenty new electrical engineers will _ the company next month A recruit B join C connect D perform 19 In a press release dated March 3, Charter Travel Corporation _ a record-setting $3 million increase in last quarter revenues A announced B announce C announcing D has been announced 20 It is important that we provide _ information to our clients when they call to either inquire about their statements or the status of their claims A accurate B evident C efficient D approved 21 The recent worldwide increase in oil prices has led to a _ demand for electric vehicles A greater B greatest C greatly D greatness 22 Mr Anderson has decided that we are going to bring in a _ from Miracle Software to design our new client management database A consultation B consultant C consulting D consulted 23 It was recently reported in the Sun Times that many furniture manufacturers have temporarily cut back on using quality materials due to a _ profit margin A rising B receding C mounting D expanding 24 Both the Mitra and the Bhatta chemical companies are in better financial shape than many of _ A themselves B they C their D them 25 You cannot, as a manager, _ entirely on statistics to gauge employee performance, because statistics can often be misleading A rely B trust C expect D convince 26 Founded ten years ago, the Youth Media Network _ the leading source of print and broadcast news for adolescents A become B becomes C becoming D has become 27 Please _ the new policy states that you must work the day before and the day after a holiday in order to qualify for holiday allowance A remembrance B remember C memory D memorable 28 Most companies are legally prohibited from _ any specific information on former employees when asked for information by future employers A released B releasing C release D to release 29 Bronson's firm is moving to a larger suite in the same office tower where it is _ located A mostly B largely C recently D currently 30 To increase productivity, the office has _ strict rules regarding personal phone calls, appropriate dress, and personal email use A imposition B imposter C imposed D imposing 31 Reductions in the budget require us our costs for international travel A limited B to limit C limiting D limit 32 If there _some restaurants near the hotel, we would not have to spend time and money on taxis A were B was C will D would be 33 This photocopier is expensive, but it is than the other one A more durable B most durable C durably D durable 34 Even though many workers complained, all employees at the electric company had to _ a safety training course before their official start dates A comply B compose C compile D complete 35 Mr Lee works very hard and always meets his deadline; he still hasn’t been given a promotion A Since B Even C Despite D Although 36 Notice: The meeting for today has been postponed until Thursday at P.M A scheduled B happening C important D open 37 Our boss is very organized and tidy and _ that we keep the office neat A consists B persists C resists D insists 38 The department requires someone with in international law A exploration B experience C explanation D expectancy 39 _ the simplified characters used on the Chinese mainland, traditional Chinese characters are used for writing in Taiwan and Hong Kong A As far as B On behalf of C In regards to D In contrast to 40 An increase in a nation's rate of savings ultimately to lower interest rates for business and consumer loans A lead B leader C leads D leading Go on to the next page Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following advertisement DO YOU TRAVEL ON BUSINESS? 41 A rarely B uncommonly C frequently D occasionally CALL ATA, THE ASIAN TRAVEL AGENCY We’re the place for busy travellers like you We take care of the logistics so you can focus on your job We handle airline, hotel, and rental-car reservations throughout Asia, and we always offer the _ prices Our regular business clients receive a 5% discount on every order 42 A low B lower C lowly D lowest Our _ staff is ready to serve you in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai 43 A multilingual B multiplied C multitude D multifold For excellent service, call ATA to learn more Questions 44-46 refer to the following letter 8700 Oceanview Drive Los Angeles, CA 90230 Ad Event Media Agency September 15 Dear Mr Jordan, I have known Clara Wu for the past three years _ she has worked as a Sales Associate for Ad Event Media Agency 44 A for B while C by D around Clara has never failed to impress with _ strong work ethic and her one-of-a-kind personality 45 A its B their C her D his Her job performance has always exceeded expectations, and she has consistently been a top salesperson throughout her entire employment with our company Clients and coworkers alike respond very well to Clara due to her highly developed interpersonal and communication skills Because she is an _ listener and interviewer, Clara is able 46 A idealistic B agreeable C acceptable D exceptional to consistently meet her clients' needs in a positive and thorough manner I recommend her for employment without reservation Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns Questions 47-49 refer to the following advertisement Big Foot Shoes Walk a mile in our shoes, and you'll never buy from anyone else! END OF THE YEAR SALE! Saturday, December 16th ONLY Mark your calendars because you're not going to want to miss this one For one day only, everything in the store _ heavily discounted 47 A will have been B are C will be D was That means all of your favorite brands and styles will be under one roof and selling at prices you won't believe Take the Fastbreak Running Shoe, regularly priced at $89.99 The sale price is an astonishing $49.99 That's a forty dollar price _! 