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READING In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet If you not read the business page regularly, you _ to miss reports of the important business transactions A are going B will C would be going D had The new computer system designed for the post office accounts to be managed over the Internet A are allowing B allow C will allow D will be going to allow Applications for certification training will be until the 15th of this month A excepted B accepted C exempted D accented Eleanor Whitman, was a lawyer in a local firm, learned that an international corporation was purchasing community property A who B which C that D what interested in viewing the apartment should contact the property manager to arrange an appointment A These B Those C This D That Page The sales manager has chosen to keep prices low competitive A staying B in order for C has remained D to stay Accounting is so You must check and double check the numbers A precise B precious C predictable D pristine In January, Mendel Tech will Pioneer, its new software program that will replace its outdated system A introduce B introduces C introducing D introduction The two home appliances companies agreed to support _ to establish a top position in the industry A the other B another C each other D some 10 A growing in the cosmetics industry is the use of natural and organic ingredients A product B trend C sale D scent 11 The pay increase rate is 50 percent of monthly basic salary for all managerial level staff with fifteen years of A serving B server C serves D service 12 The Board of Directors _ the motion to hire additional staff for the branch because of limited funding and recent market changes A rejected B resigned C considered D approved Page 13 To tell the truth, I think there is nothing very _ about the new Smithson ads A memory B memorial C memorizing D memorable 14 Our employees must strive to always remember that this company was founded on the _ that providing customer satisfaction is our most important goal A principal B principles C principled D principle 15 One of the reasons why our sales team has become a leader today is that they are put through a number of vigorous training sessions to keep up with the changes that occur in the market A prosperous B straight C mature D continuous 16 Register early if you would like to attend next Tuesday’s _ on project management A seminar B reason C policy D scene 17 Although current employees are encouraged to apply for the new management positions, they will not receive _ treatment and must compete with external candidates A preferring B preferential C preference D prefer 18 I will be _ with our sales, marketing and advertising departments on the new product line at the team meeting on Friday A coordinating B coordination C coordinate D coordinator 19 Paul Brown resigned last Monday from his position as _ executive of the company A fine B chief C front D large Page 20 The recent worldwide increase in oil prices has led to a _ demand for electric vehicles A greater B greatest C greatly D greatness 21 Dealers who in the futures market are warning of a downturn in the economy A special B specialist C specialize D specializing 22 The report that further investment in the politically unstable region was risky A concluded B analyzed C researched D encouraged 23 Opposition parties have _ a willingness to negotiate the terms of the proposal A engaged B expressed C involved D assumed 24 Traffic congestion is than usual because of road construction, so it will take us at least one hour to get to the meeting A bad B worse C badly D worst 25 In order to suppress harmful insects and weeds, garden maintenance company must choose the right products and apply them A correction B correctly C corrected D correcting 26 With ski season fast , investors are wondering whether the ski lodge will be completed by the first snow fall A selling B snowing C completing D approaching Page 27 Johnson's paper three processes for generating hydrogen in fuel cells A compares B comparisons C is compared D was a comparison 28 In the past three years, our marketing manager to Europe, Australia, Brazil and Thailand A had gone B has been C gone D went 29 It is still unclear the Mayor will accept the recommendations of the City Council A yet B about C before D whether 30 Salpert Corporation's stock by 8% during the first quarter of the year A rose B rise C risen D rising 31 For more than three decades, Beecham Constructions has helped clients their ideas into beautifully executed projects A prevail B transform C inspire D involve 32 the Radio Communications Directory, there are 16,376 licensed radio stations currently broadcasting A Due to B Taken by C Required by D According to 33 Albertson and Kelman have decided to open a separate _ for research and development A office B officer C official D officially 34 More than 6.55 million workers are in the manufacturing industry, according to government data A employed B employer C employing D employment Page 35 _ Daily Dogs targets its advertising campaign to pet owners, it could be headed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy A Until B Unless C Whereas D Except 36 Be informed that this