48 A cut B reduce C sale D cost But we didn't stop with the price cuts Check out our cool two-for-one special, which allows you to take home two pairs of shoes - any style and price - for the price of one Everything in the store is on the sale, including all accessories This is the time to stock up on all your favorite shoes, because you'll never see shoe prices this _ again 49 A cheaply B cheaper C cheapest D cheap D Call him back 65 Why does he request a corrected copy? A Because he has been waiting for months B So he can loan money C To confirm the changes D Because other creditors need the information Questions 66-69 refer to the following advertisement Do you often take domestic flights? Collecting air miles, but still not getting anywhere? If you think it takes too long to earn free flights with other frequent flyer programs, you are not alone Why don’t you join the club? The Western Airlines Flight Club We may not be the most famous, but we can promise you we are one of the best The Western Airlines Flight Club gets you on free flight faster because we reward you for the number of trips you take, not how many miles you fly For anyone who takes mostly domestic flights, it’s a great way to earn a free flight Join our club by taking round trips (2 one ways = round trip) within 12 consecutive months on Western Airlines* Before boarding each flight, have our Customer Service Agent stamp your application Once you’ve received 16 stamps, mail in your application and we’ll send you a plastic embossed membership card which you will use to receive credit on all future flights, a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the continental US, and a free drink coupon book Remember, credit must be obtained prior to flight Unfortunately, we cannot credit passengers for past flights Call 1-888-888-8888 for an application form or download our printable form from our website at Get started now! *A full list of condition may be viewed on our website The number of free flight that can be taken within a 12-month period by an individual is limited to a maximum of four Stamps are not transferable 66 Which of the following is NOT required in order to qualify for a free flight? A Applications must be stamped prior to boarding every flight B Passengers must get 16 stamps C Applications must be mailed in when they have 16 stamps D Passengers must fly once a month for 12 months 67 What is different about this frequent flyer program? A one-way trips are the same as a round trip B The rewards are fast, and you get to join a club C It doesn’t matter how far you fly D You get a free drink coupon booklet with your first free flight 68 How many free flights can a passenger take in one year? A As many as they qualify for B A maximum of C One D A maximum of 12 69 How can customers obtain an application form? A By calling a special phone line or downloading the form B By flying with Western Airlines C By attending a special seminar D By sending a fax to Western Airlines Questions 70-73 refer to the following job announcement 70 What kind of firm is hiring? A A computer company B An accounting office C An advertising agency D A law firm 71 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as qualification? A Experience as a supervisor B Familiarity with automated financial systems C A law degree D A degree in accounting 72 What kind of applicant would be most attracted to this job? A A lawyer B An accountant C A computer science major D A director of human resources 73 The word “automated” in paragraph 5, line 2, closest in meaning to A global B modern C common D mechanical Questions 74-76 refer to the following memo To: All Employees, Knight Accounting Agency From: Ted Knight, Chief Executive Officer Subject: Staff Retreat I am writing to remind you that our annual staff retreat will be held on Wednesday, December 13 and Thursday, December 14 at the City Convention Center, 1510 Parkland Avenue Attendance is mandatory for all employees Please plan to arrive promptly at a.m on both days; continental breakfast and lunch will be provided Our annual staff retreat is an opportunity to acknowledge our accomplishments, receive training and support, and set our goals for the coming year We've hired a professional trainer to start the retreat with some fun and informative activities designed to help us work more effectively as a team Next, we'll meet in small groups to talk about our jobs and what we can to become more successful Finally, we'll come together as a group to share insights and to write our mission statement and objectives for next year In preparation for the retreat, please write a personal mission statement and a brief description of your job Please email these to me at no later than p.m on Monday, December 12 I will compile your responses into a handout that will be distributed to all employees In addition, managers should submit to me a list of objectives for their divisions no later than 10 a.m on Tuesday, December 13 Taking a few moments out of your busy schedules to this advance preparation will make the retreat more valuable for all of us I look forward to seeing you at the City Convention Center! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions 74 What is the memo mainly about? A Some mandatory meetings for managers B A proposed luncheon for new employees C A required employee training session D An optional planning retreat for the staff 75 Who will lead a session on teamwork? A The company president B A hired facilitator C A group of executives D The business manager 76 When is the deadline for managers to submit their list of division goals? A December 12 B December 13 C December 14 D December 15 Questions 77-80 refer to the following article Hard Times Ahead for Local Graduates Billy Roybal just graduated from Centerville Community College with a degree in semiconductor manufacturing technology Like the other 30 students who enrolled in his class two years ago, he was told that after graduation, he was virtually guaranteed a wellpaying job at the Supreme Semiconductor plant However, Billy and most of his classmates are either out of work or preparing to move elsewhere The reason: Supreme Semiconductor recently announced a hiring freeze Graduates of the community college training program aren't the only ones who are upset Officials at Centerville City Hall are debating whether to sue Supreme Semiconductor for breach of contract Five years ago, the city partnered with Centerville Community College and Supreme Semiconductor in an innovative training agreement The city agreed to give the semiconductor company a significant tax break in return for funding the training program at Centerville Community College Supreme Semiconductor, for its part, hoped to benefit with a steady stream of well-trained local workers who would help the company expand over the next 20 years However, changes in the highly competitive computer technology industry have led to less business for Supreme Semiconductor Furthermore, pulling out of its contract to sponsor the community college program may not be the only downside Karl Thompson, president of Supreme Semiconductor, told Central Valley Daily News that various problems could force the company to close by the end of the year, resulting in a loss of over 300 jobs in the Centerville area He also said that company executives are hoping to meet with city officials to find some ways of avoiding a lawsuit In the meantime, there are no easy answers for graduates such as Billy He says finding a high-paying job is more important to him than staying in Centerville, so if a suitable job doesn't materialize within a few months he plans to look for employment in another state As he and others leave, hopes for a bright future for the computer technology industry and Centerville are quickly fading Some city officials are still hoping there is some way to keep Supreme Semiconductor open Without it, said Mayor Charles Laughlin, the economy of Centerville will suffer a major blow 77 What is the topic of the news article? A A new computer training program B A student's struggles to graduate C A company that can't provide jobs D A city that doesn't promote growth 78 The word “virtually” in the first paragraph, line is closest in meaning to A quickly B basically C possibly D legally 79 According to the article, which entity might be used? A Supreme Semiconductor B Centerville Community College C The City of Centerville D Central Valley Daily News 80 Why is Billy Roybal thinking of leaving Centerville? A Training in his field is not available B He cannot fulfill his employment contract C The community college is going to close D He is unable to find work in the area Questions 81-85 refer to the following article Investment Tips By Scott Russell Investing in stocks that are less than $5 per share is a good way to boost your stock portfolio Many big investors ignore these stocks because of the potential risks involved, however, these stocks often grow significantly over the course of time Investing in inexpensive stocks is a wise move, provided that you hold on to them for at least one year to allow enough time for them to develop Four stocks that I suggest for less than $5 per share are High Standard Pharmaceuticals Company, Nova Oil, Inc., Direct Access Publishing Group, and Peak Media Holdings If you are new to the market, you might want to try investing in them through an online brokerage firm that does not charge a high commission for their services, and remember: only invest up to five percent of your entire stock portfolio in any stock, including these Quick Stock Quotes Thursday April 22 2:40 P.M (Quotes delayed by 20 minutes) Nova Oil, Inc (NOI) 3.93 +0.08 +2.08% Previous Close 3.85 Open 3.87 High 3.94 Low 3.79 Volume 864,300 Bid 3.91 Bid Size 600 Ask 3.97 Ask Size 3,300 52 Week range 1.64-8.90 81 What type of stocks is the article about? A Oil company stocks B Inexpensive stocks C Pharmaceutical stocks D Stocks from new companies 82 Why does Mr Russell say big investors ignore these stocks? A They are risky B They are too popular C They often lose money rapidly D It is difficult to make money from them 83 What investment strategy does Mr Russell NOT suggest in the article? A Investing in more than one stock at once B Investing through an online brokerage firm C Investing in the stock for at least one year D Investing up to five percent of a stock portfolio 84 What company's stock is profiled? A Nova Oil, Inc B Peak Media Holdings C Direct Access Publishing Group D High Standard Pharmaceuticals Company 85 At what price did the company's stock close on the previous day? A $3.79 per share B $3.85 per share C $3.91 per share D $3.93 per share Go on to the next page Questions 86-90 refer to the following email and directory 86 Where does Marjorie work? A Level B Level C Level D Level 87 To which department should Olga take the Arabic books? A Biography B Fiction C International Languages D Political Science 88 Why should Olga put a sign on a door? A To help children learn to read B To tell library users that a workshop location has changed C To inform people that Hussein can’t give a presentation D To let Adishree know that Hussein is out of the office today 89 Why does Olga need a library directory? A She hasn’t been working at the library for long B Several locations have changed recently C She has never been in the library before D People often get lost in the library 90 What does Hussein plan to tomorrow? A Stay home B Show Olga around the library C Return work D Read a story to children Go on to the next page Questions 91-95 refer to the following purchase order and letter 91 Where does Joey Farina work? A At a fish market B At a seafood restaurant C At a fish canning factory D At a sea food supply house 92 When does Joey Farina want his order delivered? A April B April C April 11 D April 16 93 How long did it take Joey Farina’s letter to reach Sandra James? A day B days C days D days 94 What did Joey Farina forget to include in his purchase order? A A shipping address B An order for shrimp and salmon C An express service charge D A shipping and handling fee 95 What is the usual shipping and handling fee charged by Super Seafood Suppliers? A 2% B 2.5% C 5% D 10% Questions 96-100 refer to the following announcement and e-mail The Camarillo University Medical Center Wednesday Lecture Series Presents Hospital Management in Urban Areas Stephen S Sebastian, Pottstown University Wednesday, November12, at 4p.m Medical Center Lecture Hall A Introduced by Dr Jann Ericson, Dean of Medicine Dr Sebastian is an internationally renowned expert in hospital management and healthcare in urban environments His latest book on the topic , Urban Hospitals: New Management Challenges, has just been published He teaches hospital administration and public health at the Pottstown University School of Medicine His lecture will focus on the challenges presented by urban environments to hospital management and administration, with an emphasis on community relations He will discuss strategies for leadership and organization in urban communities aimed at helping to build better relationships between hospital administrators and local politicians and community leaders The Camarillo University Medical center Wednesday Lecture Series is funded by a generous gift from the Rosemary Fernandez Memorial Trust Please contact Dana Goode, assistant to the dean of medicine, by e-mail at if you have any questions about the lecture series E-Mail Message To: From: Date: October 23 Subject: final details Dear Stephen, I’m so pleased that you’ll be coming to speak at our next Wednesday lecture series I just finished reading your latest book, as have several of my colleagues, and we are eager to hear more about the ideas you present in it I want to confirm that, as I mentioned when we spoke on the phone recently, my assistant will be meeting you at the train station to take you to the medical center Also, Dr Ahmad al-Janabi, our new dean of students here at Camarillo, has asked if you might be available when the lecture ends around 5:30 p.m to speak for fifteen minutes or so with some of our students who are considering pursuing careers in public health Finally, are you still interested in staying to have dinner with some of the faculty here after the lecture? I have made a reservation for dinner at 6:30p.m at the Camarillo Inn- you may remember it from your own student days here One of us will be happy to drive you back to the train station in order for you to get the 8:45 p.m train back to Pottstown Best regards, Jann 96 Who is the lecturer? A B C D A hospital administrator A public health official A medical school professor A local politician 97 What will probably be discussed during the lecture? A Communication among hospital managers and community leaders B The latest trends in hospital construction C Ways to obtain funding for lectures at medical centers D Strategies for attracting more doctors to work in urban areas 98 Who will take Dr Sebastian to the medical center? A Jann Ericson B Rosemary Fernandez C Dana Goode D Ahmad al-Janabi 99 What will most likely happen at 6:30 p.m on November 12? A Dr Sebastian’s lecture will end B Some faculty members will have dinner together C Some students interested in public health careers will meet Dr Sebastian D Dr Sebastian will take a train back to Pottstown 100 What is implied about Dr Sebastian? A He applied for the dean of students position at Camarillo University B He will stay overnight at the Camarillo Inn C He used to be a student at Camarillo University D He will present copies of his latest book to faculty members at Camarillo University THE END ... A were B must be C will be D have been Harbor City, City Council Go on to the next page PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,... so pleased that you’ll be coming to speak at our next Wednesday lecture series I just finished reading your latest book, as have several of my colleagues, and we are eager to hear more about
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