medication is for temporary relief of symptoms, and is not intended your annual immunization shot A replaced B replace C to replace D replacing 37 The _ retail price for the shoe polish is $3.99, roughly 25 percent lower than other shoe polishes currently on the market A suggest B suggested C suggesting D suggestion 38 Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of town _ $900 per month A averages B is average C was averaged D has an average 39 The meeting with Mr Kim _ until Tuesday, December 15th, at 2:00 p.m A postponed B had postponed C has postponed D has been postponed 40 Ms Nyen was giving her speech when the microphone _ A is failing B fails C had failed D failed Page Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following letter Mr Tom Jones Director of Operations XYZ Company Dear Mr Jones, I am applying for the position of marketing assistant with your company as 41 A advertise B advertised C advertising D have advertised on Career Services Port Triton job listings This position seems ideal for my experience, education, skills, and career interests and I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm and teamwork to your organization Through my major in management science I have obtained solid training in research, writing, and analysis I have had several business-related internships in the areas of marketing, sales, 42 A Additional B In addition C For addition D Additionally and finance through which I have gained a great deal of knowledge about your industry My Page main career interest lies in the marketing aspect of the industry and particularly in helping your company expand its client base My computer skills are top notch a result of designing and maintaining a web site for the business fraternity 43 A for C in D of on campus I am confident that through these skills I can make an immediate contribution to your team I would be very interested in discussing this opportunity with you further I will call you in a few days to see if we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at 858-555-1111 or email Thank you for your consideration I look forward to meeting you Sincerely, Ginny Smith Questions 44-46 refer to the following guide How to send a fax the airport 44 A by B to C from D for This fax machine is provided for the convenience of airport passengers To send a fax, follow these simple instructions: 1) Lift the telephone Enter “2” on the keypad Page 2) Insert your credit card You $5 for the first 10 minutes on domestic faxes, 45 A will charge B will be charged C are going to charge D have been charging and $10 for the first 10 minutes on international faxes Each additional minute costs $1 extra 3) Place your in the tray Press “1” to approve the charge to your credit card 46 A billfold B demand C currency D document 4) Listen for the dial tone and enter the fax number 5) The paper will pass from the tray into the machine After the fax is sent, you should receive a “Fax Sent” confirmation message Questions 47-49 refer to the following notice SHOPPERS’ WORLD Returned Items Policy We must receive returned items within 30 days of the date of purchase Please make sure that the receipt is included and check that the price tags are still attached Items may for cash or store credit 47 A return B returning C be returned D be returning If the customer the receipt but the price tags are still attached and the item 48 A had lost B has lost C will lose D is losing Page is in good condition, you may offer the customer store credit only Items that are damaged or dirtied in any way or that have missing price tags cannot be returned If you have any questions this policy or if you need help processing a return, 49 A regarding B answering C disagreeing D following please contact your supervisor Questions 50-52 refer to the following advertisement Kaplan Park's 24th Annual Ice Festival Visit Kaplan Park for the 24th Annual Ice Festival during the week of Monday December 26 to Sunday January 10 A.M until P.M each day 50 A from B with C after D without There will be ice skating on Dorchester Pond, horse-drawn sleigh rides around the park, an ice sculpting contest, and an ice skating by local pairs figure skating 51 A perform B performer C performance D performable champions Lawrence Novak and Francesca Temple * Tickets to the event will be sold at the gate * The $10 admission fee will you to enjoy any event you choose, including free 52 A share B advise C contest D entitle Page 10 B Houston C Seattle D Chicago 67 What is said about demand for tech workers? A It has continued to decline B It has been concentrated in major areas C It has risen by 25 percent over the past five years D It has influenced the development of the top-tech cities 68 What does Matthew Martinez imply about tech workers in the current job market? A They need to be flexible in their requirements B They should not expect conditions to change soon C They may be able to negotiate better work situations D They can get the best jobs through recruiting and staffing firms Questions 69-73 refer to the following memo and email MEMO To: From: Re: Date: All personnel Marvin McLean, Office Manager Workplace safety workshop November 17 On December 7, a workshop on workplace safety will be offered by Elvira Walters of the National Workplace Safety Commission The workshop will take place in Conference Room from 9:30 to 11:30 This workshop is required for all department heads and recommended for all staff members Please let me know before November 22 if you plan to attend Also, please let me know if you cannot attend at this time but are still interested If there is enough interest, we will offer the workshop again at a later date Finally, because the end of the year is fast approaching, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that attendance at a minimum of three staff development workshops per year is Page 17 required of all personnel A schedule of upcoming workshops is posted outside my office To: From: Subject: Safety workshop Hi, Marvin, I would like to attend next month’s workshop on workplace safety that was mentioned in the memo you sent out yesterday Please put me on the list After this workshop, I will have fulfilled my attendance requirement for this year Also, I would like to apologize in advance because I will probably arrive about 15 minutes late I have to be downtown early that morning for a breakfast meeting, but it shouldn’t last much past 9:00, and then I can catch the subway to the office I hope a slightly late arrival won’t be a problem Thanks Sandy 69 Who has to attend the workshop? A All staff members B The security officer C Department heads D The office manager 70 When did Sandy Bayliss write her email? A November 17 B November 18 C November 22 D December 71 What time will Sandy Bayliss probably arrive at the workshop? A 9:00 Page 18 B 9:15 C 9:30 D 9:45 72 How many workshops has Sandy Bayliss already attended this year? A One B Two C Three D Four 73 Where will Sandy’s breakfast meeting take place? A At Marvin McLean’s office B At her office C Downtown D In Conference Room Questions 74-76 refer to the following form Got Gas? If you would like to speak to someone about converting your home to Timmler natural gas heat or are interested in natural gas products, call 1-800-GAS-9999, ext 76 You can also go to or fill out and return this reply card A representative will contact you within a week Name: Address: _ City: State Zip Telephone ( _) _ Best time to call A.M P.M I am interested in natural gas for: _ Heating _ Cooking _ Water heater _ Clothes Dryer _ Gas fireplace _ Outdoor grill _ Pool heater _ Other: _ Page 19 What is the approximate age of your furnace or boiler? _ Less than 10 years _ More than 10 years Timmler Energy Delivery * Offers on natural gas heating equipment only available to homeowners in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island where Timmler Energy Delivery gas service is available, and who already use natural gas in their homes but not for heating Customer is required to pay for the installation of the heating equipment All programs and incentives are subject to change and some restrictions may apply 74 Why would someone call 1-800-GAS-9999? A To schedule a furnace delivery B To file a complaint about service C To discuss problems related to billing D To arrange for natural gas service for a residence 75 What information does the form ask people for? A The age of their heating equipment B The account number they are inquiring about C The date and time that the problem occurred D The number of people who use the water heater each day 76 What is a restriction on the offer described in the form? A Customers must agree to a 2-year service agreement B Employees of Timmler Energy Delivery are not eligible C Homeowners must currently use gas for purposes other than heating D All equipment deliveries must be made during regular business hours Questions 77-81 refer to the following schedule and email WORKSHOP SCHEDULE – DRAFT Time 9:30 Location Room B Presentation Changing World Markets Page 20 Presenter L Change 11:00 Room C 12:15 1:30 3:00 4:00 Room C Room D Room A Room A To: From: Subject: Date: Attach: Cross-Cultural Considerations in Marketing Lunch Analyzing Demographics Internet Marketing Open Discussion J H Lee E A Kim D Wang All F Bao J.S.Park Workshop logistics Monday, June 10 Workshop schedule Ms Bao, I have attached a draft of the schedule for the upcoming workshops I wish we had scheduled it for a week from today instead of for the day after tomorrow There is still so much to get ready; however, we can’t change the date now I really appreciate your support in getting things ready Here are some things I need you to take care of Tea and snacks should be served immediately after Mr Chang’s presentation He plans to talk for just an hour, so there will be time for this before the next presentation begins Also, the room that we have scheduled for lunch is one of the smaller rooms, and serving a meal there would be difficult In addition, we have a workshop scheduled in the same place right before lunch, so there would be no time to set up See if you can exchange places with the Demographics workshop The room we have scheduled for that seems more convenient and comfortable for eating Please make sure there are enough chairs in each room for everyone So far, 45 people have registered for the workshop, but a few more registrations could come in today or tomorrow You should have 15 extra chairs in each room just to be safe There is one last schedule change Mr Wang will have to leave right after lunch, so please give him Ms Lee’s time slot, and she can take Mr Wang’s afternoon time slot Send me the revised schedule this afternoon Thank you Page 21 Jae Sun Park 77 When will the workshop take place? A June 10 B June 11 C June 12 D June 17 78 What time will tea and snacks be served? A 9:30 B 10:30 C 11:00 D 12:15 79 Where does Mr Park want the lunch served? A Room A B Room B C Room C D Room D 80 How many chairs should there be in each room? A 15 B 30 C 45 D 60 81 Who will present at 3:00? A L Chang B J H Lee C I A Kim D D Wang Questions 82-86 refer to the following meeting agenda and email message Optimum Software Company meeting with Advantage Power Systems, Inc November Advantage Power Systems attendees: Katharine Morandi Chom Tai Optimum Software attendees: Ujjwal Ahmed Yusra Singh Page 22 Peter Bodell AGENDA Ujjwal Ahmed Introductions Review objectives Katharine Morandi schedule Advantage Power Systems: project overview and development Yusra Singh Optimum product overview • Core software functions • Software platform requirements Peter Bodell Yusra Singh Ujjwal Ahmed Optimum training and consulting Technology questions and answers Next steps To: Katharine Morandi From: Ujjwal Ahmed, Optimum Software Company Subject: Yesterday’s meeting Dear Katharine, Thank you for taking the time to get together with us yesterday Everyone on our team felt that it was a productive meeting We have a better understanding of your project’s needs now, and we’ve started looking at ways to adapt our software to meet your requirements While the basic function of the software is well suited to the project overall, as discussed, we will explore ways to adapt it to the needs of the different departments at Advantage that will be using it This will incur some additional cost, as we indicated—we’ll provide details about that at our next meeting, once our engineers have assessed the changes that will need to be made I’ve asked Peter Bodell to prepare a document for you that indicates when the Training and Consulting Department could start providing services to you He’ll send this information to you directly—since you’ve worked with him in the past, it seems the most efficient way to go As agreed, let’s set up a meeting for the week of November 26 by which time our engineers will be able to outline their approaches to your departmental needs, and we’ll have the information we need to put together a contract In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions Regards, Page 23 82 Why was the meeting held? A To talk about hiring costs B To train software users C To discuss work on a project D To review a contract 83 Who would probably be the best person at Optimum to answer technology questions? A Ujjwal Ahmed B Chom Tai C Yusra Singh D Katharine Morandi 84 What is the main purpose of Mr Ahmed’s e-mail to Ms Morandi? A To request a meeting with the engineering department B To introduce Peter Bodell C To follow up on a meeting with Advantage D To explain how Optimum has adapted its software 85 What service will Peter Bodell’s department provide? A Training and consulting B Legal advice C Publicity D Changes to the software 86 What will happen in the week of November 26? A Peter Bodell will make a presentation B Optimum and Advantage will meet again C A contract will be signed D Training in the new software will occur Questions 87-90 refer to the following article Myers-Briggs Personality Test Has someone ever told you that you are introverted or extroverted? These characterizations of personality come from the Myers-Briggs personality test Psychologists, therapists, job counselors, and dating services all use variations of the test to try to determine the most prominent traits of one’s personality But is the test accurate? Myers and Briggs, the originators of the test, weren’t even scientists Katharine Briggs was a housewife married to a physicist and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers had a bachelor’s degree in political science They became interested in the test after reading a book by the psychiatrist Carl Jung in the 1920s Using a simplified version Page 24 of his ideas, they developed a questionnaire and a scoring system Job counselors often use this type of test to get an idea of people’s strengths and weaknesses and then attempt to match their personalities with a job that matches For example, a job counselor may discover from the test that an individual is an adventure-seeker and then recommend a career in firefighting or police work Similar tests are used for dating services where potential partners attempt to find personalities that best match with their own personalities For example, a person who likes to be in charge would not match well with another person who likes to be in charge; instead, this type of person should seek a person who prefers to have others make decisions for them Many scientists question the value of this type of test One reason is that the results aren’t falsifiable, meaning that any of the personality types could fit just about any person Another reason is that the results depend on the test-takers being able to answer each question about themselves honestly and accurately Critics argue that this type of test may reveal information about how an individual’s self-perception but does not necessarily reveal a true picture of their personality 87 Where would you most likely find an article like this? A a scientific journal B a newspaper C a magazine D a novel 88 What is the main point about the Myers-Briggs test? A It may not be the best judge of someone's personality B It is helpful for finding romance and work C The creators weren't qualified to make a test like this D It is losing popularity 89 Who inspired Myers and Briggs to make the test? A Briggs's husband B Briggs's daughter C Carl Jung D Myers's job counselor 90 Some people disagree with the test because _ A It's too old B A person's opinion about themselves might not be accurate C Scientists have proven that it doesn't work D It’s boring Page 25 Questions 91-95 refer to the following advertisement and letter Looking for Author I'm in the final proposal stages for a book aimed at female European athletes I'm looking for an experienced author who is also an athlete The book is being pitched to a major publisher with a string of successful sports-themed books This is a very interesting project, and I need to find someone who lives to write, is flexible, creative, energetic, and resides in the greater London area to be able to collaborate and have meetings I anticipate that the project will last for approximately three months During this period, work will be very intense and will likely require a very large time commitment The primary duties would be writing, researching, and fact-checking, but could be extended to other areas of the production process as the project evolves Please reply to Josh Abrams, 20 Stroud Green Road, London N43EH with credentials and athletic experience Josh Abrams 20 Stroud Green Road London, England N4 3EH Mr Abrams, I think that I'm the person you're looking for on this project Why? I am an amateur athlete, and I can write in whatever tone, style, or voice is required I belong to several networking groups of female amateur athletes - a great source for contacts - and I am very familiar with the unique challenges that women in the sports world face I have also written extensively on the topics of the Olympics and particularly, lacrosse and football I am a rugby player and track athlete After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue sports more actively I spent two Page 26 years playing semi-professional women's soccer and rugby, and placing very well in track events and marathons I traveled extensively in Europe and became familiar with the rules and organizations there As a writer, I have published over 500 articles in national and community newspapers My first book, “Running for the Finish Line,” was a Canadian best-seller I have edited three anthologies and contributed to several other books and magazines I’m also a meticulous copy editor ”Energetic” and “creative” don't begin to describe me - if you decide that I'm right for your project, you'll see what I mean Regards, Hayley Weeks 8905 Kitsilano Court Vancouver, B.C Canada V68 3A9 91 Why is Mr Abrams looking for an author? A He has written a book and needs it to be edited B He has proposed a book and needs it to be written C He wants media coverage for his book D He wants a second opinion on his book 92 What type of work will this project consist of? A Three months of hard work B A year with minimal time commitments C A year with an intense work schedule D Under three months of occasional work 93 Why does Hayley think she is ideal for the project? A She is an amateur female athlete Page 27 B She has traveled extensively in Europe C She has written many articles and books D She is an able writer and a female athlete 94 Why does Hayley mention her membership in athletic networking groups? A To show that she knows people to talk to about the book B To prove that she loves sports C To show how energetic and creative she is D To identify who she will sell the book to 95 Why won't Hayley be selected for this job? A She copies other writers B She doesn't have references C She is a female D She resides in Canada Questions 96-100 refer to the following purchase order and letter Page 28 Page 29 Page 30 96 Where does Joey Farina work? A.At a fish market B At a seafood restaurant C At a fish canning factory D.At a sea food supply house 97 When does Joey Farina want his order delivered? A.April B April C April 11 D.April 16 98 How long did it take Joey Farina’s letter to reach Sandra James? A.1 day B days C days D.4 days 99 What did Joey Farina forget to include in his purchase order? A.A shipping address B An order for shrimp and salmon C An express service charge D.A shipping and handling fee 100 What is the usual shipping and handling fee charged by Super Seafood Suppliers? A 2% B 2.5% C 5% D 10% THE END Page 31 ... advise C contest D entitle Page 10 food and beverages from the park's refreshment stand PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,... Briggs Myers had a bachelor’s degree in political science They became interested in the test after reading a book by the psychiatrist Carl Jung in the 1920s Using a simplified version Page 24 of
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